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Terrorist Khalid Masood Shot Dead
Terrorist Khalid Masood Shot Dead

Ft Collins, CO –-( “He was going to kill me”

Recent testimony of the armed British Police Officer who shot and killed terrorist Khalid Masood, shortly after Masood stabbed to death Officer Keith Palmer, as unarmed Palmer was posted at the Carriage Gates into New Palace Yard in March of 2017.

To his credit, the armed officer, using his GLOCK G17, fired three shots at Masood, and all three hit.

Masood’s fell to the ground, and his wounds proved fatal in less than a minute.

For his own protection, the officer who fired the fatal shots was granted anonymity at the inquest.

The officer’s voice broke as he testified that he “had no choice.”

What I find paradoxical and unsettling is this:

Appropriately armed, well-trained British police officers, selected to carry concealed G17s while on-duty, apparently during formal inquests into legitimate fatal shootings have to turn themselves into sobbing supplicants, seeking “cultural absolution” from their firearm-hating society, many of whom sincerely believe (while safe and secure behind their desks) that deadly force is never necessary.

The precise application of deadly force in this case was expert, and both legally and also morally justified. In fact, it is hard to imagine how this officer could have done it better.

For what he did, this officer should be congratulated, thanked, promoted, and hailed as a national hero.

Instead, this courageous officer’s police career is now probably over.

Rather than congratulating him, they crawl up his ass with a microscope in an attempt to find something, anything, he did that was less than perfect.

When good guys are alive, and bag guys are dead, that should be cause for relief and celebration.

Instead, at least in the UK, they denigrate their courageous warriors, while slobbering with endless sympathy over dead terrorists.

Upside down?

“Rome’s fall was presaged by the sleazy corruption of its politicians. As a fat, self-indulgent middle class raised their children to be sheep, enemies raised theirs to be wolves!” ~ Jeff Brunken


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American Patriot

What else could you expect from a country that is so sissyfied that they primarily rely on the “MEN” of the U.S. Military for their protection.

M Miller

Good guy with gun, beats bad guy with a knife every time!


Winston Churchill is rolling over in his grave. BTW Mark Kelly is a weak bastard and punk for dissing Churchill who was the greatest leader of WWII. Churchill saved Europe and possibly the entire world. The British should remember and embrace their history. What was once a great empire has been reduced to a weak, cowering, population of “subjects” too afraid to assert their God given and common law rights.

M Miller

They need to take after Cali, ban knifes, toothpicks, plastic straws, and etc.!

M Miller

Take all the weapons away from the Queen’s guards and see how that works out!


It’s very likely that what happened to the officer is true knowing the British elites’ attitude toward the use weapons of any kind in the defense of self and others, but this report would have had more impact if some actual quotes of what was said against the officer’s action would have been included. After all, wasn’t our side the one that called for proof of the unsubstantiated claims made against Judge Kavanaugh?


Sad. Very sad.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.

dava golino

welcome to the EU agenda. coming to your town soon. know your enemy. the EU is not just in Europe. through the UN AND SOLD OUT POLITICIAN THEY ARE RUINING EVERYTHING.We call them the left,Democrats deep state all these silly names hide the true face of this enemy. I just bought a new motorcycle in august of 2018 and a lot of the specifications are put forth by EU mandates, Hell, the Universal Background check is fronted by the UN, but it is fomented laws of the EU,JUST LIKE IMMIGRATION.WE ARE FIGHTING A foreign agenda and politicians that are anti… Read more »

Wild Bill

, join the Trump rebellion!

M Miller

Already with you on that!


“When good guys are alive, and bag guys are dead, that should be cause for relief and celebration.”

End of story!


The problem does not stop there with his death. In the norm with the Moslim way those children of his will probably want to make amends for his death. Sad. Sad Sad

rich z

Just look who is running the city of LONDON ( more violent crime than N.Y.C.)

RM Molon Labe

“Those who do not move…never notice their chains”.
Rosa Luxemburg


While the sentiment is true enough, the person quoted (Rosa Luxemburg) was in the chain manufacturing business! She helped found the Polish and German Communist parties. Now you can quote me as saying “Those who don’t investigate their sources end up endorsing them”.


I’d like to Second that, ask that brave officer to legally immigrate to the US.


Sad. Very sad.

None are as blind as those who will not see.


The problem with England is all the politicians are owned by the Arabs as are the news agencies


The officer should move to the USA I’m sure there are plenty of communities that would be proud and honored to have such a professional working for them.


I totally agree. We would be a better place having more professional people such as him in the US. They don’t want him? Hell, we’ll take him. The terrorism has to be stopped.