Racial Disparities in School Discipline, Teachers Assaulted ~ Shocking VIDEOS

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USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- President Barack Obama's first education secretary, Arne Duncan, gave a speech on the 45th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” at the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, where, in 1965, state troopers beat and tear-gassed hundreds of peaceful civil rights marchers who were demanding voting rights.

Later that year, as a result of widespread support across the nation, the U.S. Congress passed the Voting Rights Act. Secretary Duncan titled his speech “Crossing the Next Bridge.” Duncan told the crowd that black students “are more than three times as likely to be expelled as their white peers,” adding that Martin Luther King would be “dismayed.”

Gail Heriot, a law professor at the University of San Diego and a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, and her special assistant and counselor, Alison Somin, have written an important article in the Texas Review of Law & Politics, titled “The Department of Education's Obama-Era Initiative on Racial Disparities in School Discipline” (Spring 2018). The article is about the departments of Education and Justice's “disparate impact” vision, wherein they see racial discrimination as the factor that explains why black male students face suspension and expulsion more often than other students.

Faced with threats from the Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights, schools have instituted new disciplinary policies. For example, after the public school district in Oklahoma City was investigated by the OCR, there was a 42.5 percent decrease in the number of suspensions. According to an article in The Oklahoman, one teacher said, “Students are yelling, cursing, hitting and screaming at teachers and nothing is being done but teachers are being told to teach and ignore the behaviors.” According to Chalkbeat, new high school teachers left one school because they didn't feel safe. There have been cases in which students have assaulted teachers and returned to school the next day.

Many of the complaints about black student behavior are coming from black teachers. I doubt whether they could be accused of racial discrimination against black students.

The first vice president of the St. Paul, Minnesota, chapter of the NAACP said it's “very disturbing” that the school district would retaliate against a black teacher “for simply voicing the concern” that when black students are not held accountable for misbehaving, they are set up for failure in life.

An article in Education Week earlier this year, titled “When Students Assault Teachers, Effects Can Be Lasting,” discusses the widespread assaults of teachers across the country: “In the 2015-16 school year, 5.8 percent of the nation's 3.8 million teachers were physically attacked by a student. Almost 10 percent were threatened with injury, according to federal education data”.

Measures that propose harsh punishment for students who assault teachers have not been successful. In North Carolina, a bill was introduced that proposed that students 16 or older could be charged with a felony if they assaulted a teacher. It was opposed by children's advocacy and disability rights groups. In Minnesota, a 2016 bill would have required school boards to automatically expel a student who threatened or inflicted bodily harm on a teacher for up to a year. It, too, was opposed, even in light of the fact that teachers have suffered serious bodily harm, such as the case in which a high school student slammed a teacher into a concrete wall and then squeezed his throat. That teacher ended up with a traumatic brain injury.

There are plenty of visuals of assaults on teachers. Here's a tiny sample: Florida's Seminole Middle School (video above), Pennsylvania's Cheltenham High School (http://tinyurl.com/ydf8rajf), Illinois' Rich Central High School (http://tinyurl.com/yah3bjey). Byongook Moon, a professor in the criminal justice department at the University of Texas at San Antonio, says that according to his study of 1,600 teachers, about 44 percent of teachers who had been victims of physical assault said that being attacked had a negative impact on their job performance.

Nearly 30 percent said they could no longer trust the student who had attacked them, and 27 percent said they thought of quitting their teaching career afterward.

My question is: Is there any reason whatsoever for adults to tolerate this kind of behavior from our young people?

About Walter E.WilliamsWalter E.Williams

Walter E. Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University. Williams is also the author of several books. Among these are The State Against Blacks, later made into a television documentary, America: A Minority Viewpoint, All It Takes Is Guts, South Africa's War Against Capitalism, More Liberty Means Less Government, Liberty Versus The Tyranny of Socialism, and recently his autobiography, Up From The Projects.

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    1. An additional point to my earlier comment. When I did try to interact with these “kids” in a positive way I discovered a couple things. Many of the black and Hispanic juveniles be locked away wanted to go to prison. They told me they thought it made you a man, and that their father, uncle, brother, or whoever, was in prison too. The second thing I found was that they respected physical strength, power, and fighting ability. They would purposely try to fight with us because it showed how manly it made them look, and gave them status among their peers. Guys that worked with me all worked out and trained in tactics. A few of us were stabbed, cut, or otherwise assaulted with prison weapons, and the offenders always paid a price afterwards. Many times one of them would come up to us and respectfully joke and laugh about the “punishment” we handed out to them for their bad behavior. They are different from normal, civil society. That’s my personal experience.

    2. All are incessant whiners. Black students always use the word ‘unfair’ constantly when rationalizing their sociopathic behavior.
      They never accept personality responsibility, for anything.

      They all insist that their ‘social status,’ ethnicity, religion, ‘disability,’ disease, etc forever precludes any chance for conventional success/achievement, so there is no point in trying.
      That’s always their excuse.
      And there is always some group ready to enable and defend their criminal behavior on the name or justice.

    3. “Faced with threats from the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, schools have instituted new disciplinary policies. For example,”…

      They just did away with DISCIPLINE!

      1. That’s exactly what they did. They were informed with a letter addressed ‘fellow colleague’ to ignore violent behavior to stop the ‘pipeline from school to prison’. This was outlined in the Promise program which allowed the Parkland shooter to keep a clean record and pass a background check to obtain the AR-15 which he used to slaughter his fellow students. The problem with these mass school shootings is not the weapon, but the environment that fosters violent behavior.

        1. It took a village alright! I did not see mainstream America get up off their dead ass and fight back against the feminist movement of the 60s and 70s as well as into the feminized divorce and custody court system where fathers were systematically removed from the lives of their children. Mainstream America didn’t get up off their dead ass and fight back against Hillary’s it takes a village rhetoric. Mainstream America didn’t get up off thier dead-ass when the Department of Education was taking over for our schools. Mainstream America is pretty much still sitting on their dead ass leaving these social bottles up to the Veteran’s of the United States of America except that the only thing mainstream America doesn’t understand is that what it comes to the time when the veterans have to step up into the picture we are not going to play nice with ANYBODY because when it comes to that point in time complacency will be considered the enemy. So, mainstream America? Best you get up off your dead ass and start taking an active part in maintaining your country or you’re going to get your dead ass kicked!

    4. Author: Edward
      It’s very disturbing trying to post on this website when what I write is truthful but apparently “politically incorrect”.

      Ya got that right Ed! In spades!!

    5. Imagine you’re a black kid who wants to learn and you’re in a class of thuggery others. What are the odds that your education is a dead end. Or a young white, Hispanic or Whatever – what happens to your chances at an education? Those are the parents who should be raising hell, not the wild, belligerent loudmouths who darlings have been expelled or arrested (as the thugs SHOULD).

    6. Granted there will always be student on student fights, However if the students are not outright attacking TEACHERS those student should face some sort of time and 2nd time they need to be NON students and arrested.

    7. The root of the problem are the parents. If you do not hold them accountable, nothing will change, and we’ll keep on seeing these type of articles ad nauseum. To do nothing and expect change is inane. Each state needs to implement this law: If a child disrupts or misses class, the parents of that student must stand in court and explain why. Even the most worthless parent doesn’t want their day interrupted by someone who can put them in jail.

    8. Black, white, yellow, red, whatever the color, all students need to be held to rules of conduct and if this are violated, the consequences enforced equally. If one group is violating those rules more than another, then it will come out.

      Finally, if such rules of conduct are not enforced, our politicians are setting these children up to fail badly in life. If they’ve never had to face consequences for their actions, they will continue with those action in to their adult lives. That type of behavior in adult life will cost them any chance at a job, and will, eventually, end up with them in jail, prison, or ventilated.

    9. This isn’t new. My daughter received 5 days suspension for using the S word in the school hallway. Meanwhile, when I walk the halls I heard the black kids using the F word constantly. Oh well.

    10. Since these “holier than thou” liberals are dictating that unruly black thugs be gently treated, put those devout idiots to teaching ’em. It will be a revelation to check back in six weeks to see which have changed their opinion as to discipline, who has quit, and how many have been hospitalized for physical injuries or mental breakdown.
      I’d bet that once these starry eyed zealots have served in the trenches, they’ll sing a different tune.

    11. Oh, THAT would only happen once. I don’t give a good damn about what politicalmy correct crap is allowing it, but that would only happen once and then the ambulances would come!

      In an environment like that, the teachers need to be armed with tasers, and they would be needing to use them frequently until these animals are properly caged!

    12. This sounds like a failure in the implementation of the plan to combat disproportionately punishing black students. You can’t look at the numbers and statistics to guide the day to day application of these types of policies. You review the outcome periodically to assess the effectiveness. We’re also referring to crimes that should be reported and dealt with outside the school’s system. The criminal justice system is better equipped to, and should deal with any cases of significant violence. No school reform measure can invalidate the right of a victim to report a crime. If the alleged assailants are convicted of violent felonies, then I can’t imagine there’s any specific language in these school policies to disallow expulsions.

      1. We already HAD all of these policies, disciplines and responsibilities in place for many decades up until the sixties and seventies when the liberal, “standards” started encroaching upon the education system and changed it to “their way”!

        1. The problem is that leftists have no “standards”, nor do they have ethics or morals. As far as these “student” fights, you can take the negro out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the negro!

    13. It’s very disturbing trying to post on this website when what I write is truthful but apparently “politically incorrect”.

        1. Unless one wishes to refer to certain prominent persons as, “Dirty, commie, Jews.” That appears to be “a bridge too far” no matter the truth of it.

      1. Are we reading the same articles? I don’t think that anyone here has ever been accused of being Politically Correct. Say what you mean clearly and see what the responses are.
        My daughter was a teacher in Title One schools. She got tired of the constant assaults from above and below and quit teaching.

    14. The laws tell the kids they can get away with this crap. Well, change the law or better yet CHANGE THE JUDGE. these kids are animals and belong in a zoo They are going to end up behind bars anyway after they KILL someone.

      1. Wow…I was reading along… to get to the bottom and write a Post and rich z already said it ! I covered my screen and just listened…sounds exactly like a JUNGLE ! Wild animals…PERIOD ! You can’t help those that do not want help. “Certain” groups know all they have to do for money is spit babies out their asses…kick back and suck up the welfare. These kids don’t care about themselves, much less other humans.”WHITEY” will take care of em ! Past time for “Old School” to return. If ya don’t want to be called an Animal…don’t act like one. One of these Lil yard apes will touch the wrong Adult…one day…and learn some respect the hard way. It’s a damn shame too…they are only kids that have been let down by whinny ass do-gooder Libtards… It all started with “everyone gets a trophy”…..”we don’t keep score” and then the Real World smacks em in the face….”you mean I have to EARN it” GEEEZZZZ!!!

    15. I retired from law enforcement in a northeastern state more than twenty years ago. I worked for the states DCF for a while. At a “secure” state juvenile installation where LEO’s responded to incidents, minority students were the great majority, with black “kids” making up most of the population there, assaults on teachers who worked at this institution were commonplace, unprovoked, and at times quite violent. Many were on white, young, female, do-gooder types who wanted to help the “kids”. Broken jaws, arms, wrists occurred. But, these were just “kids”. Many were bigger and meaner than some of the guys I worked with, and they all knew they would be released from incarceration at age 18. My point is that this has been an ongoing problem for many years. We knew that when we got called in to “interact” with these “kids”, odds were it was a black youth and it would be “interesting”, to say the least. Will this ever change for the better? I doubt it. Few have the spine to speak the truth about this problem. Statistics show that black “kids” are more violent, as a whole, than their white counterparts, although that may be changing from what I’ve seen since I retired. What will happen to our society when no one will become a teacher’s or a cop, because those jobs are becoming impossible to do. Our too-tolerant society is crumbling.

    16. Oklahoma City in this article could be any American city with a large minority population. My city of Yukon, which lies on the western border of OKC, has been building schools since I moved here 38 years ago. The reason being that no one wants to send their children to OKC’s schools. The same goes for all the suburban towns and cities around OKC. Of course this is nothing new in the US. It has been going on with a vengeance since the sixties with court ordered busing. The fighting back when I was in school was almost unheard of and yelling at, much less striking a teacher, was an unknown thing as I remember. But then I am 63 years old.

    17. You see it on the news every day where a fight or assault has happened in an all black or predominately black school. There is ZERO respect taught OR expected there. Many white schools are closing in on this same hood rat mentality, cause the kids think it is “cool”. The Dems and libs have pushed and allowed this thuggery to fester due to no one being able to report or talk about it due to student retaliation or lawsuits by the parents of the scum causing the problems. So the problem grows and the students are elevated to “HOOD GOD” stature… If respect, dignity, honor aren’t revived FAST, this country is doomed, we are being forced to revert back to the likes of a third world country. NO ONE fears the law or punishment anymore, the THUG mentality is pushed by the left, just watch the news ANY time. I believe the media (also far left) thrives on reporting the damage THEY have helped cause… Gives them a story, that is all that matters to them anymore. Truth and respect have been eliminated by and FOR them.
      Society has to figure out how to stop the downward spiral of this nation starting with the youngsters/teens even if they, their parents or the rat bastard lawyers don’t like it. Deal with them HEAD ON !
      We need to flush the rapper garbage and revive the doo wap elevating (GREAT) songs… Sadly the blacks and others follow the music trends, and rap is NOT something to learn anything good from. Pull your pants up, straighten your hat, comb/brush your hair, brush your teeth, respect others and get an EDUCATION ! You will be grateful you did later in life.
      Mr. Williams is 100% correct !

    18. I was a substitute teacher in Chicago, Ann Arbor and Chelsea, MI for a few years. After my first time in a Chicago high school I vowed never to return. Grant it, many students treat substitutes as someone to “mess” with, but the behavior of students in Chicago and Ann Arbor, specifically blacks and Hispanics, caused me to never return. Not only were they belligerent, it was clear they did not wish to learn or study at all. They were extremely disruptive- far more than I ever had experienced prior. Ann Arbor students had no respect while students in the small city of Chelsea, had respect, wanted to learn and I had very little trouble, even with the handful who challenged me. In fact, after a few times the 2 fellows who directly challenged me (1 saying we should meet in the parking lot after school) became “friends” and would shut down the other few who stood up to me.

      I cannot say why there is such a discrepancy outside of fatherless homes, lack of discipline and respect, and a “victim” attitude. I believe absent fathers, whether from divorce, the damaging effects of feminism or from those who choose not to be involved in their children’s life, is one of the major causes of the last few generations being psychologically/emotionally damaged.

      I am not surprised blacks are involved in more problems than Caucasians and Asians. Call me racist, but I can only go by personal experiences. If the Black Lives Matter Movement was a true movement to improve the circumstances instead of a terrorist group, they would go into the communities, change the events and lives of young people, showing them how to succeed in school and later as business owners instead of burning black businesses to the ground and causing millions of $$ damage in their own community. But being a Soros communistic organization unfortunately, that will never happen.

      1. The problem comes from white races refusing to understand what the negro actually is! The misinformation is due to the Jews and Jesuits in translating the Holy scriptures to Latin, Greek, and English. God tells us that the negro is NOT of Man and that we are NOT to be integrated, but the atheists and non-Christian religions have created laws to force us to accept what God said is unacceptable – mixing with negros, women in authority, homosexuality, promiscuity, abortion, idolatry, vanity, greed ……….or you are characterized as a racist, islamophobe, homophobe, chauvinist, anti-semite, etc.

        There are eight different Hebrew and Greek words, behemah, b’iyr, ziyz, chay, cheyva’, trephah, nephesh, and ktenos, are all translated into the one English word “beast”, but they each have different meanings in the original Hebrew and Greek languages which were lost in the translation into English.

        The Hebrew word “behemah” [#929] is translated 136 times as “beasts” and 57 times as “cattle”. It describes “beasts” who can cry mightily to God, who can turn away from evil, who wear sackcloth, who are circumcised, who can lie down with a woman to have sex with her, who have a conscience, who are put to death for violating God’s Law, who have possessions which can be sold or redeemed, who hold authority which can be taken away, who have feet and hands, who are inhabitants of cities, who God threatens to crossbreed with Israelites and Judahites, who can be hired, who are kept in tents, and who have boils on their bodies, none of which any four legged animal on the planet is capable of.

        Only homo sapiens have such traits and capabilities, even to this day. This Scripture is proof that there are species of humans who are not of “Adam” [read: “ruddy” or to blush]. Thus the word “behemah” can describe only homo sapiens who are not of the Adamic [read: Caucasoid] race but who do have similar but certainly not equal physical and intellectual traits..

        When this is understood, then it is easy to understand why negros act they way they do compared to the races of man. It is why only a small percentage of negros successfully integrate into “white” society, why they so easily revert to lawless behavior, why they support criminal activity over lawful, why the majority families are fatherless, why they fight over “turf” in the “hoods”……


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      1. Dr, though that doesn’t prevent him from being called an Uncle Tom or other derogatory terms. A free-thinking black is not allowed his/her opinion when it differs from the Socialist ideal.

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