This Wednesday on Shooting USA – Rimfire Challenge World Championship

Rimfire Challenge Championship
Rimfire Challenge Championship

Nashville, TN -( This time it’s the Rimfire Challenge World Championship with top competitors and a family friendly welcome. The NSSF promotes the all-steel speed challenge to get new shooters started in competition, but there are also world titles to be won.

Plus, police officers are going to school at the historic Smith & Wesson Academy in Springfield, MA. They’re learning both tactics and gun maintenance to support their departments back home.

Then Hornady introduces an effective round for suppressors that doesn’t create a sonic boom.

And Julie Golob has a pro tip on what you’ve forgotten to practice. More Info…

Wednesday 9:00 Eastern and Pacific, 8:00 Central
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John has put up new audio and video podcasts recorded at the GAP Grind.  Find them on Podbean and iTunes at the link below.

You’ll also see video podcasts posted on the John Scoutten Shooting USA Facebook Page.

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