North Carolina Policeman Put On Leave For Patriotic, Pro-America Tattoo ~ VIDEO


Chapel Hill Police Officer Displaying Three Percenters Tattoo
Chapel Hill Police Officer Displaying Three Percenters Tattoo

Chapel Hill, NC-( Chapel Hill Police Department has put Officer Cole P. Daniels on leave for his pro-Constitution tattoo.

Daniel Hosterman, a photographer in Durham, took a snapshot of Officer Daniels’s Three Percenter tattoo at a protest at the Silent Sam Confederate monument that once stood on campus at the University of North Carolina before protestors tore it down. The tattoo consists of the Roman numeral III surrounded by 13 stars representing the 13 original colonies. On August 20, 2018, violent left-wing Antifa protesters tore down the statue because in their ignorant minds it represents racism.

According to the far left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), The Three Percenters is an anti-government militia. When AmmoLand contacted the SPLC for another story about how they came up with that conclusion about the Three Percenters, the SPLC said the information came from “the Internet.” They were not willing to go further into detail.

It is not the first time that SPLC has had their info wrong. The Quilliam Foundation has sued the SPLC for libel. The SPLC falsely labeled the group anti-Islamic extremist. Former jihadist, Maajid Nawaz, started the group to battle against the radicalization of Muslims to prevent others from going down the same path that he went down. The SPLC was forced to apologize to the group and pay them $3.375 million. Over 60 groups are now considering lawsuits against the SPLC for libel due to their shoddy research.

A single group does not own The Three Percent symbol. The late Mike Vanderboegh first used the term “Three Percenter” on his website “Sipsey Street Irregulars.” A Three-Percenter is a person that believes in personal liberty, adherence to the Constitution, and patriotism. The symbol on Officer Daniels’s arm comes from the Nyberg flag.

Officer Daniels has been a member of the Chapel Hill Police Department since 2014. He has an outstanding record as a police officer without any complaints outside those that deal with his tattoo.

In February of this year, Elon University computer science professor Megan Squire gave a lecture highlighting Officer Daniels's tattoo. Squire is an admitted Antifa member that runs a hit-list database that mixes right-wing conservative groups with extreme white supremacists. Chapel Hill’s Police Chief Chris Blue contacted her after the lecture to get more information about her concerns about the tattoo, but she did not return his call.

Antifa is known for their violence and their opposition to Free Speech and the Constitution. The Department of Homeland Security has called the anarcho-communist’s actions terroristic. Antifa has also called for the violent overthrow of the US government.

The Chapel Hill Police Department caved to pressure from members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter on Officer Daniels’s tattoo. The same groups who refuse to accept the 2016 presidential election results and make demands President Trump’s removal from office are now making claims that Officer Daniels cannot be an effective cop due to his patriotic tattoo being what they are calling “anti-government”.

“The pervasiveness of the concerns raised by many regarding his display of a tattoo that is associated with the ‘3 Percenters’ has caused the Department to question his ability to function effectively as a police officer within this community,” Police Chief Blue said in a released statement. “Therefore, the Police Department initiated an administrative investigation in accordance with our Town’s Personnel Ordinances and policies and procedures.”

Officer Daniels is at risk of losing his job over his tattoo. Town Manager Roger Stancil stated that this is a personal issue and no further information will be released.

The Chapel Hill Police Department did not return AmmoLand New's calls for a statement on the investigation’s status. If readers would like to voice their concerns and support for Officer Daniels, you can contact the Police Chief, Chris Blue, using the information below.

Chris Blue
Police Chief
Town of Chapel Hill Police Department
828 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
[email protected]

About John CrumpJohn Crump

John is an NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot-News Podcast which can be found at John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%'ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people from all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at

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      1. Are you trying to tell us it’s time to (Lock and Load) I have been loaded for years now. It’s Time to load every empty piece of Brass you have! (Time to spend some time in the Loading Room!)

      2. Hmmm, an agency of county government curtailing First Amendment Civil Rights. Unless there is something in his contract … Welcome to the Multimillionaires Club former officer Cole P. Daniels!

    1. I’ve got no desire to wear a tattoo, but if I was going to get one, I could think of nothing better than Officer Daniels’ tattoo. Being an Oath Keeper at heart (but not yet as a member), I know the difference between being “anti-government” and anti-BAD government. Just as I know the difference between a good man – like President Trump – and a vile woman, who is guilty of many crimes – like Hillary Clinton. I detest those who have been placed – or place themselves – above the law, law that was intended to deal with all of us equally. I am definitely anti-bad government, of which we have a lot.

      I’m hoping that our President will continue to try to turn that around, in spite of the Obama/Clinton holdovers, especially the SES members who constitute the vilest part of the Deep State, who are traitors to the Constitution they swore to protect and defend.

    2. Officer Daniels has been a member of the Chapel Hill Police Department since 2014. He has an outstanding record as a police officer without any complaints outside those that deal with his tattoo.
      Will Chief of Police Chris Blue Stand behind his Officer with an outstanding record or feed him to this shark

    3. There is something very sinister about this drive to eradicate all these confederate statues, and I don’t think that the real motive is about racism, although many people have been erroneously taught that the Civil War was about slavery. Samuel Morse had a brother who wrote a book back then about the real reasons for the Civil War, and it was about a plot by the International Bankster Gangsters to enslave America with debt. Lincoln made the Greenback Dollar so that the US would not have to borrow money from the Banksters, who were fomenting the war so they could lend money to both sides, AT EXORBITANT USURY RATES. More on this later. Lincoln was not totally successful, because he developed a hole behind his ear, and the country went into debt to the Banksters, which resulted in the Act of 1871, which turned the USA from a Republic, to a Corporation owned by the Banksters from the City of London, and the Vatican, and their newly created Washington DC is their headquarters. A few years later, in 1913, they snuck in their Federal Reserve, and then the IRS to insure payment. They have been sucking our wealth out of the country ever since. And turning us into wage slaves that they milk at every paycheck. It is the Papists in the Vatican, and their ZioNazi Jew collaborators (the Rothschild) in the City of London, who are our enemies that enslave us. They are all over the place like a bad case of the clap, with their tax exempt real estate and collection plate donations, using their temples and synagogues and churches to brainwash us all and literally suck us dry, including the children. Kennedy warned us about them also, shortly before they gave him a hole in his head, too. And Jackson fought them off, and would have also been killed, except for the humid weather spoiling the assassins gunpowder. On his grave stone reads “I killed the Bank”. Now Trump is trying to tell the Federal Reserve that the national debt of $21 Trillion is bogus, and fraudulent, and that they can go “F” themselves. So, if the Banksters can destroy all the statues of the Civil War, and erase our history of what really happened, and brainwash us all to only think about the slavery issue, then we will all forget about the true facts that led to our enslavement and impoverishment. That being the Bankster Gangsters with their mitred peacock helping them along.

    4. No truer words have been written Joe. Until WE stop putting up with their tantrums and property owners prosecute for damages…this will go on and on. Past time for LEO’s to do their jobs…PERIOD ! Time to POP Mommies nipple out of these LowLifes mouths and give em a dose of REAL WORLD. Their parents are not going to do ANYTHING…the parents are their reason for these childish displays….it is OUR job to shove them in the right direction… Throughout History many Cowards have hidden behind Masks. Lets face it, even these scumbags “know” they are doing wrong…or they would be PROUD to show their faces. One of these NUTS will step on the wrong toe…the toe of a REAL, hard working, AMERICAN and Ma-Ma n Da-Da will be making funeral arrangements ..and the parents will be blaming everyone else and not once, will they look in the mirror… Mama, pop the nipple outta Juniors mouth…Daddy, tell Lil Princess it was only an expression… My Grandfather was right when he told me, “Dick, the hardest job you’ll ever have…is being a REAL man”. Took me 51 years to realize what he meant…

      1. With regards to the desecration of statues. How many laws are being broken?
        1. Criminal trespass
        2. Destroying Federal and or State property
        3. Disturbing the peace
        4. Illegal Assembly to commit a crime
        5. Endangering the lives of others
        6. Littering (they don’t pick it up)
        7. Looting
        And the list goes on.
        Why can’t they be arrested and locked up? They are nothing short of Thugs, Human Trash, and I know we would have to keep them in prison. But don’t you think it would be worth it. I believe the parents of these jerks are even proud of what their Children are doing. But I’ll bet their Great, and Great Great Grand Parents if they lived in this country and fought for it are rolling over in their graves.
        When President Trump was campaigning, he said he wanted to drain the swamp. He didn’t say the Democrats, He said and I am sure he meant the whole Washington thing, I truly believe he was talking about both parties. Look at how many have been displaced so far. All the politicians become complacent, and comfortable in office. They all know the set the laws and rules to suite themselves. They know that for them there are no pay cuts and their benefits go on forever. That needs to change. When they are ousted for whatever the reason their pay needs to stop. They sure do us no favors that I am aware of.
        Back in the 1950s My Grandfather told me that this country would fall and it would be taken over without a shot being fired. Just look at it today not far off.
        With regards to the slaves, I don’t think it was right to use them the way they were used and treated, but if they were not brought to this country they would still be in Africa maybe that is what the ones that cry the loudest should think about.

    5. I felt compelled, as John Crump suggested, to email the police chief, and pose a few questions, make a few comments. As follows, a cut:

      It disturbs me, as a U.S. Marine combat veteran, and a retired federal HazMat officer, that there is so much acrimony and presumption about officer Daniels’ tattoo. What about that “ink” is actually, factually, reasonably wrong? Or is it just more capitulation to the tantrums running amok in our communities by those who know little or nothing about our nation, it’s laws, our Constitution, and for those of us who swore the Oath, what we committed to in doing so? Why would you suspend him, rather than support him? Should I have been suspended for my forearm tattoo of a Purple Heart and the words “Semper Fidelis”, or a bald eagle carrying a tattered American flag in its talons, on my other arm? Instead, my service and sacrifice was respected for what it was, and had nothing to do with my job performance.

      Why castigate a man for displaying a phrase right out of our founding documents, “We The People”, or a symbol from a time when we fought for our independence, the “III” symbol, which stands for three axioms of that fight that originated with the Nyberg flag? My point, again, about the lack of awareness about our history that leads to so much of this ungrounded upheaval we see in our communities.

      Frankly, I don’t expect a reply from you or a public affairs type, imagining you are inundated with “input” about this action, as you should be. But from a man who shed a lot of my precious blood on some foreign soil because my country called upon me, then returned and reinvested myself in a career where “serve and protect” was part of the job description, I am concerned you will put this officer on the wrong side of a rabid, reactive, political scattergunning by the uninformed and narrow-minded we fought on behalf of, to give them the right to assassinate the character of a good cop.

      I pray you come to the right decision, not the easy, politically-expedient one, which mostly serves to mollify those who already protest this from a position of ignorance. We who serve, and sacrifice, deserve a better form of justice, by representation of the treatment of our brethren. If a cop is bad, he gets what he deserves under the law, no question, none. Is Mr. Daniels a bad cop, then, or just a man who wears his patriotism alongside his uniform while he serves? Please weigh it, wisely. Thank you.


      Timothy A. Votaw
      Springfield, OR

    6. No matter what Antifa claims, destruction of public property is not – repeat, NOT – a legitimate expression of Constitutionally-protected “free speech.” It is rioting, which is absolutely illegal.

      There is a simple trait [a human truism] shared by all human beings… when the cost of an action is too high (too expensive) for a perpetrator to pay, that action will not be taken. If the next two Antifa wastes-of-human-skin who attempt to destroy property are shot… the bovine-manure rioting damnably-well WILL cease. Antifa’s rioting only occurs at times and in places where they feel assured that they can “get away with it.” It is time to prove their assumption to be completely wrong… or else society must live with their violence. It is society’s decision to make. Do we have the collective fortitude, or not?

      1. Perhaps a lesson should be taken from the two “D.C. Snipers”, and applied to the violent Antifa crowd. I imagine that, if one or two were popped (but only wounded) every time they gathered for a protest, they would lose any interest in their negative treatment of our country, our history, and civilized behavior.

        By the way, it is my understanding that the Israelis did this for quite a few years in dealing with Arab rioting in their country, using suppressed Ruger .22 LR rifles. Wounding a few rioters, as they supposedly did, reduced the frequency and intensity of the rioting. Unfortunately, at some point Leftist (yes, Israel has a significant Left presence, too) media caught on, and the practice was stopped.

        1. That may well end up happening too…..

          when the left deems it us high time to “preserve” the dem’s “cause and decides to go ahead & “off” these antifa punks when they have then outlived their “useful idiots” while making it appear like
          some “unhinged right winger” did it. I know millions of Americans including a lot of my friends would say “Nah it couldn’t happen”…..but…that is what I was told when I said, in 2016 , that Donald J. Trump was the USAs next POTUS too…….Anyone wanna make 20 dollar bet on it…?

    7. The Chapel “Hell” maladministration will be sued if they fire the man and can expect a very expensive settlement to be required if they are so stupid as to fire the man. They will deserve every bit of the punishment they receive.

    8. I hope and pray that all our men and ladies in “blue” vote “red” in all upcoming elections……MAYBE this will demonstrate that we support our Constitution and those in blue.

    9. Mr. Crump supplied the necessary information about dept. regs. The officer got the tattoo before he joined and was accepted with the tattoo. In addition, there is no dept. policy prohibiting tattoos. Therefore the display is not prohibited by dept. reg.s and the officer should not be disciplined in any way. The tattoo in question does not seem to violate any of the common limits on free speech. The officer should be left alone. If the dept. seeks to discipline him for the tattoo he can probably get free expert legal defense from the ACLU. Yes, all you idiots the ACLU. The organization that protects citizens against violations of their civil rights. I wonder why I bother!

      1. I don’t think it should matter that he has a tattoo or not. Isn’t This also Like Freedom of Speech without saying a word? The next thing to go might be freedom of speech!

    10. The comment about department policy holds true. If there was no policy there soon will be, and that may present its own set of arguments. As a matter of practicality, while on duty, in uniform, we should be aware that our personal actions are, rightly or wrongly, broadly attributed. Many departments would require a long sleeved shirt or an arm “bandage” while on duty. Personally I support this officer and his opinions and right to expression; still, while on duty, in uniform, our public presence represents more than our personal opinions.

      1. Couldn’t the Chief be included in the suit, personally, since he apparently is the one who chose to suspend this officer, as well as sound as if he is planning on firing him?

    11. Uh…??? I thought LEO’s took an Oath to DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION ?!?!??….and here is an American, showing the World that he believes in our LAWS. Shame on that Police Officer…supporting Law and Order ! GEEZZZ !!! I hope He sues…I hope He Bankrupts UNC and the nasty Lil Town. My 1982 UNC Nat.Champ Sweat shirt, Coke Bottles, Caps and my prized Phil Ford Autographed picture….TRASH as of today ! Institutions of Higher Learning…my ass…just a high dollar Day Care for Adult babies throwing temper tantrums cause Ma-ma n Da-da sent them away !
      Wonder what they do with the “Old” Statues??? Wife and I have 100 acres…I’ll gladly take em…put em up and DARE some pantywaist to touch em ! Our future looks really bad when the people who defend our Rights aren’t given their Rights. Takes a special person…with a LOT of love for America…to wear BLUE anymore…

      1. TRUTH!!!!!!!!

        That ridiculous (Leftist) lack of teaching history in public schools… is precisely why my granddaughters are being home-schooled. My daughter and son-in-law (and even my wife, who spent 45 years in pubic education) agree that current public schools are generally worthless – except perhaps as Socialist indoctrination centers.

        There are a number of excellent home-school programs (such as Epic, for instance) that provide wonderfully complete, accurate, mentally-challenging (and patriotic) traditional educations for young minds. I urge all parents to at least consider them… because your child’s future is at stake.

    12. It’s a sad state of affairs when your own country and people turn their backs on you for believing in your own country, it’s getting to be more of white on white violence also

      1. I think a lot of these “White” Antifa thugs are imported by Soros fromEastern Europe, for the express purpose to just cause trouble. If you have ever come in contact with any of them, like I have, they seem to have a distinct problem with understanding anything in English, or speaking a single English syllable. And to cover up for that shortcoming, they just blow their fart whistles in your face. It’s time to rip their masks off and photograph their faces. Even if it’s one at a time, then start a website, “THE FACES OF ANTIFA UNMASKED”.

        1. Any Immigrants coming into this country need to be able to speak in English or be shipped out.
          I get sick and tired of their standing in line to pay a bill and not being able to communicate with the cashier. It takes double the time to pay for your merchandise.
          I have a friend that came to this country from Greece. He wouldn’t think of speaking Greek when English is the spoken language.

        2. A few snipers could unmasked them pretty fast.It is going to get to that. I see it more everyday.The PC shit was started way back when slick Willy was President.A Clinton if that tells you anything

      1. They first need to take the photographers camera and shove it you know were.
        I Am also sure he didn’t have the policemen’s approval to take the picture.
        With all the smart phones that are out there They need to have the cameras removed. This is where all the problems start everyone wants to have their photos and video on TV.
        It just might be that the leftist and liberals need to worry about the tattoo’s and thoughts of the militia minded citizens.
        They are about to push too far.

    13. This evening, if it does not storm, I will burn my Tar Heel shirts, hats, etc along with my 1 pair of nike shoes. Chapel Hill is nor a good representation of North Carolina and they have become far left in the community and the university teachings

    14. Just like the officer probably wasn’t involved with the group that seized control of national park… (or at least the guest center building of a park)
      I’m sure there’s somebody out there with an “Antifa” tattoo who isn’t involved with beating up protesters and just got it because they thought “fascism is obviously bad, and I want a tattoo”. Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to label ourselves. It’s obviously going to be problematic if this cop finds himself called into service as the mediator in a dispute between protesting “patriots” and any other group.

    15. So it seems that a state that is touted as being one of the nation’s “free states” is now declining into another liberal and anti-American Blue state that protects domestic terrorist organizations like Antifa and SPLC, a know left wing radical organization funded by the Democrats and George Soros, but persecutes those who not only stand for patriotism but now even those who put their life on the line daily to protect even those who despise them. The cancer is spreading and if Americans don’t do something to stop it, will consume this once great Republic.

    16. When are you political correct People going to stop the crazy policies? If he did a good job before the publicity, what makes you think he will not do the same jog now? You are a liberal idiot.Terreny professor Megan Squire Beleifs

      [email protected]

    17. What I would like to know before forming an opinion on this matter is this. Did this Department have a policy forbidding the display of tattoos, of any kind, while in uniform, before the officer obtained the tattoo? If the department rule was in place before the officer got the tattoo than he is in violation of department policy and the situation needs to be remediated or he should be subject to whatever discipline is appropriate to the violation of the department regulations. Police departments are quasi-military organizations and obedience to dept. rules and regulations, and legal orders from superiors, are part of what is expected and required of those working in the agency. Without discipline the agency cannot function efficiently and effectively. The officer might claim his constitutional right to free expression, and speech, are being violated but it can be argued that when he signed on he agreed to obey the department regulations as a condition of employment, even if they limit certain constitutional protections. For example, most agencies prohibit officers from speaking to members of he press and require that press contacts be referred to the departments Public Information Officer. Smart officers are happy to obey this limit on their free speech because they understand it helps to maintain the integrity of police only information, but also because it protects them from being miss-quoted, to their detriment, by the press.
      If there was no policy prohibiting tattoos prior to his getting the tattoo than the department should not be in the business of prohibiting his right to free speech, regardless of what the speech represented by the tattoo is. Then the only prohibition on the tattoo should be the same as if the message was on a flyer or painted on a wall and those prohibitions are already defined by law. If there is no dept. policy to be applied then the tattoo speech is entitled to the same protections as if it was spoken or written and subject to the same protections and limitations any other speech is subject to.

      1. NC Sheriff’s Dept, Greensboro, Burlington, & Whitsett Police are allowed to have tattoos I know this for a fact. And know the artist who tattoos a lot of them. I have seen one GPD with sleeves. And I seriously doubt Chapel Hill LEO/Sheriffs Depts. are any different, Tattoos are a RIGHT, not a ‘privilege” IMHO. Regardless of what type of job one has. tattoos ARE free speech too..This officer being put on leave for his PATRIOTIC tattos.

    18. I’m not a 3%er fan because not one of them has done anything worthy of being nor am I willing to accept the actions of unknown others as mine however unless there is a policy against it this will cost the department a lot.
      Many organizations have labeled it anti government however it’s not officially recognized as such. It doesn’t fit the federal definition of a gang, it hasn’t been labeled a domestic threat etc.
      They need to see how much the department is willing to spend and how strong their beliefs are by fighting this.
      If there is a policy well then he was wrong and he agreed to give up his 1st for the job.

      1. I find it quite alarming that Chief of Police Chris Blue cowers in fear to the erroneous and propagandous lies and demands of the American SOCIALISTS WORKERS PARTY who masquerade and hide behind the name of ANTIFA (read communists) instead of standing up to do what is right and let Officer Cole P. Daniels continue to do his duties as a Chapel Hill Police officer.

        Chris Blue needs to grow a pair IMHO.

    19. The nerve of this man to be patriotic and to defend the Constitution. Then he gets a job as a police officer so he can further contribute his services to the country. He needs to get a lawyer and take the ones who tried to get him fired to court for defamation of character. A man that is dedicated as he is should be admired by all. The trash called antifa need to be all exposed for who they are and then put on a ship or plane and never allowed to return to our country.

    20. The officer should leave that department. If they’ll go against him on something like this, they’ll NEVER stand behind him in a shooting incident or during some asinine race-baiting nonsense…

    21. If your a conservative, a patriot, or just a concerned American, you are not allowed to have 1st Amendment Rights….So says the leftist traitors who should all be hung.

      1. Only ignant liberals, like collin kaepernick, get to exercise their 1A rights while on the company’s time
        The rest of us just need to shut up and pray to Hillary that our deplorable thoughts will go away.

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