It Is Not Just Our Guns They Want

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It Is Not Just Our Guns They Want

USA – -( Some readers wonder why posts so many energy, climate, and environmental articles. What do they have to do with guns and hunting? In a nutshell –

It’s not just our guns that liberal-progressive-leftist cadres want to control. It’s every aspect of our lives. In the environmental arena, it boils down to one simple point:

Those who control carbon control life.

Over 80% of America’s (and the world’s) energy is still based on fossil fuels – carbon-based energy. Oil, natural gas and coal are (and for the foreseeable future will remain) the foundation for everything we make, ship, eat and do; for our agriculture, manufacturing, housing, healthcare, communication, and transportation; for our livelihoods, living standards, longevity, liberty and mobility.

“Resource depletion,” “sustainable development,” “environmental protection” and “dangerous manmade climate change” are, first and foremost, brilliantly conceived and aggressively promoted slogans and movements that have one objective in mind:

Controlling and gradually eliminating carbon-based energy.

Wind Turbines
Their supposed replacement will be “sustainable, eco-friendly” “renewable” energy. Millions of acres would be blanketed with wind turbines and solar panels – and batteries to back them up.

Ponder how that would affect your job, vehicles, family, recreation, and community. Ponder how much you rely on gasoline, electricity, plastics, and pharmaceuticals – all based heavily on hydrocarbons. Ponder having to pay two to four times more than you do now for electricity, fuel, products, and services.

What would these wannabe ruling classes use to replace your abundant, reliable, affordable carbon-based energy? Certainly not nuclear or hydroelectric power. Radical environmentalists fear and loath nuclear power plants; they vigorously oppose damming rivers and want many existing dams removed.

Their supposed replacement will be “sustainable, eco-friendly” “renewable” energy. Millions of acres would be blanketed with wind turbines and solar panels – and batteries to back them up. Millions of acres of food crop and wildlife habitat lands would be turned into sprawling monoculture biofuel plantations.

Millions more acres would be excavated and turned into wastelands to mine and process inconceivable amounts of metals, limestone, and other materials to manufacture and install wind turbines, solar panels, battery arrays, and biofuel farming and processing equipment. Because of mining and fossil fuel bans in the USA, most of this would still be done overseas, under minimal to nonexistent environmental, health, safety, and human rights standards – using fossil fuels. Green governing classes will just ignore this.

China, India, Indonesia, and other rapidly developing countries may be making wind and solar units for export. But they are building thousands of gas and coal-fired power plants and factories to power their growth and prosperity. Even über-green Germany is slashing its wind and solar subsidies, making new coal-fired generators, and bulldozing ancient villages and forests to mine lignite to fuel them.

These realities are studiously ignored by the Climate-Industrial Complex, the nearly $2-trillion-per-year coalition of wind, solar, biofuel and battery manufacturers; environmentalist and consulting groups; CO2 trading companies; climate researchers and “adaptation” businesses; and the politicians they support with campaign contributions, in exchange for subsidies, mandates, favoritism, and regulatory exemptions.

Equally important, expensive, intermittent, unreliable, insufficient wind and solar energy cannot support modern civilization, healthcare, transportation, living standards or even wind turbine factories. That means:

We will have electricity when it’s available, instead of when we need it.

Try running an office, school, hospital, home, factory or anything else on electricity that goes on and off dozens of times a day, and sometimes remains off for days at a time.

Most important, this arrangement puts the Radical Environmentalist Left in charge. These intellectual elites know nothing about what creates factories, wastewater treatment plants, hospitals, cell phones, and modern civilizations … and enables them to function.

And yet they think they’re smarter than the rest of us – and thus should be in charge, running our lives, and determining what living standards we should be permitted to have, what vehicles we may drive, where we may live, what we may eat (organic), even what we may say and think. They want total control, with no transparency and no accountability for mistakes they make or deliberate damage they inflict.

You want to permit drilling and fracking on your property, to produce money and earn royalties? Too bad. You can’t do it. You don’t want monstrous, noisy wind turbines near your home? Too bad. You don’t have any choice. Colorado earns billions a year from oil and gas? Too bad. That’s over with.

They want Deep State Regulators in charge, with ultra-liberal courts replacing or overruling legislatures they don’t control. That’s why nothing is too despicable if it keeps Judge Kavanaugh off the Supreme Court.

All of which raises another vitally important point. The terms liberal, progressive or even socialist are no longer accurate descriptions of political reality. Today’s rabidly anti-Trump, anti-Republican, anti-fossil fuel factions may call themselves the Antifa (Anti-Fascist) Resistance – and shrilly denounce anyone who disagrees with them as a fascist. But make no mistake:

These Antifa mobs are the real fascists.

They may demand socialist healthcare and wealth redistribution, but they advocate a fascist economic system under which government controls businesses and industries, but doesn’t own them directly.

Far worse, their ski-masked shock troopers stalk, harass, intimidate and attack anyone who disagrees with them, on streets and campuses, in restaurants and Senate hearing rooms – vividly recalling fascist Brownshirts of the 1930s. They employ their near-total control of social media, YouTube and internet search engines to censor conservative thinking and discussion – an electronic version of book-burning.

They demand jail for the “crime” of “denying the reality” of alleged “manmade climate cataclysms” – and use phony “hate speech” claims to pressure credit card companies to shut down donations to conservative groups like David Horowitz’s Freedom Center. Facebook let a Jihadist threaten editor Jamie Glazov online – and then banned Glazov for a month for violating its “community standards” by posting an article on how to prevent Jihadist violence in America!

Republican politicians attacked. Image from CNN
Liberal extremist gunned down Republican congressmen and staffers during their charity baseball practice. Image from CNN

Antifa mobs torched a limousine that brought people to a Trump inaugural ball. Another extremist gunned down Republican congressmen and staffers during their charity baseball practice. They use global warming and other alleged environmental crises to justify policies that result in millions of deaths every year, by denying impoverished nations access to modern energy, insect control, and agricultural technologies. Obama science advisor John Holdren has called for de-industrializing and de-developing the USA.

Policies of no Jewish professors or students in German universities during the Brownshirt era have been replaced by de facto bans of conservative professors, speakers or students on American campuses today. Nathan’s Hot Dogs got boycotted because its CEO hosted a fundraiser for President Trump.

What black historian Shelby Steele calls their “scorched earth absolutism” may be bringing our nation ever closer to violent civil war. Let’s pray that doesn’t happen.

First, they came for your plastic bags, then your straws and party balloons. Next will be your guns, cars, factory jobs and living standards. With the emphasis on “your jobs” – as in not theirs, not the elites’.

Their motto seems to be, One citizen, one vote, one time. Then their Deep State rules.

If you’re comfortable living this way and bequeathing this new America to your kids, give these authoritarians even more power by voting for the wrong candidates or not voting. Otherwise get involved, vote – and make sure your family and friends do likewise.

Paul Driessen
Paul Driessen

About Paul Driessen

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of articles and books on energy, climate change, carbon dioxide and economic development.

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They are what they have always been, Bolsheviks!

Robert J. Lucas

If this is an issue, then we better get a crash program together on a grander scale then the Manhattan project of the 1940’s nuclear bomb research, for the creation of sustained nuclear fusion which will provide the source for the generation of true industrial power, with considerable smaller foot prints then all the Solar and Wind farms need. Why compromise valued Farm Land to produce expensive limited electrical power generation? If you research the Green Energy Industry in detail, this industry is not so green. Many stories have been published of the negative aspects of these green technologies. To… Read more »


Lot of talk of control and disarmament, going around.History has already taught this.Foreign governments attack our Constitution and Bill of Rights,from within, (media,politians, internet).sadly,most is all about ratings or paychecks (politicians),This is treason.Hopefully this is wrong,if not,I smell another civil war.


“They’re Marxists!”
They smell like them, talk like them, sound and look them. Most of all, they lie, a lot, like them. They are soulless Marxists that want everything and everyone to burn. Okay most will get robbed before they burn.