Never Forget 9/11

Never Forget 9/11
Never Forget 9/11

New York, NY – -( On this 17th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on America. Let us never forget all those who died and sacrificed their lives to save others. You will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

Our nation was tragically affected by terrorist attacks. Let us remember and pray for the victims and those who lost loved ones. We pay homage to the victims and the heroes that in the midst of chaos saved lives. The Lord is our guidance and strength.

God Bless America.

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Never Forget 9/11
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    1. Last April 10, the Lawyers Committee for 911 filed a 50+ page complaint with the court of the Southern District of NY. By law, Berman is supposed to present the complaint to a special grand jury. I do believe that they are still waiting for a reply from Berman. If they continue to be ignored, then their next step is to file a Writ of Mandamus. THIS AINT OVER YET !!!!! Read all about it at their website ! And if you can afford to send them a buck or 2, they would appreciate it because they are doing it for free without pay, and filing court cases costs a lot of money. And they are fighting against the crooks who got unlimited money from the taxes you pay, and from all the rich crooks who own the brainwashing media etc.

    2. Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Truth. There are many more non-governmental investigations out there that reveal a portion of the truth each. Put these sources all together to form a broader picture of what happened. Governments have lost their moral authority because of their complicity in executing and covering up 9-11. The litmus test for media is whether they question the official story or accept it. Where do all stories lead? Bush administration complicity, executed by Israelis and Saudis. Follow the money trail, including those who profited from the Patriot Act, which was sitting on the shelf waiting for a “New Pearl Harbour Event” in order to be proclaimed.

    3. What we should NEVER forget is how the so-called “intelligence” community, whether through ignorance or on purpose, failed to take the warnings given to them from other country’s agencies. We should also NEVER forget our own government’s hand in it all. The BBC reported the fall of building 7 26 MINUTES BEFORE it even happened. Did they have really good sooth-sayers capable of predict that fact?
      I was working that day – am an acupuncturist. Had new patient lying on the table while I was in the waiting area watching the events unfold. As the Pentagon was hit, I walked back into the room to check if he was doing okay. He asked what was happening. After telling him the Pentagon was hit, he yelled, “Get these needles out of me…NOW! I proceeded to do so as he explained his brother worked in the Pentagon and he had to call him to see if he was okay.
      Later that evening, the fellow told me he had finally gotten hold of his brother. The most interesting thing was his brother received a phone call the night before, as did everyone who worked in that area where the supposed plane hit, telling him NOT TO COME INTO WORK THAT DAY! No one in the area of the strike was working on 9/11.

      Yes, we need to honor those who lost their lives but we must arrest everyone complicit on that day starting with G W Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield, Mueller and everyone down the line who knew. There are other things I became privy to in talking with people who actually were there.

      1. Well said Mark, all the evidence was there and swept away so quickly with out a proper investigation. all the footage of fire fighters and civilians taking about hearing bombs going off all over the place, that makes me sick.

      2. @Mark…I heard that a bunch of auditors, going over all the Pentagon records and evidence of malfeasance, were all killed and the evidence destroyed. They were looking for the money trail of the missing $2.3TRILLION that Rumsfeld was squeaking about on TV the day before. And speaking of destruction of evidence, Bldg. 7 was chock full of records and evidence of all the stock fraud concerning hundreds of companies including Enron and Worldcom. The floors that were on fire, were the ones with the SEC offices, from what I heard. BTW, Lucky Larry owned Bldg. 7 for years, and there is a video of him giving a speech in Israel where he says “I had the plans for the new Bldg. 7 on my desk in 2000, and THE NEXT THING YOU KNOW”, it was under construction in 2002″. Lucky Larry was so lucky that day. First of all, he and his family all had other things to do than go to Windows On The World Restaurant, like they did every day. And just a few weeks prior he had gotten insurance for terrorrism ( you try to get it for your house and see what happens). And thirdly, he didn’t have to pay for demolition of the old Bldg. 7 to make way for the new one. Yes, he is a very lucky man, indeed.

      3. I am all ears to find out what else you were privy to, if you care to disclose it. And those lawyers would be, too. Perhaps you can get in touch with them thru their website. Usually, in an operation like that, many people are used and manipulated to get things done. Some people may have helped with the setup and not had a clue as to what was the “Big Objective”. There is a story going around where a few people who were used to deliver large boxes to the towers found out later that the “boxes” contained EXPLODING VENDING MACHINES, and fire extinguishers packed with explosives. They asked for and got immunity for their testimony. There are other stories also. You can google “WTC EXPLODING VENDING MACHINES” , and read the story, or at least part of it. And decide for yourselves.

    4. re 9/11 comparison: is it safer to be in the trump white house than the clinton white house if your name is foster, or in the florida scarborough offices if you are an intern?

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