Big Win For Hunters: CA Governor Vetoes Anti-Hunting Proposal

Elephant Herd
Elephant Herd

California-( California Gov. Edmund G. (Jerry) Brown Jr. vetoed a bill that would have prevented hunters from possessing and in some cases importing the named African species in the bill, including parts and products, lawfully harvested in Africa.

“Safari Club International recognizes California Governor Jerry Brown for vetoing Senate Bill 1487, legislation that would prohibit the people of California from importing and possessing a several species legally hunted in countries in Africa,” said SCI President Paul Babaz. “SCI also applauds the sportsmen and women who voiced their opposition to Governor Brown. Without your phone calls and support, this misguided piece of legislation might have been signed into law. SCI also thanks the California Coalition for spearheading the months-long effort to stop this anti-hunting bill.”

The bill targeted elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos and an additional six species – some of which are neither listed on the Endangered Species Act’s endangered/threatened lists or CITES Appendices I or II.

The authors of the bill relied on emotion rather than science to craft anti-hunting restrictions, which were neither necessary nor remotely beneficial for the species identified in SB 1487.

The bill would have discouraged Californians from legally hunting outside the U.S. and participating in the community-based conservation efforts that are succeeding in Africa.

SCI works with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and participates in international treaties like CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) to ensure that regulatory decisions related to trade in wildlife, including hunting trophies, are based on sound science rather than emotion.

This veto is a significant setback for anti-hunting legislators and a great win for hunters throughout the country. SCI continues to work with other hunting/conservation groups and state legislatures to prevent passage of restrictive laws and policies that are detrimental to hunters and wildlife conservation.

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Patty Shenker

Governor Brown caved in to a minority of selfish, heartless people & their powerful but corrupt gun lobbyist when he vetoed this bill. This bill was about science- the science of imminent extinctions for many African species, due greatly to these impotent hunters who thrill in killing & showing off their kill. I am deeply disappointed & outraged at the governor’s lack of care for this serious & tragic situation. Hunters put the ‘con’ in conservation & that is the truth!


You can go to Africa and kill a legal animal and bring it back in the state of California, but you can’t cros the state line and legally kill a mountain lion and bring it back into California. Does this make sense ?

John Galt

And exactly when does defiance kick in?


Dont hold your breath celebrating. As soon as Newsom gets in this November watch for every and I mean every anti gun, hunting, freedom bill to be passed. The game is to pass these laws and let the firearms groups sue and drag it through the liberal courts for 10 years.