NRA Statement on 3-D Printers & Plastic Firearms Fake News Hysteria


NRA Statement on 3-D Printers and Plastic Firearms
NRA Statement on 3-D Printers and Plastic Firearms

Fairfax, VA – -( Chris W. Cox, executive director, National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action, released the following statement on Tuesday:

“Many anti-gun politicians and members of the media have wrongly claimed that 3-D printing technology will allow for the production and widespread proliferation of undetectable plastic firearms.”

“Regardless of what a person may be able to publish on the Internet, undetectable plastic guns have been illegal for 30 years. Federal law passed in 1988, crafted with the NRA’s support, makes it unlawful to manufacture, import, sell, ship, deliver, possess, transfer, or receive an undetectable firearm.”

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

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The “Socialists” are going nuts, Bloomberg is going nuts, Soros is going nuts because of the possibility that guns might no longer be banable at the source, at the manufacturer. The dirty little secret that is being hidden from the public, are that it’s entirely legal in the USA today to build your own gun, for personal use, including handguns, and ARs, without any licenses, or permits. Virtually anyone with access to a machine shop can build pretty much any sort of a gun they want. Improvised guns made from all sorts of everyday materials are something of an art… Read more »

A.X. Perez

Current 3D printed guns and gun parts are just a beginning. As the technology matures gun control becomes more and more unenforceable. The only question is whether this technology will be developed openly by honest citizens or by criminals in the black market.

Criminals and terrorists will benefit one way or the other. The question is, will honest people defending their lives, liberty, families, and property benefit or will false flag progressives deny them this boon?

American Patriot

Without criminals there is no need to worry. However with more & more cities & states being Sanctuaries for the illegal & dangerous criminals ….The liberals in charge of harboring these people are the one you really have to worry about cuz they don’t give a Damn about your safety…..they just need the votes & if they can’t get them here they will import them.


And yet another time the NRA is DEAD WRONG! The Second Amendment prohibits the government from interfering with the keeping and bearing of ALL arms – it makes no distinction as to caliber, action, composition or method of construction. The law is patently unconstitutional, its creators, sponsors and supporters in clear violation of their oaths of office, and the NRA totally and completely irresponsible in supporting it.


The REAL, ABSOLUTE stupidity of “Gun Registration” and “Serial Numbers” is that NEITHER have ever aided law enforcement in tracking down criminals and killers even when the firearm is found at the scene of the crime.
ALL a serial number can do is aid in tracking down the legal owner IF he was STUPID ENOUGH to “register” it and let law enforcement and the government know that he OWNS firearms.


It all boils down to the liberals and the fake media being clueless. It proves they don’t know the existing laws that they adopted in the past. Their agenda now is to yell and scream about any new Ideas and making everything illegal by introducing new laws. I am sick and tired of their B.S. attitude. Their Ideas are like A$$ Holes They all have one and should keep them clean and to themselves.
You can’t make a gun that is undetectable and capable of the pressures of modern Ammunition!!!!


It is such comments from the NRA that raise serious questions as to exactly what it stands for, for what it actually supports, and for why it was, for many years, politely put, Wishy Washy regarding Gun Control, as it has come to be known. Matter of fact, the NRA has, at various times, been a great pusher of Gun Control. FEel free to correct me should anyone feel I’m in error here.


Alan: It would, quite literally, take a book to recount the history. I have listed just a couple of history factoids. Jeff Knox HAS put out an excellent book on it. I suggest you pick up a copy on Amazon. I’ve known both Knox boys since they were, well, little boys, and they’ve grown up to be just like their Dad with just one exception, Neal trusted everyone and took everyone at their word. He believed everyone spoke the truth when they talked to him including Wayne. Sadly that was not the case. Later he had Jeff by his side… Read more »


I have to admit I am ashamed of the NRA for this stance. From their own statement “Federal law passed in 1988, crafted with the NRA’s support, makes it unlawful to manufacture, import, sell, ship, deliver, possess, transfer, or receive an undetectable firearm” they admit they are not fully supportive of the 2nd Amendment. How can even the NRA not understand what “shall not be infringed” means? Shame on you NRA.


You and everyone else should have realized decades ago that the NRA is pro-status quo, neither for huge wins or losses. They simply want to keep the $$$ money rolling in to Ackerman-McQween who, in truth, set all the Legislative agendas. Don’t believe me? You don’t have to, simply follow Jeff Knox or pick up his book. I’ve worked with both Jeff and his Dad and they were and are two of the most honest and straightforward guys in the gun Rights movement.


We dumped those idiots long ago and voted in intelligent PRO-GUN, PRO Second Amendment officers and the whole philosophy of the NRA has changed. How do you “think” (I know difficult for you) that Ollie North got made head of the NRA and WHY do you think we NOW have the NRA-ILA ?

Wild Bill

@CG, With all due respect, the NRA does not seem to be opposing the ban of gun parts and accessories, and that will set a very bad precedent. Nor is the NRA opposing the publication of computer printer home made guns. That will set a First, Second, and Fifth Amendment bad precedent.


So why is the NRA proudly proclaiming they helped craft the 1988 bill that clearly violates the 2nd Amendment?


When you start calling names you’ve lost. I know Ack/McQ very well and I also am well aware of the documented cases where ILA worked against grassroots organizations to sabotage pro-gun legislation. They didn’t get rid of anything. Would you like to dispute that they (Ack/McQ)own all the magazines AND their content? Would you like to dispute that every time a mailer goes out they are paid for sending it out AND a portion of what comes back in? Would you like to dispute….. oh hell, I could give you the history of them from their shady beginnings in 1980,… Read more »



I do not question what you say, however how about details please. Thanks.

Raymond Vaselich

ZIP guns have been around for a very long time,

John Dunlap

More leftist hysteria. Legal or not, it was a simple matter to manufacture firearms mostly out of plastic long before the Glock showed up. Everyone remembers the Nylon 66. I used to have one. I wish I’d never sold it. What it has never been possible to do, is to manufacture a firearm entirely out of plastics, and it probably won’t ever be. There are still no materials having the necessary combination of tensile strength, shock resistance, and resistance to erosion by high temperature, high velocity gases that are not metals. Nobody has violated the law prohibiting plastic guns, because… Read more »

The Revelator

John Dunlap, The liberator doesn’t even qualify under that standard, and there is still no progressive who has been able to answer my question honestly that “Even if a gun is made of plastic, isn’t the ammunition metal and detectable?” Indeed, it is a distraction attempt. The real purpose behind the hysteria is an attack on individual citizens being able to manufacture our own personal firearms at home. The bill that Blumenthal introduced is proof enough, as the language he used to describe Undetectable was that of “Unserialized”. They are trying to conflate Undetectable with Untraceable, and Ghost Guns with… Read more »

John Dunlap

The leaders are all students of Bernays and Alinsky, the rest have been conditioned. Remember the first evil sounding buzzword they created, “saturday night special”? I recently asked a female aquaintance who was on the fence and leaning left, if she could use her car to commit murder. “Of course”, she said. Then I asked her to explain how she was going to use that car to keep a rapist out of her bedroom for the ten or more minutes it would take the police to arrive, assuming she’d been able to call them. Moon eyed stare. Anything can be… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Rev, Free Speech is also the target. If the libtards can set a prior restraint precedent, then we are on our way to unconstitutional speech restrictions similar to current unconstitutional arms restrictions. And the fake justifications will be the same: “The BOR is not a suicide pact. We can not let the public communicate ideas that will endanger the government!” And the classic, ” You do not need to have that information!” How about: “You do not have to communicate with that many people. One post a month is a common sense restriction.”


Mr. Wilson’s ‘Liberator’ pistol isn’t meant to be a practical pistol. It is both meant as a proof, and a nod the FP-45 Liberator 45 ACP pistol. A pistol who’s purpose was both to demoralize, and, to be used to acquire (from occupying troops) a practical firearm. While never used in that capacity, the FP45 is the ideology (supposedly) behind Cody’s work on his own Liberator.