The Caravan Attack on America ~ VIDEO


USA – -( The caravan from Central America that has grown from 3,000 to 4,000 people in the last few days is an attempted invasion and an attack on the United States. [and has now entered Mexico]

This assertion will almost certainly be denounced by the usual sources as being hateful or offensive, but it is long past time we stop letting the Left prevent us from using words which clearly communicate reality.

The fact is: Thousands of people have openly stated their intention to break American law and invade our country. Other people, some of them Americans, are funding this deliberate effort to invade America.

If you think “invade” is too strong a word, watch this video [above] of the caravan tearing down fences separating Guatemala and Mexico while waving the Honduran flag (the country these people no doubt plan to claim asylum from). How is this not an invasion?

Newt Live: The Caravan Attack on America

We cannot allow ourselves to be intimidated by the heart-wrenching pictures and misleading words the left-wing media will doubtlessly manufacture if this caravan arrives at our border.

We also must reclaim our narrative from the Left. We cannot allow them to demonize us and distort what we stand for and what we are trying to do.

Let me be clear about where I stand.

I strongly favor legal immigration. I am happy that America remains the most welcoming country in the world for legal immigrants. According to Pew Research, in 2015 there were a little more than 30 million legal immigrants in the country. This is higher than the population of Texas – our second most populous state. I think this is a great thing that makes America stronger. It is simply a lie to say I oppose immigration.

Furthermore, I have worked very hard to get sound, responsible immigration reform for decades.

In October 1986, I voted for the Simpson-Mazzoli Immigration Reform Act, which granted amnesty to about 3 million people (originally estimated to be 300,000). I voted for the bill in return for two commitments: to control the border and to establish a guest worker program. Similarly, President Reagan wrote in his diary that he would reluctantly sign the bill, because as he wrote: “It’s high time we regained control of our borders and [Simpson’s] bill will do this.”

The harsh lesson of 1986 was that liberals took the amnesty for 3 million illegal immigrants and then broke their word on controlling the border and creating an effective guest worker program.

Finally, on a personal level, I spent much of my childhood living in foreign countries (my dad spent 27 years in the infantry, and I now live part-time in Rome, Italy).

I outline my record to make clear that I don’t fit any of the nasty stereotypes with which the Left smears those who threaten them (see “the Kavanaugh effect”). And neither do the vast majority of Americans who want a functional immigration system that reflects American values.

The very idea that thousands of people believe (or are being told) they have a right to invade America and demand that we take care of them tells you how sick the system has become.

The time to draw the line and fight for an honest immigration and border control policy is now.

The caravan is the perfect symbol of the arrogance – the organized effort to destroy the rule of law – and the contempt for the American system which the Left exhibits every day.

We have been so conditioned by a half-century of political correctness doctrine (developed and sustained by the liberal news media, college professors, and left-wing politicians) that we have forgotten how to tell the truth about illegal immigration.

The truth is: It has substantially increased the risk for Americans.

Caravan From Central America
Caravan From Central America

MS-13, the vicious El Salvadoran gang, killed 17 people on Long Island in a 17-month period in 2016. The gang has an estimated 8,000 to 10,000 members in the United States. Fentanyl and opioids also come across the uncontrolled southern border. Last year, more than 72,000 Americans died from drug overdoses – more than the number killed during the eight years of the Vietnam War. There is a substantial safety impact of uncontrolled borders and the routine breaking of the law by illegal immigrants.

If America is to survive, we must win some key arguments about facts and prove that much of what left-wing politicians say – and what the liberal news media reports – is simply wrong.

If America is to survive, we must heed George Orwell’s warning in his great essay Politics and the English Language – that “political speech and writing are largely the defense of the indefensible.” Nothing could more accurately characterize the Left’s speech about political correctness and their unending effort to shut down language that exposes the hypocrisy and falsehood of their members’ positions – especially when it comes to their animus toward American sovereignty and defending the border.

As I wrote in my New York Times bestseller Trump’s America: The Truth About Our Nation’s Great Comeback, the liberal media has actively participated in creating propaganda designed to manufacture sympathy for the lawbreakers and delegitimize those who would defend American sovereignty and the rule of law.

When House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says to Harvard Kennedy School students that Democrats are for controlling our borders, she is simply lying. When she goes on to say, “we do need to guard our borders, and we do need to have immigration reform,” you have to wonder how stupid she thinks we are.

There is no evidence of any Democrat-backed program that would be effective in controlling illegal immigration. They oppose the wall in any form. They would hobble or abolish ICE. They favor so-called sanctuary cities and states in order to shield illegal immigrants from the legal immigration process. Senator Dianne Feinstein has introduced an open borders bill, which every Democratic Senate incumbent has cosponsored. The national vice chair of the Democratic Party campaigns in a t-shirt which says in Spanish “I don’t believe in borders.” Democrats only ever favor complicated, impossible-to-implement legal systems, which create opportunities for people to enter and stay in America illegally.

Not only do Democrats oppose controlling the border and stopping illegal immigration, they welcome illegal immigrants as an offset to legal American voters.

Consider what Pelosi said in El Paso to immigration rights activists: “We believe that we will have leverage when we win in November. And why is that important? Because it gives leverage to every family” who came to America illegally.

Stacey Abrams, a Democratic candidate for governor in Georgia, is even clearer in her commitment to illegal immigrants. In a recent speech, she said the blue wave is comprised of “those who are documented and undocumented.” There could not be a clearer indication of the Democrats’ belief that illegal immigrants are an integral part of their coalition.

The San Francisco Democrats have even adopted a new regulation to allow illegal immigrants to vote in city elections.

The caravan invasion is a useful starting point to insist on an honest debate about our future as a country.

Every Democrat should be forced to answer these six questions before the election:

  • 1. Do you think 4,000 or more people should be allowed to invade the United States whenever they want to, and, if so, how big and how frequent do you think the next caravans will be?
  • 2. Who do you think is paying for these efforts to undermine American sovereignty, break American laws, and impose foreign will on the United States?
  • 3. When you are told it is only a small number of people in this first caravan, how do you respond to the fact that we already have an estimated illegal population of 1.8 million Central Americans, 650,000 South Americans, and 425,000 immigrants from the Caribbean. Does that change the scale of the problem? If caravans are accepted the numbers will grow dramatically in a very short period.
  • 4. When you learn that the Gallup World Poll estimates that 29 percent of people in Latin America and the Caribbean (that would be about 197 million people) want to migrate – and 29 percent of those people (about 57 million) want to come to the United States, does this change your concern about controlling the border?
  • 5. When you learn that beyond our hemisphere, the Gallup World Poll estimates that millions more would come to the United States if they could, does that increase your interest in controlling the border?
  • 6. If you do not think this caravan should be allowed to illegally enter the United States as an invasion of our sovereign border, what would you do to stop them?

If Democrats really wanted to control the border, how do we have an estimated 11 million-plus illegal immigrants currently in the United States – and a system that can be gamed so easily that people have continued to brazenly and openly break the law?

This caravan attack is the right place to draw the line and say, “no more.”

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is right. Congress should come back and pass the laws that would enable Americans to re-establish the rule of law at the border and protect our country with dignity and authority.

President Trump is right. Stop the caravan now.

If you want to defend America, let your House member and Senators know how you feel.

Your Friend,

Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich

P.S. My new book, Trump's America: The Truth About Our Nation's Great Comeback is out and available for order.

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    1. I understand I have been censored, you millenial socialists are turning our beloved country into a police state.

    2. If you shoot the first 100 in line, I think the rest will get the message. But by the time they get here there may only be 1000 left

    3. I haven’t seen any posts that address another important aspect of these illegals coming here. It is the threat of disease and the fact they do not get vaccinations. They could, and probably will bring all kinds of ailments we don’t want or need.
      Send them back, one way or another.

      1. In Calimexico I dated a women who had an illegal immigrant boyfriend. Do I need to tell you how many shots I had to get in my ass.

    4. I recall an actual number of 26,000,000 being the total number of illegals in 1986. However, that number began to vanish as each week passed.. All I know is that the number of Hispanics is at 65 million and counting (The # is from several sources; both Lib and Conservative polls), so figure the numbers for yourself, and do it anyway you like.

    5. Wild Bill

      Regarding your referenced Catch and Release, I sometimes tend toward somewhat cruder forms of speech, which lead me to describe the thing s follows. BULLSHIT!!

    6. How many miles is it from the southern tip of Mexico to the northern border at the united states?
      A long way to walk I would imagine.
      How did they all get organised to walk at the same time?
      Can we keep a running timeline and show their progress as to the estimated time of arrival?
      they can track Santa Claus during his travels and show us with a little blinking red dot on the map.
      they should keep us informed as to the location of this swarm also.

      1. Insurgents getting help$ from Soros and company UN and I hear diesel buses running in the background with hot food —water-Marxist textbook / insurgent would have to walk 20 miles a day for 100 days to get 2000 miles Guatemala to Phoenix-24/7 no rest they must be handing out cocaine/meth

    7. close the border and shot any one who trys forceing their way into america, they are invaders not migrants they wave their flags as a threating united states Also shot any person from the united nations who enter america fuck the u n we are americans and our rights come first pro 2A and ANTI U .N.

      1. @Alan, we can not go to another country to stop them. Once they are one inch on US soil they are entitled to make a Political Asylum claim. The pres. is correct. It is a rotten law, that is being misused to our detriment. Congress needs to change the Immigration Act.

        1. Wild Bill:

          Said claim or claims can be rejected too, or I so assume, and where by the way, does it so cify that the claimant must be housed within the U.S. while their claims are considered.

          1. @Alan, ICE just lets them go due to lack of holding space and then they are supposed to show up for their hearing. It is called catch and release.

          1. @GNewman, I wish that were in the Immigration Act, but it is not. One foot on US soil and they get to make a Political Asylum claim. That is the bad law that president Trump is talking about.

    8. A few Apache choppers,lay down fire line,any one that crosses after that,lay down fire it hit.This is a invasion and the military needs to stop it.The ones here now Deport them,don’t give a shit how long they been here.Illegal is illegal.The people that whine about separation of kids an so-called parents BULLSHIT.What happens when citizens go to jail ,they damn sure are separated,don’t hear the snowflakes whining about that

    9. machine gun nests with overlapping fields of fire would fix this. Hey NATO… Get out of Russia’s backyard and stop doing George Soros dirty work in the Ukraine .Do your job on our border.

    10. It would only take shooting down a few dozen of them as they tried to cross to stop this. Unfortunately the Trump administration cannot take the political damage that would be done to it if this were to happen. Too many bleeding hearts and liberals that would rather see our country perish than to lose political leverage. The only way to stop this is with a complete wall and (maybe a mine field wouldn’t hurt) more border guards. The law must be changed to allow direct deportation of any and ALL illegals without lengthy hearings and appeals. Catch and deport. Until congress gets a pair we are without much recourse.

    11. It is now between 5 – 7,000 invaders. If Trump does not ACT TODAY and issue an Executive Order sending the military down to the border we will have the exact same invasion as Europe has had, he will have lost MY vote as well as any votes for GOP and will lose the mid-terms. I am sick and tired of his talk, talk, talk……. complaining about the democrats. He is the FUC^^! president and like the former PIMP in the WH he has the authority to issue Executive Orders. He is the Commander-in-Chief and IS the authority over the military. His failure to act will cost this country everything! I for one will not sit by and pretend he is “making America great again”. He can either do the Right thing or lose everyone’s vote. Watching him at rallies is “nice” but this invasion is tantamount to War. War with S America and Mexico; war with Soros and the Swamp. The fact NO ONE is in prison speaks volumes. He is manipulating US and very few get it.
      Everyone related to Muller, Clintons, the former PIMP in the WH, the high up echelon of the FIB, CIA, DOJ SHOULD already be in prison; or better yet hung for treason. What is he waiting for?
      If he fails this one he has failed this country. I don’t care how good the economy is at the moment. He thousands cross the border, there will be war in the streets. The photos from the media (like we’re supposed to believe them?) show women and children. It’s ALL psy-op. The reality is males between the ages of 16 – 35 will be entering. How many are fro drug cartels, MI-13, pedophiles, rapists, murders, etc?????? There NO WAY to know. There will be more blood on the streets, more rapes, pedophilia and the rest.
      I for one, will use extreme force without hesitation when confronted. I will probably be standing just outside the voting stations watching for anyone who doesn’t belong and confronting them about citizenship. How many other are brave enough to do the same? How many arm-chair patriots are out there with Big Talk and no balls for action?
      We either do this together or we fail together. One of our Founding Fathers said something familiar and I’ve yet to see an organized “militia” of sorts.
      The major problem of a country emphasizing individual rights and liberties is the failure of those individuals to come together, organized to protect this country. The democRATS under Soros and the former PIMP in the WH HAVE organization skills and are organized to wreak havoc in this country. Antifa, Black Lives Matter etc…. they’re organized. The rest of us aren’t. I have lost faith in Trump and the people in this country. A Blue Wave IS definitely coming and it’s name is Third-World Invasion. And it looks like no one is man enough to stop it.

      1. Hey Mark I know it’s frustrating but we have to stand together behind the constitution because you know regardless of who’s the president and if you don’t know about militas and you probably don’t have many friends you trust because there’s tons of them out there looking for good folks but they’re not posting signs on the Internet or on the side of the highway you have to do the footwork/300 blackout at 250 yards seems to work pretty good suppressed or unsuppressed/Patriots because the president is just one man surrounded by snakes ,varmint and vile swamp creatures you going to take that all into consideration ??Too many chefs in the kitchen ruin the soup-1776-Keep the faith brothers,,patience is truly a virtue

      2. No one that can be “held accountable” can do the killing that needs to be done. If president Trump did what needed to be done, the left would flood the election polls and vote. He can not afford that. No one can prevent this invasion. Not a single patriot. Not president Trump. No one in between.
        If we sent every border patrolmen, every ICE agent, and the entire army every other border would be unprotected. Terrorists, smugglers, and Canadians know it.

    12. This is just like a home invasion only its Invasion on our borders if they do not stop shoot them if there are American people funding this put them in jail this country cannot afford to keep letting people in over and over

    13. These illegals must all be deported. The Dems in congress will never agree. Trump has to act more aggressively before we are another Central America. They are stealing our resources, our land and properties, our social services that OUR American money went into and they would love nothing more than to overpower this country on every level! It has to stop immediately! We are in an invasive crisis. These Central American countries do nothing for us of geat worth! They are not our ally and it’s time America wakes up and see we are being bamboozled, abused, taken advantage of, used, etc.

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