Anti-Gun Child, David Hogg, Gets Stuffed on Failed Recall Attempt of Critic ~ VIDEO


Immature Gun Banner David Hogg
Immature Gun Banner David Hogg

Fairfax, VA – -( Fortunes seem to rise and fall on Twitter with alarming regularity. But the platform may not be an equal opportunity soapbox, with some opinions reportedly getting more exposure than others and some speakers seemingly operating with greater impunity. That’s why it was refreshing this week to see the people of Waterville, Me. stand behind their Republican mayor, Nick Isgro, after an effort was launched to recall him from office. Mayor Isgro’s supposed offense? Calling gun control activist David Hogg to task in a tweet.

The story began last March when Fox News personality Laura Ingraham tweeted about Hogg’s rejection by several California universities, adding perhaps to lessen the sting that that it was “totally predictable given acceptance rates.”

Hogg responded by tweeting a list of the top advertisers on Ingraham’s show, encouraging his own hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers to contact them and threaten a boycott if the advertisers did not pull their support for the show.

Many of the advertisers reportedly did just that, and Ingraham later apologized to Hogg for her comments. Hogg, not accustomed to being the bigger man, did not accept the apology and continued his attempt to ruin Ingraham’s career.

Fox, however, stood by Ingraham, and she weathered the type of tempest in a teapot that has destroyed the careers of other, usually right-leaning, media personalities.

“We cannot and will not allow voices to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts,” a Fox executive stated.

Mayor Isgro took note of this by retweeting a message that stated, “Fox News president backs Laura Ingraham despite advertiser boycott over Parkland controversy.” He also added some editorializing of his own: “Eat it, Hogg.”

This sparked the predictable backlash from Democrats already opposed to Isgro’s administration, as well as from supporters of David Hogg, who apparently believe that the teenage gun control activist should be able to dish out critical or biting commentary but not have to take it. Needless to say, the effort was buoyed by their supporters in the left-leaning media, who characterized the mayor as “attacking” a young survivor of gun violence.

Democrat Karen Heck, a former mayor of Waterville, took things a step further by launching a recall effort against Isgro in April

To put Mayor Isgo’s comments in context, it’s important to understand that David Hogg is well known for calling out the targets of his activism in the most insulting terms possible, while wielding a very tenuous view of the law and facts underlying gun control and political activism. This has, of course, earned him accolades and fawning media coverage from people and entities predisposed to his point of view but somewhat constrained in their own rhetoric by the requirements of their professions and general (though continually declining) norms of adult behavior.

Hogg, needless to say, is entitled to exercise his First Amendment rights.

David Hogg Got Stuffed

And we’re entitled to point out that he just got stuffed in yet another attempt by Democrat activists to torpedo the life and career of a person who dared to give one of their own a taste (albeit significantly watered-down) of his own medicine.

It should be noted that Mayor Isgro did not escape from the situation totally unscathed. He did apparently lose his banking job in the fray.

Nevertheless the people of Waterville were not swayed by what Mayor Isgro characterized as an effort that “well-connected and wealthy political elites” started “with their friends in the media and dark money funded outsiders who do not live in our city … .”  Waterville sided with their democratically elected mayor, rather than the selectively self-righteous, Internet-fueled mob.

Whether this augurs a decline in David Hogg’s ability to influence outcomes in the non-virtual world remains to be seen. But it certainly gives him something to chew on in the meantime.

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Tim Weston

Again little boy David why don’t you just shut up. All you want is publicity who’s been paying for you cussing out all your elders? That is the big question. You want something for nothing yes you were a victim of the school but you weren’t there like you already said so live up to what you’re supposed to do and shut up about the rest. I will not call you a mister because you haven’t grown up enough to be called a mister.

Donald L. Cline

It may not be pertinent that the term “Get stuffed!” in Australia means the same thing as “Get F—ed!” in the United States.


Hogg has had his 15 minutes of fame. Now it’s time to ignore him and let him disappear into the dustbin of history. We are being trolled by the little punk and his handlers. Block him and move on.


Is this guy a HOMO? He sure looks like one and what words I have heard him say indicates he is mentally unstable.


he has the kind of face you could bitch slap all day! i bet he was home schooled,there’s no way this little prick would have made it 12 years in a public school.


This is exactly the type of student that the liberal academics are indoctrinating in our schools every day, churning them out by the thousands to infect our republic. Go and try to find a conservative educator at any level of education from kindergarten through graduate school. They don’t exist.


This FAKE SURVIVOR, who was never in any danger because he was in a different building.
He was on MSNBC last night running his mouth off about ‘common sense background checks’.
Fact is the gunman purchased the rifle legally and followed all laws until he made the decision to fire in the building.


he’s even faker than that. he said repeatedly that he was home, and he grabbed his camera and got on his bike and went to the school because he heard something was going on.


“a young survivor of gun violence”…..His OWN WORDS He was not even there! He was going to get his camera!


With some coaching (from big money mouths) lite Hogg y is on the roll to be a BIG flop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A fool is one that has no idea what they are talking about!

Missouri Born

Hogg is a product where all the little kids who played t-ball or soccer were in a league where no score was kept and at the end of the season all the kids got a trophy.
He doesn’t understand winners and losers and probably never had his butt spanked.


This is one foul mouthed little snot. Could you imagine what would come down on an adult using that kind of language, from the right or left? I think it’s time to raise the voting age to 25 which is the age most brain specialists claim people reach maturity. (Although from current behavioral norms I tend to doubt that.)


Give the kid a trophy and a juice box, hopefully he’ll go away…


I refuse to share ANYTHING this douchewaffle is involved with or shows a pic of his ugly ass. His 15 have gone on too long. Someone needs to snap him in half like the twigboy he is and flush his ass.


Where does his financial support come from?
– – – Wonder why he tells everyone else to bend over

Wild Bill

Poor little skraling. Fingernail biter. Soft hands. No muscle tone. Rejected by a institutions of higher learning. Doesn’t want to work for a living. I guess that it makes perfect sense that he would want to go into democrat politics. I feel sorry for him. I really do, but he is just one more reason to vote against the democrat socialists of America.

Timothy Weston

Again little boy David you have no clue as to what you’re talking about grow up quit cussing your elders and be a man about it instead of a little baby. every time you open your mouth s*** falls out of it so shut up and go back home and be a baby in your own life


He should drop dead, a real piece of shit..

terry ralston

I DONTadvocate this but he really is jepardising his life, someone may shoot him. He should be careful what he says. Although I could care less if it happens. THOUGH I DONT ADVOCATE THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOUR.

James McQuillan Jr

Eric, I would love to help him out with that.


If he were to drop dead, I would not attend the funeral. But I would send a very nice letter, assuring them that I approve of it.

Wild Bill

@JoeUS, If he were to suddenly drop dead, I would offer my back 40 woods to them that done it! Yotes gotta eat, too.

Jenny Ziegler

All because his mommy works for CNN is the only reason why he went on air. The f***ed up media. His father worked with guns every day. Its amazing that someone who’s father is a law officer has this problem with guns. You can tell He’s a mommys boy. He needs to shut up or be taken to some other countries with the need to have a weapon to survive. You are one f***ed up person. Leave the NRA alone!!!!

Douglas Kuykendall

What is this cnn you speak of.Is that the communist news network his mammy works at,at least she has a job I suppose,better than what her son has,if it is her son.Me myself wouldn’t claim him at all. She probably don’t claim him


Its amazing that someone who’s father is a law officer has this problem with guns. He DOES NOT have a problem with guns… his problem is WHO HAS THEM? Guys like his pappy can have them. HE can have them, His armed body guards can have them. But you and I cannot. That tells me he is backed by some people who do not want you and I to be able to resist their applied force as they attempt to tell us how we should live. Soon enough he will come up against a hard, solid, tall wide wall of… Read more »

Eugenio Velez

David Hogg is a teenager who is having his 15 minutes by faking his actual experiences. I’m a Vietnam veteran who was really under fire every day of my tour and has never cry about it.


Welcome Home Brother ! Thank you for your service !


Why did mayor Isgo delete the tweet? Sounds like backtracking to me….

terry ralston

twitter made him. it probably has happened to most conservitives

terry ralston

I think the mayor should sue the bank. I do believe that the behaviour of the bank is inappropiate. This should never be grounds for firing someone. If you did this on company time thats one thing but there should be extra stiff penalties for companies that behave in this manner. who are they to say if you work here you cannot have an opinion off or on the job as long as it doesnt interfere with the daily running of the business. I run a business with employees and if they have opinions that i dont agree with, in… Read more »

Jesse Vasquez

And the Media keeps calling him a survivor, yet by his own admission, he was home, according to what he said. Then he rode his bike back to the school.
That is what “he” told the Media.
You can’t be a survivor if you were not there, it would be like me saying I survived the Vietnam War, just because I enlisted during that time.


Actually, I equate it to me having survived the Korean War. I showed up short of 30 years later and served in Korea but all of the really dangerous stuff was in the past.


@2AMolonLabe You sound like my Dad. He feels that just because he got drafted and spent 2 years in Oklahoma (H/T Fort Sill) that his service didn’t count. You were’t in a hot war, but I’m pretty sure you fought in the cold war. I spent a lot of time chasing Soviet subs around. Never sank one, but we served too.

Mr. Hog would do well to at least go through boot camp.

terry ralston

I was in the cold war in Germany and i did chase east germans and soviets around the east west border. we went on alert at least 2 or3 times a month and we were locked and loaded. This was no game, it was real scary


Yeah, I have fond memories of going out the back gate in our Sheridans at 0200. It was a bad time in the US Army. Our troop was so understrength we had to conscript mechanics just to get two men in a track, driver and TC.


US Army in Germany in the 70’s. Race riots. Bader Manhof gang running around. Big bad Russian bear a stones throw away. Kids today have no idea. And it wasn’t even that long ago. What the heck are they teaching in school? Gender studies and how to be offended if someone looks at you funny. Hogg is a result. Are we doomed?


I had my fun in Korea , 1967-68 and got to feel ashamed of a US Navy captain who surrendered the Pueblo; I was born in a Navy Hospital and grew up in a Navy family and I KNOW Navy History.
I served in the Army from 1966-1969.
NRA member and proud of it !!


I have to agree. Calling him a survivor is simply not true. If you weren’t on the school grounds your life was not at risk. Glorifying him as a survivor is disgusting and an insult to the real survivors.


Hogg is just that a hog trying always too get airtime! He is nothing but uniformed piece of shit!!! Hey david Hogg VOTE RED


That was a false flag shooting for sure and Hogg really is a crisis actor. I saw and read the facts. People were shot, but it was still a false flag for gun control. One of the teachers saw the actual shooter and he was a cop dressed in full armor. Two female students said there was more than one shooter. Another student was waking with the accused shooter when they both heard shots. She said to him, If you were not with me right now, I would have thought that was you out there shooting. This was all on… Read more »


David Hogg is certainly an uninformed little twat, but your comment is idiotic.

Bernie Wood

Probably paid by george soros


No “probably” about it.


He lost his job at the bank. Sickening. Continual gutless responses which serve to silence decent people. While emboldening rude pot shot artists.

Anthony Marshall

David Hogg is an a****** why doesn’t take responsibility of bullying cruise at the school which cost for shooting he doesn’t say much about that does he because he knows what happened at that school and why Cruz shot it up because she was bullied by David and his friends


Seams like this little under informed has been left sitting too many dirty diapers by his mommy. His 15 mins of fame will fade. Just like the reality of his future.

terry ralston

learn how to write proper sentences

Wild Bill

It seems as if Hogg was an unwanted child, and a product of Benjamin Spock’s theories.