More Truth Leaks Out About Gun Control

More Truth Leaks Out About Gun Control
More Truth Leaks Out About Gun Control

U.S.A. -( People with impressive titles tell us all sorts of things. These experts are often wrong. They are either talking outside their area of competence, or they are lying to us. I keep seeing examples like this about gun control. The more I learn, the more I have to trust my own research to be sure I have the truth. Have you noticed this too?

No One Owns Guns Anymore?

There is a claim that gun ownership is declining and most of the guns in the US are owned by only a few gun owners. I tried to take that story seriously since the report was from the Washington Post rather than the National Enquirer.

It is true that we don’t have solid nationwide data to evaluate that assertion that gun ownership is delining. We do have solid data from some states, and we have inferential data from across the country, both of which strongly contradict that claim.

The federal government doesn’t keep a registry of gun owners. However, gun shops use the FBI national instant background check system to see if a potential gun buyer is allowed to buy a gun. The number of background checks has grown year after year. Gun manufacturers also reported growing cumulative sales to the US market.

NICS Checks Per Month in Millions
NICS Checks Per Month in Millions

In contrast to national data, some states register each gun and each gun owner. Anti-rights states like California, Illinois, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts require mandatory permits before you can buy a gun. Some require a gun owner’s identification card as well.

These states have steadily increased the regulatory burden on gun owners, and that should have made gun ownership decline. If the existing gun owners in these states were the only people who buy guns, then the number of registered gun owners would have stayed the same or fallen. Instead, we saw the number of registered gun owners increase in these states.

We have other data as well. We saw the number of concealed carry license holders increase by about 6 percent to 17.25 million people. Deep in mind that 13 states allow citizens to carry without a permit.

Gun control advocates could argue the point. The growing number of registered gun owners in anti-gun states does not exactly follow the growth of gun ownership nationwide. It is true that each NICS background check does not conclusively document a gun sale. The extraordinary and undocumented claim by the Washington Post is that the number of gun owners declined even though all these other indicators went up.

Only white men living out in the country own guns?

We’ve been sold the story that gun owners are old white men. As I said before, we don’t know exactly who owns a gun. We have even less information about the sex and racial makeup of gun owners. As we dig deeper, we find out that even the NRA doesn’t know the racial mix of its members. However, the fundraising group Friends of the NRA does know the race of its members and guests. If there are a group of old, racist gun owners somewhere, then we should have found them here at Friends of the NRA..but we didn’t.

Instead, we found that 40 percent are women. 40 percent are minority members. The average age is between 40 to 45. That looks an awful lot like the rest of the USA.

The industry trade group for gun manufacturers gets reports from firearms retailers about their customers. 66 percent of new shooters are between 18 and 34 years old. 37 percent of new shooters are female. 47 percent of new shooters live in urban/suburban settings. That doesn’t fit the stereotype we were sold.

When you stop to think about it, it makes sense that older people own more guns than younger people. Older people have had a lifetime to accumulate wealth and possessions. They own more houses and more cars as well. It makes sense that they would also own the most guns.. almost.

It turns out that the rate of gun ownership is almost the same between people under 35 years of age, and those 35 and above. What is surprising is that young people are almost twice as likely to carry concealed.

Some states collect information on the sex and race of those who apply for concealed carry permits. More of us are carrying concealed each year, but the rate at which women and minorities are applying for their permits is growing at twice the average rate.

We’re killing our school children with assault rifles?

California Senator Dianne Feinstein asked questions of Judge Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings. Senator Feinstein said there were hundreds of school shootings with assault weapons in recent history. I went back over 60 years and counted three mass murders in US schools where semi-automatic rifles were used. None of the attacks used an automatic weapon. Not one.

If they were not mass murders, then maybe Senator Feinstein was confused by less deadly attacks on our schools? The US Department of Education said that there were 235 incidents where a gun was used at a school last year. That number doesn’t match the databases I’ve seen. In fact, it looks so strange that even National Public Radio questioned the claim. NPR used an independent research service to contact all of the schools who listed a gunshot on or near campus. NPR was able to confirm 11 incidents. Keep in mind that is about a dozen incidents among 130 thousand schools. The rate of 1 in ten thousand schools is certainly not an epidemic..and that is a good thing.

The US leads the world in mass murder?

 A professor from the University of Alabama released an unpublished report to the New York Times. The professor claimed that the US had 31 percent of the mass murders in the world from 1966 to 2012 even though the US only has 5 percent of the world’s population. No one was allowed to see the data.

Other researchers produced their own report and came up with very different answers. One report said the US had about 1.4 percent of the mass murders, again with a population of 5 percent. The US went from being the most dangerous, to one of the safer countries..and this data is available for review. What should we conclude when the headlines from the New York Times miss the target by a factor of 30 or more?

The more I learn, the more I have to trust my own research to be sure I have the truth.

Please let us know as you see more mistakes published by the press.

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About Rob Morse

The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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    1. Hey pal,
      Really???? People who write “pretty words” can lie like a rug!! But numbers.. I said numbers not statistics… don’t. ‘Been a while now since that Homosexual masquerading as a “MAN!!” left the white house but during his tenure it was quit interesting… You see, he hated “AR-15’s” and anything to do with them, tried to get them banned and you-name-it!! Well, during his time in office, from when he fucked up his swearing in speech till “The DON!!!” took over, every second, count them… there’s a lot of them, every 30 seconds during obummers “time” someone bought and payed good money for an “AR-15!!!!!!!!!!!!” THAT’S EVERY 30 SECONDS!!!!” That’s the numbers game to deal with!! BITCH PLEASE!!! He sold GUNS!! The Guns he tried to ban but couldn’t.. He is a “FAILURE!!
      Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat!!

    2. My bet is gun ownership is on the rise even if sales have slowed down. I may fit a certain sterotype if that what people must do to separate themselves from others they disagree with but like one commentor said, “it’s like the United Nations”. I’ve seen all types at my local Sportsman’s Warehouse gun counter. Before my gun club quit posting new member’s names, l found mine next to that of a very foreign sounding name and he’d be at least 30 years younger than me. There’s a lot of misinformation out there and l trust Ammoland columnists and bloggers have done their due diligence on the research. Thanks Rob!

      1. I know gun ownership is going up–even in liberal Oregon,i see new gun stores,shops,and there’s a nice one near me–next to the place that cuts my hair.I’m 71 yrs old,did target practice as a teen–i now need a gun cause Oregon has so much CRIME–I get burglarized all the time..–the sheriff’s office told me,”if some one breaks in,go ahead,shoot them-its ok.”I should have recorded that ,hah..we have SO FEW POLICE or sheriff’s office,we gota protect ourselves-they can’t do it. You all should be aware–yer county & city probably had to cut down on official police,ect.cause of MONEY.when your govts. can no longer control crime,yes,you victims have to protect your own families–i;m old,if someone breaks in–i’ll shoot the critter.–i can’t fight em off,run away,i’m not young i need a small firearm!!

        THINK ABOUT WE SENIORS—A LOT OF US LIVE ALONE–we like that,but,yes,then its our job to protect ourselves too. both i and my sister(a liberal)voted for Trump.

    3. Until and when the pro gun and 2nd supporters get some control of media outlets … TV, internet, newspapers and periodicals … and start to make positive noise to overrule the lies from the Left, and also force our politicians to stand and deliver, we will get nowhere. Just look at the unspeakable willingness they are going to to smear Kavanaugh.

    4. Rob, Maryland is one of the states that FORCES One to PAY FOR an investigation with finger prints and a picture for a “handgun qualifying permit / license”. It costs ruffly $200.00. Then you MUST fill out the 4473 form for ANY weapon you purchase. Maryland also keeps a separate permanent record of who has what “dangerous” weapon – handguns, AKs and AR 15s. Oh! By-and-by, there is only a ONE GUN LIMIT PER MONTH limit and a 7 day waiting period for each “special” weapon.

    5. Korean American immigrant (well, adopted by white us army sergeant, dad still works for us army and lives in Korea). Due to my job working overseas for US Corp of engineers, i bought my first firearm g19 gen5 last year in VA. This year march i bought p365 for my conceal carry. This may, i bought my first rifle (gotta be able to shoot a rifle if you are an American) DDM4 V7. Two other Korean friends bought them also. Yep someones lying.

    6. The left’s narrative reminds me of a call I just got off of. “Credit Card Services” called to offer me a reduced interest rate on my cards. I had a ball asking the questions such as ‘which credit card’ and the answer was ‘which credit cards do you have”?. Since the moron couldn’t answer any questions, I kept them up. Especially the one about how they had hacked into my local phone service with a local (non-existent) local #. After about 10 minutes of wasting his time, he hung up. Took me about five minutes to stop laughing. BTW, I have no interest bearing credit cards. LOL.

      The left does the same thing. Feed you BS, then expect you to fill in their blanks.
      “Do you support safety laws that would eliminate school gun killings?” Me – “just a second, let me get to a better phone to hear your questions”. 10 minutes later, I can’t seem to find that phone. But it’s OK. The line had gone dead.

    7. My gun club is like A mini UNITED NATIONS . I talk to people who have been told ,and sold, on so much MIS-INFORMATION about firearms that when they HEAR the truth they are amazed , often they can’t wait to go and get themselves a shotgun.

    8. Gun control is one part of population control. The progressive Marxist liberals will stop at nothing to achieve a Stalinist state. This is not going to get better. It is only going to get worse until it arrives as its ultimate conclusion. We all know where this is going. Prepare.

      1. This is 1933 all over again, the only thing that is stopping the left from an armed takeover of the country is that damn second amendment. The left knows there are millions of firearms to protect the country. If it was not for that then 1933 would prevail.

    9. From the left’s viewpoint facts are not important. When they talk they are a lot like the perverbial car salesman. If there lips are moving they are lying or making it up as they go Their mind is made up, so don’t confuse them with facts.

      1. Remember, communism and socialism, about the same thing. The words that are spoken are the truth for the situation. Nothing is a lie on the left, everything is open to interpretation.

        1. Marxism, socialism, Maoism, communism, fascism, and naziism (yes, “Nazi” is short for National Socialists!!) are all closely related – all have a ruling class of brutal tyrants… the only actual difference is the relative strength of that ruling class.

    10. The talking heads we see on TV or supposed journalists only read or write whats put in front of them. The age of investigative journalism has long passed. The one that stunned me was Sen. Feinsteins total ignorance of facts considering she has been chasing an ‘assault weapon’ ban for decades. I hope that she is more well informed on other topics she writes legislation for, but I doubt it. Most politicians are simply talking heads as well.

    11. I believe half of what I see and none of what I hear , anytime anyone starts speaking about “gun control/safety” or “common sense laws” my 1st thought is “read/study some history , any history” and if you still think its a good idea then YOU should follow your gut but don’t ask me to believe unarmed people are safer/better off , albert Einstein said “2 things are limitless , human stupidity/universe and I,m not sure about the former”

    12. Rob-that is spot on. And you’ve done a great job presenting all of the verifiable sources (and discounting the invalid ones). In fact, my wife read out load a transcript of the NPR piece one morning. We were amazed. One point to add: I believe in many states, but I can only verify Arizona and now Montana, that FFLs are allowed to use one’s CCW permit IN LIEU of the NICS/NCIC process, which makes sense, as the depth of background along with required fingerprints, provides a much more robust result. Considering the increase in CCW permits across all states—that may signify higher numbers of purchases than raw NICS data might suggest.

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