Outdoor Channel’s “For Love or Likes” Begins Season 3

“For Love or Likes” Begins Season 3 on Outdoor Channel

DENVER (Ammoland.Com)Outdoor Channel’s For Love or Likes (Thursdays at 7 p.m. ET), billed as the world’s only insta-famous hunting competition that provides women with a passion for hunting and a strong social-media following, will begin Season 3 in April 2019.

“For Love or Likes” Begins Season 3

For Love or Likes experienced ratings success throughout its second season by creating a unique program that offers women who love/like to hunt and fish – and boast a strong social media following – with the opportunity to showcase their prowess in hunting, shooting and fishing.

“The initial idea of the show was to see if these social media influencers were actually drawn to the outdoor lifestyle and participated – “love” – or were they just trying to gain a bigger social media following – “likes” – to enhance opportunities for future endeavors unrelated to the outdoors,” Executive Producer Matt Busbiceadmitted. “We quickly found out these women were serious about their outdoor pursuits and viewers liked the premise.”

The trail for women entering outdoor lifestyle activities – hunting, shooting, fishing – was blazed by Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel stars who exposed a future generation of young women, with a fervor for the outdoors, to the possibilities of following their passion. For Love or Likes (4LOL) has built its audience with future outdoor trailblazers that are using social media to demonstrate their love of the outdoors, and not just likes online.

For Love or Likes airs Thursdays at 7 p.m. ET on Outdoor Channel.

About Outdoor Channel:Outdoor Channel TV

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Another photo editor is clueless about range safety! Why is the young woman aiming a rifle (left eye shut, BTW) while at the range? We gunnies must practice what we preach, and maybe take photo editors to the firing range to acquaint them with safety procedures, including the use of eye and hearing protection. Image, y’know?


But… but… she has her orange safety vest on at the range firing line not to be confused with game!