Montana Governor Bullock Wants Semiautomatic Gun Ban for America

Bullock looking at Montana through the rearview mirror.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock
Montana Governor Bullock Wants Semiautomatic Gun Ban for America

Montana – -( Montana Gov. Steve Bullock's comments came in response Sunday to a question posed to him on CNN's State of The Union.

Host Jake Tapper asked Bullock if he would support an “assault weapons ban, a ban on some forms of semiautomatic weapons.”

Bullock answered, “You know, I would, Jake.”

Some people depend for success on being able to fool others – swindlers, con men, fraudsters, and too many political climbers. That applies to Montana's Governor Steve Bullock (D-Montana) who is term-limited in Montana but now grasping at the straws of national office.

In order to get elected to statewide office in Montana, Bullock had to claim enough support for the Second Amendment to fool some swing voters. If he had not successfully asserted support for gun rights, he would not have been elected to any statewide office in Montana.

We are now informed by Bullock himself that he lied to voters to get elected Governor. He has only as much respect for the Second Amendment and the Constitution as is needed to get elected to the next public office on his quest. With his new aspiration to become President, he has abandoned all pretense of supporting the Second Amendment and conveniently argues for wholesale gun control. Bullock's only perspective on Montana at this point is through his rear view mirror.

Eric Sell, Editor-in-Chief of Statehouse Review picks up on this when he opines: “Even though it may result in the end of a future political career for Bullock in the state of Montana, he apparently no longer cares. Bullock is young, affable, ambitious, and sees anything lower than a presidential cabinet-level appointment as beneath him.”

Will Bullock's chameleon antics effect Montana? Probably not. He's political toast here now that he is moved by political convenience to recant the lies he told to get elected in Montana.

A better question may be, will Bullock's opportunistic political philosophy affect the Nation? Maybe. Bullock now has a new audience to fool, and he's good at that. He will talk with conviction about how he may still possess a gun once owned by his great grandfather, and how his ownership of that gun may be respected as long as he keeps it inoperative and government overseers permit. While crafting and telling these new lies, Bullock will be surrounded and protected by government agents carrying exactly the guns Bullock would not allow politically unreliable peasants to have. Bullock will expect these government agents and their swarms of sycophants to stand ready to impose Bullock's new political philosophy on the rest of us, at gunpoint if necessary.

As the old saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Observers on the national stage will do well to know that Bullock has no Montana ethic, shares critical behavior with the common con artist, and will say anything to gain advantage and succeed in his quest for higher office and more power.

That is Bullock's demonstrated legacy from Montana.

Gary Marbut
Gary Marbut

Gary Marbut is President of the Montana Shooting Sports Association, the highly successful political advocate for Montana gun owners. Marbut is accepted as an expert in state and federal courts concerning firearms, self defense, and use of force, and is the author of Gun Laws of Montana.

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    1. We were fooled here in florida. His name is brian mast a rino for sure. He got in by saying he was progun. Now he wants to ban ar15s. Vote the scumbag out

      1. We need emails for these pansies so we can send them love letters. And we should be putting all of them on a list that we can all refer to when we need to say something. And we need pictures of their Traitorous faces. For when they go on the run.

    2. What! No, do not vote for democrats! I m a democrat and I think You have to be crazy to vote for today’s democrats. They are not democrats according to them I m a conservative! LOL. I love guns. My party is lying completely! Wake up Montana. #WalkAway.

    3. I hope all the democratic party will stop with the gun control thing. I am a democrat and I know guns don’t kill people, people kill people with guns and I carry a gun to protect myself from people with guns. How many times do you stupid democrats have to be told that. Get off the gun kick. I will always have a gun just like the criminals, because when we don’t have a gun they will, remember that, maybe you won’t but I will


    4. The problem seems to be that a lot of Californians move out of California to avoid the overrunning of illegal aliens and they seem to bring their liberal left leaning tendencies with them (at least the one’s that have left California in the last 5-10 years). I would hope that Trump would build the wall and clean all of illegal aliens out of California. In spite of my hard feelings for California, California does not belong to Mexico and they should not be allowed to be a sanctuary state to ruin the rest of the country. As far as Gov. Steve Bullock of MT running for the Presidency, the only way he will win is to run as Gov. Jerry Brown (Moonbeam’s) running mate. They think a lot alike. Just ask Bullock his views on global warming and climate change and he got his ideas from Gov. Moonbeam. Moonbeam says you don’t have a right to criticize global warming (climate change) as being fact and yes, California has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country. They did not when Ronald Reagan was Governor.

      1. Right on about Libtards moving to AZ NV WA and OR Left coast States.

        Dem Rep Congresswoman now anst Hellers(R) US Senate seat she is an NY born POS Rich politician from Silicone Valley, want’s GUN Control CA style.

        Wacky Jacky Rosen is a Yes mam for Nasty Nancy waiting for a Straightjacket and Mental senior retirement home.

        If We get an NV Demo-Rat like Steve Slesszzzack a once NRA endorsement now want’s a beef with the NRA and ban AR 15 along with HC Magazines, bump stocks and suppressors and accessories, and fix the MICS Universal UN Small arms treaty to go through. who profiteered off Rt 91 Oct 1 017 and a new investigation brought out paddocks Girlfriend was an FBI informant(see TeaP.arty dot org and more than 1 shooter and Arab looking, men in different clubs and on the strip.

        A DHS Infusion center was announced, earlier this year to be built at the Rt 91 site.

    5. I have to say, I saddened but more surprised that the fine 2nd Amendment loving and HIGHLY independent residents of Montana would vote for this guy. But, more importantly, that they’d let him stay after making some of those comments. Burn it down. Burn it all down.

    6. It appears that Montana has somehow become infiltrated with “other” influences, moneyed ones. Look how much of both Montana and Wyoming prime real estate has fallen into the hands of Hollywood types, looking for their own “sanctuaries”, while funding leftist causes and castigating those, like us, who refuse to kiss their rings. The demographic changes are directly responsible for the loss of these states into the hands of “progressive” liberals and leftists. And coincidentally, the more you allow illegal immigrants, who are going to be beholden to the Democrats when they finally hand over the vote to millions of them, to move into your communities, the less your chance of maintaining a balance of power, or reason, in your states.

      I know, because I’ve watched my once great state of Oregon transition, in a mere matter of two decades, into an out-of-control liberal-left sanctuary and home to anarchists streaming into the state from California and elsewhere; they have taken over population centers of Portland and Eugene, effectively controlling the legislature, the governorship, and the national congressional delegation. I doubt we, the citizens who helped make this a great state, will ever salvage it, certainly not in any peaceful way. Our demographics have changed, and not for the better. Newer generations grow up under misguided, manipulated standards, craftily created by those who wish to destroy this nation, and re-create it as a Third World hellhole. I am not exaggerating.

      1. I believe every word you wrote there Timothy ! The city I grew up in, Austin Texas, was always pretty much liberal but now it’s TOTALLY out of control, so much so when I went back a few years ago..I literally didn’t recognize it except for some buildings that have been there since I was a boy. The people are TOTALLY different now though. People are just like every other out of control city all over the country. I’ve lived in 27 states, and about 5 of them that I know of have changed so dramatically like you were saying it’s sad, depressing and at the same time scary in a way that makes my blood boil. Your assessment you mentioned that a civil war may be the only way….is likely very true.
        As an intelligent man yourself, I’m sure the day will come that we will be fighting on the same side to save our country, as sad as that truth and possibility may be. Let’s just make sure…..our side WINS ! God bless you Timothy and American patriots all over America.

      2. Spot on, Timothy. That is exactly what happened to my beautiful home State of Washington.
        BTW…… Are you aware that the communist city of Seattle has their very own 17 foot tall bronze statue of LENIN? Yep, they sure do love him there.

      3. Evidence was the Black Imam from NYC on visa an African Muslim in the desert of NM and was let go on a small Bail and now what will happen next, come Oct 1 2018?

        The elitist are cowards and unAmerican at best.look at Peter Fonda I thought was a conservative!? They can have it they are not the meek but week in the eyes of the lord. we will inherit a better place adn they will bow before Christ as he sets up his Temporary Kingdom to Govern and judge the wicked as we do his will.

        For now, enjoy helping others to defend themselves adn survive the 1st half of the tribulation coming!

    7. Every time I hear that Bullock is eying the Presidency, I can’t help but laugh so hard it makes my side hurt! He’s such a joke if he even thinks he could come close. Bullock is simply another liberal asshole with delusions of grandeur.

      1. Joan, if this country could elect – and RE-elect – Obama, why do you think it would be impossible for Bullock to get elected as President? We came so close to the Left (I include RINOs and “Never-Trumpers” in that group) electing the most corrupt and criminal politician who was ever placed on the ticket as a candidate for POTUS, that I still shudder at what the Democrats (and RINOs and “N-T ers”) almost succeeded at pulling off.

        Other than being black, many of us would have been completely mystified that such a low status politician, with almost no political experience, could ever be nominated for that office. If he could (and did) make it, so could Bullock, although if Hillary does not run in 2020 (hopefully because she is in the Florence, CO Supermax prison – I can dream, can’t I?), I expect the Dems will nominate a Hispanic, such as Alexandria Occasional-Cortex. Or perhaps an openly muslim black woman.

    8. 6 shooter my ass, only let them only carry clubs and slingshots. How in the hell did this commie pos get elected in montana????? I eat this crap in illinois due to shitcockgo, but freaking Montana? OMFG!!!
      THIS PUKE IS FAILSAUCE. Forget that the “HIGHLY TRAINED FBI AND COWARD COUNTY FAILED to do their job, at least one cops kid wore a bullet resistant vest to school that day… more MJ ultra? More like Sacramento where more than one eye witness said I’t was three white guys in swat gear doing the shooting, in vegas where eye witness cameras show more than one gun flash at the same time….. wtfe…

      Fuck this guy and his cronies….

        1. The Private lawyers adn PI’S who went beyond the Clark CO Sheriff and FBI had a Fed district Judge on their side to proceed to investigate, It is now revealed that Paddocks girlfriend was an FBI Informant. The FBI controls the Left in S NV. An Article from called into INFO WARS and an Australian who was on vacation was next to Paddoxjs room as he called into Art Bells Midnight in the desert radio show and talked with Co-Host Heather Wade who now is no longer after ART Passed away, gave his testimony on air what exactly happened as he heard more than one voice and smoke and gunfire and more shooting going on as reported, who was out of the Building ( Mandalay Bay) and said after the Interview I am Out of here On Monday Night after the Sunday Shooting event.

      1. James, You are exactly correct. Recall and replace is in order. If he wants citizens to go back to the stone ages, he should be forced to commute via horse and buggy. His security detail should be forced to use what he is proposing for the citizens. Give them all 6 shooters. No modern equipment or conveniences for anyone this stupid.

      2. I can, the people here, many of them are stupid, and the demographics are changing.

        Most of them don’t study what’s being said by the politicians, and just vote along party lines, or what they are told someone is about.

      3. thats the truth. totally bs… a brother committed suicide but i dont blame the gun … i blame in part (my brother pulled the trigger) the bastard legislators that put many citizens in financial messes… cause great hardship…

    9. I certainly hope that the folks in Montana quit voting on party lines ONLY and check these phony a– holes out before casting their votes, there are a lot folks that vote for a candidate just because they have a R or D by their name , wake up folks , they are stealing our freedoms on a daily basis!! I believe that the politicians that are for gun control are worried that if the people wake up they will use the guns where needed most!! I’ll let you guess where that may be!!

    10. Humans find ways to kill, been going on since Cain murdered Abel. Rock or a Glock, no matter, if the will to kill is there, the tool is inconsequential. A Pickup truck is a much more efficient weapon than a gun. Based on Governor Bullock’s logic, Montana needs to ban rocks, good luck with that.

    11. Don’t see how Montana voted this ass clown into office.He must have done the democrat way,lied through his teeth.That something about Montana voting in a democrat for governor,all the republicans sit at home on their asses and let all these imports out vote them

        1. Right on, GMB. Far too many people think that the NRA is on the side of gun owners and Second Amendment supporters. They have proven they aren’t. They admitted in PRINT (the August 19968 American Rifleman) that they helped write the NFA in ’34 and the GCA in ’68, in an attempt to “prove they could be ‘reasonable’ and could ‘compromise’.” They have been compromising our tights away ever since, including when they kept all of us members in the dark about the Lautenberg Amendment. That is when I quit, after having been a member for over twenty years. The NRA is _not_ our friend. Think about it: every new piece of gun control legislation (or the very _mention_ of such) garners millions of dollars in donations beyond the $75 million in dues paid by their 3 million members. They _love_ to help write new laws that make them rich.

    12. Yet another Schumer suppository… Voters and the Republican party better start doing in depth research on the politicians claiming to be pro 2nd Republicans BEFORE voting day… These under cover, lying, pieces of Dem SHIT have to be flushed.

    13. Same thing going on here in Tennessee with Bredesen running for US Senate to replace Corker. Bredesen coming off as a moderate when in reality it would take 12 hours of surgery to remove Bredesens head out of Schumers butt. And whoever heard of a politician lying to get elected? Not us right?

      1. @Capndad, if I remember correctly this Bredesen clown tried to force an income tax on the people of Tennessee before he finished his last term. I have no idea how he ever got elected or reelected. He is a douche bag. If you notice all of his commercials they only show one side of his face, the other side looks like they held a track meet on it with redness and scabs galore. Maybe he wants elected so he can go to Walter Reed to get his problem fixed and the tn-care he forced on the state won’t give him enough coverage. He is a typical dem without a doubt.

    14. I for one am a firm believer of the Second Amendment as it was carried down from Mount Olympus by Jesus Christ Himself. The demoRATs will not infringe on my ability to punish grade school kids with my AR-15 and love who I can at any age.

      NAMBLA supports your work, Marbut.

        1. I agree with both of you guys. I read the post twice and still don’t understand it except the part about punishing grade school kids with my AR15. Are you a half bubble off level or is this a missed sarcastic.
          Whatever it is, I think the feds should be visiting you, that’s nothing to kid about .

    15. Bullock is eminently qualified if you are looking for some who knows how to smoothly pass the buck, or get in front of anything that may be a camera. The only benefit I see in him running for president, is he will hopefully waste his own money and that of other leftists on the campaign trail.

    16. Absolutely spot on! Bullock’s record speaks for itself. One need only to look at nearly THIRTY pro-Second Amendment bills in the Montana Legislature that Bullock vetoed, many even after being passed through both sides of the Montana Legislature. The People of Montana spoke, as did our Representatives in Helena, only to have Bullock give us ALL nothing but two middle fingers and one smug face. Despite his obstructionist efforts to block our Right to Keep and Bear Arms, The Montana Shooting Sports Association continues to fight for the RKBA by successfully ushering into law nearly seventy RKBA laws here in Montana. If anyone knows the “character” of Montana’s gun grabbing Governor Steve Bullock, it’s Gary Marbut and his MSSA. www://

      Watch out, America. This sleazy, smug-faced liar is about to slither out of Montana and into your airwaves on his route to DC.

    17. We here have said for a LONG time that many Montanan’s appear to be schizophrenic in State politics, Montana appears to be mostly RED, but then they seem to consistently elect these moronic, demon-crat governors. It is definitely an odd anomaly for sure. Now, some may believe that this outing of what many critical thinkers here consider to be the biggest moron governor to ever occupy the seat is going to wake the “people” up to all this. Don’t wager on that one. Stupid tends to become malignant over time.

    18. It was just a matter of time for Bullock to stab Montanans and the 2nd Amendment in the back, for personal financial enrichment.
      One must ask “why disarm the American citizen” we have not marched on the Swamp with guns drawn, so there must be something the Swamp is thinking or planning to do to us.
      Considering the Swamp wants to destroy our Constitution, to ensure their lasting authority.
      America as we know is in peril, since a Republic Democracy is what they want to destroy. The Intelligence Departments have tapped into social medias including cell phones, vehicles and personal computer use is being recorded, and cameras are becoming a standard installations. Once thoughts as these were viewed Paranoia, today these must be considered. Perhaps myself have now been moved higher on the ‘No Fly List’

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