The Unpardonable Heresy of Tucker Carlson

The Unpardonable Heresy of Tucker Carlson
The Unpardonable Heresy of Tucker Carlson

U.S.A.-( Our diversity is our greatest strength.

After playing clips of Democratic politicians reciting that truth of modern liberalism, Tucker Carlson asked, “How, precisely, is diversity our strength? Since you've made this our new national motto, please be specific.”

Reaction to Carlson's question, with some declaring him a racist for having raised it, suggests that what we are dealing with here is not a demonstrable truth but a creed not subject to debate.

Yet the question remains valid: Where is the scientific, historic or empirical evidence that the greater the racial, ethnic, cultural and religious diversity of a nation, the stronger it becomes?

From recent decades, it seems more true to say the reverse: The more diverse a nation, the greater the danger of its disintegration.

Ethnic diversity, after all, tore apart our mighty Cold War rival, splintering the Soviet Union into 15 nations, three of which — Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia — have since split further along ethnic lines.

Russia had to fight two wars to hold onto Chechnya and prevent the diverse peoples of the North Caucasus from splitting off on ethnic grounds, as Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan had done.

Ethnic diversity then shattered Yugoslavia into seven separate nations.

And even as we proclaim diversity to be our greatest strength, nations everywhere are recoiling from it.

The rise of populism and nationalism across Europe is a reaction to the new diversity represented by the Arab, Asian and African millions who have lately come, and the tens of millions desperate to enter.

Center-left and center-right parties are losing ground in European elections because they are seen as feckless in meeting what more and more indigenous Europeans believe to be an existential threat — mass migration from across the Med.

Japan's population has ceased to grow, and each year brings fewer toddlers into its schools. Yet Tokyo resists the racial and ethnic diversity greater immigration would bring. Why, if diversity is a strength?

What South Koreans dream of is uniting again with the 22 million separated members of their national family who live in the North, but share the same history and blood.

This summer, in its Basic Law, Israel declared itself an ethnonational state and national home of the Jewish people. African migrants crossing the Sinai to seek sanctuary in Israel are unwelcome.

Consider China, which seeks this century to surpass America as the first power on earth. Does Xi Jinping welcome a greater racial, ethnic and cultural diversity within his county as, say, Barack Obama did in ours?

In his western province of Xinjiang, Xi has set up an archipelago of detention camps. Purpose: Re-educate his country's Uighurs and Kazakhs by purging them of their religious and tribal identities, and making them and their children more like Han Chinese in allegiance to the Communist Party and Chinese nation.

Xi fears that the 10 million Uighurs of Xinjiang, as an ethnic and religious minority, predominantly Muslim, wish to break away and establish an East Turkestan, a nation of their own, out of China. And he is correct.

What China is doing is brutalitarian. But what China is saying with its ruthless policy is that diversity — religious, racial, cultural — can break us apart as it did the USSR. And we are not going to let that happen.

Do the Buddhists of Myanmar cherish the religious diversity that the Muslim Rohingya of Rakhine State bring to their country?

America has always been more than an idea, an ideology or a propositional nation. It is a country that belongs to a separate and identifiable people with its own history, heroes, holidays, symbols, songs, myths, mores — its own culture.

Again, where is the evidence that the more Americans who can trace their roots to the Third World, and not to Europe, the stronger we will be?

Is the Britain of Theresa May, with its new racial, religious and ethnic diversity, a stronger nation than was the U.K. of Lloyd George, which ruled a fourth of mankind in 1920?

Was it not the unity Bismarck forged among the diverse Germanic peoples, bringing them into a single nation under the Kaiser in 1871, that made Germany a far stronger and more formidable power in Europe?

Empires, confederations and alliances are multi-ethnic and multicultural. And, inevitably, their diversity pulls them apart.

The British Empire was the greatest in modern history. What tore it apart? Tribalism, the demands of diverse peoples, rooted in blood and soil, to be rid of foreign rule and to have their own place in the sun.

And who are loudest in preaching that our diversity is our strength?

Are they not the same people who told us that democracy was the destiny of all mankind and that, as the world's “exceptional nation,” we must seize the opportunity of our global preeminence to impose its blessings on the less enlightened tribes of the Middle East and Hindu Kush?

If the establishment is proven wrong about greater diversity bringing greater strength to America, there will be no do-over for the USA.

About Patrick J. BuchananPat Buchanan

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

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    1. I work for a state run agency and it is unionized. Any time there is a chance for advancement the eeo commission gets involved to make sure that women and/or minorities are placed over white males. I have seen a woman get a carpenter position and she cannot build a form or use a circular saw beyond passing the entirely too easy practicum to get the position. She beat out a more senior and experienced white male. I have seen a minority get a mason position and he cannot read a tape measure, he was promoted over the same individual who was beat out by the female..again seniority means noting when diversity is at stake.. we have a woman who was allowed to remove the vertical bottom to top structural welding test and grind it flat and weld it flat and allowed to pass the test! IMHO diversity like unions promote mediocrity and contribute nothing to the. The woman who “passed” her vertical welding test will be a shoo in for the next structural welding rate…

      1. A structural welding test corrupted to let a person pass? Has anyone complained to the state engineering board, ASME, or other controlling entity as regards health and safety of the public and the mismanagement of the weld testing process at this facility ? This is in the same category as hospital, airline, nuclear, etc, subject matter; structural means buildings, bridges, towers, etc. Places that pulled stunts like this previously, have been shut down for a management overhaul. I hope someone where you’re at brings attention to the situation.

        This should not be allowed to continue.

    2. I agree with many comments. when they come to America,adopt it all the idea, the values and the existing spiritual system that exits. DO NOT try to change us! or go back to the country whence you came AND change THEIR HOME country to reflect what they think America is? diversity here is SET! love all about, learn the language and hole hardly go or back to you home country. 650,000 heroes died to keep us this way! many more died to keep this way. Abe Lincoln tried to create a republic in Libera. look at it now? they could not keep that, and now it is a dictator? They even named the capital Monroe after one of our founder/president? WHY DO THEY COME? FOR THE FREEBIES? when we run out of money, will they stop? if you complain they call you racist and other names DON’T COME UNLESS YOU WANT THE SAME THINGS OTHER AMERICANS AND PAY THE SAME PRICE AS OUR HEROS?

    3. Our greatest strength is the ability to sense bullshit when we see and smell it. That way we don’t step in or eat it. The real question is how long do you continue to allow the bullshitter to pollute your yard? At some point you either put it back in the barn or take it to the slaughter house.

    4. Oddly, Dr. Thomas Sowell, PhD. (himself a black man and a national treasure in my estimation) agrees:

      “Today, as in the past, diversity is essentially a fancy word for group quotas. It is one of a number of wholly subjective criteria — such as “leadership” — used to admit students to colleges and universities according to their group membership, rather than according to their individual qualifications.”


    5. Hey Pat. Agree with you on the subject except the Russian propaganda about Ukraine which is vomiting from mouth again. Ukrainians are the Kyivan-Rus people which ARE NOT Russians and were called the Rus People hundreds of years before the Muscovites stole the name for themselves. Ukrainians are NOT Russians and vice-versa. By the way, how is Vlad doing? Still sending you a check?

    6. The word “diversity” originates from the word “divide”. At some point too much ethnic “diversity” will divide the USA. Especially those who refuse to assimilate and share no like law and morals, with the USA. Islam comes to mind.

    7. Until about 1960, people came to the USA to “be Americans” in thought and even speech. Most came legally as refugees from Europe or SE Asia. But in the 60’s they came for the government money and a place to be made over into “their” homeland.
      The Left likes this. obama said it, he was going to fundamentally change America.

    8. Diversity has limits. Welcome invaders from your enemies is not a form of diversity it is stupidity. Speaking out against our enemies is truth not racism. The keeps moving left and when we no longer follow them they start dragging out the race words.

    9. It’s gonna get MUCH worse before it gets better. The nail that sticks up the farthest is the one that gets hammered. Stay gray now, survive the fire and live to rebuild…30

    10. reference the uk flavor of die-versity, where “police” warn people not to perform illegal acts (self-defense measures) if they are attacked by acid-throwing muslims. put your die-versity where the moon does not shine.

    11. The paradox of tolerance: “Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.”
      — Plato

    12. There is no such person of a Native American even the so called Native Americans crossed the land bridge from Aisa they were Immigrants too they just got here before us. They claim man started in Africa so that is were you would find people that are Native no were else, Me I believe that Man started ALL over the world but the Ice Age destroyed all signs of them, or the signs are covered by water were man lived down by the seas that were 400 feet lower than now durning the Ice Age that lasted 60,000 YEARS. All men are Immigrants but the STRONG take the land and Keep it that is LIFE.

    13. America needs to be diverse, but not in the way most view it. Those that come here to enjoy the freedoms and prosperity America give freely, they need to accept the fact that:
      You need to adapt to America, America does not have to adapt to you, may keep your cultural heritage but keep it to yourself, do not force it on others.
      Everyone has equal opportunities at the start, that does not guarantee equal outcome.
      Respect and trust are earned, be respectful and trustworthy.
      If you don’t assimilate yourself, expect to be treated with mistrust. Becoming an American is not simple or for everyone, if you can’t learn the language, accept the customs, respect the laws, well just stay where you are and make your country better. Don’t come here to make America look like the 3rd world crap-hole you just left.

    14. The comment “Our diversity is our greatest strength,” is a clipping of a larger quote that I cannot attribute but the full quote runs something like this.Our diversity of IDEAS, WITH FREE AND VIGOROUS DEBATE IS ONE our greatest strengthS. I remember being shown this quote in a western civilizations class by a professor who spent most of the class railing against the “diversity police” that have infected modern academics, he was only allowed to teach for one semester and was deeply unpopular on our very liberal intercity campus. But he spoke the truth.

    15. There is a natural tendency among humans to congregate with others that share the same customs, heritage, morals, traditions and yes, genetics.
      This is called a common Culture. Those that don’t share most of these traits are either assimilated ( adopt the predominant Culture) or they are ostracized by it. Hence, that’s why there are Frenchmen, Germans, English, Russians , etc..
      Racially, they are of the same stock, BUT desire their own Culture. Naturally. Forced diversity has never worked,

    16. If you read what “diversity” has done to Sweden, Germany, England, Denmark and the Netherlands, one cannot believe for a second it has brought about a better country. Just the opposite. I have friends in these countries. I get emails all the time from them telling me what is REALLY going on. Malmo, Sweden is the RAPE capitol of the EU. Murder, knife attacks, cars/vans plowing into people/crowds…the list goes on. This is how well diversity works over there. The influx of muslims who will NEVER assimilate, men between the ages of 15 -35, and trained jihadists, are destroying European culture – it is their mission supported by the likes of Merkel and other EU “leaders”. . It is a cultural war under the guise of “religion”. But Islam is NOT a religion; it is a political weapon designed to finally overthrow Christianity and all other religions. Billed as the “Religion of peace”, the lies put forward by progressive/democrat/socialist/communist, is designed for one thing only – total control of the world population by the so-called elite…..Anyone who says different is either lying or the biggest, brainwashed fool around.
      I have watched Tucker for 8 months straight now. Never knew of him until my wife told me to watch. Every night I watch him ask questions, sometimes simple yes or no questions. EVERY single time, if the person has any affiliation to democrat/liberal political party or thinking THEY NEVER ANSWER THE QUESTION. Instead they go on and on with bullet points, the Trump/Russian collusion (NO collusion has been found), how illegal aliens deserve to be here, no borders….the list goes on and on. The smug arrogance and patronizing they spew forth is to the point I turn off the volume. But when anyone else, with no democrat party affiliation comes on they DO answer questions.
      While I yet to see Tucker get pissed off with the nonsense he has to listen to, he has cut a few off as a result of their continued BS. It is, after all, supposed to be a “debate”.
      He has been a great source for me in knowing what “the enemy” plans, how they are operating and the lies put forth in the media. TC should be watched by every sane-thinking American.

      1. I concur. I’ve been watching TC since he’s been on Fox. I try to listen to the “debate”, but they never answer the questions. There’s only so much garbage one can take, so lately, I’ve been fast forwarding past the demogues and Looney lefties.

      2. I agree with you 110%. BTW, the left claims they want to ban “Hate Speech”, but what they are really trying to do is ban TRUTH SPEECH. They’ll have to in order to enact the unconstitutional agenda they want to establish as “American”.
        I ain’t buying it either.

        1. They want to Ban Hate speech good idea, the best part is that we won’t have to listen to the Left/Democrats anymore because they would have banned them selfs.

    17. “Our” greatest strength??? Yes, someone’s greatest strength! Define the people of this “OUR” and you begin to understand much truth that is today, seriously withheld from you.

      1. “OUR” greatest strength (Democrats) the illegal/non-citizen voting block. Without them and many thousands of dead people they would be political has-beens.

    18. Yes, we are the melting pot of the world, BUT and this is the BIG BUT, COME HERE TO BECOME LIKE US U.S. Do not come here to set up your own little country and try to put down the american way of life. If you don’t like the way we do thing, OUR LAWS , OUR SYSTEM, than GO BACK FROM WHERE YOU CAME FROM……….

      1. Interesting thought in that “melting pot” paradigm – what do things in a melting pot do? They melt. They melt and become a homogeneous whole. They assimilate the culture and become one people. The concept of diversity is flawed at the outset in that it promotes the concept of non-assimilation! People group together with like-minded others who share their history, values and worldview. Diversity’s goal is to destroy nations.

      2. Case in point – check out Dearborn, Michigan. Better still, if you’re able spend a day there.
        If you have any doubts before hand a day spent at Dearbornistan will – not should – wake you up to reality!

    19. We do wish the politicians would heed the truth

      and do something about the conditions we have today regarding those who come to our country.

      Pray for America and our freedom.

      The year is 1907, one hundred years ago……

      Theodore Roosevelt’s ideas on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1907.

      “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”
      Theodore Roosevelt 1907

      Every American citizen needs to read this!

      1. That’s exactly why I don’t buy into the African-American, Mexican-American, Asian-American…even Native-American diatribe. We are all either Americans…or not. If there has to be a prerequisite before American, then there’s the beginning of devision of nationality. We are ALL immigrants from one point…even so-called natives…but if we were born here or became a citizen of this great country, we are Americans first & culturalists after the fact. THAT diversity, I can live with…as long as being an American comes first. This is OUR country.

      2. This is precisely the point to the entire program of having new influx of peoples. Where’d you come from? No one should care. Thanks for sharing, now get with the program.
        You are here for change. That’s great. Here’s how we do that. See that Constitution? That’s all yours now. Same with those stripes and stars. No one gets to judge you based on where you were before, where being anything at all, literally or figuratively. With of course a big exception and that would be provable criminal past.
        Everyone gets to judge you based on what you do with this freedom and responsibility from here on out.

        Would it be too weird to have camps wherein new immigrants would simply learn how to be an American and be released when they have completed some basic courses? And we get a background check at the same time? Or at least a trial basis citizenship? Especially one in which any money you make HAS TO STAY IN THE STATES? Can’t tell you how many people I’ve known, good wage earners, excellent workers of all types, that send upwards of 50% of their earnings back overseas or out of the country in cash to their families remaining “home”. If half of the people who come across do this, and the conservative estimate is three million, and each is minimum wage, that comes to $31,000,000,000. Yes, $31 Billion. I do believe that would be the cost of a certain wall we’ve been looking for? And that’s just one year’s worth and a very conservative set of figures. Then we can estimate the lessening of drugs and criminals and what sort of saving we get from that and we’re starting to talk about some serious money!

    20. Diverse people came to America to become American’s, not an extension of the culture and political system from which they fled. My own paternal grandfather came from Ireland to enjoy the opportunities and freedoms available here in America, and not make a new Ireland in this country. Assimilation has only become a negative objective in America in
      the past thirty or so years.

      1. you are so right. you come to AMERICA to become an AMERICAN. AMERICANS already here should be proud AMERICANS! by hyphenating or creating fake “communities” you do a dis-service to yourself and those who fought to make AMERICA live up to it’s promise! ASSIMILATION FIRST!

    21. Tucker Carlson hit the nail on the head!

      “Diversity is our greatest strength” is a lie straight from the pits of hell. It is the Left’s code for GLOBALISM. And if God wanted globalism, He wouldn’t have scattered the nations and confused the languages at the Tower of Babel – see Genesis, chapter 11.

      The lemmings of the Leftists are “useful idiots” and are blinded by the illusion (delusion) of a utopian state because they are of the mind that humans are a “god” unto themselves. If they are so hung up on “diversity”, then why all of the rage about so-called “white privilege”? When will I be able to celebrate “White History Month”’ or better yet, “White Women’s History Month”? Why do they hate our Founding Fathers, our Constitution, our history – and anything else that has to do with respecting America and its sovereignty? And how is “diversity” going to fix that? What exactly is their DEFINITION of “diversity”? Do they even know what it means?

      THEY are the actual racists and haters and they possess the traits of “Psychological projection”. In other words, they really hate themselves, but are too weak-willed to fix themselves, so they take all of those nasty thoughts & feelings which they have and project them onto anyone who doesn’t agree with them. It’s like a form of self–exorcism except they don’t even know they are doing it because they won’t admit to themselves that they have those thoughts/feelings to begin with! THESE are the people who are trying to destroy our country though they spin it by claiming to “unite”. HOW do you “unite” in diversity??? That’s a moronic concept to begin with. And the rest of their argument just goes downhill from there….

    22. Why didn’t you post my simple comment explaining why diversity is good: genetically, culturally, musically, etc.?
      Is it because it doesn’t rhyme with your narrative. Shame on you.

      1. Diversity is one of the platforms of the alinsky socialist democrat party, for as much as they celebrate that “ideal”, they more honor it in the breach. Their tactic is to inflict schism and strife into society that they may exploit to political advantage.
        Their rejection of English as a national language and demand that ballots be printed in multiple languages is but one slap in the face of Americanism. It is a REQUIREMENT of the naturalization process that the applicants for citizenship read and speak English. Their demand that refugees and illegals be counted in the determination of representative appropriation is another. Those who come here in violation of our laws (and muslims) tend to isolate themselves from the larger community, forcing out those who have deep ties to those areas.

    23. So are you saying that only native Indians should live in USA ?

      Diversity is genetically better than single race, other you’d end up with inbred genetic mess. Diversity brings culture exchange, cuisine exchange, music, knowledge and so much more. What is a country? Is it a race or an idea, values? America has always been a melting pot, entirely built by immigration.

      1. “America has always been a melting pot, entirely built by immigration.”

        Indeed it has. But it’s foundation is based on LEGAL immigration. Not these animals caught trying to sneak across the border every day with no intention of becoming American Citizens.

      2. @ RAM,
        Diversity brings a number of things. In the Indians’ case it brought disaster, and that’s the point of the article. The question isn’t, “Should they be the only ones to live here?” They failed in their attempt to control their immigration policy and lost the continent as a result. Given a Mulligan, I suspect that they’d have started fighting much earlier.

        The Founders, and all the original British, Spanish, and French who came to this continent were immigrants, they just refused to assimilate, much like the new wave of immigrants. That lead to the downfall of the Indians. Diversity was NOT their friend. In the past immigrants tried to assimilate as quickly as possible, recently they have refused to, and instead have carved out their little enclaves. A great example is Hialeah where a customer was refused service for not speaking Spanish.

        Diversity has genetic benefits when you are dealing with small populations, but when dealing with large ones the inbreeding issues are far less dangerous. As for cuisine, music, etc, arguments can be made both ways. We now have laws making it illegal to eat dogs and cats in this country. I wonder why that was needed. I’ve given up listening to music that I haven’t selected myself, jarring noises and violence aren’t music as far as I’m concerned. I’m sure that you disagree. We probably disagree on other matters. I see that as a good thing.

        1. “Indians” – if one researches the history of the world from other than the English version of history, one finds that the Chinese colonized the world twice, once in the Han dynasty and another during the Ming dynasty. A good book on the subject is “1421′ by Gavin Menzes. One great example from the book, the “Ice Princess”, the Peruvian girl found in the Andes a few years back, dressed in regal clothing and thought by many to be an iconic example of Andean Indian culture was from Taiwan. Many of the so-called “lost cities of gold” many of the European explorers were looking for were actually Chinese trading centers. Per the book, the Chinese colonized both coasts and the interior leaving behind things such as monuments, buildings, mines (like the copper mines in Michigan) that pre-date Columbus and are otherwise unexplainable. What happened was the Chinese under the Ming emperor built five great fleets to reach out to the world who were able to set up colonies, negotiate trade agreements, etc. They did this, but while at sea for five years, political upheaval changed the party in charge of China, and then like today, the party in power set out to destroy the achievements of the other, and left the colonies to themselves. They in turn assimilated into the local population as best as possible. So much for the “land bridge” theory of colonization and homogeneity of the American Indian. This discussion also doesn’t include mention of trade in Roman times and evidence of yet other cultures visiting the Americas, viz, the Vikings. So the Native American culture is not so monolithic as the Left would have us believe.

      3. So very sad that you don’t”get it”. Read what Country Boy and California Patriot posted. If you still don’t get it may I suggest that you spend a year in Sweden or Germany.
        BIG SIGH!!!

      4. The Unites States of America is a nation of pioneers, settlers, and revolutionaries. It has a distinct identity, history, and set of cultural standards, all of which are diluted by diversity. “Diversity” on a large enough scale creates a country and culture with zero continuity. America the country is not some abstract idea or place that is up for grabs for anyone to take.

        Also diversity is not genetically better then single race, especially when you’re creating offspring who lack a coherent identity, heritage, and sense of belonging to a larger group of people. It actually destroys the natural diversity of humanity. German engineering isn’t going to improve by becoming half-German.

      5. The Unites States of America is a nation of pioneers, settlers, and revolutionaries. It has a distinct identity, history, and set of cultural standards, all of which are diluted by diversity. “Diversity” on a large enough scale creates a country and culture with zero continuity. America the country is not some abstract idea or place that is up for grabs for anyone to take.

        Also diversity is not genetically better then single race, especially when you’re creating offspring who lack a coherent identity, heritage, and sense of belonging to a larger group of people. It actually destroys the natural diversity of humanity. German engineering isn’t going to improve by becoming half-German.

        1. Genetic diversity, as in the introduction of certain traits/deficiencies into the greater population, such as Sickle Cell Anemia, (to name just one) for example?

    24. “Our diversity is our greatest strength.”

      Taken from the liturgy of the left, along the line of guns are bad because well they are guns, Truth and fact has no place in the liturgy of the cult of the Left,however Feelings are the cults foundation.

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