Pick A Side: Ridicule & Death Threats Or Wildlife Conservation

Tim Brent Harassed for Hunting
Tim Brent Harassed for Hunting

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Hunters conserve and save wildlife when no one else will or can. Want to save wildlife in wild places? Convince misguided would-be “saviors” that they need to throttle back, cease making death threats and doing other terrorist things.

In just the past few days there has been a spate of Internet and social media attacks on hunters for their choices to participate in legal hunting at various places around the globe.

The attacks come in two basic forms: Ridicule and death threats. Differences of opinion are healthy. Death threats are both sick and illegal.

Late last week, SCI Member Brittany Longoria was attacked over a photo of her holding a leopard she hunted legally in Africa. Those who attacked her made no note that through her hunting and conservation-related activities, she has been personally responsible for saving more wildlife than any of the anti-hunters we know. Antis never let the truth get in the way of the lies they like to spew out to an unassuming public.

“This is not about me hunting an individual leopard,” Brittany said. “This is about hunting and the methods of international wildlife conservation. If they come for me as a hunter, they're going to come for you as a hunter, so we all need to stand together and united and speak from our place of truth and heart on why we hunt.”

Then over the weekend, Fox News reported that former professional hockey player Tim Brent was ridiculed and received death threats after he posted pictures of himself posing with a bear he hunted in the Yukon, Canada.

“Some of the threats of violence were so extreme, Brent posted that he contacted Twitter,” Fox reported. “However, the social media platform said the threats did not violate their abuse policy.” [but they can ban you for using the word “illegal aliens”.]

“Though, there have been a few that have defended Brent, and his wife Eva Shockey-Brent, who is a well known hunter and first woman in three decades to make the cover of Field & Stream,” the report continued.

“Ultimately, this is not about whether someone approves of hunting or opposes hunting. It is about freedom of both activity and speech,” said SCI President Paul Babaz. “These anti-hunters, some of whom also are terrorists, want to silence anything they don't like and they want to deny hunters both the freedom of choice and the freedom of speech.”

SCI President Babaz noted that it seems as though when the anti-hunters are not successful in having the various governmental agencies halt hunting, that they take to the social media and try to shout so loudly that their drivel drowns out civil discourse.

“The sick ones who go over the line and make death threats need to be identified and dealt with appropriately by the legal systems of the world,” Babaz continued. “The sad part about the whole thing is that hunters are responsible for assuring healthy populations of wildlife worldwide forever. When others get in the way of these noble acts, they actually are writing death warrants for the wildlife, which will cease to exist absent the protection of hunters.”

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  • 22 thoughts on “Pick A Side: Ridicule & Death Threats Or Wildlife Conservation

    1. I don’t like hunting for sport, but death threats are too far! I’m extremely opposed to wolf hunting (unlike bear hunting, the science really does not support it), but I’ve NEVER threatened someone’s life!! I don’t care if someone killed an entire pride of lions or pack of wolves, death threats are too far. They do nothing but stir up contention and fear and will eventually lead to violence. I’ve been threatened myself for voicing support of hunting and the urgent need to better control the ever growing deer and elk populations. In my area the elk population has boomed so much due to lack of hunting and lack of predators that they’re walking right threw town and have threatened people while walking their dogs. Yet when the game department tried to set up snares for the elk, locals sabotaged them, no doubt anti hunters using emotion over logic. The anti hunting movement is based off emotion and most of what anti hunters do is to seek attention. Nothing they do actually helps, yet they continue making threats and slandering hunters, as if that somehow saves animals. Really though, they’re losing. I used to be anti hunting myself until I learned how humane it actually is and I did my own research on the science of it instead of believing the lies spread by hypocrites like PETA. But when I tried to tell other antis the truth, they refused it and turned on me calling me a “fake” and that I never was a true animal activist. I guess they were right. I choose logic and morality instead of emotion and death threats. That’s the difference between a true conservationist and wildlife advocate vs. a mentally ill animal rights activist.

      1. @Amber, Welcome to the site. I look forward to reading more of your fact based opinions. Be warned, though. It can get tough here! I also look forward to discussing the wolf population, with you.

    2. A lot of this is sheer idiocy coming from urban dwellers whose entire knowledge and experience of being in the backcountry comes from reading the Internet and watching YouTube videos.

      Life ain’t a Disney movie, children. The benefits provided by culling of apex predators benefits all wildlife and preserves those wild places so you can put on your Patagonia jacket and drive to the trailhead in your Subaru while judgmentally looking down on those of us whose bullets and broadheads provide funding to preserve those places. Grow up or shut up. Either is fine with me, but make sure you pick one.

    3. Brittany Longoria:

      blah blah blah take my picture. conserve life my azz. hope you don’t make it home.

      someone can take you out “to conserve human life”. sounds good to me.

    4. Brittany Longoria:
      “This is not about me hunting an individual leopard,” Brittany said. “This is about hunting and the methods of international wildlife conservation. If they come for me as a hunter, they’re going to come for you as a hunter, so we all need to stand together and united and speak from our place of truth and heart on why we hunt.”

      you’re no hunter. had to take that photo op. stop saving face, i hope you never make it back from Africa.

      you know…for the conservation of the healthy people who know that sport hunting takes no level of skill.

      1. Hunting is a sport just as fishing is. Don’t like it, tough. I suppose your food falls from the sky shrink wrapped with a bar code already on it? Any type of hunting takes skill. You wouldn’t know because you’re a troll. When you start wishing physical harm to people you show everyone your bias and ignorance.

      1. Sounds that way to me too. She’s obviously a liberal, socialist, progressive marxist democrat hopolophobe.

        I also suspect she Can’t Understand Normal Thinking. She needs to be investigated by the FBI in my opinion.

    5. Note to Tim Brent: Congrats on the bear and a successful hunt.

      Hey Eagleberger go back to using a BB gun. Anything else is out of your pay grade.

      1. Please explain, with facts, not emotions, why it is wrong and back up your statement how it DOESN’T help conserve the species.

      2. Well, Denny, you probably don’t have many in the slum where you live. They seem to inhabit country land like mountains, lakes, prey, and other assorted goodies. They aren’t issued EBT cards. They seem to like fresh food like animals and people. Must be great living in snowflake land. Don’t worry, we won’t shoot your therapy puppy.

      3. what other game do you fail to hunt? BTW, where does your edible meat come from ? Trees? And WHY is it “wrong to hunt grizzly bears” ?
        Please tell us we’d like to know.

    6. Congratulations to Tim and Brittany on having successful hunts. I wish I were able to partake in these types of adventures. You give hunting a good name, and DO NOT let anyone tell you otherwise.

    7. So the snowflakes will put a wife/girlfriend beater thug on a pedestal, but no one can hunt. Just another reason to keep the boycott going!

    8. Stan; sounds too good to be true, just leave the dog alone ! Mr. & or Mrs.snowflake have been so blinded by all the anti crap that they are hard set to think for them selves . or to do some research to see who is aiding the animals they so want to help ? HUNTERS & SPORTSMEN.

    9. So if you Kill a bear grisly bear you are a killer but if you Kill a man what is this call wish I could’ve been there we hunt them deer there are good to eat but I bet some good bear meet would be good who would you want to go for some food if time got bad people that think this about us hunting will suffer when time get bad

    10. Hey snowflakes, this is not the furry teddy bear mom put on your pillow. This is an apex predator who can and will eat you, your kids and your dog.

      1. Don’t hold back so much, tell us what you really think! I came across a stuffed grizzly one day unexpectedly, I shit my pants! They are huge and viscous animals that are fully capable of killing humans, cattle and horses and also taste good, I have no problem hunting them. I have seen what happens to wildlife when the heard doesn’t get culled, it overgrows the resources and they all get sickly and die. That is a terrible way to cull a heard of animals. I totally disagree with PETA and their methods.

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