Wayne County Commissioner Introduces Ammunition Control

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Wayne County Commissioner Introduces Ammunition Control

Detroit, Michigan-(Ammoland.com)- Wayne County commissioner Reggie Davis decided that since he can’t ban guns due to the Second Amendment, he would go after ammunition sales.

Davis is proposing new rules for the purchase of ammunition in Wayne County.

Wayne County is the most populous county in Michigan. It is home to 1.7 million people and includes the city of Detroit. The county encompasses a total area of 673 square miles.

Davis’s “bullet bill” ordinance would require law enforcement approval before a buyer could purchase ammunition. The buyer would also have to go through a mental screening to qualify to buy ammo. The buyer would need to repeat these steps for each new ammunition purchase. The purchaser would be forced to cover the cost of the screening.

Gun shows would be exempt, but the buyer would still have to produce a non-expired certificate from a mental health screening stating that they are eligible to purchase ammunition.

“We’re up against some state and federal laws. Even if it takes me going to lobby in D.C., and I expect it will, we need to make these changes,” Davis told the Detroit Free Press.

Not only will Davis’s “bullet bill” increase the cost and time that it would take a consumer to buy ammunition by forcing them to go through a mental background check, but the bill would also put a new tax on all ammo sold to customers.

According to Davis, the money collected via the tax would go to teach students “about the second amendment, about how to use a gun safely and about gun violence.”

Davis does not believe his legislation be to unconstitutional. Although he does expect resistance from pro-gun groups like the NRA, he considers his proposal as a common-sense reform. He also states that he is a believer in the Second Amendment and has respect for groups such as the NRA.

Davis hopes to work with the NRA to find a compromise that would be agreeable to all parties. So far, the NRA does not have a public stance on the “bullet bill.” This lack of a stance is most likely due to the newness of the proposed legislation.

Davis was a gun owner who claimed to own Glocks, sawed-off shotguns, and sniper rifles. An assailant shot and killed Davis’s brother. This experience set Davis off on his crusade for gun reform. Davis no long owns any firearms.

Others do not share Davis’s opinion that this move is constitutional and sees other motives for the ordinance including continued racism by the Democratic party.

“As the President of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies who happens to be on the NRA Board, I’ll call this what it is. This is clear and obvious racism by Democrats running Wayne County on behalf of the progressive socialist political agenda,” National Federation of Republican Assemblies President Willes Lee told AmmoLand. “Heck, this is economic discrimination, hitting friends who most need self-protection and can least afford this proposed so-called ‘public safety’ measure.”

Lee went on to tell AmmoLand, “Our Second Amendment ‘Shall Not Be Infringed’ does not include law-abiding neighbors paying for forced mental evaluations by progressive doctors to exercise our God-given right of self-defense. It does not include Wayne County’s liberal law enforcement granting ‘approval’ of good folks’ right to defend their life. ‘Shall not be infringed’ does not include or even imply an additional tax on those least able to afford it, taking food off their table, to defend their children and property.”

Lee is not alone in his beliefs. AmmoLand spoke to Gun Owners of America Director of Communications Jordan Stein about the proposal. He too does not believe it to be constitutional.

“Just as firearms are protected under the Second Amendment, ammunition is secured as well,” Stein told AmmoLand. “As every other prior restraint on the Second Amendment, this proposed gun control will be ignored by criminals and make it harder for honest people to defend themselves.”

AmmoLand reached out to Davis to get a comment about how this proposal would hurt poor shooters from places like the inner city of Detroit more than shooters from the middle-class suburbs, but Davis did not return our request for comment as of the time of this writing.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. He is the former CEO of Veritas Firearms, LLC and is the co-host of The Patriot News Podcast which can be found at www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnews. John has written extensively on the patriot movement including 3%’ers, Oath Keepers, and Militias. In addition to the Patriot movement, John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and is currently working on a book on leftist deplatforming methods and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, on Facebook at realjohncrump, or at www.crumpy.com.

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This is a red flag to stock up on ammo, especially .22 cal. Remember the ammo, magazines and AR shortages during Obama’s regime!


This Pathetic Milk-sop is a DANGER to everyone’s Constitutional RIGHTS! The shortest a legal shotgun barrel can be is 18 inches! !8″ gives a real nice spread for 00BUCK or #4 shot! Keep plenty of ammo on hand! There are some some swwwwweet 12 gauge shot guns with 24 round capacity by Kel Tec, model KSG, only 20 with 3 inch shells! I have a Kel Tec PMR30 22 magnum pistol with 30 round magazines, that is oh, so swwwwwweet! I Have a old Mossberg Maverick 88 shotgun with a pistol grip on it, along with a Mossberg 18″ barrel!… Read more »

James Brigham (Bigg) Bunyon

That old two ton stack of Lyman #2 alloy muffins is looking better and better. And now that I’ve gotten my son into hand loading he keeps eyeing it. But, sooner or later the m0r0ns will attack this hobby too so once again as with ammunition, but it cheap and stack it deep applies to powder, primers and etc. Thousand count used to seem like a lot; now I’m working on ten thousand count of everything, Well, not powder, but you get the picture.


Yes, the picture is clear. Thanks! Reloading certainly has advantages… I coach a team of 12-year-old girls, who (after eight months) are preparing for their first official pistol competition. We practice weekly, and can easily go through 2,000 rounds per month. Reloading is economically necessary, of course, but it also provides another option for teaching… the girls “earn” their place on the team (two of them cannot afford range fees, which I cover) by reloading, and all four girls learn 1) the components of cartridges, 2) the value of expending effort on a worthwhile pastime, and 3) camaraderie of shared… Read more »



Dwight Rider

Simple, take alll of your business out of Wayne County. Want a burger? Go somewhere else. Want a new TV, go somewhere else. Lastly, find a way to sue him for misuse of govt funds. He is supposed to use your money on protect that you need, not your money on project he wants

Gregory Romeu

LBJ pretty much did all that 28th his, “New Deal” back in the 60’s.

Hubert Joyce

Section 123.1102 FIREARMS AND AMMUNITION (EXCERPT) Act 319 of 1990 123.1102 Regulation of pistols, other firearms, pneumatic guns, or ammunition. Sec. 2. A local unit of government shall not impose special taxation on, enact or enforce any ordinance or regulation pertaining to, or regulate in any other manner the ownership, registration, purchase, sale, transfer, transportation, or possession of pistols, other firearms, or pneumatic guns, ammunition for pistols or other firearms, or components of pistols or other firearms, except as otherwise provided by federal law or a law of this state. History: 1990, Act 319, Eff. Mar. 28, 1991 ;– Am.… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

Pretty much glorified the stupidity of Wayne County officials as a she as we are not seeing any objectionable input from anyone else, to include the County Sheriff?

Camo Dude

As a MI resident this does not surprise me at all.Lets check this dudes background see what he has been into.What a disgrace to American politics and its citizens.Sawed off shotgun?Duh! Idiot!.

tom frey

This will be effective just like banning cigarettes in one county would be. So he got some air time for a stupid idea, that will do nothing.

Sean Bjornson

wait a second aren’t saw offed shotguns illegal in themselves? so this commissioner had illegal weapons & because his brother got shot he got rid of them? not because they were illegal?


Someone please contact his mothership and tell them one of their pet morons missed boarding the flight back home. WARNING: Do not approach these deranged creatures if encountered as close exposure for even a brief time can sharply lower your own IQ !!!


Since we’re blaming the Inanimate object for death i propose we have a camera ban as well….all cameras on cell phones and sales on cameras banned and or monitored , psychiatric evalution to the purchser of the camera since cameras are responsible for child porn.

Raymond Shashaty

I wonder if they will either get someone to buy their ammo, leave the county and buy it somewhere else, oh wait I know. Hey dumbass, when they steal the gun, they are probably going to take what ever ammo they can also. criminals dobuy ammo, they steal it!


All anyone would have to do to defeat this is cross out of Wayne County. This is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.




These people can’t possibly be this stupid! Hey, stupid, murder is ALREADY illegal! Dumbmotherf**ker, can’t stop people from killing people by restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens! Laws are for law abiding citizens, not criminals,! Some idiots don’t understand that truth or the constitutional and uninfringeable right to properly defend your life, liberty, and property! This azzbag should be removed from office

Richard Robinett


Glad i live in nc have republicans here they will just go out of state and buy it people better reload lolo


Interesting that there was no mention if this applies to law enforcement officers off duty, I’m sure all they have to do is flash their ID & everything will be fine. Thinking like that is irresponsible. Is he going into the streets to personally check everyone, like it been said before ; when gun’s are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.


All it will do is cause an uproar, don’t be so hypocritical ! Guns and ammo are not what is causing deaths ! It is the stupid person holding the gun. All you will do is give all the rights over to the fools that are making the problems in the first place ! Stop being a total idiot !!


Not sure being an incomplete idiot is a whole lot to brag about, either !

Douglas Kuykendall

Until you get rid of the gun free zones, you are going to have the shootings.Until the people have the right to carry,your going to have shootings.Liberal laws make it easier to commit crimes because they know there will be nobody trying to stop them.Look where all the mass shootings,al gun free zones.

Ron Adams

I heard this guy is one of the most prolific pedophiles in Wayne County.


He obviously has no understanding of the psychological evaluation process. It will never pass.

Joan Marie

Got that right. Even mental health professionals get it wrong. Putting the burden of assessment on an already overwhelmed law enforcement organization is ridiculous.

Greg H.

Politicians should also be required to pass a ‘mental health screening’ before serving in ANY public office, elected or appointed.


That should be GOSPEL!


In what I’ve seen in recent history that would eliminate a hell of a lot of Democrats including Hillary.


This is out of the old TV series of Laugh In from 40 years ago when Pat Paulson said “Guns don’t kill people … bullets do.”


He just created a new black market

Allen Benge

Let me guess, he is a brain-dead Democrat. Fortunately, I live in Arizona, where we follow the American Constitution and not Mein Kampf.

Stuart Nuss

Watch it. Your State just elected a Democrat Senator, because of being infiltrated by former Kalfornians and illegal aliens

Tom Taylor

He may have owned glocks but “sawed off” shotguns are illegal to own unless they come from the factory . And many long guns can be considered sniper rifles so I’d ask what caliber rifle did he owed . I see this guy as a liar and bullshit artist.


No, they aren’t illegal. Submit A Form 4 and pay the tax, and make your own when you are approved. Learn NFA before you talk NFA.


Tom Taylor is correct, SBS’s are illegal in Michigan.


Not very gun stores any way in Detroit . . . cross 8 mile and you are in Oakland County where most people in Detroit buy their ammo anyway. My guess this is test project to see if they can get away with it.

Steve Gamble

Agreed. Just a test.

Greg H.

Damnfoolery like this is why I re-load my own ammo, since 1969, and even cast my own bullets.


Reggie must be a Muslim sympathizer wanting to control and limit the amount of ammo Michigan residents can own to defend themselves against those Isis compounds in Michigan

Randy Poff

Its all about getting more money from the people its not about ammo .

Hawk Johnson

Move away from there.


While the NRA may not have released a paper regarding its stance on ammo taxes, it brought suit against Seattle several years ago after it imposed such a tax, so it can be safely assumed that they are against them, and it did release a statement in 2013 regarding mandatory mental health assessments and firearms purchases, so it is logical that they oppose such screenings for ammo purchases as well.


MCL 123.1102: “A local unit of government SHALL NOT IMPOSE special taxation on, enact or enforce any ordinance or regulation pertaining to, or regulate in any other manner the ownership, registration, purchase, sale, transfer, transportation, or possession of pistols, other firearms, or pneumatic guns, AMMUNITION for pistols or other firearms, or components of pistols or other firearms, except as otherwise provided by federal law or a law of this state,” emphasis added. Yes, this law is VERY illegal, but the preemption law lacks teeth.


very unconstitutional, you need to look over your laws. you are going against the hipaa federal law. it wont pass


@Nottinghill you must be the Russian troll or your crystal ball has screwed up. Last time I took a look in the mirror I saw a black.man looking back at me, last time I looked at the color of my skin it damn sure was brown in color.


@ Wild Bill, who ever said that I was from a Northern state. I’m from the south were we used to have chain gangs. That was a very good deterrent for me to keep in line and obey my mother.


Its time to put some fear into the left. Look right into their eyes, and tell them, ANY more gun control = civil disobedience and possible civil war. They are going to keep pushing until we push back


They will push until WE convince them that actions have consequences… a concept they have not yet learned.

Human nature dictates a simple law of behavior… when the cost of an action becomes higher than the participant is willing to pay, that action will not be taken. We need to teach political leftists that lesson… and damnably soon!

benny wallace

They don’t care if we “push” back! The only thing that’s going to get their attention is “them” getting hit in the f’n nose and knocked on their ass! As long as someone else’s ox is getting gored, these socialist bastards will keep coming!




I’m a black law abiding citizen and I’m a firm believer in bringing back the chain gangs.


You’re most definitely not black! But you are [email protected] idiot and a Red Communist Liar.

Go “troll” somewhere else. Like in a big a$$hole, say hillaries’ or barrys’ there’s room in there. Always room.

Wild Bill

@ specious Juan, Northern states did not have chain gangs. I wonder what else is false in your one sentence comment.

A. White

“I’m a black law abiding citizen and I’m a firm believer in bringing back the chain gangs.”First don’t say something stupid. Here’s the truth… “I You Want It Straight”, by Robert Welch. He’ll seem like he’s reading a crystal ball. https://youtu.be/jmISzg8sjHM. If your attention span can tolerate three hours knowledge. Second I see no one here who’s cares about the color of your skin. You come here with your red communist slant and racial overtone is for a reason. We kick ALL racists off. We kick ALL Marxists/Socialits/Communists off. It’s kinda self-moderated here. We are Americans First! We are Patriots,… Read more »


Good comment.


Damm boy. Don’t you understand the day of logic is dead.
You cannot talk to these people. They would never enforce laws like that.

Just like the border laws we already have that would work perfectly if we just enforced them.


That makes too much common sense for liberals to comprehend Albert


Albert, the problem is…
It is not the severity of punishment that deters crime… it is the CERTAINTY of punishment that deters crime. So your point about enforcement of the law is true and valid!!

Jesse J payne

Mcl 123.1102 prohibits this under state law. easy court challenge if passed

Ken dog

What’s to stop people from driving to the next county to buy ammo. All this is going to do is make the gun shops in the next county money while hurting the owners in your own district that pay taxes. Not a smart move.


When has ANY liberal made a smart move?


August 28, 1886?

Last example I could find…

Buck Hopkins

I believe that the Second Amendment also includes the projectiles or ammunition that you would fire. Otherwise, how could you have a well regulated militia without ammunition? It goes hand-in-hand. It’s like the First Amendment without mentioning computers or internet or social media.it never even stated freedom of physical or demonstrative expression expression in the First Amendment, however it is part of it. It’s an inherent part of your rights. Ammunition is an inherent part of the Second Amendment.

Buck Hopkins

my v2t sukd. Edited. I believe that the Second Amendment also includes the projectiles or ammunition that you would fire. Otherwise, how could you have a well regulated militia without ammunition? It goes hand-in-hand. It’s like the First Amendment without mentioning computers or internet or social media. It never even stated or implied that freedom of physical or demonstrative expression should be included in the First Amendment, however it is part of it. It’s an inherent part of your rights. Ammunition, therefore, is an inherent part of the Second Amendment.

John Redman

US Army Veteran here. I promise to execute any and all politicians who introduce or have passed any Legislation which deprives or attempts to deprive any Individual any Inalienable Right. I took my Oath and I’m done not upholding it. Enough, is enough. Sic Semper Tyrannis. See you bitches soon, in my Crosshairs.


Amen brother


You are quite correct, John… none of us veterans are ever “done” upholding our oaths… because those oaths do not have expiration dates – they do not have “sunset clauses.” And the socialists have repeatedly proven themselves – by any sane, rational, reasonable definition – to be domestic enemies of the US.


“According to Davis, the money collected via the tax would go to teach students “about the second amendment,”
Because nothing makes more “common sense” than having your kids learn about the “real meaning” of a right from agents of the very people from whom that right was written to protect them.

Larry Fischer

How about beginning to take care of the mentally insane

Eva swayne davis

Sounds like that Davis has a mental issue…

Bryce Hammond

And by that comment, might we infer that would include county commissioner(s) of a certain state, in which they propose to ban bullets to the populace as a means of “infringing” on their right to self-preservation from a tyrannical gooberment? This illegal on and below the surface of it, and unless we the people take a stand, our right(s) will be slowly eroded away from us. It has to come down to a fight or flight response and we’re running out of places to escape to. Personally, I’d rather die standing on my feet, than to be executed on my… Read more »


The NRA would provide education on the second amendment as well as the safe handling of firearms for free, they don’t need the money.

Samuel Honnold PASTORSAM

This is where it is going, John: A guillotine set up in the town square. Already happening across the border!

Terry Webster

This is the most idiotic thing I’ve heard of yet,.. Liberals need to get a grip !!

Wild Bill

@TW, I am pretty sure that the democrat national socialists have a lot more idiotic things, coming up, to entertain us with. Trump wants, badly, a second term. That puts us in position to demand elimination of unconstitutional statutes, a S. Ct. justice that will eliminate unconstitutional statutes, elimination of bureaucrats that promulgate and enforce unconstitutional agency rules, and a wide and high border wall!


We don’t have liberals anymore they are hardcore leftists!!


So order ammo off the internet, guess he doesn’t know about that, or make your own ammo. what an idiot


Commifornia took care of that. No one will ship to anyone that is not an authorized ammo dealer. Many won’t ship to CA Period. We already have ammo control and Jan 1, 2019, we have Ammo ID cards (450.00)and backgrounds checks for each purchase and a per bullet tax.


This is treason, plain and simple. They are supposed to be doling out ammo and training to create a well-regulated militia. This is INFRINGING of the 2nd Amendment and police should not be enfarcing this at all or they are becoming the enemy of the people.

They already beat them up. So they will take their sweet time to approve of bullets. Not only that they will complain not enough men to yep, Enlarge government. Steal more of your wealth and leave you less protected because of bullet restrictions.


ANY POLITICIAN who has TAKEN an oath to protect and defend the US CONSTITUTION,and they say or violate that OATH in speech or action,SHOULD BE HANGED and then his family Thrown out of america,all of them….


Absolutely !!!!

Chris Brown

This is what Democrats have always tried to do: Keep poor people defense-less and under their complete control.


Reggie Davis is not a Democrat. The Democrat Party has been taken over by communists and satanists. We true kennedy democrats have sat back and allowed to be used as userul idiots, so that these few maybe 1 out of 500 democrats, whom are the leaders of the new Democrat party, they are not true democrats. We true kennedy democrats got bam boozled. We need to take the Democrat party back from the Communists and Satanists. It started iwth Saul Alinsky, and any true democrat is honest with themself, and they do thei research to find the facts and the… Read more »


Well spoken. Mind if I share this?


Well spoken this is what I’ve been trying to tell my union members day think that the Democratic party is still for The Working Man the poor in the middle class they’re not all they have to do is look back the past 8 years and see what the Democratic party has done for Dad they use big words and the rest of them follow like sheep near cliff


Well I’m a black Democrat and I’ll be damned if they take my legally purchased guns from me.


Juan I’m sorry but if you voted “democrat” in this past election, you voted communist instead. And they WILL take your legally purchased and owned guns from you, because that is what the communists have been trying to do for many years. If you voted for communists Whitmer, Stabenow and especially that whacked out nut beeyotch Dana Nessel, you just ASKED THEM to come take your guns and whatever is left of your freedom. Get a clue and and start voting for someone who doesn’t want to put you back in chains.

Robert J. Lucas



News article Breitbart” Nancy Pelosi Aims to Take Away Firearm Freedoms”
The second amendment was never more important than now. We are not in a civil war, we are in the midst of a communist style overthrow of America. If America goes down, so does all of our allies! Keep informed, spread the word. My opinion. Read the full article here.


another lunatic deranged mental retarded demon-rat screwball, this is gun control plain and simple. this lying fraud needs to be booted out on his rear end and sued.

tuesdayissoylentgreen day

This type of thinking is just getting started. With the House going to Demorat control, the Demorats think they now run the country. Thanks to paul Ryan and many Republican voters who did not vote and then some that did vote for the other side. The next two years will be nothing but open borders and gun control. I hope the Senate shuts the door on any gun control. I know Trump will. Thanks to Paul Ryan who did everything possible to stall any President Trump policies. We now have a Congress with this moronic gun control attitude. Maybe Paul… Read more »

Dave J

He owned a sawed off shotgun? “really” and a sniper rifle? Sounds like a person that wants to make it sounds good and in reality he has no clue about guns. Surprised he didn’t say he also owned a bazooka or a automatic AR15. bafoon!


He owned a cap gun when he was 6 yrs old at best.


Wonder what ya hunt with a sniper rifle?………Snipe?

Mr. Walkker

Possibly Reggie Davis could grow a spine and a nut sack, maybe take the lead and enlist, maybe become a Master at Arms. Better yet take charge as a so called County leader and become a “Squad Leader” armed with a Californicated approved 10 round M1A. Put this traitor out in front with limited Ammunition and Broken Buckhorn Sights. Grow a set of balls or have them handed to you. Your choice Reggie, and BTW, somewhere along the line, you took an OATH. You do know that your Father is watching you. HE always has and HE always will.

Concerned Patriot

It sounds to me like the only thing that the Detroit needs to do is get him out of f****** office.


You said it yourself he was parked. Why after he pays his debt to society is he still considered felonious? He didn’t get sentenced to life but you want him to where a scarlet letter for life?

Gerald Locker

Wear is the correct spelling, not where.

Michael Larkin

Perhaps if we just tattoo a large F on every felons forehead when they are paroled, so that they could not buy guns nor ammunition, that would help???? Criminals commit these crimes, not law abiding citizens.