Police Fatally Shoot Vietnam Vet Who Killed Intruder During Home Invasion

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Richard Black
Richard Black : This undated photo provided by the Black Family attorney shows Richard Black, who was shot and killed by police in Aurora, Colo. on Monday, July 29, 2018 after he killed an intruder in his home. Family lawyer Siddhartha H. Rathod said the unidentified man was attacking Black’s grandson and the decorated Vietnam veteran shot him twice after trying unsuccessfully to fight him off.

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- WBAL TV 11 NBC reports 07-31-18 in Aurora, Colorado, a man who fatally shot an intruder in his suburban Denver home early Monday was killed by responding officers who saw him holding a weapon, investigators said.

The Aurora Sentinel reported police received multiple calls about a break-in at the home at about 1:30 a.m. and when officers arrived, they heard gunshots inside.

Aurora police, who described the scene in a statement as “very chaotic and violent,” said they encountered an armed man and fatally shot him. That man turned out to be the person who lived in the home. A second man, the suspected intruder, was found dead during a search.

A child also suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries at the hands of the intruder, but police did not release additional details, citing an ongoing investigation.

“This is a very heartbreaking and tragic situation for everyone involved,” police Chief Nick Metz said.

Investigators have not released the names of the resident or the suspected intruder, and the officer was placed on administrative leave.


Always put you gun away or out of reach when responding officers are arriving. If the situation demands that you hold it, keep it pointed down at the floor and then follow the officer’s commands.

In this incident, one would assume the Officers identified themselves but in the confusion the resident did not hear them.

My Fired Up guest, a retired agent/instructor from Homeland Security related an incident where entering officers deployed flash bang grenades. As they rushed into the building, a man inside pointed a firearm at the officers.


Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

It is likely he was deafened and disoriented by the explosions and could not hear their commands. He may not have had any intention of shooting at the officers but we’ll never know. I expect this has happened more than once.

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

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      1. Don’t worry Andy, if I allowed people like you to interrupt my sleep that would be giving you power you would never deserve. I sleep just fine. Have a great weekend.

        And to my buddy Wild Bill, who’s taking a couple of days off, be safe my friend.

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      1. Andy is a troll who bashes police on every forum. I get tired of it. He’s the troll. There are bad cops but there are plenty of good ones also. Go back through Andy’s posts and see if you can EVER find one that doesn’t troll police. That’s why I call him out every time. Any further questions? BTW, I had no idea Andy had a pet poodle, how did YOU know that? Are you Andy’s pal?

    4. if he shot thru an outside window. without having seen what was happening inside .and not alerting the homeowner to put down the gun ….he is quilty of murder………this is a really bad shooting.that will never see justice done.

      1. @cs, there are a lot of facts to gather, forensic evidence to sift through, and survivors statements to think about before we get to a murder conclusion. It is outrageous on the few purported facts presented. The victim is sympathetic. And everyone involved had better get really skilled lawyers. I’ll grant you those.
        But I will not grant you the timing or the conclusion. It is just too early to measure the facts against the law.

    5. Vanns40 : I am sure there is a reason you are an ex-cop and not a retired cop. They got rid of you.

      1. Andy: Sure I can’t find you in the system someplace? Bet I can. As for your comment, my partner was murdered by a 16 yr old and I was injured. That’s why I’m no longer on. What happened to you? Get busted for something and blamed the police? Yup, I can see it now, you’re the one who committed the crime but you really didn’t think you should have gone to jail for it and you’ve blamed the police ever since.

        1. Vanns 40 : The vast majority of cops killed or injured is because of their own stupidity. A cops goal from day one is to retire on disability as young as possible and then get a real job. And you call me a low life?

          1. @AB, Using a generality, to prove the particular is a logical fallacy. Your generality is not even true. You can not use the untrue to prove another untruth.
            You talk about all cops. Do you even know them?
            Come on AB, low or high, you have to think better than this.

    6. Bob,
      How about a token effort to hold the police accountable?
      In Council, Idaho, the Sheriff’s Deputies shot and killed Jack Yantis as they interrupted his efforts to put down an injured bull.

      The cops are never held accountable unless there is such strong video evidence that nobody can justify the cop’s behavior.

      1. Hey Bob, You also say “one would assume the Officers identified themselves but in the confusion the resident did not hear them.”

        One could assume the Officers did not identify themselves as they were excited by the sounds of gunfire.
        How often do cops get excited by gun shots without stopping to consider who is in the gun fight?
        Bob, Are you protecting your opportunities as an Expert Court Witness in defense of cops?

    7. One thing for sure,

      The only version of the story as to what happened will be the police’s version.

      And, when was the last time you heard the police ever admit that they made a mistake?

    8. I don’t know the scenario, or the facts of this case, but I knew that the homeowner had his gun in his hand as soon as I read the title. Body cam footage would be nice to see what happened. Was the order to disarm plainly given and enough time allowed for the guy to drop his gun? Did he motion after he was told to drop his gun? I’d want to know more before saying anything.

    9. That police department should be sued into oblivion. There is absolutely no justification for this outrage.

    10. “This is a very heartbreaking and tragic situation for everyone involved.”


      The costumed murderers got to go home at the end of their shift.

      Probably got paid time off, too.

      Now someone tell me again how “only police can be trusted with guns” because “they have all that training”.

      1. I don’t think only the police can be trusted with guns. 30 years in law enforcement and also retired from the US Army and I am a 120% supporter of the 2nd Amendment. More people are applying for a concealed carry permit now than ever before. The way the world is now can you afford to wait the 15 to 45 minute response time for the police to arrive? I don’t think so. Just be sure that if you have to shoot someone that you holster your weapon or put it up before the police arrive. You may live longer that way.. I am now a concealed carry and wear it everywhere except in the bath tub and bed. Back when I first got into law enforcement and before we had concealed carry licenses it was against the law to have a pistol on you. I gave my wife a pistol to put in her purse and told her “It is better to be tried by 12 than to be carried by 6.

    11. Like others here, I spent time in the military, have family in law enforcement, legally carry in Krappyfornia and other states and I am more concerned about f*d up LEO’s than I am about “the bad guy”. Floyd seems to have captured what is going wrong in the LEO community. Hot Dog, super aggressive LEO’s treating everyone as if they are bad guys.

    12. The police cannot and it would seem (as in Parkland, FL) will not protect you. You are responsible for your own protection. Having said that, it is true that the police resent that you as a private citizen have the responsibility of self protection. Being a cop is having awesome power. Very very few men want to share power when they have it. These kinds of instances will occur more and more. And never trust that a cop will do the right thing. Never.

      1. Warren v. District of Columbia. … Warren v. District of Columbia (444 A.2d. 1, D.C. Ct. of Ap. 1981) is an oft-quoted District of Columbia Court of Appeals case that held that the police do not owe a specific duty to provide police services to citizens based on the public duty doctrine. SCOTUS also help in 2005 the same lack of responsibility for police to protect a citizen from harm. You are on your own to protect yourself and loved ones….at your own peril from arriving police and the legal system.

        1. This is why one does not see “To protect and to serve” on the side of patrol cars on anymore, it has been removed.

          1. But, “To Protect and Serve” is still their motto. They protect and serve their brothers in blue and prosecutors as they advance in their careers.

      2. This power that you speak of is NOT the property of the police to be shared with US; it is OURS and WE share it with them to do the bulk of the “cleanup on aisle 9” for us so that we might go about our business of living life and making a living. We DO NOT, to ANY degree, abdicate or surrender our lion’s share of that power. It is STILL OURS. Our nation still recognized that fact until fairly recently; evidence of that fact lies with the “WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE” FBI Top 10 posters in the Post Offices and elsewhere across the land. In order for the public to perform in such a capacity, they would obviously have to possess the power and authority do do so. We still possess that right and OWN that power.

    13. I have 30 years in law enforcement under my belt. I am a retired Chief of Police and a retired Special Agent. I have never shot anyone and I have answered hundreds of calls. In my day we had what we called “Hot Dogs” those that wanted to make a name for themselves and “Penis” problems where the gun represented the penis and they thought that they were something with all the power. 25 years after retirement I find myself driving 5 MPH under the posted limit because today there are some officers without integrity. I am afraid of them. I don’t trust them. A marine is always a marine and I thought police officers were always cops. I tried to say hello at restaurants and they would not even answer me. They acted like I was trash. So I guess I was wrong. Whose fault is today’s police problems? The Chief’s that who. I would never have put up with things. The cop that shot the home owner was either a Hot Dog or a Penis problem or very afraid. None of the 3 should be cops if the Chief can’t train them out of it. I would charge him with negligent homicide, but he will get away with it most likely.

      1. @Floyd, this is my greatest fear. Those in power with guns, and their ability to get away with actions of this type.

        1. Don’t let this incident influence you. Things like this are in the minority category. I had rather have cops with guns and a bad one once in a purple moon than cops without guns. In fact always support the 2nd Amendment. History has proven that all Tyrants such as Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Po; Pot and others first disarmed their people and then killed thousands of them. Stalin killed more of his own people than Hitler killed in all the countries during WWII. It is going to get better I hope. 20 years ago they started taking To Protect and To Serve off of patrol cars. Not they are putting it back on today and adding In God We Trust on them too. Not everyone yet, but give it time.

          1. The Einsatzgruppen death squads were made up almost entirely of Germany’s civil police.

            After the war, after all those innocent human beings they murdered, only a handful of the highest-ranked were ever held accountable.

            Most of the ones who actually pulled the triggers went back to their jobs.

            And probably retired with pensions….

    14. This killing was totally uncalled for. If there were two cops in the home, one would think that somebody would put down their weapons and not shoot.
      Murder by any other name.

    15. What would happen to an armed civilian who mistook someone for a armed threat and shot and killed him?

      1. @tom, “What would happen to an armed civilian who mistook mistook someone for a armed threat and shot and killed him?” you ask. The same thing that is going to happen to this cop.

    16. How about telling the damned cops what to do and not preaching to us. What would you call us for shooting the wrong fu%@ing person? Does nobody ever just call cops amateurs?
      I get so sick and tired of hearing that 99% of them are great, well trained, well intentioned people and it’s that mean old 1% that everybody sees. I would argue the opposite.

      1. Andy: Go crawl back under the sewer you came from. In case anyone’s not familiar, Andy’s the little coward whose only mission in life is to bash cops, probably because he’s a convicted felon.

      2. Okay Andy, provide proof to your statement that that’s all police want to do. I’ll expect government studies and surveys or I’ll just take a statement that you lied, presented your own unsubstantiated opinion as fact and have nothing to back it up, as usual. I repeat, you’re a lowlife who hates cops. That said, people like you aren’t born that way they usually have a negative experience or two that leads them down that road to hate everyone within a class of people. And they also don’t normally hate just one class of people. So, who else do you hate Andy; Blacks, Mexicans all immigrants? How deep seated is your hatred of people? I’d be willing to bet it runs a lot deeper than just police. Every time you comment it’s just more hatred for people, not just an individual but large numbers of individuals. Anyone who takes half a minute understands that your thought process is far removed from the rational norm.

      3. @Andy B, Foolish, just plain foolish of you to say what is “typical”. What study have you ever done? Do you even know enough cops to be a percentage? We know that you don’t. So you must have some other reason for painting cops with a “Typical ignorant scum” broad brush. And that discredits you and, in turn, your other opinions.

    17. What was originally reported was that the LEO shot through the window killing the homeowner. That’s why they are being very tight-lipped about it.

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