Killing You Softly with His Words – Judge Approves Seattle Gun Storage Law

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Killing You Softly with His Words- Judge Approves Seattle Gun Storage Law

U.S.A. -( A judge in Washington State wants us to lock up our guns. That sounds like it could be a good idea, but facts matter when it comes to self-defense. Most of these untested “gun-safety” ideas actually make things worse rather than better. The goal is to save lives, and that isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Yes, “gun-safety” regulations can make things worse rather than better. One of the reasons we’re blind to the risks of “gun-control” is that we forget that guns save so many lives every day.

Armed criminals and firearms accidents make headlines. In contrast, the armed woman who stopped a sexual assault barely makes it into the back of the newspaper. Unless you look for those examples, it is easy to miss that guns save lives.

I’ll give you an example with real numbers before we dive deeper into the judge’s decision. We have about 74 children younger than 14 killed in gun accidents each year. You hate that as much as I do. One “gun safety” proposal could be to scoop up half the guns in the USA. That should save half of the 74 children and give us 37 lives saved. That certainly sounds good.

We also have to consider how many lives the half-confiscation will cost. Honest citizens used a firearm to stop a lethal threat by killing their attacker over 1500 times a year. As a low estimate, we also have at least a half-million times where law abiding gun owners used their gun in self-defense but did not kill the criminal attacking them. Honest citizens used a gun to stop sexual assaults more than 38 thousand times a year.

In the case of the half-confiscation, we would have had thousands more innocent victims dead and raped..while we might have saved 37 children from firearms accidents. We want to save children from gun accidents, but we don’t want to leave them at risk from violent criminals either. Even if we’re wildly conservative, we see that gun confiscation costs lives rather than saves them. That is true if we scoop up 1 percent of the guns or 99 percent of them.

Now we have to look at the Washington judge’s opinion in depth. Seattle Washington said a gun has to be locked up when the gun is not in the owner’s hands. We know that safe-storage will save lives in some cases. I’m a firearms instructor. I lock up my guns. I’ve bought small gun safes for family, friends, and students, but that isn’t the whole story. How many people will die or be injured because of safe-storage laws?

In some cases, a stalking victim can’t afford to buy both a gun and a gun safe when she’s threatened. Will Seattle provide free guns safes for anyone who asks? Perhaps a victim of domestic violence can’t move her large gun safe with her on the day she flees to a safe house. That leaves her disarmed if she follows the law.

By obeying a well intentioned safe storage law, we’ve disarmed these innocent citizens when they most need a gun for self-defense.

Even if these safe storage laws work as intended, there will be cases when the delay in getting a firearm costs lives. Some of the million examples of armed self-defense will turn into assault and battery as the robber attacks the unarmed victim. Some of those 1500 cases where the robber was killed will end with the defender and the defender’s family being injured or killed. Aren’t there other ways to stop firearms accidents?

Unfortunately, we don’t see a clear decrease in firearms accidents in states that have strict gun control. The reason is that many “accidents” happen when criminals hide their guns where children can get them. Gangs stuff their guns under the steps. Criminals hide their gun under the couch cushion or under the bed. That is where children find them and then hurt themselves or others. I teach firearms safety, but we won’t end firearms accidents even if every honest gun owner locks up his guns. It is a sad truth that criminals don’t obey gun-storage laws any more than they obey the laws prohibiting violent crime. We live in an imperfect world.

We have to do more than read the headlines in order to craft good laws. We live in a country where there are over a million violent crimes every year. Honest citizens use a firearm to defend themselves and their family.

One of the reasons it is so hard to write good gun-safety laws.. is that guns in the hands of honest citizens save so many lives.

It is hard to write a law that will reduce crime and accidents without also restricting the ordinary people who use a gun to defend themselves every day. Without study, it is hard to know if a gun-safety proposal makes us safer or leaves us in greater danger. Fortunately, there is a simple test we can use.

Look at where the law applies. Almost every gun control law has carve-outs, exceptions and exclusions. Is there is an exemption in the law for politicians, for law enforcement, or for judges? Is there an exception for police stations, for government buildings, or for courthouses? If there is an exception in the law for government employees, then it is a bad law for all of us.

How strange that judges know a law is bad if it applies to them, yet they are willing to apply it to us.



Slow Facts

About Rob Morse

The original article is here.  Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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Mr. Sick of liberals you tired of Washington state’s left liberal JAY INSLEE’S and his constituents help us vote to split Washington state from the gun grabbing liberals that are targeting honest legal citizens and stripping the 1st amendment as well what’s next? PLEASE HELP BY GOING TO LIBERTYSTATE.COM check out this web site and see for yourselves are you tired of the city of Seattle telling you how to live in eastern Washington you’re welcome to help come join or new state of liberty movement.

Joseph P Martin

Not surprising given the location of the judge. California and the entire left coast of this nation (Portland, Seattle) is a lost cause and ANYTHING their judiciary rules upon should be null and void for the rest of the nation.

willy d

; You really want to try a citizens arrest, you will see more dirt and fleas than on a dogs back from a total flea infestation! and besides they sure have more money to stick it to you!!!!!!!!!!

Jim Macklin

If you want to bare arms I suggest SPF 25.


So if having the right to bare arms is it the government responsibility to make sure everybody who wants one have one?


Nothing unusual about that ruling .that socalled judge is just part of the Puget sound problem in this state.

willy d

@Colonialgirl; Right On, all of the liberals and Goody TWO-SHOES don’t look at anything other than GUNS and GUN CONTROL, and removing the 2nd Amendment, But don’t forget they want to take the 1st Amendment also!!!!!!!!!

willy d

@VietnamBrown Water Veteran; 100% right once in office, all they are concerned about is being re-elected and jam anything down our throats for laws just to get that done!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well Washington residents, call on the judge. call on the A/h politicians. make damn sure they have the police lock up their guns, they, themselves must lock up guns, you know the guns your politicians hate but own!


When the Police,Feds/ Criminals lock up their guns so will I …


This initiative, now law, was about way more than “safe storage”. It also stole the rights of self defense and personal sovereignty from18 year-olds. They can no longer own long guns here. Another facet of the law requires LE to run YEARLY checks on gun owners to ensure they are still legally eligible to own firearms. A huge task and so costly I believe it is unattainable. Furthermore, no direction for funding this is provided. Does that mean yearly fees on the gun OWNER may be implemented? dunno. The Health Department is required to investigate and enforce the requirement for… Read more »


I believe this article is ONLY about a Seattle city ordniance regarding gun storage. Which is stupid, because State law preempts local law, and this corrupt perjurious judge MUST rule that Seattle cannot pass laws more stringent than state laws. Seattle have been to court on their own “speshull” laws many times, and eventually they lose every time. You are correct in your criticua of 1639, the new Bloomie Law he just bought us. HOW IS IT that someone from another state, by means of his cubic bux, can BUY a law for residents of a state where HE does… Read more »




Think of “Cold Dead Hands” … Do those a-holes actually think that people will go out and buy a $1K+ safe to comply, when the reason they have a gun in their nightstand in the first place is because the legislators can’t stop criminals from committing crimes ? …Maybe they will pass a law to make criminals to obey the law? Outlawing home invasions ought to work!

Such gross stupidity!.I am sorry to see what has happened to our proud country in my lifetime..

Mack The Knife

Well, I think its time for the industry that we as 2A supporters and gun buyers have grown exponentially give us a break on the cost of bio and RFID safes. Its true that digital combination and key lock safes have a place in the home, auto and elsewhere, but, in a defensive situation where time in arming ones self is critical, they lack in quick access. Additionally, if in the heat of the moment, if you forget a number or the correct sequence of a digital opened safe, then you have failed in your mission of protecting and defending… Read more »

Vietnam Brown Water Veteran

Mack the Knife…It is always easier to “Spend Other Peoples Money.” Ask any politician or elected official. That is why they throw so much away to push their agenda down our throats. Once elected, their goal is to get Re-elected. Period.


Quote}” bio and RFID safes”{Quote
Sounds like a true BLUE idiot and moron.
Hey idiot; MORE people are killed by DRUNK DRIVERS, more kids die in bath tubs; More people are killed every year by MEDICAL MISTAKES. Take you bio/rfid idiocy and stick it in your ear.

Wild Bill

@CG, and swimming pools, too!

Vincent Brady

I’ll confess that I do not know all the particulars of the case, but sounds as if the Castle Doctine is null and void and they can come into your bedroom at will!

Patriot guy

Dont you just love it when judges and politicians tell you they know whats best for you? What makes them think they know it all? The sheep have got to stop voting for the same old. judges and politicians. What, are they scared to vote for anyone else? These same politicians are now talking about putting Lithium and Prozac in our drinking water because they think its good for you and it might stop one suicide and its worth it! Do they really think storage gun laws will stop crime, drug dealers or gang members? Schools are now far leftist.… Read more »


“[T]he opinion which gives to the judges the right to decide what laws are constitutional and what not, not only for themselves, in their, own sphere of action, but for the Legislature and Executive also in their spheres, would make the Judiciary a despotic branch.” —Thomas Jefferson, letter to Abigail Adams, 1804

Pat Collins

The new Washington State law is a joke!! It only forces honest people become dishonest in order to protect themselves!! It was passed by the people in King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties on the west side of the state and overwhelmingly voted down on the east side of the state… This stupid law is one of the reasons so many folks in Eastern Washington would like to secede and merge with Western Idaho to start a new state to get away from Jay Inslee and western Washington liberals and their ridiculous ideals!!

Jim Macklin

Washington, D.C. gun storage laws were a major part of the HELLER case. This Seattle judge directly did not follow the HELLER SCOTUS decision.
It should be appealed directly to the Federal Court of Appeals, which is 9th Circus. They will probably uphold it unless they are afraid to send Thomas, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh a “ripe” gun case which will apply to the whole country.
It is even possible that Thomas will broaden the subject and fix many things.

Missouri Born

I’m tired of judges sitting on the bench who think they can tell us what we can or can’t do, they were not elected to make laws only enforce them when broken.
It’s time these know it all’s be removed from their position and replaced with judges who will follow constitutional passed laws by the congress or legislature which ever applies.


Defensive gun uses are in the range of 1-3mm times per year now per the CDC. Hard numbers are hard to obtain since all incidents are not reported. Of course inconvenient truths like that will be hidden by the MSM, so the general public perception is that guns are only used to commit crimes. Saw a report that a local Police chief is refusing to enforce the new WA gun control bill as he feels, and rightly so, that it is unconstitutional. Apparently he has more common sense than the activist poser in the black robe.


Where are the judges and attorneys who understand the US Constitution overrides ALL other lesser “laws” passed by those who desire to destroy this country and its founding principles? Why do judges swear the Oath but then fail to stand by that Oath … as do so many politicians? How do we get rid of these traitors?

Wild Bill

, Because there is no penalty for them for not following the rules, and they know it.


There NEEDS to be a removal from office or job penalty for any government employee that does not adhere to the Constitution and uphold that oath of office. Anyone introducing an unconstitutional Bill of Law should also removed from office. That will stop this type of Horse Crap I think. The Congress and Senate most likely will not implement that, so it may be up to the people to do a Constitutional Amendment?

Wild Bill

@Me, you are correct, sir, but the swamp stands in the way. Drain the swamp and then reforms can be instituted. Penalties for violating the oath of office. National Instant Check evidencing a clean record prior to eligibility for office. The peoples’ right of recall. Term limits.


Who is going to remove a politician, judge or other government agency personnel? I have yet to see this happen. For months now we have become aware of the corruption and federal laws broken by Killary and the rest and yet NO ONE has been arrested or in prison. I do not believe anyone will end up in prison, at least not the actual culprits just the lower life personnel. I believe corruption is rampant throughout all levels of government and No one is going to be removed……ever.


It doesn’t happen because everyone in DC protects each other. Whatever happened to Citizens Arrests?


I am sick and tired of being treated like a criminal for being a law abiding gun owner while gun criminals walk free. We don’t have a gun problem in this country, we have a black problem. Take away black on black murders, and gang related accidental deaths, then tell me what our murder rate is. The problem will never be fixed until we can at least label it for what it is. And is it racist to bring this up in an effort to help African American lives, or is it racist to pass nonsensical, do nothing laws which… Read more »

David white

Just because a judge says something, does not make it a law. Laws are made in the legislature. End of discussion!!


And Wasington is a Gun Law Preemption State, so HOW can Speshull Seattle pass a law more restrictive than state law? This judge needs deenched disbarred, and charged with felony perjury for swearing his oath of office then refusing to uphold it. Felons cannot serve in public office, so that would be buh bye judgie wudgie. Should also mean goodbye pension.