Kahr Arms Launches Fallen Officer Program

Kahr Arms Launches Fallen Officer Program
Kahr Arms “Thin Blue Line” PM9

Greeley, PA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Kahr Firearms Group, a leader in innovative firearms design and manufacturing, is proud to announce the launch of the Fallen Officer Program.

Through the Fallen Officer Program, Kahr Arms will donate a Thin Blue Line model PM9 customized with the fallen officer's name on the side of the slide, and his or her badge number and “end of watch” date engraved on the top of the slide. The gun can then be used to raise money for the family or remain with the family as a keepsake.

Kahr Arms now has applications available for the 2018 program, honoring officers who have fallen during the 2018 calendar year. The application may be submitted by the law enforcement department or by family or friends of the fallen officer. To request an application, email [email protected]. Applications will also be available on the website at kahr.com.

“At Kahr Firearms Group, we wanted to continue to show our support to the great men and women of law enforcement. This program is an opportunity for us to help the families of those officers who gave the ultimate sacrifice. We are pleased to announce the launch of the Fallen Officer program offered by Kahr Arms,” said Jodi DePorter, Director of Marketing for Kahr Firearms Group.

The special edition Thin Blue Line PM9 was introduced earlier this year by Kahr Firearms Group to honor the men and women of law enforcement who form a “thin blue line” between a lawful and lawless society. These officers place their lives at risk to protect their communities from harm. In doing so, they deserve the respect and gratitude of those they serve.

The “Thin Blue Line” PM9 slide is finished in durable Armor Black Cerakote. All other exposed metal parts are blacked out, and a blue line is added encircling the slide. This special model comes equipped with easy-to-see TruGlo Tactical Night Sights. Two flush mount six-round magazines and one seven-round extended magazine are included.  Each of which have been blackened for concealability. As with all Kahr Premium Series firearms, a full limited lifetime warranty is included.

Kahr Firearms Group and Outlaw Ordnance have partnered together on the design concept and promotion of this product, and several other custom firearm projects. Outlaw Ordnance, based out of West Monroe, Louisiana, has seen substantial growth in the last few years. They are changing the firearm industry with custom designs and innovations. Check out their Instagram Channels to see what else is new.

For more information about Kahr Firearms Group products, visit www.kahr.com, www.magnumresearch.com, www.auto-ordnance.com or www.customdeserteagle.com.

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Kahr Firearms GroupAbout Kahr Firearms Group:

Kahr Firearms Group, formed in 2012, includes Kahr Arms, Auto-Ordnance and Magnum Research.  KFG Headquarters reside in Greeley, Pennsylvania. Kahr Arms produces small concealable handguns in .380, 9mm, .40 and .45ACP. Auto-Ordnance is the maker of the famous “Tommy Gun”, M1 Carbine and WW2 GI Model 1911. Magnum Research Inc., designer and producer of the world renowned Desert Eagle Pistol, Baby Eagle, MLR .22LR and .22Mag Rifles and BFR Revolvers. All three companies are proudly located in the USA. 

  • 10 thoughts on “Kahr Arms Launches Fallen Officer Program

    1. Yeah, dumb! So a cop’s family loses a member due to gunfire and a company sends them a gun with their members information on it?!! Really, how about also giving them a round of ammo that caused the death with his/her info. and end of watch info on it? If the cop has a heart attack which actually makes up about 40 percent of deaths while on duty–do they get an engraved heart from the hospital? Kahr is actually blaming the gun not the killer!

    2. Will Kahr also support the fallen civilians who are shot ‘for officer safety’ by cops who are paranoid and trained in the Tueller Drill without regard for using common sense to de-escalate the situation?
      People are killed for holding cell phones, crucifixes, being nervous or hard of hearing, reaching for their wallet, and more, all justified by the ‘I’m so scared, I’m going to pee my police uniform pants.’ fear of poorly trained and supervised cops.
      Yes, Some cops are gunned down by bad people (50 to 60 a year) but more civilians are gunned down by cops (2000 a year).
      More roofers and farmers die on the job than cops.

      1. Where is the moral equivalence of the 50 to 60 officers who gave their lives in the line of duty with the 950-1000 perps that are killed by officers (your estimate of 2000 was only off by a 1000)? The numbers for 2009-2012 were even lower: As the U.S. population is 316,128,839 persons, here are annual percentages:
        0.012% of the U.S. population committed suicide last year
        0.011% of the U.S. population died in a vehicle crash last year
        0.004% of the U.S. population died in a criminal homicide last year
        0.00012% of the U.S. population died from police use of force last year
        0.00012% of the U.S. population was struck by lightning last year
        0.00009% of the U.S. population was legally killed by a private citizen in self-defense last year

        1. There is no federal mandate to collect data on citizens killed by cops. NO FBI UNIFORM CRIME REPORT DATA. The 1000 to 1200 is just an accumulation of the news reports of deaths during contacts with cops. The deeper university researchers say these news reports are seriously lacking and their spot research and extrapolations suggest 1800 to 2000 as the minimum number.
          The older the numbers, the greater the under-reporting. BLM and such has increased the reporting in BLM areas.
          But, the on the job risk of death as a cop pales in comparison to many other common occupations that we count on daily
          Where is the moral equivalence to the man with Alzheimer’s Disease who was shot dead for taking a crucifix out of his pocket, especially when the police knew they were approaching a man with serious AD? Or, the many other “I feared for my life.” pussy claims by paranoid cops.
          The data does show that close to 50% of cops develop paranoid ideations by the time they have been on the job 10 years. This and reinforcing the Tueller Drill reinforces these use of force situations.

          1. Actually, the FBI publishes a report annually that you have to sift through, but can come up with statistics that come extremely close to matching the “accumulation of the news reports” that you cite. I seriously doubt there are any significant deaths that are under-reported by the media. “If it bleeds, it leads.” The mainstream media is anything but friendly to law enforcement, like yourself (I assume), they lean left. The 2009-2012 Uniform Crime Report’s Supplemental Homicide Reports are where I drew my stats. “University researchers” tend to be slanted and I’ll take my stats from the FBI until I can vet the left leaning university studies. If anything, BLM with the media’s help, have overemphasized the use of force against black males by law enforcement. Here are comparisons by types of homicides of BLACK males:
            481 (2.5%) were the result of police use of force
            152 (0.8%) were the result of a negligent accident homicides (i.e., child playing with a gun)
            648 (3.4%) were the result of a justifiable homicides by private citizens acting in self-defense
            17,719 (93.3%) were criminal homicides (murders)
            Private citizens killed a quarter more black males in justifiable homicides than did police officers. And over 73% of those justifiable blacks homicides, were killed by other blacks. Perhaps your animus towards officers should include all people, not just LEOs. For that 4 year reporting period, over 40% of the officers killed were killed by black suspects. That’s from a population where blacks make up just 13% of the population. While every death resulting from a mistake made by an officer is devastating, you dismiss the incredibly difficult job it is to deal with situations that may warrant the use of force. Obviously mistakes will be made in any profession, but to broadly disparage those officers as “pussy claims” and “paranoid” is ignorant. Officer involved shootings are scrutinized and investigated to the nth degree. When an officer has violated policy or law they are punished and/or prosecuted. The conspiracy theorists and their tinfoil hat wearing brothers will always think otherwise, but officers are being held accountable, and at the very least more so than the civilian population.

            1. First off, I do not lean left in the slightest. I’m to the right of Reagan. I just hold cops to the rule of law regardless of their badge. I have extensive experience with heavy badged cops who abuse their authority and abuse the rights of law abiding citizens. I was raised to respect cops by a father whose father was a police chief and who worked in an industry with high regard for the rule of law. One encounter with a belligerent cop and 5 cops who backed up his behavior even though their body language showed their disgust changed all that.
              I have followed the studies of cop behavior for 20 years.
              The Supplemental Reports are incomplete because there is no mandate on checking all the boxes. The full reporting is voluntary. This is starting to change due to pressure from the left leaning (not leaning, they are well entrenched) media. But, even wack lefties are right in some of their causes. Law enforcement has always protected its own. It has been videos that have finally exposed the criminal behaviors and abusive behaviors.
              Do the research on paranoia and cops. It is sound. About 50% develop paranoid ideations by 10 years on the job. One report says “An interpretation of the environment as always dangerous may reprogram the reticular activating system and set into motion physiological consequences.” The reticular activating system is the ‘stay alive’ and ‘fight or flight’ system. Interpreting the environment as ALWAYS dangerous is a sign of paranoia. Add some Tueller Drill training and you short circuit rational thought into animal response behavior. This results in the agency justified homicides (demented man with a crucifix shot and killed, woman who did nothing and was shot for doing nothing, people shot for reacting to pain or for trying to defend themselves from harm, and more).
              I know cops who are afraid to stand next to these paranoid cops because they are dangerous but have to because they need to count on a quick ‘Officer needs assistance’ response. I know defense attorneys who back this up as they see cops protecting each others actions in court.
              btw, BLM is racist BS. Blacks are no worse off than whites.
              I’ve talked at length with a local agency Captain who oversees professional behavior. His job is a challenge because they cannot screen cops effectively and cannot afford to fire or mental disability retire cops.
              I know of a Assistant Prosecutor who resigned rather than suborn perjury from a cop who needed to lie to get a conviction and protect the city from liability. The next prosecutor was willing to protect the city at all costs. Amending a police report 14 months later to say the opposite of the original report is quite extreme. But, cops lie……to get the job done and to protect their own.

    3. INCREDIBLY STUPID IDEA! Sort of some admission of direct or indirect guilt feelings. This is the worse thing they or any firearm industry company could do. Should the Ford car company donate an autographed car to anyone whose family member was killed in a Ford? Kahr should immediately fire their PR firm for this gun industry admission of guilt stupid idea. Or is the Brady anti-gun campaign and the Southern Law Poverty Center their PR firm?

      1. Jim
        I’m sorry to say this and but YOU are the one who is coming across as “incredibly stupid!”
        I believe that if there is anything anyone or any company that can bring more attention to the dedication and sacrifice of our LEO community we, as American citizens, should greatfuly support it.
        If as a means of raising funds, through the generosity of Kahr, every dept that has lost an officer, in the line of duty, should apply to take advantage of this offer.
        A Big THANK YOU! Kahr for your kindness and thoughtfulness!!!!

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