New Jersey: Gov. Murphy Targets Bear Hunting


Black Bear Face
New Jersey: Gov. Murphy Targets Bear Hunting

Fairfax, VA – -( Earlier this week, anti-gun and anti-hunting Gov. Phil Murphy continued his pandering to animal rights extremists by issuing an executive order to ban bear hunting on public land in the Garden State.

The Governor, of course, wants to ban all bear hunting and was actually quite vocal about his anti-hunting agenda on the campaign trail last year.

The only problem is that Murphy lacks the authority to ban a hunting season established by the New Jersey Fish and Game Council which was created under statutory authority. In fact, the Governor’s released public statement recognizes their authority and still goes on to usurp their authority by banning bear hunting on public lands. Bear hunting would still be allowed on private, county and municipal land. The 2018 bear season regulations have not been released yet, however those season details were expected to be released this month.

Game managers are solely qualified to make determinations based on population studies and science. The Governor’s latest dictate is reckless and shows little regard for public safety.

Human-bear interactions are fairly common in New Jersey as the state is home to one of the healthiest black bear populations in the country. In fact, New Jersey has one of the highest black bear densities in the country, and ending the bear hunting season will remove a critical tool for game managers. The Council’s projection is that without hunting, the bear population could double by 2022.

This is nothing more than an attack on hunters and our hunting heritage. The Governor’s power grab is almost certain to result in litigation. NRA has always supported sound game management practices based on science, unlike the Governor’s politically motivated directive. NRA has had a long history of supporting the black bear hunting season in New Jersey, and we will continue to fight to protect our hunting heritage.

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

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Left wing loonies taste like shit; sadly, the bears spit them out.

Raymond F Miller

As a N.J. resident I would never hunt bear in this POS State. I can go to Pa. or dozens of other states and get a license to hunt bear or I can go to Canada and hunt them. I hope that they ban the hunt completely in this state. There will come a time when pets, children , and even adults will not be safe anywhere in N.J. and it will serve them right. When some moron is walking their door and has a bear charge out of the bushes and grab it or the human maybe the Jackwads… Read more »

J.D. Carpanzano

New Jersey along with New York has become the East Coat Kalifornia! That North East corridor, throw if D.C. is totally out of touch with the rest of America. They think of us as a bunch of uneducated rubes who’s knuckles drag on the ground. Sadly we are the ones who feed the engine that makes this country run so they can pontificate and steal the national treasury right in front of our eyes while insulting us.


Ron White said it best, when he said, “You can’t fix stupid.”

Missouri Born

After a liberal democrats kid or spouse gets attacked by a bear the anti gun governor will change his mind about bear hunting.

Cyndee Temple

Left wing loonies taste like shit; sadly, the bears spit them out.

Raymond F Miller

You are giving our Governor to much credit, I don’t believe he cares about people at all. He’s interested only in the power trip. He’s to stupid to change his mind.

Lraul fontanezgarcia

Where is your fucking delete button, you bunch of cocksuckers you did it on purpose, didn’t you??…I wouldn’t buy your shit even if it was for free…where is the Damn buttom??

Ray Miller

What the hell are you talking about ?


Things won’t get any better up in Jersey. Glad I got out 30 yrs ago!


Somebody wants a pair of lawyer skin boots!

Byron R. Winchell

How about New Jersey begin issuing pol-tags to take politicians? They are by no means endangered and there’s no sentimental problem of taking a likeable quadruped carcass to the taxidermist . . . very like the replacement of lab rats with lawyers for experimentation. A bounty to reduce vermin like coyotes seems even more appropriate.