Wayne County Commissioner Introduces Ammunition Control

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Wayne County Commissioner Introduces Ammunition Control

Detroit, Michigan-(Ammoland.com)- Wayne County commissioner Reggie Davis decided that since he can't ban guns due to the Second Amendment, he would go after ammunition sales.

Davis is proposing new rules for the purchase of ammunition in Wayne County.

Wayne County is the most populous county in Michigan. It is home to 1.7 million people and includes the city of Detroit. The county encompasses a total area of 673 square miles.

Davis's “bullet bill” ordinance would require law enforcement approval before a buyer could purchase ammunition. The buyer would also have to go through a mental screening to qualify to buy ammo. The buyer would need to repeat these steps for each new ammunition purchase. The purchaser would be forced to cover the cost of the screening.

Gun shows would be exempt, but the buyer would still have to produce a non-expired certificate from a mental health screening stating that they are eligible to purchase ammunition.

“We’re up against some state and federal laws. Even if it takes me going to lobby in D.C., and I expect it will, we need to make these changes,” Davis told the Detroit Free Press.

Not only will Davis's “bullet bill” increase the cost and time that it would take a consumer to buy ammunition by forcing them to go through a mental background check, but the bill would also put a new tax on all ammo sold to customers.

According to Davis, the money collected via the tax would go to teach students “about the second amendment, about how to use a gun safely and about gun violence.”

Davis does not believe his legislation be to unconstitutional. Although he does expect resistance from pro-gun groups like the NRA, he considers his proposal as a common-sense reform. He also states that he is a believer in the Second Amendment and has respect for groups such as the NRA.

Davis hopes to work with the NRA to find a compromise that would be agreeable to all parties. So far, the NRA does not have a public stance on the “bullet bill.” This lack of a stance is most likely due to the newness of the proposed legislation.

Davis was a gun owner who claimed to own Glocks, sawed-off shotguns, and sniper rifles. An assailant shot and killed Davis's brother. This experience set Davis off on his crusade for gun reform. Davis no long owns any firearms.

Others do not share Davis's opinion that this move is constitutional and sees other motives for the ordinance including continued racism by the Democratic party.

“As the President of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies who happens to be on the NRA Board, I’ll call this what it is. This is clear and obvious racism by Democrats running Wayne County on behalf of the progressive socialist political agenda,” National Federation of Republican Assemblies President Willes Lee told AmmoLand. “Heck, this is economic discrimination, hitting friends who most need self-protection and can least afford this proposed so-called ‘public safety’ measure.”

Lee went on to tell AmmoLand, “Our Second Amendment ‘Shall Not Be Infringed’ does not include law-abiding neighbors paying for forced mental evaluations by progressive doctors to exercise our God-given right of self-defense. It does not include Wayne County's liberal law enforcement granting ‘approval’ of good folks’ right to defend their life. ‘Shall not be infringed’ does not include or even imply an additional tax on those least able to afford it, taking food off their table, to defend their children and property.”

Lee is not alone in his beliefs. AmmoLand spoke to Gun Owners of America Director of Communications Jordan Stein about the proposal. He too does not believe it to be constitutional.

“Just as firearms are protected under the Second Amendment, ammunition is secured as well,” Stein told AmmoLand. “As every other prior restraint on the Second Amendment, this proposed gun control will be ignored by criminals and make it harder for honest people to defend themselves.”

AmmoLand reached out to Davis to get a comment about how this proposal would hurt poor shooters from places like the inner city of Detroit more than shooters from the middle-class suburbs, but Davis did not return our request for comment as of the time of this writing.

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  • 105 thoughts on “Wayne County Commissioner Introduces Ammunition Control

    1. You said it yourself he was parked. Why after he pays his debt to society is he still considered felonious? He didn’t get sentenced to life but you want him to where a scarlet letter for life?

    2. Perhaps if we just tattoo a large F on every felons forehead when they are paroled, so that they could not buy guns nor ammunition, that would help???? Criminals commit these crimes, not law abiding citizens.

    3. And this guy is still in office…….WHY? With attitudes like his, he should “Never” be re-elected to ANY Government office, because he is not speaking for the people, just himself and who is padding his pockets.

    4. You will Never restore this or any other country with the mindset and methods that are destroying them.
      The vote is only gasoline on the fire. The vote has ruined every country.
      If you vote against dogs that bite, The dogs will only bite more.
      It is not what you can vote on, It is the things for which you cannot vote on.
      I can explain It to you, But I cannot understand It for you.

      1. No, you can NOT “explain it.” Not in that manner. That ridiculous excuse for a posting made absolutely no sense (well, not to any sane adult, anyway).

    5. In addition I might add that the ammo sales in the surrounding counties are going to triple because this law appears only to affect sales within that one county. It is still unconstitutional though in my opinion.

    6. So instead of buying a couple box’s of bullets to go shooting and because it will be costly and time consuming to go through this process you will have to buy ammo by the case to make it worthwhile. Their goal of course it to virtually disarm everyone. They will also control the “Doctors” who administers your psychiatric exam so anyone that the powers that be don’t like will never pass the test. The law will inhibit shooting practice so those who shoot at least a hundred rounds a week will no be able to do so and what you will have is a bunch of unskilled people with guns and one box of bullets that’s 10 years old.

      This is about as un-American as it gets folks…and if you allow it then you deserve to have you freedom and independence taken away.

    7. Just another brain dead liberal that thinks criminals follow the law. Just what does he plan on accomplishing with this. Will not stop criminals from getting ammo. Wake up fool!

      1. This Clown needs to go, he is just Grand Standing on our Tax dollars! Hoping to get noticed by the State or Federal Libs before he gets Voted out.

    8. Do any of you need to ask why we need to get out every legal voter for the midterm elections? If these idiots ever get control of the country we will be stripped of every right under the Constitution.

      1. @H S, No, we don’t. Your point is well taken. I am worried that many people with a real stake in the outcome will be too busy doing business or in the woods hunting. Please, please set aside on half of a day to secure the entire future of America.

    9. No wonder he gave up all of his guns, this moron is mentally unstable, and a complete asinine, idiot.
      There is no doubt that his actions are illegal and unconstitutional. I think he will experience a rude awakening.Whoever killed his brother got the wrong one IMO.

      1. Democrats (BRAIN DAMAGED)
        The lunatic is on the grass.
        The lunatic is on the grass.
        Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs.
        Got to keep the loonies on the path.

        The lunatic is in the hall.
        The lunatics are in my hall.
        The paper holds their folded faces to the floor
        And everyday the paper boy brings more.

        And if the dam breaks open many years too soon
        And if there is no room upon the hill
        And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too
        I’ll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon.

        The lunatic is in my head
        The lunatic is in my head
        You raise the blade, you make the change
        You re-arrange me ’til I’m sane
        You lock the door
        And throw away the key
        There’s someone in my head but it’s not me.

        And if the cloud bursts, thunder in your ear
        You shout and no one seems to hear.
        And if the band you’re in starts playing different tunes
        I’ll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon.

    10. Somebody should tell these idiots that “arms” includes muskets, shotguns, bolt action rifles, semi and full auto rifles and handguns of all types as well as ammunition, gun powder, primers, bullets, lead, flints, loaded ammunition and even knives, swords and pikes.
      If it has ANY potential military/militia function it is protected.

    11. Claims to hAve owned sawed off shotguns..in Illinois….So he is either a full out.lying.p.o.s. (most likely) or stupid enough to admit that he committed felonies both federally and locally.

    12. This Bill if is sign, it will increase crime sky high and gun stores will go out of business as well as shooting ranges… the families of those who cant purchased ammunition that have no mental illness will be in jeopardy.
      While he celebrated his walking dead victory… hell no, we are the resistance, will oppose this scumbag who want to make changes to our freedom, he ruined the name David… millions will hate you and already are!!!
      Give up on this garbage bill, or you’ll have to spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulders.
      There is a lots of people out there that including large companies like NRA and small

    13. Just another insane Democrat. Only an idiot would fail to see that the courts would punt his stupid bullet bill to the crapper. SCOTUS has ALREADY stated that ammunition is as critical for the gun owner to possess as the gun itself. Ammunition is already in the court cases as protected under the 2nd Amendment. The writer of this article knows it also but it is good article fodder.

      1. The voters that support these people, illegals, dead, low IQ, etc, will never learn. History shows that giving people free things leads to them voting for more free things! They never grasp where the demorats want to take this country, total control of everyone!

    14. The term “arms” means weapons suitable for military use, and includes ALL things necessary to render that instrument functioinal. In other words, with no powder and shot and primer and sling and cartridge box, a Brown Bess was not an “arm” it was a prybar, long sheleileigh, crutch…..

      This eedjit needs to be reminded of a couple things: First, I believe Michigan has a firearms law preemption law on the books. NO lesser jurisdiction can impose any regulations or restrictions on firearms greater than state laws already existing. His tax and special qualifications requirements will run afoul of that.

      He should also be reminded of what happened when the looney-bin city of Seattle passed some new gun laws a couple years back… they imposed a $25 tax on all gun sales within the city, and a $0.05 tax per round of ammunition sold within the city. When proposed by the City council jerks, the largest retail gun store in the city made a pledge: IF you pass that law, I will sue because it violates state preemption, and I will also move m,y gun store outside the city limits. Council hooh hahs thought he was bluffing. He was not. Other retailers that had gun counters as part of their larger operations simply closed their gun departments. Pawnshops went to all online sales.
      The City had projected some outrageous new revenue stream whih they intended to waste on sillliness…….. I seem to remember a few millions of dollars being predicted. It took the folks at Second Ammendment FOundation two years of legal action to bet, on Freedom of Informationi action, the actual totals of revenue generated by the new taxes….. seem to recall it was about $200K plus a bit. Meanwhile, the LOST tax revenue formerly accruing to the city’s state tax account from gun and related sales, and from the businesses which relocated or closed, STOPPED flowing…. so the city ended up with a net revenue LOSS of several millions.

      I also seem to remember that the lawsuit against the City cost them a pile of money AND ended up canning the tax……. in theory, at least, as the residents of Seattle had already canned it by taking a short trip by bus, bike, or car, outside the city to meet their firearms requirements.

      Justice was indeed served on the city hooh hahs of Seattle. And there has been NO reduction of gun-related crime/violence within the city, and an increase in gun owners with the Mother May I Cards carryong concealed in that city.
      This was a total fail for Seattle, will be a total fail for Detroit/Wayne COunty. Until the states begin ereting check points at the roads leading into their counties, such laws will do worse than nothing.
      This is a Vote For Me Because I’m DOING Something, Even If It Is Wrong move…..

    15. It appears he has some charges that disqualify him from owning guns. He didn’t get rid of his guns because of a moral stance, he was forced to give up his guns because of a moral failing. Now he wants everyone else to be in the same boat because he gave up his rights. Makes sense to a narcissist; if one is not allowed to have firearms one would not want anyone else to have firearms either. Unfortunately for Mr. Commissioner, not everyone shares his criminal viewpoint.

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