Cody Wilson Arrested In Taiwan On U.S. Sexual Assault Charge

Cody Wilson
Cody Wilson Arrested In Taiwan On American Sexual Assault Charge

Taiwan – -( Taiwanese authorities have arrested and jailed Cody Wilson the owner of a Defense Distributed the Texas company that sells the data files for printable 3-D-printed guns.

Cody Wilson is suspected of having sex with a 16-year-old Texas minor that he met through an online dating website.

The Taiwan National Immigration Agency said Cody Wilson was arrested Friday, September 19th, 2018, at a Taipei hotel after the U.S. government voided his passport.

Taiwanese immigration officials now are negotiating with the American embassy in Taipei on how to proceed on deporting Wilson to the United States, a spokesman for the local immigration agency said.

Because Cody Wilson’s U.S. passport is now invalid, he has no legal basis to stay in Taiwan under local laws, the agency said in a statement.

Washington and Taipei do not have an extradition treaty that would facilitate a deportation, but the two governments do cooperate on security issues, and U.S. relations with Taiwan have improved under President Trump.

“Our agency will coordinate with the American Institute in Taiwan [acting as U.S. embassy] to arrange for the travel documents to be issued as soon as possible and arrange for his return to his country as soon as possible in an appropriate manner,” the Taiwanese agency statement said.

Texas police began investigating Wilson on Aug. 22nd, 2018, shortly after the 16-year-old accuser’s counselor tipped them off about the alleged sexual assault. Wilson had just filed multiple lawsuits against two (2) state Governors and three (3) state attorney Generals over public access to 3d data files. Lawyers representing those cases do not believe this separate charge will have any deterrent effect on how these cases proceed.

Investigators said Wilson left the country shortly after a friend informed him that the victim had spoken to police. Cody Wilson faces a potential 20-year prison sentence if convicted.

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It is said, “There’s something rotten in Denmark.” Well, in so many ways rot has taken up residence on the west side of the Atlantic, too. Yes, it is so.


Not withstanding plain old fashioned thinking with one’s dick rather than their head Mr. WIlson, it could be said, seems to have questionable taste in females. That said, based on past performances, this sounds to me like a DOJ, Treasury Dept., ATF scam, which given the circumstances is an all to likely possibility. By the way, if some would have it that I judge the above mentioned government gencies to harshly, the history of agency performances, I submit, is supportive of my view.

CPT Obvious

I think this guy is just too stupid.. He should have just stayed in south Texas, threw away his ID, pay for everything with cash and just answer any questions from white people with “no abla”.. And he would still be free today (and probably living a better life)..

Charles Valenzuela

The “genius” has the magazine in upside down


How many 16 yearolds have “legal counsel” is one question about this business that comes to mind? Another is the following. Mr. WIlson does not come across as a dummy, though of course technical smarts might not transfer to other aspects of life and or “business”. In any event, two points here come to mind. The possibility of entrapment I submit, looms large. Secondly how the hell could Wilson be dumb enough to get suckered into what appears to be a situation such as this?


So, if there is really a case against him, or not, waits to be seen, like in any legal case, I would say. Hard to judge a case from the sidelines with zero information.


This is an ideal opportunity to run a real legal test on the Sinema Doctrine. Kyrsten Sinema, Prada Socialist running the US Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Jeff Flake once told the Arizona Legislature’s Justice Committee that men engaging underage prostitutes should not be prosecuted if they looked younger than her. This should be simple ot prove. Compare mug shots of Sinema and the 16 year old girl. One might check Texas law and see what the age of consent is. In many states it is 16.


Defendent is out on bail in Houston now.

Jim T

Clark kent, you are a traitor and should be tried and executed for being anti American. Only an idiot wouldn’t see this as a setup to punish Cody Wilson for daring to stand up to traitorous democrats who want to disarm and destroy America. Remember you’re words “Do the crime and you do the time” will be applying to people like you.


I believe you’re correct. When this citizens had the nerve to stand up to the fed’s and then the States AG’s they couldn’t get rid of him by dumping a mountain of paper on him, so they found a way. The “sexual assault” was consensual sex and what country would go so far as to invalidate a passport on a first time offender with 1 “victim”? Maybe he ran, maybe he had business there or was on vacation. Imagine yourself, travelling abroad and learning that you’ve been accused of a crime back home, so your country invalidates your citizenship to… Read more »


Dam fool! This guys profile is so high that a pimple on his nose would have brought the Feds down on his head. He should have known better than to assume he was in the clear on anything, much less statutory rape. It is incredible how men are constantly getting their dicks caught in the door. He deserves to go to jail not for rape but for stupidity.

Dr. Strangelove

If you dare stand against the government, they’ll dig up every bit of dirt in your life and make it up if they can’t find any. Just look at Kavanaugh as an example.


Ironic how the Clintons and Obamas past “things” were all covered up by the Dems/li\bs and media… I guess that crooked/illegal dealings, prostitutes, etc and even mouthing his Whormonica in the oval office is fine to the Dems/libs and media. And smoking pot, nonstop partying, not being a U.S. citizen, being ACDC and giving old white guys head is fine too…BOTH were Dem/lib/media deemed as PERFECT Presidential material. But slip a pile of cash and some media time to wornout high school passaround clams and they will blame whoever they are told to… And the MEDIA pushes it as the… Read more »


Did this hoe misrepresent her age, telling everyone that she was 18 ? Did the website have a rule that only 18+ could advertise there ? Did the defendant have any INTENT to break the law by hiring an underage hoe ? Was she coerced by nefarious individuals to “honey trap” the defendant ? Will the judge inform the jury of their right to “nullify” the charges, as he/she should if interested in a “fair trial”. Will the judge be leaned on by crooked authorities ? Lots of good questions here, and the whole thing stinks of a cheap shot… Read more »


What a bunch of complete typical Gov’t antics!! Folks, some things just never change. Enough is enough!!

No Bull

How is the young slut a ‘victim’ of Wilson? He didn’t grab her off the street and rape her . He didn’t force her to sign up on the site and lie about her age. His only crime was in not insisting on seeing proof of age (which could be easily forged anyway). The ‘victim’ here is the man that got ensnared in a set up. I sincerely hope that Wilson files suit against her, the friends that knew she was under age and her parents who are still responsible for the under age delinquent.

Clark Kent

How do YOU know all of this? Were YOU at the scene? I’m waiting….

Charles Valenzuela

How do YOU know that ANYTHING occurred? I’m waiting. . . .


Make the STATE mad at you and then thumb your nose at them.

Bad things can happen to you.

Strings had to be pulled at a high level to get a relatively minor felony warrant served out side the country in such a short time table.

Clark Kent

I’ll wager if YOUR minor daughter was the one who claimed to be sexually assaulted by an adult you would not consider it a ‘relatively minor felony warrant’. Grow up, punk.


Do you not realize that this ‘minor’ presented herself as a prostitute? And she will skate away completely unscathed.


this underage perjurious jamtart was a patsy for the Feds, and knew full well she was signing up for a romp in the sheets with a high profile male of adult age, and all that for money. This is NOT a case or “your minor daughter claiming to be sexually assaulted”. She willingly and knowingly went to the agreed upon place fully expecing to be laid. WHY ELSE would she lie about her age on a site restricted to adults? I also find it telling that the Feds so quickly were able to come up with condeming evidence putting him… Read more »


Unbelievable of you Clark. Do you realize that this supposedly innocent little tart may have already given 10 BJ’s that day, all the while claiming to be of “legal” age ? Do you really think she didn’t know what she was doing, with her age deception and her quickie (35 minutes) experience ? She may have promised an hour but knew how to cut it short. And of course there is the distinct possibility that those who are addicted to ADRENOCHROME knew exactly where to go to get a little honey for their honey trap, and set the whole thing… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

Whether one approves or disapproves of whatever reason Cody was using that site someone needs to get the date the alleged “minor” signed up on the service. If that information is withheld it’s a setup.

Clark Kent

Set up or not, YOU DO THE CRIME YOU DO THE TIME, period, end of story.


You mean like Bill Clinton’s rape of Juanita Broaddrick?


OH NO; Surely he is referring to that dimocrap senator what’s his name “ELLIS” who assaulted a female and she has the Medical proof.


Zackley… If the service requires site users to be at LEAST 18, those who lie and sign up that are under the age of 18 should be 100% equally guilty of any laws broken. In that case they should be charged as under aged prostitutes, they knew EXACTLY what they were doing when lying about their age AND what the “meeting” was about. You know that even at age 16 !


correction: how about at age twelve? A few years back I met a friend’s Mother…. she shared her life story with me as we visited over the few days I was at the friend’s home. She was in her early 80s at the time. Her own mother had died when she was quite young, I seem to remember she was about ten. She was the youngest child in the family of eight children, the others all grown and gone, thus she was at home only with her Father. They were farming people in rural Oregon. I know the area. A… Read more »