Pocahontas DNA Fail

Art by Michael Ramirez

Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas DNA Fail
Elizabeth Warren's Pocahontas DNA Fail

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- Pocahontas DNA Fail.

On Monday, Elizabeth Warren released the results of a test conducted by Stanford University professor Carlos D. Bustamante, who concluded there is “strong evidence” that her DNA sample reveals a Native American in her family tree “six to 10 generations ago.” The generational range suggested Warren is between 1/64th and 1/1,024th Native American.

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  • 7 thoughts on “Pocahontas DNA Fail

    1. Even the Nazi’s agreed that a person had to have more then 1/16 of Jewish blood before they could be sent to the camps. The amount of genetic material she has is so low that even the Indian tribes are disowning her. What a sham. I note she did not revel how much African American blood she had. Is she ashamed of that possible blood link???. I read somewhere that as high as 35-45 % of Americans have some African American linage if their family goes back over 150 years.

    2. That is the democrat way, if they say it then it is cast in stone and true to the point. A few weeks ago Justice K had to endure all the “I believe her” cries and it just about destroyed him. Faauxahonis has her democrat rights to profit from lying about her Cherokee heritage. We just don’t have to buy her lies.

      1. Elizabeth Warren’s attitude is that she will do whatever it takes to foster her career, even if the claims she makes are totally false.

    3. Thus leaving her as 1,023/1,204 pure self centered, lying, will say or do anything for a vote, DEMOCRAT ! She has disgraced the American Indian in any and all aspect.

      1. DNA tests are unreliable. I’m not an expert, but it has something to do with a person inheriting only one half of the total genes of your ancestors. If you go to the website of those genealogy companies and dig around a bit, they explain this dilemma. Even siblings will have dissimilar DNA readings quite often. Even if a person can prove that one of their ancestors was of a certain ethnicity, very often it will not show up.

    4. Put all of the Demo-Rats out in the open with their agenda and we thought Nixon was bad???????????? and he resigned from office??????? WOW have times change, but their policies are still the same we are above the laws that you have to live by!!!!!!!!!!!!

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