Democrats Want a $1 TRILLION Tax Increase, Yeah It’s True


Chuck Schumer Smiling
Chuck Schumer Smiling

USA – -( Why is that man smiling? He proposed a $1 TRILLION tax increase!

Here are the specifics.

  • Increase the top marginal income tax rate from 37 percent to 39.6 percent.
  • Increase the corporate income tax rate from 21 percent to 25 percent.
  • Bring back the alternative minimum tax (AMT) for 4 million families.
  • Cut the “death tax” standard deduction in half.

The effect will be to blow a hole in the economy and drop economic growth back to anemic Obama era numbers. That is the Democrats plan, you know… destroy the economy so they can win in 2020.

So the next line I get when I mention this fact is that it is fake news intended just to scare votes.

Well I’d suggest you simply search for it on Bing (I am not using Google any longer). For those of you who may doubt me here is a link.

So why Forbes? Because the MSM liberal news outlets don’t want you to know about the Democrats’ plans!

Liberals have to hide their plans from the populace in order to get elected. If this was covered Nationally say the same way Stormy Daniels is covered the left would lose seats in November. So their media keep it quiet.

This is why AmmoLand News matters and why you HAVE to get out and vote.

You think this is bad… Have you seen the Democrats’ Semi-Automatic firearms ban? Rifle, Shotgun, many pistols. Almost all Semi-Autos will be banned if they get their way.

So share this on social media, make sure that people know what the Democrats are really planning.

Don’t let Nancy Pelosi be Speaker of the House again!

Nancy Pelosi If I had My Way
Nancy Pelosi – If I had My Way

About Don McDougall

Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range, you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

  • 21 thoughts on “Democrats Want a $1 TRILLION Tax Increase, Yeah It’s True

    1. Hey Buck Obama really tried it while he was in 0ffice only Hillary didn’t get elected and they have completely lost it since Trump was, and they haven’t found enough drugs to get them totally WASTED, that’s why they are trying to get POT legal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. This is NO joke! These marxists want to turn the greatest Nation on Earth, into a third world shithole and it’s citizens into their slaves!

    2. What is really great for the Left is all of the hand-outs, they give to anybody that doesn’t want to work all to slug countries that they say needs help; What about our seniors? Social Security on the verge of being broke, they hand out that like candy to illegals, drug addicts, and they help subsides the all so popular welfare system. What is really the bite is that seniors finally do get to retire end up having to buy supplement drug and medical insurance while they just hand out all of the money to anyone who doesn’t deserve it!!!!!! All they want is for you to work pay taxes then drop dead you serve no useful purpose to them if you want to retire!!!!!!!

    3. Hey Nancy, You will be sending innocent police, armed services members or however to their demise. You WILL NOT CONFISCATE our GUNS, PERIOD. You elites think you could do it, however you will need a crap load more of those folks, because they will be gone. The only way my guns will be taken is out of my cold dead hands. That will be OK because I am a PATRIOT of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, I will give my life to STOP YOU and you will NOT TREAD ON ME. The NEW CIVIL WAR will begin, if not sooner, and there is enough of us GOOD GUYS out here to put a stop to it.
      As far as taxes are concerned, stick your increases you know where. The RIGHT has had enough! You make me SICK!

    4. I’m afraid Chiefton isn’t wrong. The Civil War was initiated, in large part, by the devided Dread Scott decision, a very contentious Supreme Court case. It can happen again. This time, the divisions won’t be regional, but ideological.

      1. The “civil war” Which SHOULD be known as “The WAR of NORTHERN AGGRESSION” was started by the North that was greedy for taxes imposed on the Southern States through Tariffs on imports and high taxes on exports.
        There NEVER ANY JUSTIFICATION for that war in the Constitution, and Licoln intiated the war by lying about removing federal troops from the South. The Southern states had as MUCH RIGHT to with draw from the Union as the original Colony’s had to withdraw from England.

    5. Half the country doesn’t pay income tax so they don’t care. They are looking for the ‘free’ handout from the people who do pay taxes.

    6. Oh, and a great big duh. That’s what they are about. Becoming richer while making everyone poorer and more controllable. Communism at it’s finest!

    7. The Constitution has become a pain in the side to Democrats. The sooner they can nullify it the happier they will be. If the SCOTUS continues to allow the Democrat’s assaults on the Constitution then the only way left to defend what our forefathers etched in stone is through civil war. It would be the second one started by the Democrats and is a very scary thought. I beg the SCOTUS to do their job and defend our Constitution before it is too late. I pray our country never again sees what took place in the mid 1800’s.

    8. Back in 1900 federal taxes were only 1% of GDP! And only 1% of Americans worked for the federal government! But now 70% of all money’s made gets paid to the government and 25% plus work for the government. You do the math. We already live in a socialist country.

    9. The congress is never satisfied with how much tax they put on citizens, if they want more money to spend then they shouldn’t be paid a salary as most in congress are millionaires they can use that money to waste.

      1. @MB, I concur, and that proposed Corporate Tax increase just gets passed on to the consumer. So we pay the corporate tax, too! Corporate tax is a slick deception.

        1. Agree! Just the mere threat of tariffs on imported steel saw prices jump 10% or more on many items made of steel in the “home improvement” store where l work.

          State jobs here are prized for easy hours, great pay and benefits, and PERS that will have you living like a king in your retirement. Guess who pays those taxes. The rest of us.

    10. I want to raise taxes, no one should pay zero taxes. To quote Barry Oboma, “Everyone should have skin in the game”. If any gets increased they all should get an increase. That way everyone feels it and politicians would not be able to increase without swift reprisal from everyone!

      1. The problem is, nearly 50% of Americans pay no taxes. The burden is on the top 50% of wage earners. Easy for lower income groups to vote to increase the others’ taxes?! The ONLY fair way is a flat tax. EVERYONE pays the same. EVERYONE has ‘skin in the game’.

      2. HEY WHO do you “think” actually pays Corporate taxes? GUESS what gets added to the cost of manufacturing the product , along with raw materials, labor, transportation and all the rest. It ALL gets passed down the line to the consumer.
        It IS time to QUIT handing out money to able bodied people, to quit supporting babies with no father, to QUIT handing out tax payer money to foreign countries and it is time to ONLY pay for politicians for the time they are ACTUALLY in session and NOT while on extended vacations.

      3. I want no one to pay income taxes. The fact that people think the federal government has a right to the fruits of our labor is the problem. They should stick to constitutional spending and the enumerated laws and we wouldn’t be hearing about any of this.

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