NRA Youth Education Summit Alumni Receive Scholarships for Leading the Legacy

The 2018 NRA Youth Education Summit

FAIRFAX, Va. -( After attending the National Rifle Association’s Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.), students are encouraged to head back to their communities and share their experiences to grow the presence of Y.E.S. and other NRA programs. By doing so, they also have the opportunity to earn more scholarship awards after leaving the weeklong summit in Washington, D.C.

To compete for the Y.E.S. Grand Scholarship, alumni have 11 months to build their portfolios and prepare their applications by getting involved with NRA programs, sharing their Y.E.S. story with others and documenting their efforts. This year’s winners focused on sharing their passion for the shooting sports and for Y.E.S. by writing articles for the NRA Blog and The NRA Foundation’s Traditions magazine, giving speeches, and promoting on social media. One student brought the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program into his local elementary school, and one started a shooting club. Read below to learn more about how Y.E.S. students are leaving their mark while they Lead the Legacy.

Awarded to 2017 Y.E.S. Participants

Alex Henry

ALEX HENRY (AR) – $10,000
Over the past year, Alex has dedicated much of his time to sharing about the Y.E.S. program and his experience. He attended 11 Friends of NRA events where he educated attendees about the program—which their donations help to support—and encouraged them to share Y.E.S. with high schoolers they know. He also personally thanked the Arkansas Friends of NRA volunteers for their hard work and dedication in supporting the next generation of Second Amendment enthusiasts. Additionally, Alex presented the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program to 750 students in kindergarten through fifth grade and supplied information to other schools who showed interest in the program. Alex was also featured in three articles in NRA outlets which covered his work on behalf of Y.E.S. and NRA.

Gianna Guzzo

GIANNA GUZZO (NY) – $6,500
Gianna has a gift for journalism that she has shared with NRA Headquarters by writing stories for the NRA Blog and Traditions magazine. Topics ranged from her personal experience at Y.E.S. and write-ups about other Y.E.S. alumni to stories about various shooting sports programs and participants. In addition, Gianna volunteered at two Friends of NRA events to help raise awareness about Y.E.S. Before heading off to college, she took the opportunity to share her passion for the program with her community one more time by conducting an on-air interview with a local television program about the program, her experience and her Second Amendment support.


Krzystof Gajda

While attending Y.E.S. last summer, Krzysztof learned that he could share his passion for shooting with his peers in his local community through an NRA youth shooting club. After returning home, he spent countless hours organizing meetings, recruiting members, finding a coach and gaining the support of a sponsor organization. Krzysztof also developed goals for the club, as well as prerequisites, a membership application and an execution plan. Once the club was established, he worked with NRA Clubs and Associations to make the new youth shooting club an official NRA affiliate.

Emily Cupp

EMILY CUPP (CA) – $2,000
Emily used her social media skills to raise awareness of the program and share her story with a new audience. On Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, she reached more than 1,000 people with information about Y.E.S. and her experience. Emily also visited two Friends of NRA events to talk to attendees about how Y.E.S. impacted her and why she would encourage others to apply for the Summit.


Quinton Taylor

Quinton left Y.E.S. with a refreshed passion for the shooting sports, which he shared with his local shooting team. It was then he decided to write an article on his team captain’s experience at the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) National Championship for Traditions magazine.

Learn more about the NRA’s Youth Education Summit at Applications are now open for Y.E.S. 2019: two sessions are scheduled for July 8-14 and July 22-28. High school sophomores and juniors are encouraged to apply!

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Gregory Romeu

PATRIOTS ONE AND ALL! Here are yet more groups that people can donate to to support and help push the word and practices of, FREEDON AND LIBERTY!

Wild Bill

@GR, And voters of the future, too!

Gregory Romeu

@WB, I wonder how long that it is going to take for the understanding to sink into the minds of the people in society in general to understand when you are behind that wood and steel or polymer and steel with the hammer pulled back and your sight alignment and sight picture and breathing all working together, the amount of brain matter that must be exercised by those people. The mere responsibility, duty and accountability brought forth of each squeeze of the trigger in making rational decisions 99.7% of the time? And how that thinking process and rationale carry over… Read more »