Hunting Deer with Silent Legion Suppressors

Hunting Deer with Silent Legion Suppressors
Hunting Deer with Silent Legion Suppressors

Oak Ridge, NC-( Hunting with suppressors has been legalized in nearly every state and the benefits of using a suppressor in the field are extensive. Rarely does a hunter carry ear protection on a hunt. It’s almost unheard of to wear any ear protection when taking a shot on a deer. It simply isn’t practical when every second counts on the shot setup and positioning. For the sake of protecting the hunters hearing while deer hunter, a suppressor is a major health benefit.

Although protecting your hearing is important, it’s rarely the top reason for deer hunting suppressed. Shooting suppressed muffles sound and helps conceal your location. This is ideal when legally hunting an area within earshot of a residence or public space. It also prevents alerting other hunters to your location and has less impact on spooking other deer which is appreciated by other hunters in the area.

Accuracy is another major benefit of shooting with a suppressor. The recoil is significantly reduced and shooters tend to hold tighter because they are not anticipating the kickback. The reduced kickback also leads to a fast regrouping for a follow shot as the muzzle travels less while firing. If a second shot is needed, having that quick follow up ensures you are back on target and likely to make a clean harvest.

Deer hunters are more effective with suppressors, as are big game hunters in general. Reducing sound and recoil are two major improvements to any hunting or shooting scenario.

About Silent Legion

Silent Legion, based in North Carolina, builds suppressors to the highest quality standards in an ISO-9001 certified facility. The company is unique in many ways, such as being owned and led by a prior military service member who is also an accomplished Mechanical Engineer and gun designer. Silent Legion suppressors are warrantied for life and are available in both quick-detach and direct-thread models for an extremely wide variety of calibers and firearm types. Further, Silent Legion prides itself on including whatever components a buyer needs in the box. That includes suppressor versions with quick-detach mounts, serviceable cores, and even a complete Multi Caliber Kit, all without requiring consumers shop for extra parts.

For more information, please visit WWW.SILENTLEGION.COM