A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand – Letter to Second Amendment Community

by Carrie Lightfoot, originally published on TWAW.

A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand - Letter to Second Amendment Community
A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand – Letter to Second Amendment Community

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Sadly, we see our country becoming more and more divided. It’s heartbreaking to see division ripping our country apart. There are no longer conversations. It is literally impossible to discuss any issue without it turning ugly, even among friends, workmates, and family. Regrettably, the effects of division have infected so many areas of our life including the political, social, religious and cultural arenas and yes, in the fight to protect our Second Amendment rights too.

Any organization or community of people must be united in their shared goal to attain their purpose successfully or to protect it. They must lock arms, side by side with the core purpose protected within. Naturally, the people who share a united mission will be diverse, with varying opinions on any or even all other subjects and beliefs. They are committed and loyal to the core purpose, yet they must be able to honor and respect the differences amongst them. With unity comes strength, influence, and power. Significant accomplishments are achieved when we are one in purpose. The fruits of unity are so attractive, that new people are drawn to the cause. That is where our strength lies and what is required in the battle to preserve our Second Amendment rights.

To fully understand the importance of unity we must understand what division is, what it looks like, and the effect it has on us personally and collectively. To protect what we together and personally hold dear, we must fully understand division to prevent it from taking hold and wreaking destruction within the community.

What is Division?

  • The act, process, or an instance of separating or keeping apart
  • To separate into opposing sides or parties
  • Separation by difference of opinion or feeling; disagreement

Here is the most important thing to understand about division: It isn’t spontaneous or something that just happens to us. IT IS INTENTIONAL!

IT IS A TACTIC! Division is a strategy to gain power, and it has a purpose.

This strategy has been used since ancient times. I am sure you have heard the phrase “Divide and Conquer,” it comes from the Latin dīvide et imperā and this tactic has been used throughout history. It is used to gain power and to control enemies and potential enemies. It’s rather simple, to increase power, any opposing groups must be divided and therefore weakened and must not grow in strength. The breaking up of existing groups that have power or influence is the key to gaining control. Additionally, we can see this play out with mentally unhealthy individuals as well. Narcissists and abusers divide and break up the other relationships of the abused as a way to control and manipulate them. They use this tactic to have or to get the attention or power they crave.

What does this intentional use of the tactic of division look like in our fight to protect the Second Amendment?

Gun owners and Second Amendment supporters are bullied and demonized. We are told we don’t care about children, or that we are terrorists. We are publicly ostracized and are losing the ability to do business or told our business isn’t wanted. At times, we are even physically threatened. Bullied people are quiet people who can’t grow in power. This is the goal of the dividers.

The pitting of one against another by provoking people or groups within the community to fight amongst themselves and to not trust each other. False accusations are made, and seeds are planted that the leaders of the Second Amendment community are doing something wrong or aren’t genuinely working for the collective best interests. This fosters distrust and jealousy amongst the ranks and yes, weakens our ability to stand and fight with strength, power, and influence to protect our Constitutional right. When divided, little things become big things, and our common purpose is blurred. The result is our unity and strength are weakened. This is the goal of the dividers.

Our diversity as gun owners and Second Amendment supporters is being used as a tool to divide us. We see this tactic in the language and rhetoric being used that pits conservatives against liberals, Republicans against Democrats, and people of one color against those of another. Language matters and words are being used to divide us. This is the goal of the dividers.

Who We Are

American gun owners and Second Amendment supporters are people who believe in the right of self-protection from harm, by others or by a tyrannical government. That’s it! That is where we come together to join in the battle to protect this right. The battle is between people who believe in the people’s right to bear arms and those that don’t. Period! Our diversity is being used against us. Our differences, which is a strength of our community is being used by those seeking to create division by creating tension among us. They shine a light on the tensions that are naturally found in diversity and are using them as a tool to divide us. This is the goal of the dividers.

More Effects of This Division

The introduction of false facts and false accusations create distractions both intellectually and financially on the Second Amendment organizations and their leaders. This causes the organizations to spend precious resources, both human and financial in having to deal with multiple “side” issues. This keeps the organizations that we rely on off of the focused work on the primary goal of protecting the Second Amendment. This is weakening our power and influence. This tactic exhausts all resources. This level of distraction decreases the efficacy of the community and creates more opportunity to take the community down by dividing it. We are making the job of those opposed to our Second Amendment right easier. Their battle for power or control is won with less physical resources. Our Second Amendment community is weakening itself! This is the goal of the dividers.

Weak and predatorial people within are being enlisted and seduced. Sadly, they are willing to cooperate and assist with the division for some form of personal gain. Moles exist in almost all communities, these are the “me first” people who are in it for themselves and what they get out of it, not for contributing to the community for the unified purpose. Therefore, they are easy to seduce and entice into participating in the division. This is the goal of the dividers.

What About Us?

Regrettably, these tactics are being used against and within our Second Amendment community. Outside forces, influencers, dollars and the application of these tactics are weakening our ability to protect our precious Second Amendment. These are creating gaps in our chain of locked arms that our core purpose within, the protection of the Second Amendment resides. You have to see it too. People and groups that are forming cliques that are causing us to focus and fixate on details and sub-issues rather than our immediate need to just fight to keep our Second Amendment right in existence.

I am not judging these opinions and beliefs nor saying that they hold no validity. What I am saying is that now is not the time. We are dealing with all of the above while we are trying to fight battles on EVERY possible front. Precious resources are spent in every direction while we grumble, complain and question them while we simultaneously “expect” them to protect the “core,” our Second Amendment. Yes, this is the goal of the dividers.

What Can You Do?

Please, understand the very real threats that exist to our Second Amendment TODAY. The midterm elections and even the 2020 Presidential election pose severe and imminent threats. Recognize the intentional use and the purpose of the tactic of division. My plea to you is to look for any evidence of division in your Second Amendment world and expel it. Then, lock arms in unity with your brothers and sisters in arms and let’s get to work together now to protect our common core, OUR Second Amendment.

About Carrie LightfootCarrie Lightfoot

Carrie Lightfoot is the founder and owner of The Well-Armed Woman, LLC and is the founder and Chairwoman of the Board of TWAW Shooting Chapters Inc. a 501(c)3 Non-profit organization. Carrie was elected to the National Rifle Association Board of Directors in 2018 and is an NRA Benefactor Life Member. Carrie was named by Newsmax as one of 2015’s 100 Most Influential Pro-Gun Rights Advocates. Carrie is a published author and frequent guest in national media. She is an NRA Certified Instructor with multiple certifications and is an USCCA Training Counselor.

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Billy W Muston

There is a whole lot of indignation here but I don’t see a whole lot of Political SAVY! There is NO reason We all cant belong to both the GoA and the NRA. For Starters when Political opinion makers start Looking at the # of Members of Pro Gun Groups, they are counting Some of Us Multiple times. Kinda like getting to vote multiple times~~ If the Number of the No Compromise Groups outnumber the number of the surrender a little at a time Groups. We can change the Make up and direction of the NRA. And the NRA has… Read more »


That is all well and good to say right now. I agree with the idea that we should be united. With this being said, you have to understand that whenever the NRA caves to the gun controllers, they too are playing into their hands. The reason why many of us have lost faith in the NRA and are critical of them is precisely because they do that. If the NRA is looking not to be criticized by those on the Second Amendment’s side then they need to stand up to the gun controllers 100%

1776 Patriot

Agreed 100%. The NRA MUST concentrate on faithfully and strongly representing Constitutional 2nd Amendment Civil Rights. Instead, their leadership has at times tried, unsuccessfully, to play the political game, compromising with our enemies and allowing incremental erosion of our liberties and freedoms. I will remain a NRA member and invite others to do so as well, so together, we can keep the organization, the largest civil rights group in the country, on the straight and narrow, NEVER deviating in favor of some unicorn compromise with our enemies on the left. Together we are stronger!

Country Boy

Until We The People vote to permanently remove the communist marxists from our country’s government offices, this division will continue.
Sorry, but it’s time to choose sides. The 2 sides are: Democrat Marxists or Republican Americans.
Time for dems fed up with their party to leave it and join the rest of us Americans in the Republican Party under POTUS Trump.

Just my 2 cents worth.


Interesting. The NRA “leadership” after getting caught with its pants down, while their collective hands were in the cookie jar, and licking the ice cream scoop, want the actual pro-rights activist organizations to lock arms with the NRA, to continue the plunder. Hmmm. Well, if the NRA had stuck to its ostensible mission of marksmanship training for citizens and never bothered with lobbying for gun control in the first place, we wouldn’t find ourselves in the predicament we’re in now. So, now we’re supposed to turn yet another blind eye to the NRA’s latest anti-gun rights gaffs. The NRA wants… Read more »

Clark Kent

With friends like you; who needs enemies?


Who’s the enemy here? The NRA has been doing this type of crap for 100 years. Going all the way back advocating Government Licenses for gun owners in the 30’s and 20’s. To supporting GUN FREE ZONES, HELPED write the Unconstitutional NICS. Now, they’re on board to banning bump stocks and made a video by Chris Cox supporting Red Flag laws in some fashion. In the meantime, they turn up their ads to send them money to stop the Government from taking our 2nd Amendment rights away they supported? Talk about conflict of interests and running a scam. Yes, with… Read more »

Mark Koernke

Right ON THE BULLSEYE! This is what we have been saying for decades. Neal Knox was a NO COMPROMISE NRA president. Lippy-air and George HW Bush-lip pushed to get him out. Then Mr. Lippy screwed us in the 90’s. BUY MORE AMMO. War is coming. Liberty1775

Robert S

And just like that, he became the poster child for the Divide & Conquer Movement.


Me? Why don’t you blame the NRA?

Wild Bill

@T, I can not tell if Robert S. is talking about you or someone else. Who is the he?


Liberals cannot demonize me, or shame me, or bully me. I won’t allow it. And I am certain (and confident) of who and what I am. No liberal manure-for-brains can shake that knowledge.

As long as my family and I are left alone, I pose NO offensive threat to any human being on this planet… but anyone or organization that attempts to scare, threaten, intimidate, or harm my family IN ANY WAY will (note that I did not say “might” or “may” or “could,” I said “will”) bleed. Molon labe!


There is soooooooooo much wrong with this article! This “it’s not me, it’s you” attitude is the ACTUAL problem. People like the author always operate from the viewpoint that THEIR collective is in less error than anyone else and so OTHERS must alter or change. While certainly whatever collective the author belongs to from which she is writing this overlording pontification is of course more correct than the anti-rights movement lemmings,…that is no high bar. That’s hardly a tall step. And thus, the failings of various gun rights groups that never look inward toward perfecting themselves and their mission, never… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Atsux, Your very first sentence does exactly what you complain about (“People … always operate from the viewpoint that THEIR collective is in less error than …” etc, etc.) And is your morality superior if you can not forgive? Your “missive” does not withstand logical scrutiny. I think that you did not fail to meet at the appropriate bar. Probably stayed just long enough to think that you are smarter than you really are. And what is this collective that you are writing about? The only collective that I have is the guys that come out and pick up the… Read more »


atf.., u r a typical d-rat d-sucker.


Did Marion Hammer ghost write this? The NRA is not perfect. I know because I spent 3 terms on the NRA Board before I was purged for asking too many questions. I never went public but tried to work within the organization. The NRA need to listen, not to fill seats with celebrities who seldom attend or merely rubber stamp Wayne’s suggestions. So long as there is no internal forum for exploration of issues, there will be a public one.


Karrie was a guest speaker at the 2018 Annual Convention of Arizona Citizens Defense League. If you get a chance to hear her speak you need to do it. She is an eloquent advocate for liberty. For those of you who may be confused concerning how this all happened in America I have one piece of advice for you. Read Saul Alinksy’s Rules for Radicals. This tome is the testament guiding the lives of the likes of Barrak Obama and Hillary Clinton and other inner party operatives of the Democrat Socialist Party. If you do not understand the rules and… Read more »


I also studied Marx and Alinsky, spent some time under Herbert Marcuse, who KNOWS Marx and his idea well. HE did not agree with Marx, and I remeber some of my fellow students breaking into tears as flaws in Marx’ sick thinking were exposed for us to examine. I could almost hear the glass of their “glass joses” shattering, and the attendant weeping for their also shattered idealogy. That was in the late 1960’s, not far south from where you were at SFS. (I had friends at SFS). Had we known that ML KIng had been assassinated as ain “inside… Read more »


The biggest divisive remarks in the 2nd Amendment advocacy are the people who says, “ I believe in the 2nd Amendment and I own guns BUT”. That is the biggest problem we have. There is no BUT and the end of the 2nd Amendment, Our Rights has no BUTS period. I can’t believe how many so called 2nd Amendment and Constitution supporters are saying they can agree with these Red Flag/ ERPO’s/ Extreme Risk Protection Orders that not only subvert the 2nd Amendment but Due Process and the Bill of a rights as a whole. That’s the dangerous part not… Read more »

Calvin Don Blumhorst

EX-F’ing-ACTLY! The Right of the People to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! PERIOD! NO FURTHER DISCUSSION NEEDED!

Donald L. Cline

I AGREE THE RKBA SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED! PERIOD! Now, having said that, are we somehow willing to give up our 4th, 5th, 9th, and 10th Amendment-protected rights in order TO RECEIVE REVOCABLE GOVERNMENT PERMISSION to exercise our right to keep and bear arms at the point of sale? If we are, then I suggest to you we have already allowed our RIGHT to keep and bear arms to be converted into a revocable government-issued privilege — meaning it is no longer a “right” — and given up our right to be secure from unwarranted search, our right to due… Read more »


Donald, so far (SO FAR) the government has not seriously abused the background check “system” in any practical way. So far, the vast majority of those who are identified as dishonorably-discharged ex-military, minors, non-citizens, felons, etc. actually ARE dishonorable vets, minors, felons, foreign nationals, etc. The problem is that the system gives the government the ABILITY to begin abuses at any time it chooses to do so. Already, the system provides no way for a misidentified citizen to correct any erroneous record. We the People must not only guard against abuse itself, it is even more important that we remove… Read more »

Donald L. Cline

Well, Joe, you do not consider converting our right to keep and bear arms into a revocable government-issued privilege, for which permission must be issued at the point of sale, to be an “abuse’ of our right to keep and bear arms? I certainly do. The right is inherited and unalienable, and is a bedrock of our entire system establishing liberty under the rule of law for the first time in the history of the planet. Converting a right into a privilege is sure as heck an abuse of the right — and requiring the abuse of our 4th, 5th,… Read more »

Rick P

The Second Amendment is a protection, not a right. It is a protection in that it is a law given to the Federal Government at it’s founding to obey forever! If the Federal Government manages to pull off the destruction of the Second Amendment by the majority vote of Subversives, then the Law shall remain but the Federal Government will have proven itself to be an outlaw regime and necessarily overthrown by free born Americans who understand and embrace the Second Amendment!

Wild Bill

@Rick P, The Second Amendment to the US Constitution is a God given, personal, Civil Right that is enshrined in the Bill of Rights. Yes, it does protect you, but it is a Right that protects you by trumping a law. Laws describe the powers or authorities that the “government” has. A Right protects you from the government exercising its power or authority against you.

Heed the Call-up

Wild Bill, I believe what Rick is stating is that the 2A isn’t the RKBA, but the guarantee of that right. Jefferson even stated such when he wrote that even without the 2A, we would still have the RKBA.

Wild Bill

@Heed, you are a fine apologist, and probably correct, but he confuses his concepts.

Rick P

Wild Bill, you are one of my favorite commenters here but I must argue with you on this subject. Civil Rights are rights granted by a benevolent, loving Government; Natural Rights are given by a benevolent, loving God. A benevolent, loving Government has never existed on this Earth with one exception, the founding of the United States of American. These strange men violated every rule of government which consisted of only three rules; one, gain power, two, consolidate power, three, return to rule one. The Constitution would not have been approved without the addition of the amendments to it. The… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Rick P, How are you defining Civil Right as opposed to natural right? This “…Civil Rights are rights granted by a benevolent, loving Government … ” thing is throwing me off the point of your presentation.

Mark Koernke

Because “civil rights” and Natural rights” are two very different creatures. Corporate/Admiralty Law of the British Crown versus Common Law of the people. The present court system is not an American Court system. It is foreign and under the War Powers Act of 1933. We are war booty. The WPA 1933 was NEVER retired. It is how all of the Police State does what it does. We are the declared enemy of the corporation. FDR did that. Buy more ammo. Liberty1775

Rick P

Benevolent, loving Government is a bit of sarcastic expression of my contempt for government Mark K. is correct in that there is only Article 1 courts, Admiralty jurisdiction, the law of the sea. Don’t believe this? Try to access an Article 3 court, can’t be done because there is no Common Law! There is no way to pay a debt or for anything. We discharge our obligation to pay with Federal Reserve notes but nothing is paid for! We can’t pay for anything with debt!! And so, we have only statutory law, not the honest law of Common Law but… Read more »


Nailed this subject. We must all stand together, wing shooters, game hunters, competition shooters and recreational shooters. If the 2A continues to be ‘infringed’ upon, we will all lose out. Rest assured the anti-gun crowd is out for every gun not just a select few. Get out and vote in pro 2A legislators!


Ms. Lightfoot is an NRA board member and part of the problem. When NRA spokespeople spend hours on NRA TV talking about social justice warriors and other culture war nonsense they divide us. What do the characters on Thomas the tank engine have to do with gun rights? Nothing. It’s red meat for a certain part of the electorate, but turns off at least some of those who support gun rights. The NRA cannot out of one side of it’s mouth say join us in unity and also waste so much energy and time on things that aren’t related to… Read more »


The biggest problem I see with gun owners is the self-division between the wing shooting crowd and gun collectors. I mean them symbolically. These are the people who see nothing objectionable about laws banning ARs, AKs, etc. But they insist, against ALL historical precedent, that gun ownership opposition will stop once that is accomplished. I suggest they study the Holocaust a bit more closely.

Michael Bane

She’s right. The battle has been joined, and we all need to get our heads on straight about this. AFTER we win, we can go back to picking ourselves apart over minutiae. AFTER we win, we can all go back to bitching about all the junk mail the NRA sends us. AFTER we win, we can laugh at other shooting sports, other types of hunters, other styles of instructors, people who insist on carrying X, Y or Z pistol, even nylon holsters. But if we DON’T win the ballot box and the jury box, there is only one box left.… Read more »


The shining city on the hill is a Yankee, collectivist utopian dream that we are fighting. Liberty is anything but a utopia because human beings do not have the capacity to create one. When in history has their been a utopia?