New Cryptocurrency Project Targets the Gun Industry Business

Original Crypto Coin is relaunching as a new “gun friendly” digital currency called TUSC.

Original Crypto Coin
Original Crypto Coin

Salt Lake City, UT – -( Original Crypto Coin (OCC) announced today that they will be relaunching their ERC-20 token project on their own “gun friendly” blockchain called TUSC (The Universal Settlement Coin).

Rob McNealy, OCC’s Cofounder, said: “As gun owners, and ardent defenders of the right to self-defense, we know that the gun industry is constantly under attack. We wanted to create a gun-centric crypto to act as a “continuity of business” payment system for gun retailers.”

“Due to their decentralized nature, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies simply can’t be shut down by “activist” banks.”

McNealy said: “We are in the dial-up modem stage of cryptocurrency, however, a recent poll showed that half of all millennials are interested in cryptocurrency, and up to 18% already own them. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are the future.”

Original Crypto Coin has recruited a new development team and many new advisors to oversee the transition to their new blockchain. More detailed announcements about the transition will be made over the next few months.

About Original Crypto Coin

Original Crypto Coin, L3C is registered as a “low profit” L3C company in the state of Utah, USA. OCC’s stated mission is to educate people about using crypto currency. When they launched, OCC distributed 56 billion tokens for free in the largest “no strings attached” self-drop in crypto history.

  • 40 thoughts on “New Cryptocurrency Project Targets the Gun Industry Business

    1. @DP:

      I previously owned a tactical supply company, so I’m far from a noob in this industry.

      I’d be happy to discuss marketing and branding strategy with you offline with you if you actually wanted to support TUSC. But if you are just going to troll, I have a project to grow.

      At some point you need to decide what’s a better use of your time, growing your own project, or trashing ours?

      1. Well good for you sir. First, Guncoin is NOT my project, I am a coin owner for many years as are others who have posted for GUN here. Next, no one here is trashing your coin/project, only defending false accusations against a coin that has been around for many years. Finally, if you need help from the Guncoin team, they have an email address and various social media outlets that you can contact them through if you like. I assume they know of you and the others, but have seen no mention of you in any of their outlets. I am sure they think like me, that each coin should stand on their own. You are correct, however in that this is an industry that needs many more payment options.

    2. This is Great.
      Rebranding from OCC to TUSC.

      Excellent idea Team.
      We are excited for the launch of “Gun Friendly” Cryptocurrency coin, TUSC

    3. Why have a failed crypto currency, be re-tooled and claimed to be for firearms??

      Don’t fall for it, they are hype and grasping at straws. Guncoin has been around for 4 years, and has always supported gun owners. It’s stable, survived crypto crashes and hack attempts. for more info.

      1. I am Rob McNealy a co-founder of OCC/TUSC. Your characterization as a failed currency is inaccurate as it is malicious. OCC was never a currency, it was always a token. A token which is fulfilling it stated mission as outlined in our white paper and roadmap. The transition to a gun friendly currency is an evolution, not a grasp.

        Our community is also vibrant. It went from zero to 10x the size of GunCoin’s in a year. Our dev team has seven developers now. Again, we are growing. If GunCoin had the market share and customer base you claim, you would not be so concerned about our project; you’d be ignoring us. Maybe you should spend time supporting and growing GunCoin instead of spreading lies and FUD about ours?

        I have no issue with GunCoin. To me, the world is better off with competeing cryptos. However, please don’t spread lies.

        1. I do not think anyone is trying to trash your coin or token any more than someone is trying to trash GUNCOIN with false information to belittle it as you just did again. Guncoin has been around for many years and has real transactions made with it. This new recycled coin cannot make that claim. Someday maybe they will. You will find as GUN has discovered that the firearms community is skeptical and unsure of crypto in general even though it makes perfect sense. The fact that you grew 10x and have dozens of developers is great – all that means is that you had a lot of bucks to start with recently. Lets see how your team and community fairs over the next 4 years and then compare coins again.

          Guncoin Is a Neoscrypt coin and is ASIC proof . Guncoin is extremely fast and compatible with the Lightning Network and up to bitcoin core 0.16.3 now. And if you read the forums, you know the current Guncoin is the primary coin, but only the first of a family of coins to come. You are correct, more is better, you are number 4 for firearms by my count. GUN was first, a second one failed and disappeared and the 3rd is still being developed (for the past year as a matter of fact.

        2. @RobMcNealy, thanks for additional info re TUSC.

          Re “GunCoin”, living in a radical blue state, I would much prefer to hold cryptocurrency labeled “TUSC” than “GunCoin”. I wouldn’t want the progressive-socialist-communists here coming after me because I hold currency intended only to be spent on “violent dangerous things”. Obviously I think they’re full of crap, but I still don’t need to paint an additional target on myself. (besides, maybe over time more vendors will accept TUSC than GunCoin, making it more liquid?)

          1. Thanks.

            We have no issue with GunCoin. We are just going a very different directionwith our project than they are. We need more people willing to stand up to defend our liberties.

            We thought more generic branding made more sense as well.

            We are developing some major partnerships out of the gate, and hope to make some announcements about them soon.

            We also plan to have at least ecommerce payment gateway available by the time we launch.

            Thanks for the support.

            1. Rob,

              Seems like the anonymity of the Internet lets a lot of people spit venom. I’m of the mind that anything that can help the 2A stay strong and have other uses as well is a good thing.

              Hope your blockchain business does great things and you guys are a huge success. Keep up the good work.

          2. OK, first – how would anyone know you have a crypto wallet of any kind? Why does the tricky name help that? Next, if you are going to operate in the firearms community and the real world, hiding behind a generic name is ridiculous. The whole world will know who you are and what your purpose is. If you think you can hide that or shield it from public view you are in for a serious wakeup call. You can expect serious, I mean serious attacks of all kinds, all the time from Alt left types who are VERY well funded. I hope this recycled coin has a lot of money devoted to protecting the coin. I am not going to disclose what these “bad guys” do, but GUNCOIN has survived it all and is well-prepared to handle any potential threats as any good crypto currency should be. Partnerships mean nothing, if you can not protect your coin and your community which GUNCOIN has successfully done for many years.

      2. New innovations overtake old inventions every day.

        TUSC has a better management team in my opinion and a team with better management will succeed more than one with a better idea.

      3. LOL,, OCC/TUSC better than your coin,, OCC/TUSC have large community, just leave your coin n inves your money to OCC,, that will make your life more better, n get your lambo soon

    4. A cryptocurrency for firearms purchasing and gun enthusiasts is a great idea.
      That said… Guncoin has been available since 2014 and working on being just that.
      To the naysayers of digital currency… it is a great idea to diversify your holdings, cryptos are basically here to stay, and can offer options that physical metals cannot.
      Also, if one has a graphics card, they can earn GUN while they help process transactions by mining.

    5. Why waste time with a new Crypto Currency when Guncoin (GUN) has been around for over 4 years and is using state of the art technology? I mean why take the risk on a new crypto when it is common knowledge that the vast majority of them are all hype it up as the price shoots up and then die after 6 months. Guncoin can be found at and you can see there history on some of the forums as proof they are not a newbie coin or fly by night here just to pump and dump like most new coins are.

      1. It’s not a waste of time. Guncoin has been under development for years, and is still not ready for market. The gun industry is under attack and needs a solution NOW!

        Additionally, Guncoin is using a slow POW algorithm, which requires ASIC miners to operate, which are only made by one company in China. If they launch, that’s great. The more cryptos out there the better.

        1. GUNCOIN is NOT under development as you claim – they are ready and being used NOW. Your ignorance or lack of research on Guncoin amazes me. It uses a state of the art Neoscrypt algorithm that is ASIC proof – no ASIC can be used to mine Guncoin (not sure where you got that from, as that is all over their site) – only GPUs to level the playing field, so any one can mine it and get coins. It is VERY fast with the current Bitcoin Core 0.16.3 code base, SEGWIT activated and being tested on the lightning network and already compatible. The lead programmer/developer is the same at Feathercoin – one of the leaders in the crypto industry. Additionally, they have documented real sales on and has approved GUNCOIN as a payment option for those who want to sell their items their that way. So again, GUNCOIN is a REAL current technology option available and being used today – NOT a recycled coin available for you to try out sometime in the future.

          1. How would I get to start mining GunCoin? I have a CPU that is available. I buy on and could use it there! Thanks!

            1. Guncoin has their own mining pool and there are literally dozens of others. It is even popular with the autoswitch pools. I mine at From the recent stats, that pool is getting about 1/3 of the blocks and coins. Mining fee is minimal at 0.5%

      2. The OCC/TUSC team is made up of actual entrepreneurs and have already successfully launched a token into the market. They did not do an illegal ICO or any pump and dumps. By the tone of your FUD (dear, uncertainty, & doubt), you must be from the GunCoin group and are upset about competition. GunCoin can’t seem to launch and are using outdated tech. Focus on your project instead of badmouthing people that get things done.

        1. LOL, Guncoin launched over 4 years ago and has stayed current with technology ever since and has regular transactions documented on The coin is SEGWIT activated and compatible with the lightning network… LOL, where is there a failure to launch there or outdated technology? Who is trying to trash the competition here…..Guncoin has a solid history of staying up with technology and listening to their community – that all is clearly documented anywhere you go on the Internet. SO I would encourage reviewers to make their own assessments and compare the two coins as they are today and their history. You have a coin that has survived and prospered for over 4 years (Guncoin) with the same team in place that got it there. Or you have a coin, died with hundreds of other altcoins being retooled by many of the same people who let is fail the first time into a new coin. While I applaud their ingenuity in trying again, I would also to viewers, watch out.

    6. Until the grid goes down and rakes all digital info with it. I am investing in semi-precious metals these days- – – brass, copper, lead.

      1. The OCC/TUSC team are preppers that have precious metals too.

        You should not hold crypto in the place of precious metals, you should hold crypto to complement them.

        Grids will likely not be down forever, or across the entire planet for that matter. And cryptos can be shared person to person.

        Also, cryptos are better than gold and silver in some cases. For example, if you commit your wallet seed phases to memory, you can cross borders without be shaken down or have your wealth stolen, which is common among refugees and people bugging out in a crisis.

    7. This is great news.
      It opens up multiple opportunities especially with some banks jumping on the leftest bandwagon.

    8. This is great…. an excellent in yer face to the big banks and their corruption.

      But my question remains this: WHY are not our Federal protectors taking decisive and aggressive action against banks which try to make laws then enforce them, which laws are directly counter to our COnstitution?
      Sure, no business can be FORCED to deal with any given customer, but to hold themselves out as rendering certain services to all, then deciding those engaging in certain constitutinally protected activites are “unworthy” of their services flies in the face of all this nation represents. WHERE are the Feds in this mess?

    9. Thanks but no thanks. I will stick to the almighty dollar to purchase anything. Hasn’t anyone learned anything from the last fiasco with Bit coins. I think this type of stuff is the breeding grounds for scams.

    10. Will the Bank of Nigeria run the program? No crypto for me.
      Gold Pressed:Latinum for me, it can’t be replicated.

    11. The questions remain: 1. Where can we buy it? 2. How do we hold it securely? 3. Who is making a market in it? 4. What retailers are accepting it for guns?

    12. Finding a Market Niche is key in every industry. Original Crypto Coin branching to TUSC will be a great untouched Niche in the Blockchain World.

    13. I’m excited about this! No more worrying about what the banking “guild” will try to pull next on the gun industry.

    14. I love OCC/TUSC. It’s uncommon for many cryptos to have a solid platform and mission and this is one I support 100%!

    15. This is an idea whose time has come. Activist banks can’t ruin an entire market segment and not expect that market segment to seek other avenues.

    16. This is an obvious choice. There are too many advantages for buying weapons this way to list. Well done!

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