Lessons we Refuse to Learn – Predictions About Terrorism and the Next Mass Murder

Faculty Administrator Safety Training & Emergency Response FASTER
Faculty Administrator Safety Training & Emergency Response FASTER

U.S.A. -(Ammoland.com)- Muslim terrorists took over a school and killed 300 people. That attack in Beslan, Russia occurred 14 years ago. Many of us would like to make sure it won’t happen here. In contrast, some American politicians are eager for the next mass murder. This is what we’ve learned and what we’ve refused to learn in the last 14 years.

  • Muslims conduct terrorist attacks all over the world. There have been more than 33 thousand attacks since the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001.
  • We have muslim terrorists here in the US. We imported some of them. Some grew up here.
  • Political correctness now prevents us from calling a terrorists a terrorist. Being a terrorist isn’t illegal..until after they kill.
  • We pretend that opening our borders to terrorists and drug gangs shows our compassion. We pretend that being weak and non-confrontational means we won’t be chosen as a target. Unfortunately, that is the emotional maturity of a young teenager.
  • Our body politic and the press would rather feel good than do good. That attitude might have worked in grade school, but it doesn’t work well for adults trying to protect their children from terrorists.
  • Protecting our children admits that the world is a dangerous place. That contradicts the rainbows and unicorns view of the world so popular with some voters and politicians. They would rather spend money on their favorite special interest group than protect our children. Denial is more than a river in Egypt.
  • After a mass murder, big-government politicians use our predictable reaction in order to advance the cause of more government controls. For the record, those controls failed to stop terrorism, but that doesn’t stop the security theater that the media wraps around big government. When the public asks government to “do something, do anything”, the politicians and bureaucrats do what is best for their careers rather than what is best for us.
  • Big government can’t protect us. The FBI failed to stop many mass murders. That is because the management of the FBI hopes the agency will grow after the next terrorist attack. Their personal motivation is obvious. A larger government offers government executives more opportunities to move up the bureaucratic hierarchy. Too bad for us that our dead kids are the stepping stones along their career.
  • The terrorist event that best advances big-government is neither too big nor too small. A mass murder that is too large would illuminate the basic incompetence and corruption of our government; a poor reputation they richly deserve. A terrorist attack that is too small won’t advance the legislation necessary to form new government regulations and departments. Fortunately for all of us, large scale terrorists operations are easier to detect, infiltrate, and intercept that small isolated cells.
  • School, church and hospital administrators will blame someone else after the next attack uncovers their poor or non-existent security.

Government won’t make us secure. I’m sorry, but that is up to us. No one said that a republican democracy was easy: they only said that it is better than the alternatives. The only solution I see is to pointedly ask our politicians what they are doing to protect us and to let us protect ourselves.

Having asked that question before, here are a few words of warning.

Politicians will tell you want they want to do, but are rather shy to say what they have actually accomplished.

The basic questions are obvious. Are we currently monitoring radical imams? Why haven’t we closed muslim terror cells? Why haven’t we adopted national guidelines for armed school staff, armed church staff, and armed hospital staff?

Please get their answer in black and white. That way we can hang their do-nothing answer for all to see in the public square after the next attack

About Rob Morse

Slow Facts

The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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Andy Buckmichael

“good old Andy” has a good ring to it. Thanks.

Piper's Colt

Personal jabs do not address the real problem. In order for the socialists to take over America and turn it into the utopia they envision, all guns must be confiscated from anyone who opposes their goals. Radical people from all walks of life and persuasions are capable of destroying our wonderful, freedom-loving America. We cannot depend on our government to protect us or stand up with us because their goals differ from our own. Truth is as truth is, and facts are proven over and over, but unless the powers to be are unwilling to address them, we must all… Read more »

rich z


E. Bryan Hoover

To the individual posting as “Bud”:

Platitudes like yours mean little or nothing.

Numbers mean something. When a scientific poll, of Muslim Americans, by a Liberal Leaning group finds that a majority of Muslim Americans believe that Terrorism is ALWAYS, or SOMETIMES justified that …

Calls your platitudes BS



(1) h.r. clinton: Let’s be clear: Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism. correct, and u won the presidential election?

(2) waiting for the church of “we do not investigate child abuse” to repent?


I agree with Andy, and I don’t trust most protestants, either.

Andy Buckmichael

You got me.


Andy. Your broad judgmental approach is crude and unwarranted. There are bad people in all religious denominations and sects but many are just good folks.

Rich Keller

Read again the article. What the author is saying is factual history and has nothing to do with racial bias.
It appears to me that you are a terrorist sympathiser. I suppose you would also like open borders and demonstrate how nice you are at the expense of american lives and, show how polite you are to them while they are cutting off your head.
Grow a spine and get real pal. It’s people like you who make things worse for all of us who see things for what they are.

Andy Buckmichael

I have always said that the only good muslims and good catholics are dead muslims and dead catholics.

Wild Bill

@Andy B, As I recall, you have also written that about cops and dogs. You must be a Protestant, cat lover.

Andy Buckmichael


Wild Bill

@AB, I could have just wrote some of the deprecatory descriptions that many others use when replying to you. I was merely trying to be polite to you. I see the error of my ways.

Andy Buckmichael

written, not wrote


@ Wild Bill, good old Andy is always a big minus about anything or everyone. If the sun was shining he would say it is raining. Maybe we could say “attention getter.”

Wild Bill

@Tcat, Yep, he could not bring himself to agree on the color of an orange.

Andy Buckmichael

Where is Vanns 40?