Missouri Homeowner Shoots Intruder with Hatchet

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Hatchet Ax Home Intruder Attacker
Missouri Homeowner Shoots Intruder with Hatchet

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- KMIZ ABC TV 17 & KQFX FOX TV 22 report 07-30-18 in Miller County, Missouri, the County Sheriff's Office says deputies responded to a home in the 100 block of Old Bagnell Road in Eldon, Missouri on Monday, July 23 for a reported shooting.

Deputies said an individual was found with a non-life threatening gunshot wound to the arm and was taken to the hospital.

Investigators told ABC 17 News that deputies learned during the investigation, the gunshot victim unlawfully entered the home with a hatchet and made threats toward the owner.

The homeowner reportedly got into a fight with the person and shot the intruder once he entered the home.

Miller County Prosecutor Ben Winfrey said the shooting was justified based on the preliminary information his office received, but the case is still under review.

The name of the wounded intruder or what charges that person could face hasn't been released.


No time of day or night is reported in this case. In any event, when facing an intruder with a hatchet, a deadly defense is certainly justified.

One shudders to think what would have happened had this resident not been armed. The number of residents who do not keep a firearm in their homes when they can do so always amazes me.

Keeping a firearm at home is like having a fire extinguisher, a porch light, a dog or a telephone, just a good practice to keep you and yours safe.

In jurisdictions where citizens are not allowed by law to keep at the ready a firearm, then baseball bats, Tasers and pepper spray seem to be the most common choices. A decent handgun is certainly a better choice!

Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin


Note to criminals: never bring a hatchet to a gunfight!

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

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  • 31 thoughts on “Missouri Homeowner Shoots Intruder with Hatchet

    1. I read everyone’s comments with more than a touch of mirth.
      HOWEVER,,,,one thing that wasn’t picked up on was that the police described a “gunshot victim”.
      Q: Why does law enforcement continue to refer to these grubs as “victims”?
      How about intruder or scumbag?

    2. Apparently my febile attempt at punnery offended the editor so my comment must have ended up on the cutting room floor so I will not repeat it. But seriously back in the day my ancestors (dad’s side) would say ” Throw the horse over the fence a bale of hay “. Back then and in their paradime it was considered proper, the point being we all knew what the author ment.

    3. What caliber was that hatchet the home owner used to shoot the intruder ?
      Current title:
      “Missouri Homeowner Shoots Intruder with Hatchet”

      Should have read :
      “Intruder with a Hatchet Shot by Missouri Homeowner”

    4. Regardless the bad guy lost, which is the end game ,as far as ax and axe ,they are the same depending which side of the pond your on

    5. Haffta admit I DID find myself wondering for a moment what caliber that hatchet was…….. and how large a magazine clip it had.

      Seriously Bob is a great guy, writes some excellent and informative articles… but its obvious his command of the english tongue is somewhat wanting. I will say, though it far surpasses the average gummit skewl escapee cranked out these days. Ever read some of the accounts of the antifa, occupy, etc, crowd?

      Bob, you keep on reporting on incidents such as this one…. and we’ll keep on poking light hearted fun at your gramma, er,I mean grammer. Maybe at some point you could engage the help of someone more adroit in the handling of the english tongue. Be careful, though, most of today’s youngsters are far less skilled in that regard than you are.

      The important thing is you keep bringing these stories and analisis of them to our attention. The fact that you catch so much flak from the grammar nazis is proof your stories are widely read. Don’t hide in the corner. Your language skills are far better than many of the commenters on here…… and so far I’ve not seen ANY of them write the stories you write.

    6. Please don’t give the writer the axe. Even if that can also be spelled ax.
      A good report, excluding grammatical errors.
      A good reason why proofreading is important.

      1. An Axe by any other name , still an Axe …sorry.
        Seriously though back in the day my ancestors (Dad’s side) would throw the horse over the fence a bale of hay , then that was thought proper.

    7. Ok, come on guys. We all know it was just a mistake. I would bet Bob cringed when he saw what happened. Next time, or if ever, just grin and bear it.

      1. The hatchet was wielding an intruder? A hyphen is necessary to clear up the issue: “Homeowner Shoots Hatchet-Wielding Intruder.”

        To further illustrate the point: When I read an article about a man-eating shark, I picture a great white shark. If the article refers to a man eating shark, I picture a man sitting at a a seafood restaurant, enjoying shark steak.

        But, WTF, I learned English in a foreign country before arriving ate the USA, so what do I know?

        1. We all think a shovel is a tool a human can use to dig a hole.

          Back in the days of the Soviet Union a shovel was considered a tool that uses a human to dig a hole.

          So perhaps the hatchet wielding intruder is correct after all……. the hatchet was using the intruder to frighten the homeowner…….

          the intruder certainly seems do have been that stupid…..

    8. I usually don’t comment too much on correcting writers…wait…yeah I do…especially if they are regular contributors or “professionals”, much like Bob.
      He must read the comments because he corrected “shutters” & it appears he changed “individualls” to “citizens”, so Bob, I speak directly to you.
      When you start your story with a title that depicts the action as the object used (e.g…Shoots Intruder With Hatchet), interest in what the story carries is lost…at least for me. Spellcheck is your friend & basic sentence composition is/was taught in school. If you’re going to keep writing articles, please proof your submissions before hitting the send button. That should keep assholes, such as me, at bay. Otherwise, these jibe remarks with continue to fill the comment section.
      Happy they were able to defend themselves though.

    9. On a serious note. The axe and hatchet have always been weapons of war. The modern hardware store axe and hatchet are a design to improve the wood cutting power of te blade by increasing the weight. The tomahawk is a light weight weapon that is very lethal and can be carried into battle all day long. A modern American woodcutters axde is made to cut bark and heavy wood felling trees.
      A correct headline
      Intruder armed with hatchet shot by Missouri home owner.
      or unarmed homeowner’s head chopped off by intruder with a hatchet. [ Alternate universe ]
      It only takes ONE swing with a hatchet, or axe to disembowel. In such a case having your head cut off might be a better ending for a pacifist.

    10. LOL…Bob Irwin, I love the headline. Maybe it was a semi-auto hatchet. It’s a serious subject. Thanks for the article

      1. It was an assault hatchet if it was:
        1) Ugly
        2) Flat black
        3) Equipped with a thingy that flips up
        4) Accepted aa semiautomatic, rapid-fire, high-capacity clip
        5) Had a pistol grip (shudder!)

    11. My question is: Do these people proofread their articles before publishing them? “Shutters”, really? But then they get paid by the word.

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