Next for Judge Kavanaugh: Are There Any Honorable Senate Democrats?


USA – -( After the unbelievably savage and despicable effort to destroy Judge Brett Kavanaugh through false and dishonest personal attacks, the burden should be on the Senate Democrats.

The New Yorker smear was an absurdity. A woman could only remember a self-described drunken event after six days of discussion with her attorney. Everyone connected with the event repudiates her attack on Judge Kavanaugh.

The Avenatti client’s claim of a series of gang rapes was beyond unbelievable. Classmates and high school friends of Kavanaugh simply repudiated her as a liar making up a fantasy assault on the nominee.

Another absurd attack came from a mother whose daughter promptly says nothing happened, and her mother is simply wrong. The daughter goes on to affirm Judge Kavanaugh’s decency as someone she briefly dated and remembers fondly.

Senator Grassley’s staff received messages containing vicious threats, such as they deserve to be raped (these messages, by the way, should be tracked down by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and prosecuted).

The Kavanaugh family received death threats (which again, should be tracked down and prosecuted).

Dr. Ford and her family have received death threats after being forced into the Democrats’ scheme (these should also be tracked down and prosecuted).

Judge Kavanaugh’s wife and two young daughters have had to endure vicious, humiliating, personal attacks on their husband and father.

Dr. Ford has been manipulated by the Democrats, who hid her letter for over a month, dragged her into the national limelight, and urged her avoid meeting with the GOP staff. One excuse she used was that she was afraid to fly (the interviewer pointed out during the hearing that Ford had made numerous flights for vacations).

She was put through all of this even though she could not remember in what house the alleged gathering and assault took place in or when it occurred. At the same time, no one she said was present has corroborated her story.

She was emotionally compelling, and it is clear that something happened to her – but she knows as a professional psychologist that 36 years after an event, people can vividly remember things that aren’t true.

If Judge Kavanaugh can be defeated by this kind of manufactured and manipulated process, what reasonable conservative would ever put his or her name up for Senate confirmation?

Some people have said Judge Kavanaugh should have been better vetted. How could he have been? He has undergone six separate, thorough FBI background checks for top positions throughout government.

Further, he says he never did any of the things for which he is being attacked. He could not have known in advance how to defend himself against allegations that he didn’t do. It’s impossible to plan or anticipate last-minute character assassinations that are based on falsehoods and impossible-to-verify charges.

So, the key to the next stage is not the Republicans.

The real question is: Are there any Democrats who are disgusted by this process of dishonest character assassination and manipulation? Are any upset that this is becoming their party’s operating pattern?

Are there any Democrats whose sense of decency forces them to vote “yes” for a decent man, whose entire public career has exemplified honesty, sincerity, and patriotism?

Are there any Democrats who understand that a 36-year-old, unsupported allegation can’t possibly be the standard for blocking a U.S. Supreme Court nominee?

If no Democrat has the courage to vote for decency, honesty, and a sense of fairness, then we are truly in deep trouble as a country.

The focus for the next few days ought to be on the Democrats. Let us see what kind of a party they have become.

Your Friend,

Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich

P.S. My new book, Trump's America: The Truth About Our Nation's Great Comeback is out and available for order.

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  • 25 thoughts on “Next for Judge Kavanaugh: Are There Any Honorable Senate Democrats?

    1. “Are there any Democrats who are disgusted by this process of dishonest character assassination and manipulation? Are any upset that this is becoming their party’s operating pattern?”

      NO! They are all vetted before selection by the party. If they are not 110% anti-America and anti-GOP, then they DO NOT qualify to run as Dems.

    2. The bad news is that trying to get rid of Kavanaugh is but one part of a much larger struggle – good versus evil. Democrats want less accountability, they want to get rid of the Constitution by changing it to “modern” times, they want constant strife by stealing from those that work and produce (higher and higher taxes) and give to a) the new ruling democrats and non-productive, non-working welfare careerists. Socialism is the evil – look at and ask the people of Venezuela, the Cuban people, etc. The world’s policeman, like it or not, is the USA because of our patriotic and hard working people protected by the Constitution. Witness the decay brought on by obama and clinton. Both documented liars, cheats, thieves and failures – unless you believe treason and mega theft don’t count. The good news is, if people want their children and grandchildren to live at least as free as we have, they can accomplish that by voting for Republicans. By voting against democrats, against more and more racial divides, against stealing through higher and higher taxes for the ruling class and career welfare slugs, by voting to get rid of and keep out illegal immigrants. It is our choice – vote for socialism, higher taxes, more illegal aliens, more benefits for the ruling political types, democrats. Or, reject all of that and vote for representatives of the voters, patriotism, freedom, the Constitution, law and order. The voter’s choice, even if it does include illegals voting. Reject socialism, obama, clinton and others of their ilk, collectively known as democrats – or let your children and their children pay the price later. You don’t have to believe me or agree with me – but please, give it some serious thought. Not much good has come from democrats since Harry Truman.

    3. You cannot put the words “honorable” and “democrat” in the same sentence. Democrats are evil. Anyone that votes democrat is evil. Democrats lie, steal, cheat and worse(seth rich) to acheive their goals. I cannot reiterate enough the depths of depravity to which democrats have sunk

    4. I really find those of you who refer to Democrats with such vitriol and paint all Democrats with the same brush to be hypocrites! Just like it’s not acceptable to do the same to Republicans.

      I’m a firm advocate of the second amendment! Period. I’m a former Air Force Medic and US Army Aviation veteran. I’m also a paralyzed veteran. I’ve served my country! I own an AR with a bump stock! I’ve got a CCW that I’ve renewed 4 times, and I carry a Springfield XD40 Subcompact, and a 9mm Smith and Wesson M&P as backup. I also have a Tarus 357 magnum that’s just way too big for concealed carry! I don’t want anyone, Democrat or Republican messing with our rights as Americans to protect ourselves. There are many of us Democrats who feel the same way, but our voices are often not heard because of all the damn noise out there, that is by design, keeping us fighting with each other.

      We’re all Americans first, remember that! And for those of you who don’t think so, you are being played by your political leaders to keep your mind off of things like stagnant wages for thirty years! Tax breaks promised to us that are so small you hardly notice the difference! Unless you’re a multimillionaire. I’m by no means poor, but my tax cuts are nowhere near the top 1%!

      And worst of all, where people can’t afford to even see a doctor when they need to, or you’re wife has cancer and you’re told by your insurance that it’s preexisting and therefore not covered. The people on both sides of the aisle have allowed this because they don’t write the laws. The industry lobbyists do, and our so-called representatives simply sponsor them. In college I interned in Tallahassee, and I’ve seen it first hand, for myself. I never had to pay for a meal when I was there. One place we went for dinner, had no prices on the menu! I had a huge rib eye on a raft of asparagus that probably cost the lobbyists at least $100.00! And there were about 20 of us at the table.

      Let’s all work together to protect the 2nd amendment. And if we can do that, the fringe making all the noise won’t get their way.
      By the way, I resent being referred to as a communist.

      1. And all the infamouse socialist (Think Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini etc.) of the last several decades became facist as soon as they came to power. I fear the same could happen if the current batch of Democrats were to win in the upcoming elections. And that is not intended to be an insult to the many honorable Democrats who still support this nation. But, I think the current Democratic party is gone so far to the left that they no longer represent their constituents. They seem far more interested in fringe groups.

      2. I will agree that there might be a few good Democrats out there but they are real quite. Might be time for you to change affiliation, and vote republican because if what you say is true the Democrats are going to take your guns away from you.

        And last I heard Trump believes in allowing for pre-existing conditions.

      3. Preexisting conditions. EXACTLY!! You can’t crash your car and THEN go buy insurance and expect them to pay to repair or replace it after only a small premium payment! No insurance company can survive and exist with such utter nonsense, yet brainwashed sheep expect that exact thing to be “normal operating procedure” and blame the insurer for being heartless and greedy when they are forced by such larceny to go out of business! DUH!!!

      4. If what you say is true, you should change parties. Your statements are not what the democrats support. Current elected democrats are coerced to support issues that you claim to reject. I am sorry that you still think that you are a democrat. Democrats rejected your views years ago.

      5. The problem is not so much the Dem people as they have been fooled by the politicians. But, I beg to differ on the point of Dems are not Communist.
        The politicians are the problem and most of them are members of communist party USA and other similar organizations.
        100% of all the Dems I have heard and seen are gun control advocates. How are you still a Dem when they are anti-gun???
        Do you understand where the Dems stand on all the issues?
        If they leaned on the conservative side on every political issue, understand the being anti-gun, and therefore pro gun confiscation is a communist stance. Stalin, Mao and Hitler knew the first step to an authoritarian take over was to disarm the citizens.
        I ask again, the fact that most, if not all Dem politicians are anti-gun and want to take your guns from you why, pray tell would you vote for a Dem??? One thing to note, I’m against globalism and that means Dems and Reps that are globalists alike. They are actively trying to destroy this country. Something I would suggest watching is a movie called The Enemies Within”. Talks about the members of Congress and Senate that are communists.

    5. Falsus in UNO, Falsus in OMNIBUS. Make it the rallying cry to out all Democrats.

      The party of LIES and DECEPTION.

      1. The real question to ask the Demorats is: If the FBI comes back with a clean report for the Judge, will they vote to confirm him? Too bad Flake wasn’t smart enough to negotiate that with Koon!

          1. Flake is trying to fill the seat of McCain as the “maverick”. Watching him in action makes me think there is more about him that is crooked than his nose. It is a good thing he is not running again and is going to retire.

            1. He’s not running again because he didn’t make the runoff in his primary. He’s not running again because the people of his state saw through his BS after just one term.

              He is not retiring, he plans to run against Trump in 2020. Either in the republican primary or as a democrat.

          1. @RP, I’d like to see more dirt on Flake… six feet of dirt. I would bring new meaning to the term “burial party” (e.g. Hey everybody, we’re having a burial party and barbecue. BYOB!)!

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