Adams Arms’ #MagsForToms BuyBack Movement

Adams Arms’ #MagsForToms BuyBack Movement
Adams Arms’ #MagsForToms BuyBack Movement

U.S.A.-( Last week, Toms shoe founder, Blake Mycoskie, publicly stated that Toms would donate $5 million to various anti-gun organizations under the guise of “universal background checks to end gun violence.” The reality of the situation is that the concept of a “universal background check” does nothing to stop criminals from getting ahold of firearms, as it only affects the law abiding.

To combat this and take a stand for all Pro-Second Amendment citizens, Adams Arms launched a campaign to send a message that gun owners will not sit by idle and allow the continued degradation of the Rights of the American People. Jens Krogh, the VP of Sales and Marketing for Adams Arms, said the company believes in more freedom for Americans… not less.

The original buyback campaign was to send a free 30rd magazine to anyone (10rd magazines to those in restricted states) who sent a pair of new or used Toms shoes (postmarked) before January 1st, 2019 and burn the Toms via Instagram live, but Adams Arms had a slight change of plans.

“Originally we were going to burn the shoes, but decided that’s no way to treat something that could be used again by homeless veterans,” VP of Sales & Marketing, Jens Krogh, said.

“But then we thought to ourselves… we should at least make the shoes less hippie. So we’re going to alter them with a pro Second Amendment message and THEN donate them to several worthy causes for veterans and impoverished people living in oppressive countries where they do not have the freedoms we cherish.”

Amend2 Magazines, a high-quality magazine and accessory company based in Idaho, loved the idea so much that they partnered with Adams Arms to support the cause and donated the first batch of #MagsForToms. For every pair of Toms Shoes sent in, one Amend2 30-round (or 10-round) magazine will be sent to your door!

Amend2 Magazines offers Made in the USA magazines for a wide variety of Glock models and has several AR-15 options with multiple capacities available.
Amend2 Magazines

Here’s how it works. Send Adams Arms your shoes at:

Adams Arms
Mags for TOMS 
1551 Gunn Highway
Odessa FL 33556

You must include a note with your shipping address and email address. It must be legal to ship a 30 round mag to your state, or if you live in a restricted state, Adams Arms will send you a 10 round magazine.

Before you send them… post a picture with #shoeburn #magsfortoms and #shallnotbeinfringed to spread the word.

It’s worth pointing out that the organizations in line to get money from Toms are Black & Brown Gun Violence Prevention Consortium, Everytown for Gun Safety, Faith in Action, Giffords, Livefree, March for Our Lives and Moms Demand Action.

For further information about Adams Arms, please visit or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For more information about Amend2 Magazines, please visit or follow on Facebook and Instagram.

About Adams ArmsAdams Arms logo

The Adams Arms team is committed to providing cutting edge technology that meets the real needs of the modern warrior, starting with the industry’s first and only patented retrofit kit for the AR 15 Platform that makes it a relevant weapon of the future. We will continue to develop products that improve performance and minimize maintenance at the highest level of quality from full rifles to all relative configurations.

We believe that the Adams Arms Piston System will provide superior performance and have lower maintenance costs than anything available on the market today. Additionally, the Retro-fit System offered by Adams Arms will save Law Enforcement, Military and Private Citizens thousands of dollars by offering a simple upgrade option, instead of the high cost of replacing their current weapons.

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I had to go back and read the next to last paragraph again because I couldn’t believe what I was reading. It is now very clear and the answer is hell no I won’t donate to any of those anti 2A groups.I hope everyone reads this article for what it is: ANTI GUN and ANTI AMERICAN.


Read that article again… ‍♂️

Nick Halckner

Are you dumb? This article is pro-2A. Your reading comprehension needs SERIOUS work.

The author is saying that TOMS Shoes is donating to those groups, which is why they are having people get RID of their pair of Tom’s shoes by giving them to Adams Arms, who will then send you a free 30 round magazine & donate the pair of Tom’s to homeless veterans after they have written pro 3nd amendment slogans on the shoes.


??? Toms, not Adams, is supporting those anti-2nd amendment orgs. Did I miss something?




You’re a special kind of stupid. Go back and re-read the article from the beginning.


Those are the organizations getting money from Toms


Hit up a thrift store for them. I believe Goodwill even gives seniors 10% off on Tues.

Joseph P Martin

Outstanding! We need more of this type of pro-Second Amendment activities.


1776 On steroids here in Florida -believe it

seemann 58

I don’t have any of these shoes and i damn well won’t have any of this foot trash.Giving the shoes to needy people and our Vets is a great idea especially with our 2a logo or message on them.

Barry S Parks

This made me so mad, I was going to buy some of the crappy, overpriced, shoes.(I don’t own any of them). So I could send them in for spite.

LTC Oliver North

If you bought a pair of Toms simply for the buyback, you would be handing your money to Toms, and they would use it to pay themselves, or give it to an anti 2A organization. That makes zero sense. The only thing that makes sense to do is buy a used pair of Toms from a garage sale or charity like Goodwill, and then send them in for homeless vets to use; then Toms won’t see a penny.

Calvin Don Blumhorst

Or, if you can’t find a used pair of Tom’s shoes, just make an equivalent donation to some worthy Second Amendment Rights organization in Tom’s name.