House Democrats Outline Gun Control Agenda for 116th Congress


Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)

Fairfax, VA – -( With anti-gun Democrats back in control of the House of Representatives come January, now is the time to prepare for a new onslaught on the Second Amendment. Emboldened by the mere thought of controlling the lower chamber, we are already seeing the warning signs of what will come for the next two years.

First, virtually all Democrat leadership positions are likely to be filled by long-time anti-gun zealots, such as former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Similarly, key committees will surely be chaired by extremists with long histories of supporting any and all legislation designed to diminish the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

In other words, if you can imagine a new, draconian restriction on guns, gun owners, firearm parts and accessories, or ammunition, expect it to not only be introduced, but to be given a hearing. Also expect the anti-gun legacy media to openly fawn over these efforts. The same goes for any old proposals that have already been introduced and rejected, or even implemented and later repealed or abandoned after proving to be ineffective.

At the top of the list, of course, will be banning semi-automatic firearms. Extremists will try to ban America’s most popular rifle, the AR15, as well as any other semi-automatic rifle. The standard magazines that come with these rifles, as well as any that are sold separately that are deemed “too big,” will also be the target of bans. Most semi-automatic handguns and shotguns will also be swept into these bans.

“Universal” background checks are also a priority for anti-gun Democrats. In fact, Nancy Pelosi even promised to support criminalizing the private transfer of firearms if Democrats were given control of the House. Pelosi and her ilk will try to exploit all of the recent tragic shootings that have taken place in order to promote “universal” background check while ignoring the fact that none of them would have been impacted by such a scheme. The firearms in all of these horrific crimes were acquired through either the federally-mandated background check, or even more restrictive state systems.

There are many reasons to not trust Pelosi, but when it comes to her pledge to attack law-abiding gun owners, you can take that to the bank.

Democrats who have been chomping at the bit for years to push their anti-gun agenda in the House have made it very clear your rights are fair game, and they have said they will not waste any time once they seize the reins of control.

Along with semi-auto bans and “universal” background checks, expect to see attempts to tax firearms and ammunition out of the grasp of the average American. Through incompetence or malice, these legislative proposals will be so poorly drafted that it will be impossible for law-abiding gun owners to even attempt to comply with their byzantine provisions.

As an example, one need only look to the most recent gun control bill introduced in Congress. H.R. 7115, the so-called “3–D Firearms Prohibitions Act.” Attentive readers will probably notice that the bad drafting started with the title: we live in a three-dimensional world; so all firearms are necessarily “3-D.” Despite the title, the bill doesn’t seem to ban all firearms, however, it’s provisions are so poorly drafted and show such a incredible lack of understanding of firearms that it likely does ban nearly any part intended for use in a modern semi-automatic firearm. Even simple pins and springs seem to fall within the provisions of the bill.

While 7115 is unlikely to move in the current Congress, it will likely be on the agenda next year. But that’s just the start.

Ultimately, the Second Amendment will likely be under a more severe attack over the next two years than perhaps it has ever seen. With some sources showing that as many as one in five likely voters in Democrat primaries would like to see the Second Amendment repealed, it’s likely that some members of Congress will attempt to oblige.

National Rifle Association Institute For Legislative Action (NRA-ILA)

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the “lobbying” arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving the right of all law-abiding individuals in the legislative, political, and legal arenas, to purchase, possess and use firearms for legitimate purposes as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Visit:

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Lowell Douglas Benfield

I as many of my fellow country men and women gave up part of there lives, to this country to keep the freedom that our four fathers fought and died for! And to the ones that put there lives on the line THANK YOU!!!!! Some people in this country feel its not worth defending, why because of there lack of knowing history. This comes from poor education, from government run schools. In todays vast of morons, what was right is now wrong, and what’s wrong is now right. As gun control goes, LETS BRING BACK OLD SPARKEY!!!!!!!I you use a… Read more »

willy d

This truth about the Demo-Rats is right on, but remember that with the rhino’s in the Republican party they only need a few to turn it into a wave, this is how things can change in a hurry. The more Rhino’s that are there the easier it is to change it to their plan. This is why each election has to be watched and voted on very carefully, to keep the Demo-Rats and Rhino’s out of the tipping point rulings in all votes, this is what voters don’t watch for when voting!


The Republicans have already started gun control measures we forgot about, the Brady bill was previous administration, but recently we have seen bump stocks illegal, 18-20 year olds can’t buy rifles any more and the gun show sales have been made illegal by Republicans, what concerns me is what legislation will get past the Senate and president.

Tom cox

Remember, it was George Bush Sr. Who was the first to go after the “assault rifles” . Ban on bayonets and bayonet lugs. Tried to go after the high cap mags with them but failed. If I remember correctly.

Mark Hopkins

I’ve lived long enough to see the tides change several times, but never like this. This blue communist tide is on the verge of drowning freedom in our nation perhaps forever. That will mean the death of freedom in the entire world. The United States is unique in the world, in freedom, prosperity and human values. We are letting that slip away from us like sand through our fingers. We are allowing communist totalitarianism to gain control. We are allowing insane humans with no morals and no empathy to dictate our laws and our lives. I’m trying to appeal to… Read more »

willy d

@wildbill;Planning with no frontal attack; @Mike; I don’t have any inert guns will be getting more ammo, but I can make dummies out of wood, that will work! @Cal;Very true all needed is more training!!!!!! @rl diehl; Right it has been put in place over years, by Demo-Rats, Rhinos, and Republicans, their all at fault, check on all of their voting records, any time they want something for themselves, they swing vote, and useless money thrown away!!!!!!!! @WilliamChiarizzio; The question is already on the re-enlistment papers, Turn on U.S. citizens! @2WarAbnVet;So true#1 #2 #3 Also the treaties that were signed… Read more »


Folks,while firearms a important tool in the box of freedom the folks who work and pay taxes can easily monkey wrench this bullshit,those that supply food to the minions who want to take the firearms can have mishaps/workers in the power plant push the wrong buttons/hell,the list is endless to completely screw up the processes of confiscation ect. As for those who may have only a few hours,they had friends/family killed in nonsense of this nature can do a lot of damage and make the so called confiscation plans very costly to all.The man or woman who has nothing to… Read more »


I’m 100% against gun control. BUT we’ve got to get guns out of the idiot’s hands are they WILL take them away from all of us. No I don’t have a solution. But there has to be one. I’m Vietnam Vet. I have several weapons . I have taught all 4 of my children gun safety. Which my father taught me he was a and his father a WW1 vet. I dont think the good American gun owners will allow the government to take our guns away. They can pass are change laws all they want. I for sure… Read more »

Joseph P Martin

This is not the country I grew up in. My values and my parents’ values are not the norm any more. I even wonder if there are any norms or values for people of the generations younger than myself. We hold on to what we love and appreciate as long as we can, bit it appears that things are changing and not for the better. I will keep my guns and my values and the things I love, but in order to do so I may have to break one or several current and future laws. At my age, if… Read more »

Tom cox

We can only blame ourselves for what happens to us. We keep voting in these morons who just keep bringing up the same old stories everytime they are in power. We deserve the government we get when we continue to vote in people who know noting of our history or the constitution that guides us. Let us people feel the whip of the master we gave the power to.

Wild Bill

cox, I disagree about that we can only blame ourselves and we keep voting in these morons. My vote keeps getting cancelled out by some libtard. I can not vote more than once. So that won’t work. I am not allowed to kill them. So that won’t work (yet). So what would you suggest?

Tom cox

Even in a high volume election, only 40% of us vote, so yes it is our fault. It’s not only you an I in this country. We have other countrymen who pay more attention to who’s doing who than who’s doing us. If we vote in numbers, the left will not be able to steal any elections. The numbers would be much to high. So,yes again , we get the government we deserve. I would suggest, we get more of our countrymen out to vote or we are going to loose our country. No one knows, follows, or is taught… Read more »


@WB….paper ballots, like in the old days. Electronic machines are all rigged. The rigging is very sophisticated, as code can be inserted remotely and erased remotely. It is invisible. And guess who makes those machines ! (The same ones who require that THE PLEDGE be signed.)The Pledge that Sen. Cynthia McKinney told us about.

Mark Hopkins

I see a lot of contention between us on the “right” side. What all of us need to realize is that our country is being destroyed by the communist leftist democRATS. That being said, we must come together as a viable force to fight against their rotten agenda by vote or war, whichever becomes necessary. We cannot expect to win this battle on an individual basis. Communicate with like minded people and form groups, then militias. Then the militias should join each other to form much larger organizations. Pool your resources and your knowledge. Become a huge, viable fighting machine.… Read more »

willy d

;Right about Pigs, Slope, and slaughter, they are getting the kind of government that they want!!!!!!!!!!!! @StevenSarasky; Right they are getting Demo-Rats like they want, we got rid of 1 in Mo. It is like a Plague spreading from the EAST and WEST COASTS to the Center!!!!!!!!!!! @Wild Bill; Your right about Elude, Evade and Out Wit, but we have to illuminate the Big Buck donors!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They will break us trying to go through the court system!!!!!!!

Wild Bill

d, Yes, the patriots should be making a list in their AO.


Maybe it will be time to dust off “I care not for what others may do, but as for me, give me Liberty or give me Death!” – Patrick Henry

Norman Dvorak

You are correct. I will fight to the death to keep my firearms and to protect my rights and every other American Citizen’s right to keep and bear arms. I will take someone with me when they show up.

Wild Bill

@Norman D, I admire your enthusiasm, but what is your plan? Suppose the libtard government backed bureaucrats seize all food supplies and short ration it to the population, and if you hand over your firearm you will get extra rations? Who will you fight to the death then? Suppose that the “local commander” calls me on the phone and tells me that if I do not pile all my firearms on the main road (half a mile away) by noon, he will use a 105mike mike on my ranch house from two miles away? We have to have plans beyond… Read more »


first off wild bill the 105MM is no longer in service second those gun systems tanks and truck have to have very skilled maintenance crews. They have to sleep and eat. the logistical train to support combat units to support such draconian gun control cannot be maintained INCONUS.. so place a pill of inert of junk guns in the road then ambush the slobs that com to pick them up. shove pikes up their backsides and make a forest out of the bodies. rinse and repeat. the declaration of independence was very clear as was the bill of rights. It… Read more »


I like the way you think, Mike.

It is not just our right to fight against tyranny… it is our duty!

Wild Bill

, Yeah, I like the art of ambush. I am just asking people to think beyond the “Jim Bowie” defense. We need to think in terms of possible scenarios.
I chose the 105 as an example because everyone has heard of it.
I think that the government would have the logistics.

Ansel Hazen


Politicians have stopped listening. Time for some new ones with better hearing.

Read up on the battle of Athens Tennessee. Then take Mark Hopkins words to heart.

Wild Bill

@Ansel Hazen, Yes, that is why there is a “Whole New Congress” movement. The theory of the WNC movement is that everyone running for Congress must have experience earning a living in an occupation that actually makes something (e.g. carpenter, truck driver, plumber, nurse, electrician etc) as a prerequisite.


Pursuing gun control as rabidly as they did try to derail the Kavanaugh hearings is going to make the 116th congress the last one – they will get that war they want and won’t be around long.


Must pass Senate, and POTUS has VETO power.


Trump did say early on that basically he would allow the gov to confiscate guns and then let gun owners worry about due process later. That was chilling and telling about his “stance” on the 2nd Amendment. I have lost faith in him as he has not done a great many things he could have in spite of the RINOS and democRATS.

Larry Hasbro


willy d

The only hope is that the Demo-Rats don’t put that OLD HAG back in as SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE and continue to not have anything to run on but HATE TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wild Bill

d, I hope that the democratic national socialist tear themselves apart electing a Speaker, and come to hate each other. Then spend all their time on personal vendetta and animosity.

willy d

The BAD part of this is that there are more people standing in line for hand outs than the ones that are willing to work, so flows the deal with the Pot non-cents, most places of employment if you have a drug in your system you loose a chance to be employed, thus I need a hand out, I can’t find employment!!!!!!!!!!! OH and don’t forget, my parents Hollard at me, beat me, belittled me, and just gave me a poor childhood, and this is all gives me the right to all of the hand-outs and benefits that I can… Read more »


Its quit simple… Federal Criminals need America disarmed. The Second Amendment has nothing to do with Hunting, Collectors, or Target Practice…


Here is the bottom line. Obama did not have the stones to do real restrictions on guns. He really accomplished nothing in his 8 years. His signature achievement was Obama Care and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid own that, not Obama. The point is this. Leftists view the Obama regime as a missed opportunity to destroy the opposition (you and me) and eliminate the Constitution and replace it will a statement of entitlements. Leftists resent the feckless Obama for blowing that chance. They will not allow another opportunity to pass. That is why leftists in the house are talking about… Read more »

Country Boy

QOUTE:He really accomplished nothing in his 8 years QOUTE

One thing he did excell at in his 8 years. he was the best firearm salesman of all time. ROFL.


Totally agree….and the press is pushing harder now than when Obama/Holder gave them marching orders

sam jones

Let the leftists in the House do their worst. ANY Bill must also pass in the Senate and be signed by the President. Their anti-gun rhetoric and posturing could turn the tide in the next election – only a short 2 years away.

No One of Consequence

I wouldn’t necessarily count on POTUS not signing it. President Trump has expressed a willingness to ban accessories before. He has also said, “Take the guns first, go through DUE PROCESS LATER.” He is not particularly pro-2A, and could very well sign this as a “compromise.” Same goes for the Senate. That (R) after someone’s name doesn’t mean a whole lot anymore.

James Andrews

No doubt. They are their own worst enemy!

Steven Sarasky

Spoke to the Pima. County Arizona Republican party many Republicans they spoke to in Phoenix Maricopa County when they went there to watch what was going voted for Simian WHAT THE F##K!!! THANKS MORONS it’s a shame you don’t care about our great Constitution .glad to hear about in independent Aduit being done in Maricopa A Democrat is in charge also found out he is an expelled Freemason. . tells you something about him

Craig DeSteiguer

What is so interesting and completely missed in regards to gun control and or even taking everyone’s firearms away is what will be created…”THE US WILL BECOME THE WORLDS LARGEST GUN BLACK MARKET”. No one in congress or individual states have even considered this issue. A gun black market will provide more firearms and ammunition than is what is being sold on the US market legally today. WATCH AND SEE…IT WILL HAPPEN….AMERICA NEEDS TO LOCK AND LOAD AND HIDE THEIR FIREARMS..

Steven Sarasky

I just want to say to those people in ARIZONA WHO VOTED FOR GUN GRABBERS. commiecrats rot in he’ll ! Mostly Maricopa County for elected a Simian and a Hobbit .both rated F by the NRA and even some Republicans. Why ? If this state keeps trending blue I’m through . Left a Communist state NY will not live in another hopefully will be going to Wyoming in a couple of months just in case .i call my emergency 2nd Amendment plan

Jim Everitt

I’m not from Arizona, but I watched the Senate races fairly closely. I could not believe my own eyes & ears when it was announced that Sinema took the sat in AZ. I thought, how could the citizens of AZ possibly have voted that way, after Sinema stated that the citizens of Arizona are crazy. She openly supports licensing for gun ownership, as well as universal background checks. If she gets her way, the cost of gun ownership goes up. Licenses aren’t free, and neither are background checks. So in retrospect, she’s apparently more than 50% right – most of… Read more »


Rigged electronic voting machines. Code can be inserted remotely after the certification inspection, and erased remotely when the time is right. It is invisible ! Guess who makes the machines and writes the code ? Google “The ERASER program”. It’s been around a very long time. Far exceeds military requirements for security because it overwrites each bit many, many times. BTW, the ERASER program is free and everyone should have it on their computer.

Patriot guy

These evil leftist Demon craps think they know whats best for everyone. Why do the sheep keep voting for them? We need term limits! Not professional politicians in office for life! If they weren’t in office they’d probably be working in a fast food restaurant! These gun banners hate guns and yet they talk like they are experts on guns! Have you heard them talk about assault pistols, assault magazines, and even assault knives! The laws they propose will do nothing to stop crime, drug dealers or gang members, only law abiding gun owners, but wait, maybe that was their… Read more »

Clark Kent

Term limits are already enshrined in the Constitution. They are called ‘elections’ and are held regularly. The REAL issue is that most citizens can’t be bothered to get off of their collective fat azzes to bother to REGISTER to vote, much less cast a ballot. ‘We have met the enemy and he is us’ – Pogo.


Who cares as long as I get my Obama phone!


I think you just hit the nail on the head. Liberty? Too much trouble to defend. Just get taxpayers to subsidize my lifestyle, and that’s all that matters. Pigs stuck comfortably in a pen, waiting for their slop, ignoring with total contentment that they are headed to the sausage mill.


Bill…. awesome analogy of a large percentage of the population. Like Pigs stuck in a pen waiting….

Glen Healey

It is true that in my life time the Dump-O-Craps Wil not get my guns but my fear is for my children and grandchildren. This nation is going to hell in a hand basket with these liberals gun grabbing bunny hugging snowflakes.


Cal, these commies don’t give 2 whits about our blood, nor the ignoramuses who voted them in. They have only one concern. Theirs! And frankly, the braintrust just doesn’t seem to be there. As you state, only after I’ve expended all of my ammo will they be able to pry my guns from my cold dead hands. I reside in kommiefornia, and a guarantee has been made the newly elected totalitarian governor, guns will be banned! God have mercy on those that try….


Everybody just “CALM” down! Let the INCOMPETENT DEMOCRATS make a FOOL of themselves!!!! TRUMP has got our backs!!

Bob Newstead

You mean Donald ‘take the guns first” Trump? He doesn’t care either. Don’t get complacent: that’s how we lose our rights. We have to fight every day. Most anti-gun laws have been passed under a Republican president.


WE had better have HIS back, too!!

Mike Seals

When Congress introduces anti gun legislation President Trump will VETO all of it


These commies can ban everything including butter knives and call me a law breaker if they want. But I guarantee, I will only surrender my arms when I have expelled every round then those commies will have to pry my gun from my cold dead hands. They have to eventually think about the cost in blood that will come when half a nation rises up to wage war against them and anyone else foreign or domestic. It will be Armageddon on US soil. Be advised.


Cal, these commies don’t give 2 whits about our blood, nor the ignoramuses who voted them in. They have only one concern. Theirs! And frankly, the braintrust just doesn’t seem to be there. As you state, only after I’ve expended all of my ammo will they be able to pry my guns from my cold dead hands. I reside in kommiefornia, and a guarantee has been made the newly elected totalitarian governor, guns will be banned! God have mercy on those that try….

Wild Bill

@Cal and mike L, If you take up arms alone, you will be able to count the remainder of your life in hours if not minutes. This is time for using one’s head. How do we elude, evade, and out wit the many factions arrayed against us?
Maybe we, when the time comes, move our property elsewhere, and when they wrongfully search our house, we press our cause of action till our opponents are bankrupt. Maybe we allow them to arrest us, then sue them into oblivion. City, County, State… their budget will become our spending money.

Mike S.

But Bill, their budget WAS your spending money right up until they sent you the property tax bill or enacted a state income tax or any of the other TAXES they’ve stolen from you over the years. Getting arrested and beaten then spending years suing them just to get back a fraction of what was stolen in the first place… if you even win a suit.


Wild Bill you bring up good points to consider about a situation most gun owners have never been in. (Combat or training for it) If the time comes to literally fight an enemy of the people, going it alone is indeed a poor option. A divided army is easier to defeat. I believe a well regulated malitia was meant literally. I have an advantage in that my uncle was a Green Beret /special forces (Vietnam) and has given much information about different situations and tactics. People need to train in many areas aside from shooting 1.5” groups at 100 yards.… Read more »


Sometimes, violence IS the answer.

The time is coming to gun up !

Wild Bill

, Yes, that time may be coming, but don’t forget the logistics, coms, medics, organization and command structure, vehicles, training, POL, and most importantly a plan.


Good luck on getting this mass of gun control bills through the senate and getting it signed into law. Folks, just keep hammering away at your Senators and Congresspeople to vote these measures down. This is still a democratic republic and our voices can be heard.


It is a Constitutional Republic – quite different than a democratic one. How do we pressure or “convince” the democrats to vote against these bills coming up? The democRAT/communists stole/cheated/lied about the House being “taken” by them. That being the case how do deal with them? They cannot be trusted ever. They are ONLY in it for themselves not “For the People…by the people…..etc. The GOP is no different in this case. I’ve become an anarchist as a result of this midterm. Governments are only as good as the people who are in it representing the People. I see no… Read more »

Clark Kent

Buddy, you are sorely confused. THE PEOPLE voted ALL of the politicians into office. They did not fall from outer space. Want to figure out the problem? Look into a mirror. P.S. Define who is ‘wealthy’ and thus got a tax cut.


You are sorely wrong about the people voting the politicians into office. The obvious cheating of the democrat party proves this was not a business as usual mid-term. In fact, I see it as a test run for all future elections. How many dead people and illegals have to vote to give the dems the seats in 2020? I look in the mirror every day and night and what I see is a man doing his best to help keep this country bound by the Constitution. What have you done for this country? Besides being a paid shrill/troll who’s arse… Read more »


The electronic voting machines are rigged. Code is inserted remotely after the certification inspection, and the code is erased remotely when the time is right. We have to go back to paper ballots that can be recounted, and stored for periods of time if there is ever a question. The same people who demand THE PLEDGE, are the ones making the machines and writing the code. ELECTRONIC MACHINES MUST BE MADE ILLEGAL.