Introducing the GutDaddy for Safer, Cleaner, Faster Field Dressing

GutDaddy Field Dressing Kit
GutDaddy Field Dressing Kit

USA – -( Field dress a big-game animal faster, safer and more effectively with the new, patented GutDaddy field-dressing kit. Unlike anything else on the market, the GutDaddy is a game changer, solving the common problems hunters encounter when cleaning a game animal in the field.

GutDaddy Field Dressing Kit

Thoughtfully designed, this compact, all-in-one kit features everything from well-placed posts to secure the animal’s legs in an ideal gutting position, to rib hooks and a set of knives, all secured in a durable scabbard.

Bowhunters, rifle hunters, Western spot-and-stalk hunters, Midwestern treestand sitters and every hunter in between will appreciate the GutDaddy’s useful design.

Pat Palmer, the inventor of the GutDaddy and CEO of Dark Moon Hunting, has a passion for hunting and the outdoors and a desire to share that with others.

Palmer designed the GutDaddy out of a desire to make the old field-dressing process safer, faster and cleaner for himself and others.

“I was tired of trying to cut on an animal that was flopping around and not stable,” Palmer said. “I knew there had to be an easier way, and so I began the process of designing the GutDaddy.”

During the creation of the GutDaddy, Palmer focused on making a strong and durable all-in-one case that encompassed everything a hunter would need to get the job done.

GutDaddy Field Dressing Kit
GutDaddy Field Dressing Kit

The GutDaddy Case cradles the animal securely in place, the uprights with leg restraints secure the front legs and the one-of-a-kind rib spreaders allow easy access to the animal’s chest cavity. The GutDaddy knife collection includes a high-quality, stainless-steel gutting knife with gut hook, a knife for caping and skinning and a handy folding bone saw, all conveniently stored in a custom heavy nylon scabbard.

“In addition to making the field-dressing process easier, safer and faster, the GutDaddy provides a safe way to teach new hunters how to field dress a large animal,” Palmer said. “It also creates independence for physically challenged hunters. Without a doubt, this tool will assist hunters of all ages, all levels of experience and those with physical challenges.”

Each GutDaddy field dressing case comes with a step-by-step guide for ease of use. For more info, visit

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The video on their site is interesting. Very fast to prepare the kill.


You guys beat this old dinosaur to it with all the relevant questions, weight being #1. I like anything that makes it easier just because I’m lazy, even though I admit I’m too old (except in my mind) to get out there any more. 🙂

Dave in Fairfax

Dinos are right at home on this one. I don’t think you can post unless you’ve been retired for at least 5 years. That’s why we have the reserved places in the WMA’s. %-)


25 years ago, I was on a Parks and Wildlife late season doe hunt where you had to go to the ranger station for them to gut it as they were gathering data. They had a sawhorse looking thing with 2 boards on a hinge that spread the back legs and broke the pelvis when spread open. They had that deer gutted in 2 1/2 minutes and even showed me that she was pregnant. Maybe they should have patented it…

Dave in Fairfax

When I was young, and dirt was new, things were a lot less complicated. Holding your deer, or whatever, in place is a great idea, it avoids getting cut or having things spewn all over you. This seems an extension of the, “I need to bring a trailer to haul all my stuff” concept. Weight matters if you’re going away from your car very far, especially if you plan to haul any meat back. Carrying a few folded game bags weighs very little. Carrying a trash bag, a small hatchet, machete, or good sized knife, along with a skinning knife… Read more »


Yeah, you and I have outlived most dinosaurs.


and they support Yeti on their web site, Yeti is anti 2nd amendment, Why would a supplier of hunting gear support them?


If it also functioned as a sled to drag the animal out it would be worth taking. But for only gutting an animal? I wouldn’t carry it with me, have enough with the bow and stand. And agree the $129 price tag is high.


$129.99 per the website

Matt in Oklahoma

I like the concept. I hunt in a place where no ATVs or vehicles are allowed. I dunno maybe if I strapped it to the cart or something. I’d like to know the weight etc of it but even on their site and youtube their is nothing ion specs.
$129 hmm I dunno bout that