Black Friday Deals: Stag Arms AR15 Ambi Charging Handle Just $14.99 ~ Stag Arms

Editors Update; STAG Arms has come out with a statement that the charging handle below is NOT U.S. made and is offering refunds for anyone who wants to return them and an apology. See Image Below in Comments by AmmoLand.

Stag Arms AR15 Ambi Charging Handle Just $14.99
Stag Arms AR15 Ambi Charging Handle Just $14.99

USA – -( Stag Arms has what looks like a watered-down clone of their Stag 15 Raptor-LT Ambidextrous Charging Handle on special for just $14.99, wow you save $35.00! That is dirt cheap on a super high-quality product that we all can use. Rifle builders stock up on this one.

Stag Arms AR15 Ambi Charging Handle Just $14.99

Additional Deals from Stag:

Stag has all their products at 25% off all non-sale items [present deals excluded] and free shipping on everything not already marked down but here are some other door blowing deals.

$$ – The favorite Stag Arms 10S .308 LEV2 M-LOK Rifle way off the price at just $774.99! This gun runs at $1329.99 retail. The Stag 10S .308 M-LOK Rifle was explicitly designed for those moments where you need that extra power in close quarters, now with a light-weight ergonomic Stag Handguard. The Stag .308 line features a Stag slant cut design and includes uniquely designed parts for the lower to guarantee the best fit between the upper and lower. The remainder of the rifle utilizes the DPMS .308 platform for parts compatibility.

Stag Arms 10S .308 LEV2 M-LOK Rifle Just $774.99

Stag Arms 10S .308 LEV2 M-LOK Rifle Deal
Stag Arms 10S .308 LEV2 M-LOK Rifle Deal

$$ – Also, they have the popular Stag 15 LEV3 M-LOK Rifle on sale for just $499.99.

The Stag 15 LEV3 M-LOK Rifle’s rail provides ample amount of M-LOK attachment points, and an uninterrupted Picatinny rail along the top, which allows for room for sights, optics and accessories the shooter may require. The rifle is completed with a mil-spec buttstock, A2 flash hider and manganese phosphate coated, chrome lined M16 bolt carrier group.

Every complete rifle from Stag Arms comes with a Transferable Lifetime Warranty, an Infinite Shot Barrel Guarantee, a magazine, and a rifle case.

Stag 15 LEV3 M-LOK Rifle just $499.99.

Stag 15 LEV3 M-LOK Rifle Deal
Stag 15 LEV3 M-LOK Rifle Deal


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Steven Pham

If you ordered one. Make sure you get your refund


They’re currently listed out of stock on their website. I sent the link to my brother last week when these were on sale & told him to snag one for me if he was going to get one.. (He’s one of those sticklers who doesn’t like to put any non-factory parts on his rifles). Hopefully he took the hint and I got one of these from him for Christmas. I’ll happily run a Stag charging handle on my S&W M&P rifle. How would you say these compare to a Radian Mike S?

Mike S.

I just got one of those charging handles. FYI, they’re on Pre-Order status – so not exactly in stock at the moment. But on the bright side, standard ground shipping is free so the final price really does come out to $15.