Mission First Tactical Proudly Introduces its Versatile IWB Holsters

The latest product from MFT is laser designed and handcrafted from Boltaron polymer.

Mission First Tactical Versatile IWB Holsters
Mission First Tactical Versatile IWB Holsters

Horsham, Pa. (Ammoland.com) Mission First Tactical, LLC (MFT), a leader in USA-made rifle/carbine accessories, is proud to release its latest product, the Versatile IWB Holster.

MFT’s proprietary Polymer design, technology and production has developed a laser precise, passive retentive, holster offering carry inside the waistband, outside the waistband and appendix positions for a right or left-hand shooter.

MFT IWB Holster

“We created these holsters for the shooter looking for a rugged, durable, precision fitting holster that is versatile and comfortable to wear in a variety of carry positions. It’s also great for shop owners as one holster can do it all. Laser scanning of the handguns translates to the creation of CAD files from which unneeded elements are eliminated, creating less wear and a smoother draw and reholstering.

These holsters are hand formed in our plant using Boltaron, a polymer offering superior fit and finish with greater wear, chemical and temperature resistance. Our goal, which we have met, is to provide hand finished holsters each meeting our exacting standards and we can do that with immediate delivery. Shooters may customize the retention and cant to their exact liking. Highest quality hardware provides lifetime service.

Each unit includes our 1.5″ belt clip, yet other hardware may be easily substituted. It is available boxed or bagged with eye catching displays.” said MFT’s Vice President David Edelman.

Features and Functions:

  • IWB-Inside the Waistband, OWB-Outside the Waistband, Appendix Carry
  • Adjustable cant to over 15 percent
  • Ambidextrous hole patterns for right or left- handed carry
  • 5″ Belt Clip
  • Quality Screws and Hardware
  • Molded, Trimmed, Assembled and Buffed by Hand
  • Laser CAD Design for Perfect Fit, Smoother Draw, Less Wear
  • Comfortable for Constant Wear

Made in America Lifetime warranty. For more information on Mission First Tactical, visit www.missionfirsttactical.com.

About Mission First Tactical:

MisMission First Tacticalsion First Tactical (MFT) designs and develops select USA Made rifle/carbine accessories specifically for the Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian markets. The MFT team has over 75 years of industry experience in taking concepts to front-line deployment. From the beginning MFT’s mission is to develop leading edge products for individual’s operating in harm’s way. Success for every operator’s mission is Mission First Tactical’s intent. www.missionfirsttactical.com

Battlelink Buttstocks, Engage Pistol Grips, React Grip Series, Torch Laser & Light Mounts, E-Volv and MFT Mags brands are trademarks of Mission First Tactical, LLC. All company and product names mentioned herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective sources.

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John Moser


Dave in Fairfax

Their holsters seem to run, consistently around $50.

Roger estes

When holster manufacturers display their holsters I wish they would photograph the back as well as the front. The front is all the same; it covers the gun. But the back indicates how it is worn on the belt, and a prospective buyer can decide if he ir she likes this system before buying the holster. A front view should be shown as well. This shows how far off the belt the holster will sit, or how much its going to make the wearer’s pants stick out with an IWB. That’s a comfort concern as well. So just show more… Read more »


As I read the article everything you said came to mind. Thanks for the well written reply