Daily Gun Deals: Remington RP9 9mm $259.99 shipped w/code & FREE S&H

Remington RP9 9mm Pistol Deal
Remington RP9 9mm Pistol Deal

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Brownells has a sale going on the Remington RP9 9mm handgun that you can get an even bigger discount on by adding the coupon code “M8Y” to get the price down to $259.99 and FREE shipping. (note FFL fee not included).

Check out AmmoLand's own video review of the Remington RP9 9mm.

Remington RP9 9mm $259.99 shipped w/code “M8Y”

Remington RP9 9mm Pistol Product Description:

Much more than a huge, double-stack magazine capacity, the new Remington RP9 embodies our engineers’ commitment to shoot-ability — designed end-to-end to deliver a level of shooter control and accuracy superior to every full-sized polymer-framed handgun on the market. So much so, it’d be a design marvel with a fraction of the capacity, but with 18+1 rounds at your absolute command, it equips you for the most demanding personal defense scenarios

Another Video of the Remington RP9 9mm Pistol:

Remington RP9 9mm Pistol Deal Shopping Cart Check

Remington RP9 9mm Pistol Deal Shopping Cart Check
Remington RP9 9mm Pistol Deal Shopping Cart Check

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  • 6 thoughts on “Daily Gun Deals: Remington RP9 9mm $259.99 shipped w/code & FREE S&H

    1. The magazines springs were the fault for the first year they hit the market. That has been corrected. They are big but not heavy guns.Decent trigger and will digest any ammo I have tried. Best group of just over an inch was with Independence aluminum 115 FMJ. Only draw back is not any after market support. To bad, this gun is good much better than my SD9VE.

    2. Thank you. Your help is a life changeling. Help for me i live in a very an i mean very small town in the south. It is one of the only ways i get my news on the new product. I don’t get to town much it is. 1 hr to the closets store and then they don’t have much about gun books because it might you know upset the new city flock moving her thank you once more.

      1. At $250, guys not familiar or new to the sport will be unfortunate victims of this…. If it has Remington’s name on it, I stay away at any price. I would recommend the same. Shame what has happened to Remington since the 700 trigger debacle…

        1. @GMB and MB, Correct me if I am wrong, didn’t Remington buy out ParaOrdinance? Wasn’t that so that Remmy’s crappy pistol designs would not have to compete with Para’s terrific designs. I have a ParaOrdinance 14/45, double stack, double action only that I just love. It is a terrific design. Why don’t those dopes in Remington HQ manufacture the ParaOrdinance designs?

          1. @ Wild Bill you are correct,why Remington couldn’t just use Para’s fine design as it was is beyond belief,however they were looking to curb production costs.

            I have a friend who designed a proprietary cartridge,that the brass is now produced by Staline as a regular catalog item. Any way a vice president of Marlin after Remington bought them back a number of years ago,invited him to Illion to consult them on the Marlin 1894 and possible cartridge adoption for it.

            When my friend came away from the Remington factory consult,he had no hope for the quality or survival of what was once Marlin,they told him at their meeting that he knew more about the Marlin lever action design that anybody at Remington/Marlin. Sad to say that accountants are by no means gun makers or gun smiths.

            The Remington R 9 was planed as Remington’s introduction to the police market that is pretty much owned between Glock and S & W,then came the R 9’s function problems fresh from the factory boxes,perhaps they are still in hopes of cornering the LE market with lower prices

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