Medical Marijuana – This Week on Gun For Hire Radio #375

Also, the Gun for Hire crew rescued dogs from local flooding. “Range workers in New Jersey were being treated as heroes on Sunday, a day after they helped rescue dogs from a flooded-out business the day before. CBS2’s Dave Carlin reports.”

New Jersey – -( This week we have two new guests, Aubrey Conway and Jessica, and some NRA announcements from Anthony!

Jessica is an NRA member, and left-handed owner of a 9mm MMP Shield, who’s recently gotten into firearms ownership. She brings to the table a woman’s perspective about range etiquette, favorable opinions about the Gun For Hire Family, and her journey of exercising her Constitutional Right to bear arms!

Aubrey, a medical marijuana patient, and advocate discusses the implications of the evolving medical marijuana program in New Jersey, the proposed legalization of recreational marijuana, and the potential impact these programs will have on lawful firearms owners in the State.

Congratulations to Anthony Colandro who received the NRA Trainer of the Year Award for 2018. Anthony was also bestowed with Second Amendment Activist of the Year 2018, and his name will be in the running, by petition, for NRA Board Member. Go to download and then sign the petition, and mail to Gun For Hire to cast your vote!

After seeing television footage of looting and criminality after a hurricane struck, Jessica decided that she wanted to take personal responsibility for the protection of her family and her property. After confiding in her friend Rich (a Gold Member at the Woodland Park Range), he brought her to Gun For Hire.

Jess confesses that she was apprehensive about shooting ever since she was a teenager, but recounts that after shooting her first round at Gun For Hire, she wondered why she had let irrational fears keep her waiting so long. Jessica was very impressed with the staff and the facility at Gun For Hire at the Woodland Park Range and said that she is grateful for such a happy and memorable, first shooting experience.

Since Jessica is a pistol owner, looking to delve deeper into the world of firearms, Anthony also recommended that she try a 20 gauge shotgun, and because she’s a ‘lefty” the Mossberg 500 or 550 rifle. Jessica is interested in the Gun For Hire, Build-A-beAR workshop where she can spec and build her own ArmaLite 15 platform rifle. Interestingly, Anthony said that getting a left-handed gun might screw up Jessica’s technique since she’s become proficient with right handed guns.

Anthony noted some pertinent points about home safety, the fact that crime scenes are hectic and many times police and victims are the sufferers of auditory exclusion, and listed items you should keep handy when sleeping. Keep a high powered flashlight and a spare key to throw out the window for the police to get into your home, so you don’t engage the intruder on your way to the front door.

Practicing shooting drills in the range without looking down, is another of Anthony’s recommendations. Load only five bullets in each clip, to grow your muscle memory of loading a magazine, without looking. Rack the slide, discharge the clip, eject and reload a clip while looking at the target.

Aubrey grew up in the South, and recalled that everyone had guns and that guns are a way of life “down there.” She has been to the Woodland Park Range several times and enjoyed the attention to detail our staff shows the customers.

Aubrey described the therapeutic aspects of shooting sports for her. Everyone agreed that when it’s just you, with your eyes and ears on in the port, your focus increases and your senses are heightened. The Zen of firearms…

Marijuana and Guns
Medical Marijuana – This Week on Gun For Hire Radio #375

What you may not know about marijuana is that New Jersey has over the past nine years allowed doctors to prescribe it to terminally ill patients and has opened the program to other types of patients, including those with mental health issues. In the past four months, approximately 15,000 new patients have been added.

Also, the New Jersey Attorney General stated he would suspend prosecution of low level, marijuana charges, but Anthony pointed out a veritable fact of life for all United States citizens, choosing to exercise their Second Amendment rights; the ATF Form 4473.


If you lie on the form, you become a felon, risking the ability to acquire medical marijuana, forced to surrender your guns!

This is an obstacle for any patient in New Jersey that wishes to keep their firearms while seeking treatment of physical and mental ailments using marijuana. With the existing stigma surrounding mental health issues, it’s already a difficult decision to confide in a healthcare provider or family member to seek help. What’s more, how will this effect gun range owners and patrons? Anthony believes this issue will have to be decided in New Jersey Courts.

One of Anthony’s concerns is that abuse of marijuana usage, including the abuse through the usage of “edibles” or foods laced with marijuana, can result in impaired driving. Aubrey agrees that marijuana use should be regulated, and points out that the State of Colorado has seen a decrease in motor vehicle accidents since legalization legislation was implemented. There is a THC saliva test, and the consensus is that the tests will probably be used by Law Enforcement to ascertain the inebriation from marijuana during traffic stops and after accidents. Anthony and Aubrey also believe that the future holds an unknown destructive scenario, where marijuana usage is implicated in some type of vehicular tragedy, or domestic dispute. Such a hypothetical situation will undoubtedly catalyze lawmakers to set a legal precedent about legal limits and permissible marijuana consumption amounts.

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3 years ago

One CANNOT be both a “legal firearms owner” and a medical marijuana patient. Use, possession, distribution, and manufacture of the drug Marijuana, is a federal crime. It does not matter it the use of the drug is legal in your state, or any state, it remains a federal crime. Until that changes, and it can certainly change, you cannot have both.

3 years ago

Marijuana is just green beer. I personally think it disgusting but each unto their own. No reason for this to be an issue.

Matt in Oklahoma
Matt in Oklahoma
3 years ago

There were a lot of Oklahomans who didn’t think of that when they voted last go round.