Leftist Violence Natural Outgrowth of Authoritarian Ideology


Leftist Violence Natural Outgrowth of Authoritarian Ideology
Leftist Violence Natural Outgrowth of Authoritarian Ideology


USA – -(Ammoland.com)- What do you make of the leftist violence and anarchy all over the country lately? Is it just random and unrepresentative of the Democratic Party and the left as a whole? Or does it logically follow from what the left has become?

In Portland, Oregon, in June, a leftist mob surrounded a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement field office, barricading the exits and blocking the driveway. “Guards” patrolled the doors, trapping biohazard cleanup crew workers inside in stifling heat and with infernal odors. The agitators carried signs calling ICE employees Nazis and white supremacists. The Portland Police Bureau denied assistance to federal officers pleading for help.

Mob members followed one ICE officer as he picked up his daughter from summer camp, and some also showed up at his house. Protesters went to another officer's home with flyers showing his picture and name and accusing him of being part of the Gestapo.

Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler, also police commissioner, ordered the police not to intervene in these assaults. “I do not want the @PortlandPolice to be engaged or sucked into a conflict,” tweeted Wheeler, “particularly from a federal agency that I believe is on the wrong track.”

In an equally despicable incident, the Portland mayor refused to respond to antifa's blocking traffic and harassing bystanders. These leftists took to the streets to protest the death of Patrick Kimmons, who was fatally shot by police.

Leftists assaulted two GOP candidates in Minnesota. A man punched state Rep. Sarah Anderson in the arm when she objected to his destroying Republican yard signs. Shane Mekeland, a candidate for the Minnesota House, sustained a serious concussion when sucker-punched at a restaurant while speaking with constituents. Meanwhile, the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party suspended its communications staffer William Davis for jokingly posting on Facebook that Democrats should “bring (Republicans) to the guillotines” after the midterm elections.

Shrieking leftists pawed at the Supreme Court building as Brett Kavanaugh was being confirmed. Leftists spit on Sen. Lindsey Graham in the Senate hall over his support for Kavanaugh. A Democratic operative for a George Soros-funded group was arrested for battery against a Nevada GOP candidate's female campaign manager.

Democratic politicians and the leftist media are using increasingly hostile rhetoric. Sen. Tim Kaine said liberals must “fight in the courts, fight in the streets” and “fight at the ballot box.” MSNBC's “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski called for invoking the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump from office, claiming he “is not fit to lead” because he is “going to do something crazy in five minutes, one hour, tonight or tomorrow.”

Barack Obama's first attorney general, Eric Holder, said that he disagreed when Michelle Obama said, “When they go low, we go high.” Holder said, “When they go low, we kick them.” Hillary Clinton said, “You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about.”
We can dismiss these and scores of other orchestrated incidents as merely anecdotal or as no worse than what the political right is doing, but I honestly don't believe there is equal mania on each side of the political aisle — and there's a reason for that.

It seems there is a logical connection between the left's ideology and its authoritarian, intolerant and violent behavior. There are passionate advocates on both sides of the political divide, each fervently believing in their respective views, but the modern political left is much less respectful of the Constitution, the rule of law and democratic processes.

For far too many leftists, the end justifies the means, so they are willing to suspend due process and change the rules when they don't prevail at the ballot box.

Just consider their use of government agencies to prevent Donald Trump's election and emasculate his power once he was elected, their rumblings about restructuring the Supreme Court if they regain power,

  • their stated intention to abolish the Electoral College, [in which they are halfway to their goal]
  • their plan to impeach Trump because they can't stand him — irrespective of whether he has actually committed an impeachable offense,
  • their threats to impeach Justice Kavanaugh after they couldn't block his confirmation through the constitutionally established process of advice and consent,
  • their use of judicial activism to achieve policy results through court “super-legislatures” that they can't achieve through the democratically elected branches,
  • their opposition to voter ID laws,
  • their desire for open borders,
  • and their use of executive orders and overreaching administrative rulings to achieve results they can't achieve through the proper legal channels.

Leftists, being largely secular, invest their faith in government, which partially explains their inability to accept the failures of their policies to achieve the results they claim they want (socialism) and their sometimes even abandoning the pursuit of those results. For example, they are often concerned with employing some nebulous form of fairness even when it means spreading economic misery across the board.

The left's moral preening, virtue signaling and sermonizing are natural outgrowths of its quasi-spiritual, unshakable faith in its failed utopian policies. Leftists invested enormous hope in Obama's agenda, but it yielded only economic stagnation and an America in decline. Their faith-based incredulity manifests itself in their taking credit for Trump's economy — even after their leader himself, former President Obama, predicted that the dreadful economic malaise over which he presided was to be a permanent phenomenon in America.

The sad reality is that Democrats have no solutions anymore and thus are reduced to crass, divisive identity politics — pitting minorities against white people, women against men, and poor against rich. No matter what they say, there is no satisfying them; they traffic in agitating racial, gender and economic warfare, and it's devastating to the national fabric. This explains why they demonize Kanye West and any other black person who dares to stray from the prescribed liberal dogma.

The left's increasing violent episodes and rhetoric give us a taste of what Democrats would be like if they regained majority power. If that happens, they will engage full-bore in the kind of lawless authoritarian behavior they falsely accuse President Trump of committing.

There are wonderful rank-and-file Democrats throughout the nation, but the extremists are in firm control of the party, and until that changes, we have to fight as intensely as they do and soundly defeat them at the ballot box.

David Limbaugh
David Limbaugh

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David Limbaugh is a writer, author and attorney. His latest book is “The True Jesus: Uncovering the Divinity of Christ in the Gospels.” Follow him on Twitter @davidlimbaugh and his website at www.davidlimbaugh.com

  • 33 thoughts on “Leftist Violence Natural Outgrowth of Authoritarian Ideology

    1. Call it what you will, leftism, socialism, fascism….etc. etc. The basic tenet is the same….government authority over rules ALL ELSE especially personal freedom. To impose such a belief structure on people who refuse to embrace it REQURES violence. And for the past century plus from the Nazis to Stalin through Mao and Pol Pot to current Venezuela we saw and continue to see the unbridled use of whatever force is required to maintain the power and authority of government over people. The violence we are seeing from PANTIFA is a natural outcome of the mentality
      of power over others. Without power….raw naked violence it is IMPOSSIBLE to impose a belief or sociopolitical structure on anyone. And the entire goal, the raison d’etre of the left is TOTAL CONTROL. For the left power and violence go hand in glove….sometimes a velvet glove, but if necessary a steel gauntlet.

    2. When the goon squads riot and tear your town apart, and it comes time to rebuild, let the federal government deny all federal funding and let them rebuild what the goon squad tore down, or as their punishment have them rebuild it!!!!!

      1. @Willy D: I agree — if Portland police will not come to the aid of Federal officers who are under threat or attack, and won’t stop violent thugs like AntiFa, then the good(?) people of Portland should be ON THEIR OWN, to pay for their own darned reconstruction. There is no reason on Earth that any federal aid should be forthcoming, when AntiFa riots finally bring the roof down in Portland.

        In the meantime, I have no plans to EVER visit Portland. Way too violent and dangrerous, and it obviously has no respect for the Bill of Rights (certainly the first two amendments).

    3. I would be more than tempted to run head long into the fat woman directing traffic in the video, but I don’t think it would be worth the damage on my truck. The next altercation I have an issue with is the thugs that chased a car down the street and hit the car. I would feel my life was being threatened and I would shoot the useless dung crap that were hitting my vehicle. In lacy Portland that would have, more than likely, got you a room and 3 squares for a long time.

    4. What should we expect? The I incivility was started by the republicans during the Clinton administration. It snowballed with the tea partiers and Newt Gingrich into a lynch mob to impeach Bill Clinton. Republicans would not allow confirmation hearings for Obama’s Supreme Court nominee.
      What do you expect from the Dems? You reap what you sew tenfold.

      1. Grim,
        Did you go to school to learn to be an idiot, or get it from some demolibtard talking paper?

      2. Are you for real? I know you’re talking out your ass.Clinton was caught getting head from a young intern.There wasn’t no violence like you see the left wing liberal communist doing.There wasn’t none with the tea party.As far as Obama’s last pick he could have went through hearings.would have never made it out of committee.Old story ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES! LMAO

      3. First of all, he should have been impeached and that is not incivility, that’s just the real question of whether or not he’d committed crimes and as he actually had done so although they were completely ignored, it was appropriate to impeach him.

        Secondly, why should we allow the courts to be filled with judges who would completely ignore the Constitution and instead impose upon us as their leftist viewpoints and severely perverted social changes that the legislators would not enact.

        We should have taken up arms to prevent all that to begin with, because it’s a subversion of the Constitution, and it is precisely that which we are supposed to defend from happening, especially as the oath includes protecting and defending the Constitution from domestic enemies of the Constitution. The failure to do so however is on us who love a constitutional republic, limited government, individual liberty and personal responibility. Apparently you’re not familiar with an officer’s oath, or in fact the oath of any office.

        Thirdly, we’re going to kill all you leftist socialists in the coming civil war anyway. You have no idea the violence you are spawning, but you soon will find out.

        1. Sam.
          i have been saying this for awhile now.
          a lot of people have NO CLUE of why we have the 2ND AMENDMENT.

          1. You are correct. The 2nd Amendment protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms, including Military Arms that is sold you would have precisely as a prophylactic against or remedy to tyranny.

            You are also correct that we have tyranny from both the judicial branch as well as the legislative branch at this time. And of course there isn’t the only terrany from the federal government but from the state governments in various States as well.

          1. You’re a chi-com dick smoker /leftist basement commandoAnybody that votes for anybody democratic on any platform is a traitor to this country/ end of storyAnd when the shit goes down there’s no place for you to hide Commie

      4. @Grim, impeachment is part of our Constitutional process. Thugs in the streets and molesting people and their families at dinner and at their residence is not. Those are crimes.

    5. Well Portland I think is one of the most liberal snowflakes cities going.Don’t know how many sane people live there.But here are dumbasses tearing up an destroying their leftist people’s stores an property,it’s kinda of humorist.Many these people will get tired of their shit getting destroyed an Vote different.As far as blocking a road I was using,reach down pull the the 4 drive lever,turn up the tune an hammer down.Ice should have shot a few,probably would have made the rest scatter.It is going to be meet force with bigger badder force

    6. Terrorism is terrorism. It makes no difference if it is a jihadi or antifa it is still terrorism. Free speech is one thing but riots, violence is something else. Violence and riots are against the law and if these acts are not stopped by law enforcement then it is up to us to defend ourselves. Too bad that one video actually shows the cops standing by and just watching these idiots to violence to people and property. The cops are supposed to “protect and defend” aren’t they? What the hell are they waiting for? Someone to get killed? So it IS up to us to defend ourselves. Fair or not, it usually takes law enforcement several min. to arrive on site. Even if they do show up, many times by that time, the damage is already done. Then they pick on the innocent. I know this to be true because it has happened to me. I am a disabled vet and very few people are more reticent about violence than a vet. I am not able to run anymore or take a punch or kick—so I would have no choice—I will defend myself and I am not going to allow my wife and kids to be harmed by one of these rioting terrorist either. They (the terrorists) don’t want me to catch them doing their crap to anyone else. If the cops won’t defend the innocent (us) then there are very few alternatives to us but defending ourselves. In my religion–Christianity, we are told to defend the needy–Psalms 82:4 and to be armed –LUKE 22:26,37. That last one came from JESUS HIMSELF. These are mandates from the LORD and they outrank any man made laws. There just is not any higher authority.

    7. Now the double standard has moved to the rest of the leftist criminals ,they do nothing when they break laws but if others retaliate you can bet they would be arrested, it wont be hard to defeat them cause they don’t like guns or that’s probably a lie to

    8. That pig Ted Wheeler would do well to READ that Constitution, concerning which he swore under penalty of perjury to uphold, defend, etc. as he took up his position as mayor. He should pay particular attention to Article One Section 8 section 15… the bit where it specifically authorises the executive Branch of FedGov to call forth the militia to, amongst other things, to “execute the laws of the Union, suppress INSURRECTION and repel foreign invasions.

      The laws of the Union in which I live these days grant FedGov full authority to determine who may/mayn’t enter our sovereign territory, and on what terms. This a federalised milita MAY be called forth to EXECUTE those laws.

      Furthe,r when HE decides to let folks in his city riot and destroy, as he is overly wont to do of late, FedGov MAY call forth militia to suppress such insurrection.

      Pig Wheeler ought be congisant of the reality in which HE lives. He is not king, nor dictator. He is just a little common ‘tater who is suffering from a lerge and delusional CHIP on his shoulders. If things get out of hand in his little fiefdom FedGov can, and under Trump just may, exercise his authority as CHief Executive. Pig Wheeler would do well to either man up and DO the job Portland have hired him to do, or man up and step aside so someone else can.

    9. This is illegal mob activity plain and simple. ANTIFA is a terrorist organization. Criminals looking for an excuse to raise hell. It’s time for the law and the people to wipe this stain off the face of our streets, let’s end it.

      1. I don’t understand why ICE didn’t machine gun the “protesters” down, they were a threat. Kill the leftists, or we will have to do it in a civil war.

        1. Sadly, Sam…
          We will be mired in a civil war, no matter what occurs in Portland (or anywhere else). That shooting war is inevitable and unpreventable. Leftists will not stop until that civil war is a reality.

          1. You are of course correct, and I’ve written as such in many postings in many different forums.

            And I am preparing for it including various Communication System such as ham radio( I am licensed), gmrs for which I’m also licensed, as well as other systems, ammunition, fuel, water, food.

            It’s also necessary to start forming militia groups and working within a constitutional sheriffs in your regions. There are some. Check out cspoa. Org

            The Constitutional sheriffs and Peace Officers Association also works with Oath Keepers. I’m a little disappointed in Oath Keepers of which I am a member, because they seem to be more interested in helping during disasters which is nice but they don’t seem to be preparing for the need for a Civil War and developing the militia groups.

            This concerns me greatly because of civil war is as you pointed out inevitable and while there will be some law enforcement on our side you can be pretty sure the federal side will not be. Military will be split.

            There are a lot of oathbreakers within the military and many have not even read the constitution of this personally because I served within the military officer Corps in two different services and after many discussions found many had not read the Constitution ever except for the preamble. And I don’t see how they can possibly perform their function to defend and protect the Constitution when they haven’t actually read what it says and what they are required to do as a result.


            1. I haven’t seen anyone mention that under Obama several gov agencies bought up and stock piled tons of ammunition they had no obvious use for. Back then people warned of a coming civil war and that this was the reason so much ammo was bought up by Obama’s government. Has anyone kept an eye on that ammo? Where is it and who has it now?.

    10. If we had an Attorney General that isn’t MIA,
      the Federal Courts should be overflowing with cases of sedition, insurrection treason and domestic terrorism!
      Does Trump have the cahones to confront these communists, socialists, Democrats- not looking like it .

    11. Nothing can be done at the ballot box all the illegals and dead people will be voting and you know this /1776 Save your Dixie cups/ Because the south is going to rise again

    12. Given the hostile leftist mob activities with no police intervention, what do you think will happen when someone fires a gun into the mob? Police will suddenly become mobilized? Let’s hear if for yet another whiny democrat socialist not enforcing and encouraging breaking the law.

      1. Remember what happened in Charlottsville? Those who were armed suffered no assault. This is one obvious lesson for those who don’t want to become victims of the socialist mob.

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