Outdoorswoman Jules McQueen Advocates for Gun Safety with IDENTILOCK

Jules McQueen for Identilock
Jules McQueen for Identilock

Denver – -(AmmoLand.com)- Gun safety is literally in gun owners’ hands with the revolutionary design by IDENTILOCK, a biometric gun lock that unlocks with the touch of the correct fingerprint.

Avid outdoorswoman and conservationist, Jules McQueen, is advocating all gun owners to utilize IDENTILOCK’s technology. Learn more about this advanced technology and how it can potentially save lives at www.getidentilock.com

The IDENTILOCK mission is to prevent gun-related accidents by bringing its new technology and functionality to the gun industry.  They strive to improve the stigma around firearms as their customers are responsible gun owners.

“I take a lot of pride in being a responsible gun owner, and I’m always looking for ways to keep myself and those around me safe. The first time I was introduced to IDENTILOCK, I wasn’t sure what to think. But after using it as a trigger lock on my personal firearm for a few months now, I can say that it changes the entire meaning of gun safety for me,” explained McQueen.

“I can leave my firearm sitting out at my home without worrying about someone using it against me if they broke in. I can keep visual contact with the gun while knowing that nobody can access it except for me. The fingerprint identification technology works very efficiently, similar to unlocking my iPhone, and gives me a sense of empowerment and security knowing that I can access it quickly if I need to.”

Unlike traditional firearms safes or security systems, the IDENTILOCK trigger lock allows users to have a personal defense handgun within easy reach in case the need arises and without worrying about unauthorized individuals operating it. Placed in a nightstand, briefcase, car or purse, the firearm is securely locked until the owner-operator easily places a finger on the oversized, 360-degree biometric reader that sits over the trigger guard.

“It is IDENTILOCK’s mission to make children and others safer by keeping unintentional usage of a firearm from happening, yet still allowing the lawful owner to have quick and easy access to his/her method of self-defense in a time of emergency,” Omer Kiyani, founder and creator of the IDENTILOCK system, explains.

Get $40 off first orders by signing up for IDENTILOCK’s email at www.getidentilock.com Available online and at Amazon, Brownell’s, Zanders and Optics Planet.


About Jules McQueen

Julie McQueen is an outdoor personality, television show host, producer and outdoor writer who is well known for empowering other women and young people to nurture their love of the outdoors. She works as a national spokesperson for conservation organizations to introduce others to the outdoors and to help improve wildlife habitat and herd numbers. After 15 seasons of hosting and producing network television shows, she continues to work both in front of and behind the cameras to increase the positive platform for the hunting community. Julie is currently hosting “Outdoor Weekly,” exclusively on CarbonTV.


Founded by Omer Kiyani, a 2nd Amendment advocate, gunshot victim survivor, and former automobile industry safety systems engineer, IDENTILOCK® develops the world’s most innovative gun safety products. The IDENTILOCK® firearm trigger lock is the first product utilizing state-of-the-art biometric technology to enhance user safety and security while prohibiting non-recognized users from accessing the firearm. 

  • 17 thoughts on “Outdoorswoman Jules McQueen Advocates for Gun Safety with IDENTILOCK

    1. I see a lot of negative comments but none from anyone saying they have actually tried this… I am a combat veteran, prior LEO and go to the range twice per week and an avid reloader. I have tried different bio-metric devices over the years and can understand the hesitancy with much of them. I have been using identilock daily for about a year and a half now (currently have two of them) and only have good things to say about it (besides price point). The scanner works fantastically and the entire device reads, pops open and falls off in one third of a second. It reads at any angle, even upside down. I havent stumped it yet even w dirty or wet fingers. I hit the button while picking up the gun from the table and by the time its raised the trigger lock is already discarded and ready to go. I use it for child proofing from my granddaughter.

    2. Another feel good because Im doing something moment for soccer moms. Use your brain instead as it is the best gun safety device ever created.

    3. This bull is the first step to “fail safe gun locks” and will soon be mandated by politicians who have their own armed security. This Ad lost me when she said she can leave her gun “sitting out in my home”. Her long list of credentials does not included shooting so what gives her the authority to talk about gun safety. Let’s shut this women up before she does some serious damage.

    4. IMy firearms work just fine as they are. NO THANK YOU on “electrical technology” to make them more complicated and less reliable.

    5. The only safety you really need on a firearm is between your ears. With training they are not necessary. It’s only lawyers that have made gun locks and other needless “safety” devices necessary. This is subliminal anti-gun propaganda and gun control advocacy.

      1. @Joseph Martin, And politicians! Don’t forget the politicians. There is no profit in letting Americans be free. There is profit in piling on the requirements.

    6. A great way to be sure you are incapable of defending yourself, when you REALLY need the gun in a high stress situation.
      iPhone touch is not reliable so don’t see how this would be either.
      “Gun safety” is about being responsible, education and situational awareness… NOT stupid gizmo’s

      1. Right? They had me at “Outdoorswoman Julie…”
        I can see the value to some who would utilize the device when at home when one’s hands are full with the little monkeys who can and will get into anything. Still, I would prefer mechanical lock.

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