Daily Gun Deals: Federal Black Label 9mm Ammo 500pc $69.99 ($0.14ea) w/ Code & Rebate

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UPDATE: Checking Brownell's this deal is now SOLD OUT. But Palmetto now has the same deal found here and they are shipping now no code needed! Rebate info found here.

Federal Black Label 9mm Ammo 500pc Deal
Federal Black Label 9mm Ammo 500pc Deal

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Buy Online Button ClearBrownell's is having a PRE-ORDER special on Federal Black Label 9mm Luger Ammo that gets you down to $0.14 each after a coupon code, FREE shipping and a rebate.

Federal Black is bulk package Blazer 9mm ammunition. To get this deal you have to pre-order at Brownells and apply the coupon code “NBM” and pay $89.99 at check out then wait. This buy will not ship until the 16th of November 2018 when the $20.00 Off rebate from Federal becomes active so you qualify. Brownells will provide more info on redeeming the rebate for another $20.00 after the 16th of 2018. See the cart check image below. No one can touch this price for Federal ammunition that is $100 dollars of the normal retail and why we have five cases on order.

Federal Black Label 9mm Ammo 500pc $69.99 ($0.14ea) w/ Code & Rebate

More Info from the Brownell's Sales Flyer, math does not include the coupon code for another $10.00 off:

Brownell's Federal Black Label 9mm Ammo Sales Flyer
Brownell's Federal Black Label 9mm Ammo Sales Flyer, note does not factor in the coupon code.
Federal Blaser Black Label Rebate Info
Federal Blaser Black Label Rebate Info Ckick Image for more info.

Federal Black Label 9mm Ammo 500pc Cart Check 11/12/2018:

Federal Black Label 9mm Ammo 500pc Cart Check
Federal Black Label 9mm Ammo 500pc Cart Check

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  • 19 thoughts on “Daily Gun Deals: Federal Black Label 9mm Ammo 500pc $69.99 ($0.14ea) w/ Code & Rebate

    1. I took advantage of the deal through Palmetto State Armory, the free shipping was icing on the cake. I’ve been unable to complete the online rebate through Vista Outdoor Brands Promotion website no matter how many times I try . . . I’ve even tried three different browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) but each time it yields a “404: File or directory not found”.

      I’m curious if anyone else successfully submitted their online rebate . . .

      1. I’m sure this REBATE is legitimate but I cannot seem to locate the status of my rebate which I sent in on December 6, 2018 (Purchase date was made on 12/2/18). When I try to get the info on their website, I enter my name, house number and zip code…it tells me I cannot be found in the system? There is a Customer Service Number 1-800-998-8758 which you might try giving them a shout. I plan to call them on Monday to see if they can find out about my rebate.

        GOOD LUCK!

    2. Well, since I’m now paying tax on everything mail order, the great deals arent so great. Cant abide by propping up my anti-gun state, will have to buy out of state when I have the chance.

    3. If you do the math, it is really .15/rd (14.998) which is still good, but I can go online right now and have 115, 124, or 147 gr ship for .17 so while this is a good deal, the savings is only .02/rd below what you can buy now or $10 per 500. While they are giving free shipping, I am not sure on what planet anyone is paying $169.99 for 500 rds of bulk 115 gr though.

    4. Well, the $10 off is not in addition to the Free shipping. The $10 is a credit for free shipping. So it only comes to $79 after the rebate. At least that how my cart played out.

      1. Maybe try again because I had no trouble finding and adding it.
        The going price is $99 from multiple sites. The 20 plus $10 off with no shipping and handling makes it a pretty good deal. I was able to find the same ammo for $0.16 a round for 1000 round bulk packs but this is a good price for 500 rounds as well.

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