Brett Kavanaugh & Clarence Thomas: A Tale of Two Alternate Universes


Judge Kavanaugh Hearing Protestors
70 people were arrested for disrupting the proceedings. There were more than 40 interruptions by Democratic Senators during the first hour of the hearing alone.

USA – -( Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing spectacle in the Senate would have made no sense seen from the world we lived in just a few decades ago.

On the first day of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, 70 people were arrested for disrupting the proceedings. There were more than 40 interruptions by Democratic Senators during the first hour of the hearing.

Chairman Chuck Grassley, who has served 37 years in the Senate (as well as six years in the U.S. House and 16 years in the Iowa state House) calmly handled the disruptions. He is a remarkable man who goes home and works the farm every weekend. He also visits all 99 Iowa counties every year. Chairman Grassley is very comfortable with his role, and I expect he found the Democrats amusing and irritating – but not intimidating.

This opening day hostility is a remarkable contrast to the world of 27 years ago, when now-Justice Clarence Thomas was being considered. The Thomas hearings were among the most personal and painful of modern Senate hearings. His personal integrity was challenged in a series of very emotional sessions. Thomas ultimately rose to the occasion, and in a brilliant, powerful, compelling speech compared what was happening to him to a “high-tech lynching.” As an African American, he said he understood the viciousness being used against him. His personal testimony turned the tide and convinced the Senate to approve him.

He went on to become one of the two conservative pillars of the Court, along with late Justice Antonin Scalia.

The amazing difference between 1991 and 2018 is that despite the viciousness, 11 Democrats voted to confirm Justice Thomas. He won confirmation by 52-48.

Imagine how unlikely it is that Kavanaugh could get 11 Democrats to vote for his confirmation today.

In 1991, there was a sense that politics was operating within a broadly bipartisan universe. President George H.W. Bush was giving up his no tax increase pledge to get a budget deal with the Democrats. There was a general sense that everyone was operating within a center-left system.

In 2018, bipartisanship has separated, and we are now operating in two competing alternative universes. There is virtually no common ground.

Once you understand that this is a time in which people aren’t playing by the same rules, things become more understandable, and the hypocrisy becomes more obvious.

The Democrats who were causing chaos in the Judiciary Committee had already indicated they were going to oppose Kavanaugh’s nomination. In fact, some Democrats had indicated they would vote “no” before President Trump even sent a name up. The reason was simple. In their left-wing universe, anyone acceptable to Trump would be, by definition, unacceptable to them and their allies.

So, we had the spectacle of people complaining that they didn’t have enough time to read all of the material about the nominee, who they have already said they would vote against.

The ridiculousness of the Democrats’ demand for more material (and simultaneous cries that the process must be slowed) were thoroughly highlighted by both The Wall Street Journal and Investor’s Business Daily.

IBD pointed out that, “[i]t's been 64 days since President Trump nominated Kavanaugh. The average time between nomination and the start of confirmation hearings for the past 10 Supreme Court justices: 41.6 days.”

As to the complaint that Senators did not have enough material to review, the WSJ asserted that “[t]he Senators are ignoring the 307 opinions he has written, and the 17,000 pages of material he provided in response to the committee’s questionnaire—the most extensive ever demanded of a nominee. The Senators have already received more than half a million pages about his time as a lawyer and judge—more documents than were provided for the past five Supreme Court nominees combined.”

So, as you watch this political theater being choreographed and performed by the Left, just remember that Justice Ruther Bader Ginsberg was approved by 96 to 3. Justice Stephen Breyer was approved 87-9. Justice Sonia Sotomayor was confirmed 68-31. And Justice Elena Kagan was approved 63-37.

The real test on confirming Kavanaugh will come when the Democratic Senators serving in states that Trump won in 2016 have to cast their votes.

It is clear that the voters of their states will prefer a “yes” vote, while their left-wing donor base and activists will hate a “yes” vote.

These are the Democrats who are caught between two alternative universes. The next few weeks will be fascinating as we get to watch them maneuver.

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Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich

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  • 14 thoughts on “Brett Kavanaugh & Clarence Thomas: A Tale of Two Alternate Universes

    1. I have always said that the one in charge, that sends its blind and mislead peoples to corrupt all the nations of this world to fight and kill each other for money greed and fame and so on, to which his plan will prevail, we folks are just living and following a plan that has been set for us all. We all have been suckered in to this and now we will continue follow it through. We have desecrated this precious world of ours over time. And now all the pollution the waste, chemicals that run through all the rivers of this world and the land that has been killed by nuclear testing over time. Its to late to recover. We continue to fight among our selves and divided by parties that will only continue to divide us. Where is the solution and is it in site. I think not. Until there is a one World Government and one currency, and we all will be controlled by one entity. You will not have any rites. Your Constitution will be gone. You will be controlled, and live the way you are governed by this new world government. Hows that sound to all of yous? That is whats coming for all us. Maybe not now or in a couple of years, but its coming folks. Most of the past Presidents of the past have been preaching this for quiet some time now, just look it up. So lets keep debating and fighting and bitching about this and that and see where it gets us.

    2. Two universes is right. Where the left today believes the Constitution of the United States is a mere barrier to their collectivist wishes. Why Brett Kavanaugh must be confirmed, and why the right thinking voters must take to the ballot box in November and again in 2020, to politically defeat the enemy within Democrats.

    3. Good day gentlemen and ladies…I would urge that we not fall into the dark wormhole of our prejudices. Our yesterdays are gone with the wind. Today is not yesterday. I would argue that the writer writes from his yesterday and in so doing fails to appropriately appreciate the evolving discord of our body politic, the whole of you and me.

      It would appear that we, as a body politic we have irreconcilable differences and if we follow the pundits we will reinforce the idea of irreconcilable differences. I believe otherwise. I believe that we actually have more in common than what appears in the majority of the fake news media, both print, tv, and internet.

      By the phrase of fake news I mean to reference all those places we unthinkingly go to get information that reinforces our prejudices. They are most generally not news nor conveyors of facts, rather entertainment, which results in our cheering a ‘yeah, oh yeah’, where we should be listening for the clarity of a well defined issue, its factual circumstance, and the rationale that justifies the conclusions we hear.

      The argument that no other historical congressional review has had such a volume of information as is the current case, is a false argument. Every committee review will stand on its own unique venue of time and place historically. What is adequate and sufficient at an earlier time may not be in the future. What is reasonable is defined by those sitting at the table of inquiry and driven by the requisite construct of ‘advise and consent’.

      The current nominee is without question a brilliant jurist with a material foundation in legal studies and intellectually astute a . However, he is not of the cloth of Scalia. From the information obtained, formerly confidential, on the issue of Roe…, it does appear that he holds one view publicly and another privately; that he asserts some legal scholars may not believe that Supreme Court Rulings are inviolate, nor offering any reference for such an assertion; nor that a sitting President may be subject to a subpoena r indicted(without supportive reference).

      There should never be a rush to judgement with a life time appointment to the highest court of our system. However it ultimately plays out the majority and minority parties should have ample exercise of their role to advise and consent.

      I remain your brother

      1. Yada yada yada,,,eloquent pablum. Why would anyone say something is settled if it was wrong. Remember,,,at one time slavery was settled law. It was wrong then and was fought over and overturned. Just follow the Constitution and laws.

      2. @TWR, Oh brother, you write, “… The current nominee is without question a brilliant jurist … “. If he is so brilliant why does he not know that machine-guns are legal in the U.S.? I could buy one on gunbroker this afternoon. And if Kavanaugh is so brilliant why does he go by some purported “tradition” to decide that some firearms are banned rather than just reading the plane words of the Second Amendment and decide that arms can not be banned? But the most disturbing is that Kavanaugh thinks that the US government has the authority to ban any guns, it does not!
        Kavanaugh does not believe in our civil rights, thinks that civil rights can be treated differently, and goes by some mythic tradition rather than the plain words of the Bill or Rights.
        Kavanaugh is more elitist than brilliant. Please see below:
        ” It follows from Heller’s protection of semi-automatic handguns that semi-automatic rifles are also constitutionally protected and that D.C.’s ban on them is unconstitutional. (By contrast, fully automatic weapons, also known as machine guns, have traditionally been banned and may continue to be banned after Heller.)” Brett Kavanaugh

    4. Far more disappointing than democratic petulance, was Kavanaugh’s utterly milquetoast defense of his dissent in Heller II. I doubt anyone expected him to stand up to feinstein’s use of the phony-baloney term, “assault weapons.”

      However, when blumenthal asked how Kavanaugh would “reconcile” his dissent with public shootings,or durbin lectured him about, “common sense’” (that’s a laugh and a half!) Kavanaugh FAILED.

      What he SHOULDhave said was, “Senator, this is STILL America. And in America, we do NOT punish the masses for the acts of the individual.” What he DID say was, essentially, “I’m sorry Senator, Scalia made me do it.”

      I fear that going from Kennedy to Kavanaugh may be a Peterson move, at best.

      1. He did very well. He said exactly what he should have and relied on legal precedent. You’re description seems to be a mischaracterization.

        “I don’t get to pick and choose which Supreme Court precedents I get to follow. I follow them all.”

    5. We seem to be becoming a third world country. The politicians work for the politicians, an the “give me” populace just follows their lead and relect them. Will we learn in time or join the rest of the third world.

      1. Most issues that make it to Federal Appeals Courts are mundane corporate law disputes. Major constitutional questions rarely come up, and when they do, the established precedents of the Supreme Court are supposed to be applied, leaving judges little wiggle-room. It would be odd indeed if an Appeals Court judge disagreed with his colleagues more than a few times a year.

    6. If the Republicans don’t get out to vote the Demo rats Jerks out and replace them with republicans we will be doomed.
      The Swamp needs more drainage.
      They Will never get over the fact that their beloved Hillary Lost the election.
      The animals that are interrupting the hearings need to be jailed with a mandatory 5-year sentence

    7. One wonders why George Soros hasn’t been arrested yet for all manners of treason and a host of other felonies.
      “Kavanaugh ‘Protesters’ Caught Getting Paid Hard CASH”

      He and his mulatto pimp Obozo are behind all the protests since Black Lives Matter came about. He was also behind many European and Middle Eastern groups trying to overturn governments. Arrest him and his sons – come on Sessions, grow a pair and do something for this country you claim to be a part of.

    8. “There is virtually no common ground.”

      And this country is off the rails. Stop believing that voting and the justice system are going to listen to what the people want. Dems want nothing but to destroy everything this country was founded on and have systematically perverted nearly every facet of life today.

      If your house gets infested with pests the only answer is to fumigate.

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