Car Crash Ends With Argument, Driver Shot In Ankle

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Car Crash Ends With Argument, Driver Shot In Ankle

USA –-( Twin reports 09-21-18 St, Paul, Minnesota, a minor car accident in downtown ended with a confrontation and a driver being shot in the ankle on Thursday, according to Sgt. Mike Ernster of the St. Paul Police.

When Officers responded to the 7:25 p.m. accident scene, a 35-year-old motorist told police that he had been stopped at the light at Seventh and Robert streets when a red four-door vehicle struck his vehicle.

The suspect kept going and the victim followed him to Ninth and Robert streets. That’s where the offending driver suddenly stopped and exited his vehicle.

The drivers got into a verbal argument with each other as the offending driver denied striking the other vehicle. The victim whose vehicle was struck said the other driver suddenly pulled out a gun and started shooting at him. [Surprise!]

After the victim was hit in the ankle, the victim ducked behind his own car. He drew his legal concealed firearm and returned fire.

The suspect fled the scene on foot and was not found. A woman, who was a passenger in the suspect’s vehicle, drove away.

Paramedics took the victim to Regions Hospital, where he was treated for a non-life threatening injury.


Apparently another case of “Road Rage”. This is why citizens carry firearms for self-defense. Clearly if he had not been armed, he would be dead.

That being said, consider driving away when the perp stopped and calling 911 with his description and plate number would have saved the victim here a lot of time and paperwork.

I’ve worked on a few cases over the years wherein after a minor fender bender, the offended driver pursues “To get the license number”. When these end up in a shooting – who was the aggressor?

Let the police do the chasing!

Bob Irwin
Bob Irwin

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

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  • 14 thoughts on “Car Crash Ends With Argument, Driver Shot In Ankle

    1. How long did it take the St. Paul PD to show up? Is Corky Finny no longer Chief of Police? Is Sgt Wanda “Wombat” Le Blanc retired? What is going on with that PD?

    2. The question should rather be who first presented a threat of physical harm to the other? Remember the old rhyme: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

      Calling 911 was the better course of action once he obtained the tag number and description of the car and, if possible, the driver. He most likely will not confront someone like this again. And did he feel comfortable doing this because he was carrying a “talisman” in the form of a firearm?

      1. Roy, I seriously doubt that he pursued the vehicle because he was CC. I believe it is a normal reaction when one is the victim of a hit and run, so as to identify the vehicle. In this story the driver of the vehicle that hit him was the one to initiate the assault, and also pull a firearm and begin shooting, not the victim.

        Since I got my CC, I am even more passive in how I handle issues, not that I was ever aggressive, but I tend to let things roll off my back even more so now. I was and still am nonviolent. It took a lot of thought and numerous discussions with a relative, now a former LEO, who convinced me to get a CC. He explained that it is my responsibility to protect his sister, not his nor LE. He explained how LE will not be there to protect me and mine and it was up to me to do that. I have had a few incidents occur in and around my property, which is in what is considered a very safe neighborhood, that also helped convince me that his argument for being armed is wise and reasonable.

        Thankfully I haven’t been a victim of a hit and run. I, too, would still most likely chase after the offender in order to identify the vehicle – that’s just a sense of “right and wrong”, nothing to do with my being armed. Most of the time, due to my work, I am not carrying; so that clearly is not the reason, since I would most likely still not be armed.

        1. On 6-26-17 I was ran off of I-40 by Richard James Tate of 940 S Berry Trail Ct, Copper Canyon, TX (214) 226-6062. He was driving a one ton pickup and pulling a travel trailer. It was only a miracle that I didn’t wreck and was seriously hurt. I got him to stop about a half mile from the incident spot. I had to go up to him and after talking for about one minute he rolled up his window and roared off almost running over my feet in the process. I went back to my car while dialing the OHP. I had to catch up to him fleeing the scene at 80 mph. He was doing the speed limit, 70 mph, prior to the incident.. I remained on the line with the OHP and finally caught up about four miles down the road. He did not contact the OHP until he realized that I had seen his tag number. I know this because I could hear in real time the other dispatcher in the background taking his call. We pulled over at a truckstop and waited for the Trooper for about 40 minutes. Tate received a citation and apparently a talking to. Been there , done that. Was wearing my CCW at the time and had a trunk full of guns because I was going shooting at a friends place in the countryside. Of course if I leave my property I am carrying. I have been carrying for forty years, almost half of that with the state’s blessing. I have been assaulted twice in the last five and a half years and pulled my gun both times. Thankfully the thug chose to desist each time so no shots fired. And my PD concurred with my actions both times. Been there, done that too. My firearm is not a “talisman”, it is a tool.

          1. Roy, in your first post you claimed that a law-abiding citizen would pursue only if armed with his/her “talisman”, and then assault the offender. Now in this post you claim that you are always armed and pursued an offender, but didn’t assault the person and claim that your firearm is not a “talisman”, but a tool. My belief, based on your posts, is that you are the tool.

            Your MO is the same as every other anti-rights person, you imply that you are the only one allowed to have the rights as protected by our constitution, the rest of us must be subjugated. My belief is just the opposite, the government should abrogate the rights of those that wish that upon us, and “allow” us to have our rights as protected by our constitution.

            1. Roy, no, I stated what I thought of your posts. I hold your opinion in as much regard as I do all other ignorant, Leftist trolls. Your posts are about as meaningful as fish farts and as realistic. As a typical Leftist, you believe you have rights that you wish to deny others. You can rant and rave and use ad hominem attacks, but that just is further proof of how ignorant and wrong your views are.

      2. Leave the “talisman” slur out.

        My guess is that the law abiding one who got hit was not trying to settle a score, only to identify the one causing the damage to his car, a thing we are REQUIRED to do when two cars collide. The fact that he did not present immediately he reached the other driver when stopped tels me he did not have violence in view as he persued. He presumed from the start that the other driver would be decent and responsible. It was the hitter that quickly escalated things to deadly force time. Good job the perp is a rotten shot, else our driver here would be dead right there.

        Yes, get the number plate and report that. But I’ve had deadly force brought against me whilst I’ve been out on a road bike, I got the nubmer plate, called sheriff who eventually arrived at the scene. Turns out a witness in a car observed what had happened, and persued the other car just long enough to get the number plate. He returned to where I was, and waited for the coppers to arrive. He took down the report, and ran the number plate, claims later he attended the address of record, found the subject vehicle, but the four rat youths would not declare who was the driver. So the sheriff droppd it all.
        He did have other recourse, but elected to do nothing, which he did quite well. How much longer before those four punks attack another innocent and cause serious harm or death?

        Too often the coppers fail to follow thorugh in these situations. That reinforces the bad behaviour. “Hey that was fun, let’s see who else we can endanger”. Cyclists and others have been killed by these perps.

          1. Roy, because in your post you meant it as such to demean law-abiding citizens that are also firearm owners. Your negative post makes your feelings about law-abiding citizens quite clear.

            1. Thank you. I now know that you are someone whos ability to think logically does not exist. You also apparently like to talk out of your ass.

          2. @Roy D. the word talisman connotes a device with false protective qualities that gives the holder a false sense of security. A firearm has real, actual protective, not imagined, qualities. There for you either misused the word talisman because you did not know what it means or you intended to convey an untruth.

            1. In the case in question, the possessor decides what qualities his firearm possesses. My question is if he might have thought it gave him powers he did not possess himself. This is not an unheard of occurrence with some of those who carry firearms. Perhaps the question was too hard or hit too close to home for some.

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