DoubleStar ARP7 5.56 AR Pistol & Big Timber Brake Review – VIDEO

YouTube personality, Graham Baates, gives us a video review of the DoubleStar ARP7 5.56 AR Pistol.

USA – -( AR Pistols are nothing new.  They generally create a lot of lot of noise and a giant fireball while spewing only marginally-stabilized bullets.  AR Pistols are loads of fun when fun is the goal but I hadn’t been impressed much with one until I handled the DoubleStar ARP7 at a writer event.  I was fortunate to get one in for testing and review, so let’s take a look at what makes the DoubleStar ARP7 5.56 AR Pistol so cool.

DoubleStar ARP7 5.56 AR Pistol

The ARP7 has the quality we’ve come to expect from DoubleStar after reviewing rifles like the Midnight Dragon and 10B.  What dumbfounds me is that hand guard, brake, and brace aside (all made by DoubleStar) nothing on the exterior of the ARP7 looks like anything magical, but running the gun proves this to not be just another AR pistol.  Shooting impressions were gathered after conducting a multi-mag test and accuracy test along with some casual/fun shooting.

The multi-mag test is important with ARs as there are dozens of magazine makers and as demonstrated in our AR Magazine Test Article not all magazines are created equal.  The location and size of their catch slot can vary, as does the width of the feed lips.  For our test the DoubleStar ARP7 5.56 AR Pistol was fed from 16 different kinds of magazines.  The accuracy testing was conducted with five different loads ranging from 34gr to 77gr for five-shot groups at 50 yards.  Although some might prefer 100-yard groups for AR platforms I see pistols as a closer-range firearm.  See the range results in the video below

Specifications of the DoubleStar ARP7 5.56 AR Pistol are taken directly from the product web page:

Product Weight 5.4 lb.
Caliber 5.56x45mm NATO
Modes of Fire Semi – Automatic
Over All Length 24.5″
Barrel Length 7.5″
Barrel Type Heavy Barrel
Twist Rate 1:9
Barrel Material 4140 Chrome Moly
Barrel Features M4 Feed Ramps, Free Floating
Sight / Gas Block Low Profile Gas Block
Muzzle Device Big Timber Brake
Handguard DoubleStar 7″ Cloak MLOK
Upper Receiver Type Flattop
Upper Receiver Material Forged Aircraft 7075 T6 Aluminum
Upper Receiver Coating Anodized to Mil-Spec
Upper Receiver Features Brass Deflector, Ejection Port Door Assembly, M4 Feedramps, “T”-Marks, Forward Assist, Dust Cover
Lower Receiver Material Forged Aircraft 7075 T6 Aluminum
Lower Receiver Coating Anodized to Mil-Spec
Lower Receiver Features N/A
Charging Handle Billet Backbone Charging Handle
Fire Control Group Standard Trigger Group
Magazine Capacity 30 rd.
Buttstock No
Pistol Grip Ergo Grip®
Other Features Enhanced Extraction System
Action Direct Gas Impingement
Brand DoubleStar Corp.
Manufacturer DoubleStar Corp.
Country of Manufacture United States
Warranty Yes

MSRP at the time this article was written is $1,299.99

DoubleStar ARP7 5.56 AR Pistol
DoubleStar ARP7 5.56 AR Pistol

So why own an DoubleStar ARP7 5.56 AR Pistol?  As a truck gun or handy defense option it makes a lot of sense.  Yes there are less expensive AR pistols out there if you don’t mind a huger percussion, lots of gas in the face, and questionable accuracy.  The ARP7 was built to be a true compact AR that could be relied upon just as much as a rifle but stashed away in just over two feet’s worth of space.

Thumbnail image depicts rifle as modeled by Kyndra Burdette for an upcoming print article.

Taking Aim with the DoubleStar ARP7 5.56 AR Pistol
Taking Aim with the DoubleStar ARP7 5.56 AR Pistol

G B Guns
G B Guns

About Graham Baates “Graham Baates” is a pen name used by a 15-year active Army veteran who spent most of his time in the tactical side of the Intelligence community including tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Post-Army Graham spent some time in the local 3-Gun circuit before becoming a full-time NRA Certified defensive handgun instructor and now works as an industry writer while curating a YouTube channel on the side. Visit Graham on Youtube .

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Very nice

Green Mtn. Boy

Now if they offered it in 300 Blackout.

Graham Baates

They do.


Sthp-thp-thpufffh-pherin’ Sthuckotashph, it sounds like your drowning in your own spit.


Oh boy, so much derp in this article/vid. First off, a $1300 AR pistol with a 7.5” barrel and 1:9 twist? Does not compute. Second, a truck gun? Ok great idea, enjoy having your $1300 keyhole machine stolen. Third, while I’m sure you safety checked the firearm off screen, it’s always nice to show the viewing public that you posses those skills. So instead of playing with your pistol, with the safety disengaged and the bolt closed, next time, show the viewers a nice chamber check, and remind us all to stay vigilant when it comes to firearm safety and… Read more »

Graham Baates

You obviously didn’t look at the accuracy results.


Have built several of these configurations. Latest was a 10.5″ in 5.56 put together with PSA parts. Shoots great, will eat anything. Threw a Holosun heads up on it, and I feel fine out to 100m. Oh, and $1200 is not the price tag.

Don Bailey

@Cliffalling, On top of that, I’m willing to guess you are shooting some pretty tight groups with your PSA pistol. In addition, they have a good deal on a 300 black-out upper, if you are interested. If you are not ready now, just keep checking their website for their specials, especially their blemished parts.