Devoted Second Amendment Hater, Laura Kelly, Wins Kansas Governorship

Devoted Second Amendment Hater, Laura Kelly, Wins Kansas Governorship
Devoted Second Amendment Hater, Laura Kelly, Wins Kansas Governorship

Kansas – -( If you were watching election returns come in Wednesday night, you probably already have this image permanently burned in your memory. We do.

As we’ve told you before, Laura Kelly — the next Governor of Kansas — is a sworn enemy of the 2nd Amendment.

Left unchecked, Laura Kelly’s policies will:

  • Leave law-abiding adults under the age of 21 defenseless
  • Leave law-abiding adults on college campuses defenseless
  • Leave law-abiding adults on some state-owned properties defenseless
  • Strip Kansans of their constitutional due process rights
  • Laura Kelly was endorsed by Michael Bloomberg’s gun control lobby, and she wasn’t afraid to voice her disdain for your 2nd Amendment rights on the debate stage:

As a Senator, Laura Kelly voted to take away your ability to defend yourself because she didn’t think you deserved to exercise that right. As Governor, Laura Kelly will oppose our 2nd Amendment rights even more furiously.

It’s up to you to stop her.

A decade ago, our 2nd Amendment freedoms were under deadly attack in Kansas. No constitutional carry. No campus carry. No concealed carry. None were more than a dream. That all changed when your Kansas State Rifle Association, dedicated champions of the 2nd Amendment, and people just like you stepped up and took action. We live in a state with incredible freedom for the 2nd Amendment today as a result.

But yesterday’s election could change all of that in a heartbeat.

Not only does Laura Kelly want to restrict your right to keep and bear arms in specific circumstances, she has gone out of her way to pander to the anti-gun Bloomberg lobby.

Rest assured: Laura Kelly will do everything in her power to eliminate any progress we have made over the past decade.

Not on our watch.

Your Kansas State Rifle Association is committing today to fight relentlessly to preserve the rights we have as Kansans.

2018 Kansas Governor's Race Results
2018 Kansas Governor’s Race Results

Our commitment is more than words on a page. As the Kansas affiliate of the National Rifle Association, we know what it’s like to be called names and opposed at every turn.

  • We won’t back down under pressure.
  • We won’t give up when times are tough.
  • We won’t compromise to get along with those in power.

This election for Governor may have set us back, but it hasn’t crushed us. Kansas is still a pro-2nd Amendment state, and we still know what it takes to win. Yesterday alone, 89% of NRA-endorsed Kansas state House candidates won. THAT’S HUGE! Not only that, our endorsed candidates won other statewide offices, 3 out of 4 congressional seats, and crushed the competition in the only Kansas Senate seat on the ballot.

We’re committing today to push our way forward to defend the freedoms each of us hold dear, but we need you to join us.

Kansas State Rifle Association

About Kansas State Rifle Association:

The Kansas State Rifle Association has one purpose. To promote and strive for the improvement and protection of the firearms and sport shooting industry and protection of second amendment principals by encouraging and stimulating well-qualified individual citizens to run for public office and to take a more active and effective part in governmental affairs. Visit:

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Randy Locher

Idiot Americans deserve Everything they get. Over and over they keep electing these Filth to office. They deserve to be enslaved. Worthless Scum!


After 62 years I still can not see how someone that wins the majority of the state and still lose. Rep won 50+ county’s and the Dem’s won 9. I know it is something with “Electoral” vote but came on this just looks WRONG.


@Mott…see my reply to HeedTheCall, below. Vote rigging using electronic voting machines is a big problem and getting worse. The machine can be rigged remotely from anywhere, and all evidence of the software erases itself automatically. Those machines have to be outlawed, and paper ballots only must be used. Ones that can be recounted, and stored for a period of time if there is ever a question. And guess who manufactures most of these machines nowadays, and loads the software.


Agreed! I will sit there and count if they want.

Wild Bill

@Mott, the vote is by number of people, not real-estate. Cities are dense with people ignorant of the Constitution and susceptible to Marxist socialism. Cities are store houses bursting with self centered, perennial malcontents, and hard core unemployables that vote. Makes the mind wander.

Patriot guy

You have to ask yourself why is the real reason politician’s ant to BAN guns, knives and hunting? What do they have in store for us? Why do they want and continue o install more and more surveillance cameras all over? Now they have cameras that computer scan your face and your body size, of course this is for your own good. Just like the politicians now want to put Lithium and Prozac in our drinking water saying it’s worth it even if it stops one suicide! Of course these demon-crap politicians know whats best for you and your family.… Read more »

I was visiting My Daughter who was living in PA .Her neighbor was saying he’s glad he moved out of NY state because of taxes and regulations. After talking to him a few minutes I gathered that he was a Democrat. I asked him why? We never spoke again after that. You can’t fix stupid. I’m from WI and always voted Republican.

Quintessential Phorto

How did this malcontent get elected? Kansas, for SHAME.


Enough gun owners did not care and did nothing.

Heed the Call-up

Clad, you don’t know that and you can’t logically assume that. In my district from last year to this year, there supposedly was a 30,000 vote switch that enabled the anti-rights candidate to win. I call into question the veracity of the vote – the district has always been pro-rights by a large margin until the past few years when the votes got much closer.


It has been proven that it takes just short of 5 minutes for a computer nerd to rig an electronic voting machine to spit out results just like he told it to with his software. And nowadays, it has gotten so sophisticated that the machine can be rigged from the other side of the planet. Electronic voting has to be outlawed, and it has to go back to the old fashioned paper ballots that can be recounted multiple times, and stored for years, in case there is ever any question. And always remember what Stalin said, “It’s not who votes… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

THC, we use paper ballots in my county, but agree with the rest of your post.

Wild Bill

The repub lost by five percentage points. The indip candidates had eight percentage points. Enough voters had free minds and were party blind that the democrat national socialists won the election. Check the charts.


Too many candidates running for governor. There should be a KS law requiring over 50% to win, which would have dictated a runoff.

Joseph P Martin

One more example of the urban centers of the USA determining how the rural portions of this nation will be governed.


I agree with you. Just look at the Texas vote for senator. Way too many from other states that are liberal. Maybe it is this way in the the urban areas in Kansas? The pro 2A people in Kansas have a problem now. I wonder if the Republican candidate failed to stress who supported Kelly, e.g., Bloomberg who is a 100% anti 2A liberal. .


Bloomberg is another Commie Bolshevik bucking for the Kalergi Plan Award. If you don’t know what the “Kalergi Plan” is, it would behoove you to google it and see what they have in store for America. And then look at what they have done to Europe over the past 4 or 5 years.

Robert J. Lucas

Sheepel being directed to slaughter. And they do not even know it. Congratulations for all who voted in wanting control of firearms. Gun Control=Extermination… Good Luck & GOD Bless you all… When people do not know their past global history, “history repeats itself”.. The anti-gun movement is well represented and financed by the dysfunction ally unworldly. The price of liberty is Eternal Vigilance, and it behooves all vigilant lovers of liberty to know and be able to recognize the various types of arms prohibitionists and understand their differing but equally dangerous motives. Acquiring knowledge of one’s foes is the first… Read more »


Let me guess, the districts she won were the population centers where the democrats converge like vermin.


Same as in Pa. Philthadelpia and Shittsburg…. You know, the state moneypits (Wolf has a tax money FUNNEL attached to Philthadelphia) that make headlines EVERYDAY with murders, etc.

J Buck

With a pseudo dictator and a confirmed pathological liar like Donald Duck in office everyone in this country needs to keep in sharp focus one of the main intentions of our second amendment rights. That we have the means to stop a government out of control. Law abiding citizens don’t go on shooting sprees and kill innocent people. Explain to me, please, why any sane person thinks that limiting or taking away the rights of law abiding citizens is somehow going to affect those who are not? Other than taking away the means for us to protect ourselves, our families… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

J Buck, it’s ironic that you comment about going after the real problem when you start off with a juvenile attack on Donald Duck. That makes the rest of your post hypocritical. This story was about the incoming Kansas governor, not about a cartoon character.

J Buck

If you don’t recognize the sarcastic reference to Donald then I would recommend that you not try to understand. It’s over your head.

Wild Bill

@JBuck do that insulting people helps to knit them together to stand against the libtards that would steal our Constitutional Rights?

Wild Bill

Oops Should be: do you think that insulting people helps to knit them together to stand against the libtards that would steal our Constitutional Rights?

J Buck

And even more ironic that you totally missed the reference.

J Buck

Opinions are like noses. Some just smell more than others. Trying to defend a pathological liar, who is also a bigot, a fraud, a crook and a traitor by saying “Yeah, but he supports gun rights” is truly moronic. Anyone who sets aside common sense and supports a president who lies as much as he breathes because that president may support their own prejudices is just plain sad. Not only that but we are headed down a road we may never come back on. If a Democrat pulled half the stuff Mr. Duck has he or she would have been… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

J, again, this comment section is not about Donald Duck, nor anyone else but the newly elected Kansas governor. Your specious argument has no merit here, and as far as impeaching the current president, if the Leftists were able, they’d have done it by now. Crying only makes you look more childish than your prior posts did.

J Buck

Wait for Muller’s Report. If you don’t have the common sense and intelligence to know what I am referring to (like the statements made public ally and without doubt from his own mouth) then my rehashing them here is a waste of my time. Grow a brain. Grow a pair. Learn that most basic skill to understanding. Question everything….without the bias of your own prejudice. If you can.

Heed the Call-up

J, are you trying to be humorous or out of ignorance, just fall into like a court jester told to perform? Your last post, especially this, “Question everything….without (sic) the bias of your own prejudice. If you can.”, was quite amusing. You keep projecting your faults upon the world and wonder why reality keeps slapping you in the face. You can’t get much more ridiculous if you tried.

Wild Bill

@JBuck, I think that your criticisms are conclusory. What lie? What actions exhibit bigotry? What fraud do you refer to? What pulled stuff? Absent an example, your accusations are empty. Are you sure that you are a Second Amendment supporter?

J Buck

LMAO. Needed a good laugh and was sure you would provide it. Wasn’t disappointed!

J Buck

No point in trying to converse with a close-minded troll about anything unless you agree with the narrow and blundered view they have. Have a great day. Hope you wake up in the world you imagine one day. Of course you won’t last long in it. lol

If you don’t like what someone posts don’t read it…but of course hiding behind a keyboard and typing your bravery is just too much of a temptation isn’t it?

Heed the Call-up

J, you are right, you are a closed-minded folk and a troll. Your juvenile projection is too easily seen and you have provided no content worth debating. The world I live in is called reality, you should try some time. If you believe living in reality takes bravery, I guess that is why you haven’t tried it yet.

J Buck

These three words: Blah, rhetoric, blah.

And the last: Trumpagandist.

Heed the Call-up

J, great post. It shows your limited vocabulary and intellect, and childish nature. On a side note, where have I mentioned any support of the president in my replies to you? Oh, that’s right, I haven’t. Please reply back when you have something of substance to debate.

Wild Bill

@Heed, Jabbering Buccinator does not converse. He just throws down allegations. I think that first rung, trolling propagandist is a side job for him. Jabberbucky is just trying to gather responses.

Heed the Call-up

J, it wasn’t sarcastic, but juvenile, not even elevating to Sophomoric. Yes, I knew you were referring to our president, and my first comment on your post still applies.

Heed the Call-up

J, it appears, based on my response, that it is you that can’t handle a difference in opinion. Amusingly – rather, pathetically – you project your weaknesses upon me.


too many d-rats in kansas & the us


Dear NRA. You’re about as anti-American as Russia is. You pretend to be for people’s rights, yet only concerned about tricking average people for PROFIT. I hope you all go bankrupt… btw, any comment on the latest shootings of innocent children at a California bar?


Robert, Normally I don’t respond to trolls. I will make an exception for you. The NRA is an organization of gun owners. We band together to fight for a right specifically mentioned in the constitution. The NRA is against murder, killing children and school shootings. As are all decent Americans. None of the shooters on ANY of the past atrocities has been an NRA member. None. Not one. It’s against the law to kill innocent people in a bar, school or in the street. With any weapon. The NRA is for law abiding citizens being allowed to own guns It… Read more »

Jack Mac

The only organizations making a profit from these atrocities are mass news media.


Robert = Shannon watts boy toy.

Wild Bill

, Innocent children at a bar, and the NRA anti-American? You really are a fact twister. Were these on the propaganda pink sheets this morning when you came to work?