A Nauseating Look at a Defenseless Society


Chief Deputy, Sir Craig Mackey
Chief Deputy, Sir Craig Mackey

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- “Liberals claim they want to hear other points of view and are then shocked and offended when they discover there are other points of view!” ~ Buckley

Beyond Nauseating.

Cressida Dick, Chief of London’s Metro Police, is predictably standing with her Chief Deputy, Sir Craig Mackey, who is accused of fatal inaction and cowardice during the March 2017 lethal knife attack on unarmed Police Constable, Brian Palmer, at New Police Yard.

The AA-shouting [allahu akbar] attacker, Khalid Masood, after running down pedestrians with a rented car (four murdered, twenty-nine injured) and then attacking and murdering Police Constable, Keith Palmer, was subsequently gunned-down by an armed bodyguard (assigned to protect an unrelated politician), who just happened to be in the vicinity.

No armed officers were assigned to protect Palmer.

As Palmer was being murdered, Chief Deputy Mackey and several others were in a parked car a short distance away, with a full view of events taking place in front of them.

No one is the car was armed! In the UK, even chief deputies aren’t trusted with guns. No one in the car, including Mackey, came to the aid of Police Constable, Keith Palmer.

Instead, they all locked themselves in the car and watched, daring to emerge only well after Masood had gasped his last breath.

Dick’s venomous defense of Mackey and company goes way beyond asking for “understanding.”

She insists it is a travesty to even criticize her deputy, and anyone with a point of view differing from hers is “confused, unpleasant, and ignorant” and “… anyone who suggests otherwise is simply wrong.”

Intolerance for any other point of view but your own is a liberal trademark. You dare not suggest another point of view even exists, as Buckley pointed out (above).

It was left to Met’s counter-terror chief, Neil Basu, to grudgingly concede that there were “shortcomings in security” on the day of the Westminster terrorist attack, a convenient way to casually dismiss the life of one of your officers.

Both Basu and Dick persist in solemnly declaring there was nothing Mackey could have done to aid Palmer. Well, I guess we’ll never know since nothing was even attempted.

It strikes me that higher-ups in UK law enforcement are far more interested in keeping their jobs than they ever will be in actually doing them.

“To insist you have no choice is to relieve yourself of personal responsibility.” ~ Patrick Ness


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R L Diehl

What else do you expect of society where it is illegal to carry ANYTHING which can be used for a weapon even in self-defense?!

duh duh

A scrotumless no backbone society.

BillyBob Texas

Stupidity on display. From ALL involved – ESPECIALLY those who dictate NO FIREARMS……Dumber than dumb…..

G man

My mom is from this country and I will not go over there those folks live in the stone age ,no guns except to guard the queen uh imagine that, their system Is so outdated but they’ll never change, like the commentor said OPEN SEASON ON THE BRITTS

Ronald Nuxon

I am very glad Americans broke away from Britain, one hundred and forty-two years ago (no hard feelings on
its citizens). Now, the issue is: the struggle to keep our constitutional rights.

Mikael Andersson

America broke away from Britain in 1876?
Try two hundred and forty-two years instead.


Unlike the cowardly cops of Columbine and the equally craven cops from Broward County more recently, virtually all British cops – including the leadership – are UNARMED due to political fiat. WHY would anyone expect an UNARMED government employee to go into harm’s way against an armed and murderous perp and hazard himself when the political leadership has determined that he be denied the means to effectively do so? As for improvised weapons . . . I wonder how much hot water he’d be in if he’d actually run over the perp with his car – this IS (formerly) Great… Read more »


Coming to the US of A if you don’t vote! And vote RED!!!!

Mark Z

Not If I Can Help It!

Mark Z

He and the other officers with him should be stripped of their badges and uniforms as well as pensions and be unable to even get a guard license, they are a disgrace to the police service. There are no words of condemnation that they do not deserve. I am afraid the people need to wake up and realize that the day of the unarmed police officer is over and move on. The people and their police officers deserve better, PC Keith Palmer definitely deserved better back-up than he got that day. I pray that I won’t be able to just… Read more »

James Andrews

Further proof of the sheer insanity of liberals.

Missouri Born

He sounds as bad as the cops at Parkland High School in Florida.


London law enforcement looks exactly like the leos in that Sandra Bullock movie, Demolition Man.


So now all the terrorists know that you can attack a British policemen and the others will not come to your aid.

Can you say open season on British Cops?

That Chief is finished as a “leader” I would not follow him to Starbucks. To sit and watch while a fellow officer is killed, to make no attempt to save his or anyone else’s life is a dereliction of duty and honor.

He should resign and the LEOS under Chief Dick should watch their six because she is a politician, not a cop.

K. N. Koch

The Deputy Commissioner locked himself in a 3500 lb. automobile within sight of the deadly assault of one of his Constables, preceded by multiple homicides and aggravated assaults. For God’s sake he was in operation of a ton and a half maneuverable projectile. Even if he didn’t have the stones to individually confront PC Palmer’s assailant, he certainly possessed the means to take out Massod and end the terror.


your 100% right man,hell,he could have ended this shit right a way,you don’t match a knife with a car.


That really is a nauseating story. So basically, these guys aren’t LEO,s, they’re just clowns in costumes.


That is a very true statement. The day of “respecting the uniform” is gone here and over there. Our local campus police used to not be able to carry guns but thankfully someone with some common sense got in there and got it changed. No way in hell I would do any police/security job unarmed. Suicide mission is the only way that job description could read.


Even a pencil can be a deadly weapon. A credit card swiped across the throat has dispatched more than one. But it does take a bit of guts to even try.


The rule in a knife fight if you want to survive is run the other way just as fast as you can if you are defenseless.
Now the politicians want the Chief Constables head when it was the politicians that ordered the police be unarmed? Do I have that right? WTFO?

Country Boy

Chuck Norris would disagree with you. And so would I. Sorry but there were SEVERAL officers on site. 3 or 4 TRAINED officers against 1 jihadist armed with only a knife is pretty good odds I’d say. Two from behind, 1 or 2 in front. Perp disarmed….

IMHO the only thing missing was GUTS enough to DO something on the other officers part. And it cost the officer left to defend himself on his own , his life.
The other officers should face cowardice charges.