Speech Threats Heightened by ‘Bomb’ Deliveries and Synagogue Murders

If you believe in the right to keep and bear arms, is your online advocacy to blame? (Tree of Life/Facebook)USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Two headline-dominating events have given “progressives” plenty of ammunition to manipulate public opinion right before the midterm elections: the opportunistically-named “MAGAbomber” and the suspect accused of murdering Jewish congregants in Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life synagogue.  To no one’s surprise, renewed fury against Donald Trump, Republicans and gun owners  is at fever pitch, much of it egged on by those intent on making the “blue wave” a reality by energizing Democrats and demoralizing the GOP.

Gun owners have plenty of resources to consult where they can find out more about both cases and the low-hanging fruits reportedly behind them. The constant is that the new volley of anti-gun attacks is just as hysterical and illegitimate as the last volley, and the one before that. I’ve weighed in briefly on both the incompetent “bomber” and the synagogue slaughter at my The War on Guns blog. Rather than parrot readily-findable information and arguments, I’d now like to focus on a threat we must not overlook while our natural focus is on renewed assaults against the right to keep and bear arms.

That's the renewed assault underway on the ability of gun owners to obtain and share information needed for the defense of that right.

The practice of “scrubbing” suspect accounts from social media sites means all information the public can obtain about them will be controlled by the government and fed to establishment media outlets, with predictably identical “news” reports, and editorials all repeating the same anti-gun talking points. The ability to independently investigate the accused is cut off to those trying to see if the “official” story is accurate and untainted by agenda. That social media giants Facebook and Twitter are so publicly in the “progressive” camp makes it not unreasonable to ask why, instead of taking the accounts down, they couldn’t just freeze them so no additions or changes could be made, but leaving the content up.

Case in point: Why were all the “bomber” suspect’s Twitter follows “liberal” politicians, celebrities and media outlets?  He didn’t follow anyone sharing his ostensible views and was therefore not sharing their online sentiments and reactions to current events? Perhaps the simplest explanation is he just wanted to keep tabs on potential victims, but that’s just a kneejerk opinion without justifying evidence. It seems a thread worth pulling to see if anything unravels.

Are bumper stickers now a legitmate red flag? (Reddit)

The suspect’s sticker-covered van should be a reminder that political statements are taken by some as all the excuse they need to get ugly (remember the torched truck with the pro-Trump sticker?). It’s almost miraculous the vehicle survived untouched for so long in “progressive” Broward County. And there’s another factor that could put the chill on political stickers that smack of “conservative” advocacy: Politically manipulated law enforcement.

“Now, thanks to SPLC, something as simple as having a political bumper sticker on your car, supposedly protected speech, takes a heightened alert situation and urges police to view non-leftist political sentiment as a potentially lethal personal threat,” I noted eight years ago. I was commenting on a Southern Poverty Law Center video warning cops about clues to look for in traffic stops.

“[W]ith all the conflation, what message will be enough to trigger a protective reaction?” the article continued.  “How about ‘I’m the NRA’?”

You’ll never guess what happened. After the “Lunabomber,” do you think displaying RKBA-related stickers on their cars will make things better or worse of gun owners, particularly those in Democrat-majority areas?

More chilling, and pretty much unnoticed except by liberty advocacy commentators, is some immediate fallout announced by Gab founder and CEO Andrew Torba:

Torba has since announced a new hosting provider has been secured, but the chilling effect is clear.

So much for viable alternatives to the Twitter/Facebook oligarchies, with their suppression and outright bans of any thought they deem offensive. The intent is clear. Speech that does not advance a “progressive” narrative must be eliminated from the public discourse. And anyone who disagrees will be conflated with real haters.

I’ll leave it to other times to speculate on how this all plays into Democrat hands right before the elections, and what the likely effects will be on Republicans who all too often fold at the first sign of pressure.

Our part for the moment is to hold fast and not lose heart. And to remind those within our spheres of influence that the ones who deserve being reviled in all this are the ones who committed acts of terror. Those who believe in liberty have been the ones offering the only viable solutions consistent with founding intent: Remove those unfit to live among us (after providing full due process) and encourage people to possess the means of their own defense.

About David Codrea:David Codrea
David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating / defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament.
In addition to being a field editor/columnist at GUNS Magazine and a contributor to Firearms News, he blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 7 thoughts on “Speech Threats Heightened by ‘Bomb’ Deliveries and Synagogue Murders

    1. What I say now will not be received well by some.
      We need social media and forums.
      If someone is talking crazy, think threats, then we all need to know about it.
      If this person is known, then those who know them need to talk to them. Determine how serious they are and call authorities if necessary.
      If this person is a loner, in self imposed solitary confinement, anyone that sees threatening comments need to report them.
      I have no sympathy for anyone that doesn’t know that threatening people is wrong.
      For the rest of us, I think it’s important that we remain nice and calm.
      It serves our purpose to be the gun owner in the office, church, barber shop, etc. that demonstrates a fair and level mindset.
      Remind them that if anything was to happen, you would gladly defend them.
      Talk about any training you have completed. Talk about the mindset you have to get into to shoot long range or complete a stage.
      Offer to take them to the range.
      Also talk up the facts. Police response times. If property, money, politicians and celebrities are guarded, why the average citizens shouldn’t defend themselves?
      The fact that a well armed citizenry makes politicians think twice about imposing unjust laws. The original intent of the Second Amendment.
      You want them to think of what you said when they get anti-gun propaganda.
      You want them to think of the nice gun people. Not the loud nut jobs that don’t understand the damage they are causing.
      But inform them calmly. Don’t make them think you are type of person that shouldn’t be armed.
      Well, that’s it. I guess I am ready to get screamed at.

      1. Marginal, I hope you find this response constructive, if not instructive. There is nothing wrong with the “Social Media” platforms. Sometimes I call it “Antisocial Media.” They are exposing a problem that has been bubbling under the surface for a very long time. On this we agree.
        “If this person is a loner, in self imposed solitary confinement, anyone that sees threatening comments need to report them.” Should we use this as a guide, half of the US citizenry would be locked up tomorrow. Besides who gets to determine “Loner?” By my definition a person who interacts on the internet on the antisocial media sites is not a “loner.” In fact, they are seeking the same “Narcissistic Supply” folk who interact with their neighbors seek. We all desire it to some degree.
        We are sick as a society. Search “Narcissistic Parent.” Also a lady named Shahida Arabi wrote an article titled “20 ways manipulative narcissists silence you.” What you will discover is that those techniques are being utilized by the power brokers and media to achieve their evil goals. In fact, this why I’m not a “See something, say something” guy. It plays right into the governments hands to further their agenda.
        What you said about everyone being armed, is spot on and will do more to “Empower us from the Narcissistic Parents (Government, Corps, etc.)” Most important is that when you dive into these relationship issues with narcissists, it comes down to the same thing. “YOU MUST REMOVE YOURSELF FROM the ABUSER.” If that doesn’t work you must fight to survive. Isn’t that what our founders did? They issued a “Divorce Decree” (Declaration of Independence), and the Narcissistic Parent (England) wouldn’t allow them their freedom, thus the abuser did as abusers do and got violent.
        My hope is that you examine this a little deeper. I was not far from you a decade ago. These individuals are kooks, and there were kooks when this country was founded. In fact, from what I have seen the most mentally unstable among us seem to be those who seek the most “Narcissistic Supply.” That’s what the bomber/shooter kooks are seeking, as are our elected. They are simply saying “Look at Me!”

    2. I would think that most logical people would be able to see that both of these incidents were perpetrated by total lunatics, But sadly the gun will be blamed for the Jews, don’t know who they’re going to blame for the bombs, Probably Trump. The message they are sending is ‘just shut up, accept the propaganda we are feeding you or this is what will happen’.

      1. You are either far too kind, or woefully naif. Lunatics? They WHY were they not on the radar of any government agencies tasked with identifying and dealing with such lunatics? Ponder for a moment the pre-history of nearly all the “mass shooters’ on record, starting with Columbine. Add the Arizona parking lot, Aurora Theatre, the Santa Barbara knife/gun guy, Hood One, Navy Yard, Virgina Tech, the San Bernardino Sweethearts, Sutherland Springs church, the Florida quire club, Sandy Hook, Parkland Florida school, the Lakewood Washington police shooting…… ALL of these had in some way drawn at least some scrutiny from law enforcement, most had been reported by concerned parties mulitple times. These two? Not a peep.
        Whatzatt mean? To me it smells VERY badly of setups, false flags, political expediency. Interesting, too, that both of these perps are yet alive, and in custody. What will come of the information and history revealed by the “investigations”? Of those listed above, some of the perps survived their carnage.. I cannot recall ever hearing ANYTHING since shortly after the “incidents” were “secured”……….

        David, your point about how all their “history” is pooled within minutes, or at least hours, of their being identified in public. In the days of newspapers, back when THEY were our sources, once it was printed nearly anyone could find a hard copy of that information. Thousands of copies were distributed, and not all of them ended up catching Polly the Parrot’s droppings or wrapping the remains of yestarday’s caught fish. This shift in availability enables a shift in what passes for “truth” in media…….. and renders “truth” a commodity that can be traded, and massaged, and disappeared at will by those whose hands are firmly grasping the levers of power. That’s part of why, when I find articles of signficance, I convert them into pdf documents and store them on my OWN hard drive. NOT in the cloud, remote server, or socialist media. I hope millions of others are doing the same.

        This whole mess smells like a carefully scripted stage play and we, the “viewer/victims”, seem powerless to do anything to stop it. One can hope, and work toward, the day when the curtain is withdrawn and the man behind it all will be revealed as a skinny little old runt, stark naked, hunkered down as he manipulates all the strings of control…. and when we’re all done laughing at him we can then drag him off to the concrete walled yard where he will receive his final reward in this life, then be off to face the REAL consequences in the next.
        Meanwhile, we must be vigilant and vocal. And remember, keep calm and pass the ammunition.

    3. Morris Dees..what can ya say. He should be in jail and the SPLC should be sued out of existence.
      They have just recently been sued and SPLC lost. Hit again and again,and HARD.
      The ‘thought police’ are coming to a neighborhood near you. (already there)

    4. We are witness to most, if not all, of the attributes of Nazi Germany being played out right here in the USA. The Global Corporations are essentially putting the politicians in their pockets. The media is carrying the narrative for the Progressives. All of our rights are being circumvented outright. There is no prosecution for the elite, but you and I better hop into line, or else. However, the most chilling attribute is the squelch of the freedom fighters voice!

      If we were to shut down every web site that harbored a scum bag killer, then Fakebook and Splatter (Twitter) would have been shut down years ago. I had never heard of this Gab site until this incident. It seems to me that, if it harbors mostly antisemitic voices, then ANTIFA would have been there to confront the scourge as they seen it. Ask yourself, is that the case? Me thinks probably not and so it’s probably a lie. What they don’t like about this forum is the say anything aspect. It’s time to step up!

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