Should we Really Let California Burn? What About the 6.7 Million Gun Owners?

Opinion by James Kaleda

Forest Fires
Should we Really Let California Burn? What About the 6.7 Million Gun Owners?

USA – -( This morning I saw a picture of the fires in California with the caption “Pray for California”, and the comments said things like “Let California burn”

Now I have family in California ….. I wasn’t happy. I mean, diane fienstien says some things that makes burning the whole state seem reasonable ….. I guess.

But we do need to pray for California, not just because of the fires this week or the shooting last week. We need to pray for California everyday because there are gun owners there, millions of gun owners. There are probably more ardent defenders of the 2nd amendment in CA then there are gun owners in your state. California is that big!

Think I’m kidding? According to a survey published by “Injury Prevention,” a scholarly journal, CA has a 17% firearms ownership rate and with a population of 39.5 million that’s 6.7 million gun owners plus their families. And that’s estimate is by what I suspect is an anti-gun rag, I suspect the actual number of gun owners is actually quite a bit higher. Even with the low 17% estimate there are more gun owners in CA than there are people in 35 other states. There are more gun owners CA than there are in 136 other countries.

Gun owners stick together right?

It’s shocking to me how quickly some folks in the firearms community are willing to write off their gun loving countrymen.  It must make the gun grabbers really happy to see that they can be as cruel and oppressive to 2nd amendment advocates as they like and the response of the gun owners across the nation will be to mock the gun owners left behind in CA. The gun bigots, in CA, must be thrilled that they can ignore the constitution and test their horrible laws with impunity before sending them out to the other 49 states (it’s happened before and you can expect it to happen again)

Now maybe you read this and think “well they must be lazy gun owners! They should vote…..harder” I assure that is not the case, one of the many things I’ve learned by speaking with gun owners is how the structure of California’s government allows small densely populated anti-gun areas to oppress larger areas favored by gun owners.

I invite you to give a listen to my interviews with some CA gun owners who are passionate about our gun rights. We talk about the efforts they are making, their defeats, their goals and their accomplishments

So pray for California, for the gun owners, the American gun owners that are fighting hard to save their gun rights and to keep the plague of gun control from spreading to your home state.

James Kaleda
James Kaleda

James Kaleda is the host of the Out of Order Gun rights podcast, outspoken gun rights activist and Anarcho-capitalist. He’s known for challenging anti-gun politicians and his in depth interviews with pro-gun authors, gun rights activists, firearms trainers, hunters, and those who have used firearms defensively.  He aims to dispel anti-gun myths created through media bias. You can find him at Facebook, twitter, minds, mewee. The podcast is available on itunes and pretty much everywhere else. James has also created the following useful sites for gun owners.

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Let’s just kick California out of the United States, they don’t want to be a part of it anyway.


I grew up on a small Navy base in Southern California. That little town was made up of nearly 98% Republicans and libertarians. It was an oasis in California made up of patriots the majority of which inspired and grew my love for the second amendment and did those that defend our rights and liberties that we often take for granted. Yes, there are parts of California that still believe in and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. It’s the extreme left parts that have given Cali such a bad wrap. I have since moved from California… Read more »


My heart goes out to all the Republicans who have lost their homes


Guns owners in CA only hope is SCOTUS granting cert to some 2A cases re. concealed and/open carry as well as weapons bans. It certainly would help if the frail RBG retired before she is carried out feet first. The country isn’t served by a justice that is so frail she can’t perform the duties of an associate justice other than signing opinions written by her law clerks. She sleeps through oral arguments & in other public settings. It is a sad site. Besides having a sold 6-3 conservative majority, the confirmation process will likely be more entertaining than that… Read more »


Ever wonder why the original Indian tribes of California called it “The Land of Many Smokes” ?


Land of Many Smokes is not the whole state just the area that is covered by the SCAQMD, LA, Orange, Riverside & San Bernardino counties. The geography traps hazardous & toxic combustion products.

J. Grimes

Most states don’t want Kalifornia exiles moving there. The libtard infection will spread.


If ALL those “millions of Gunowners” had gotten out and voted the DIMOCRAPS would NOT be running (and ruining) the state. They could tell all the asinine enviro-nazi groups to take a HIKE and effectively and efficiently manage the forests and waters of California.

John Dunlap

As a native Californian, I can tell you that there is something you don’t quite grasp about the situation. California’s conservatives vote, campaign, donate, and call and write our reps, as you do. While we’ve been doing that, leftists have been pursuing a campaign of deceptive propaganda, election fraud, character assassination, intimidation, vandalism, assault, and the occasional murder. In recent years, they’ve escalated to obvious terrorism and (largely successful) attempts to flood the country with “immigrants” and “refugees”, literally replacing us with a more compliant, controllable demographic. Notice the so called immigrant caravan turned toward Tijuana right after Gavin Newsom… Read more »

Wild Bill

, Sadly, you are right. The fight did not end at this last election. Gladly, Trump is leading the revolt against the elitists, globalists and the useful idiots.

Ansel Hazen

Well JD, maybe it’s time Calif gun owners started considering an alternative means to change. Back in the day if you cheated at cards it’s likely you were “removed” from the game. Next to be found up on Boot Hill.

Can you hear Jefferson’s Tree of Liberty calling?

John Dunlap

Like an air raid siren. Hopefully though, we may not have to go there. Nine crooks were arrested in Texas last week, and now fifteen in Indiana. Perhaps the housecleaning we hired Trump for is getting underway.

Jack Mac

Well said, thank you.

Mike Wood

Sad thing is I thought voting and or the Courts would fix this problem or at least start to. But, I’m pretty sure voting isn’t going to fix anything at this point. And, the Courts surly aren’t going to side with the people, they are with the evil doers all the way.


Thanks to folks here who support and understand us fighting for our 2A rights in CA. I have family here, my wife and I have good paying jobs and we all love the outdoor environment. So I am going to keep voting Republican, donating to GoC and CRPA, brining new shooters to the range, engage in rational conversation with liberal minded people who don’t understand guns, teach my children to shoot straight and safe, buy guns and ammo from by LGS and maintain 2A dialogue with like minded folks, and conceal carry everyday. I still have my guns and will… Read more »

James Brigham (Bigg) Bunyon

Well, mostly just Hollywood part and that seems to be going pretty well.


I live in commifornia. And im hoping these fires clean house! I hope it wipes out enough of the malibu, Calabasas and other very expensive homes owned by all the liberal left population here. Maybe this fire will make all of them relocate and we can have our state back. Instead of the shit hole its become.


Well said. Let’s burn the Liberals out of Commifornia


@Pastorglock I understand what you are saying but you fail to mention that if these liberals scatter like rats then neighboring states will get their share of grief and antagonism from them. They will think nothing can be as good as it was before their house burned down. I think it is a sad situation that commiefornia can’t fight a fire to protect it’s citizens but can hand over many tax dollars to ilegal do nothings. Taxes keep going up there and the liberals move to other states and the process begins over again. They want government to do everything… Read more »


That sure is the case here in Oregon and Washington. Californians moved up our way in droves due to the lower housing costs. Their little 2000 sq ft houses translating into mansions up here. And now look at us, crazy ass gun law I1639 passes by 60% here in Washington. Our roads are clogged with crap drivers bringing their CA attitudes, and our housing/cost of living has ballooned like no ones business. Burn em out and they are coming to a town near you!! Have fun!

Ralph Glorioso

Kalifornia has 12% of the US population; pays 32% of all entitlements granted in the entire USA. I worked in the CA welfare system (mental health) for 29 years. The tazpayers spent a lot treating illegals and the medical/criminal justice departments spent fortunes dealing with illegals. Unquestionably, there are many fine patriots and 2d Amendment supporters in CA, but they far are overshadowed by the total dominance by the Left in all statewide elected offices. I see no chance for a change in this regard; ever. When I first lived in Southern CA in 1959, as a young Marine, it… Read more »

Wild Bill

G, Welcome to Texas! I, too, quietly sold everything, and brought the entire fortune to Texas. We could not stand the thought of paying all that tax money to support illegal aliens, drug users, hard core unemployables, and undiluted socialists.
We kept many builders in business spending the cash, here. Still spending it, too!


Ralph G. Welcome to Texas! We are starting to see liberal idiocy here as well. Glad you are here to vote and fight said idiots alongside me. Pray for peace, buy guns and ammo, stock food and water. Be prepared because if things get much worse rural Texas will rise up to destroy those who seek to end our sacred republic.


You get what you vote for. Then when you don’t like what you get, you leave and screw up another state. See Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado. It’s about to happen in Texas and Montana, for God’s sake.

Californication of other states is real and it rolls on.

Pray for California? Absolutely! Fix your own dang state and stop exporting your crap.


Yes, Colorado is now considered Colofornia. This next year will get even worse since a anti gun governor and a majority of Dems were elected and have made it clear guns grabbing is a priority. Hey Boulder pretty much has outlawed it all.


Right here folks, absolute truth. WA state is slowly going down the toilet bowl because of this…Texas will eventually be over taken once the large cities fill up with more and more liberals straight out of California and then Mexico!


Everything we are seeing in the wild lands of California right now is the direct result of misdirected public policy. Forestry management became an emotion driven political football decades ago along with all natural resource management. Controlled burning, select cut logging, regulated sport hunting and the other science based methods are abused at best, dead in the extreme. Just take a look at how CA manages apex predators. They don’t. I do conservation work there as well as teach hunter education. The sad truth of the matter is that the hunters and gun owners of California have largely given up.… Read more »


I reside here within the confines of what is becoming a socialist empire. I gotta tell some of you commenters that you need to think a bit more before striking down your words. I myself, and my family are in the throes of seeking residences outside of this tax haven. We are Christian people, Constitutional supporting people, hunters, fishermen, and conservative gun owners. You ask why we are moving? Well, with the new governor coming in, he has guaranteed an infinite run on taxes. Higher vehicle registration fees, higher property taxes, and more taxes to pay for their chosen ‘illegal… Read more »

Wild Bill

, I thought about it, and the odds are that those suffering people are liberals. maybe they should have voted for government that would invest tax dollars in firefighting equipment, instead of illegal aliens, dishonest welfare receivers, libtard college professors, and hard core socialists. Let them rebuild for the unfortunates in CA.


Wild Bill I don’t know if you ever lived in CA. I grew up there and when I left in the early ’60s, it was to serve in the military. I have watched over the years as the environmentalists got laws and rules passed removing the “joys of ownership” by telling people what they can and cannot do with their property. The Leftists in California will not rebuild, they’ll leave that up to the people who can afford it through insurance or other means. We need to remove the dead trees and undergrowth that feed these fires, we need to… Read more »


It is not a lack of fire fighting equipment that contributes to the size of these fires. How do you contain a fire when the wind carries burning embers more than a 1/2 mile. What is needed is drastic thinning of vegetation within 1/4 mile of inhabited areas, 100 yards of paved roads & annual maintenance of power line right of ways. Some utility right of ways need to be widened to insure that trees do not contact power lines in 40+ MPH winds with guests to 120 MPH. CAL Trans & county road crews have to clear road shoulders… Read more »


@ Wild Bill, I’m not sure if this is directed at me per se, but I can assure u that the number of people leaving californicate are libertarian or conservative. The main factor for leaving is economics. As I stated, the people have been guaranteed taxes! And myself nor my family desire to stay here and feed these morons. This high speed rail that was ratified a few years back by 67% of voters innocously runs thru mine and my 2 neighbors yards. And when I say runs, I mean right thru the middle. Oh, and the infamous words, ”… Read more »


Martin, unfortunately being a life long resident of the state of Oregon I have not found that most CA transplants are of the Conservative slant, just saying. Maybe I’m wrong, but that is a large part of why this state is Blue. Just wish more people like you had moved our way.


I lived in Eugene for a number of years and found that the Eugene-Salem-Portland Corridor was pretty liberal even back in the 70s when the James G. Blaine Society was running around trying to keep the state from being Californicated.
I moved to Washington and the Libs just seemed to move that way also.


You are wrong to think that CA gun owners are voting to protect their rights and elect politicians that will protect their 2A rights. My experience at my former workplace was they would bitch about the gun laws but vote straight line Democrat. One person who was bitching to me about gun laws and taxes, said he votes for Democrats because “They are for the working man” and didn’t care about the facts of which party was for cutting taxes and supporting gun laws, additionally he was a member of the NRA.


, As the man said you cant fix stupid! Any one who does not see the communist manifesto being driven by the phrase “the party if the working man” is a damn fool. Damn fools are the tool of the commmunists. They will also be a liability if the commies are able to take over our republic. So they will be murdered in their millions. Check the history of those working man revolutions.


The idea of writing off California for any reason or just letting it burn down is a sad way of looking at things. I left California during the ’60s and even with the weird, wacky politics, I still miss the ocean and the mountains. The cities, not so much. I would not wish the troubles that those people are having today, political or ‘natural’ on anyone. Even though their property is destroyed, they have to get up in the morning, go to work (if that hasn’t been destroyed), pay the mortgage on a burned out shell of a house, put… Read more »


How many decades has Kale-ee-porn-ee-ya had wildfire problems? Here’s a hint: Since the day that tree huggers got laws passed that prevent reducing the annual fuel load. Now, innstead of controled burns they have fire storms that incinerate hundreds of square miles. Those in the state government don’t care as it’s usually burning out those pesky conservatives that live in the hills.


I live in Az and find this subject repulsive. This is America not some hateful third world country…. Ammoland should be ashamed for suggesting Ca is a negative to U.S.A.. Cali brings more money to the table and gives more money to the federal government than Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky and W. Virginia combined. Those states are welfare states who get back more taxes than the give. FACT. If Cali was it’s own country, they would be the sixth largest economy in the world. What would be left of U.S.A. if Cali succeeded from America, we would become the #2 economic… Read more »

Douglas Kuykendall

No suggestion kalifornia is a communist country.Just look at the shit they do. You must be a kalifornia transplant


How many hurricanes has the East Coast had over that last ten years? How many hurricanes has the Gulf coast had? How many tornadoes has Kansas had? Shall we punish them, or lend a hand??????Your posts makes you look like a jackass. I do not think that is what you are. I hope!


Hey moron; You CAN NOT Control WEATHER, Hurricanes and Tornadoes; YOU can conserve water, reduce fire wood in the forests, thin out dead trees and force people to maintain their land to reduce fire hazards. I guess you got a Kommiefornia indoctrination growing up.


Johnnyraygun You sure have your panties in a bunch. I vote, also, that you are a commiefornia indoctrinated liberal. I resent your mention that several states are welfare states because I live in one of those states. The majority of people I know are gainfully employed except some immigrants but I do not have much social contact with them. You have a bad case of open mouth-insert foot.


I agree with you tomcat!
Johnnyraygun is probably a Slim e ya supporter who we are now stuck with for 6 yrs. I am a “legal” AZ voting resident and suggest he/she/it move to CA.
Troll on Johnnyraygun, Troll on!

Mike Ross

“Let it burn” is a bit of hyperbole. There are indeed lots of good people in California, including millions of gun owners who deserve our support. ‘Let it burn’ is just expressing disgust at California’s government, everybody (almost) understands that away from the coasts and the rich elites, California is a red state. California is my home state but I haven’t been back in 35 years. It’s awful what the left has done to the richest, most beautiful state in the union. Now they’re exporting the disease to other great states, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and Arizona have all been changed,… Read more »


Yes pray for California, have y’all seen the death and destruction? These are human beings that have lost everything. I am a gun owner and will fight for the 2nd amendment as hard or harder than anyone. I am a Christian and believe life is a gift from God.

Douglas Kuykendall

It would be hard to worry about kalifornia,with all the bullshit they come up with.If nothing was going on out there they would be saying fuck the rest of the USA we don’t need them.Now they are whining an crying they need.Hell they are even blaming global warming lol.How about tree huggers don’ want the forest thinned out.It is happening all over out west.Then you have these moron so-called rock stars flapping their jaws about President Trump.So to some it up in two words.


The extreme tree huggers don’t love trees they hate humans; so, they are happy when wildland fires consume buildings and it is a bonus if people die.


We need to save the state !!! How would any of you like having those displaced by the fires as new neighbors ? I’ve seen how an influx of city folks can wreck havoc on a small rural town or any area for that matter. Get the fires out and pray the liberals stay put !!!

Robert S

My thoughts exactly, Dan. We don’t need any more California vermin relocating to other states. Put the fires out… AND BUILD A WALL!

Wild Bill

@Dan, you have your finger on the pulse. It is not state by state or party versus party, it is urban versus rural. City people can only imagine their own life needs. They go some where and want to bring their live style with them, and demand that we change to accommodate them. Power people, politicians, and elites can not imagine what we need in our lives and don’t see anything wrong with forcing their way of life on us. They have weapons and we have weapons. They force us to participate by ensnaring us with debt. Don’t by things… Read more »


My wife’s cousin lives in California. Married, two kids. Loves to hunt, has many firearms, and knows the law inside out. Great guy. Makes well into 6 figures. The catch is, to make that money, the company requires that he live within a certain geographic area. Those of you casting stones, think about a couple things. One; if the laws in your state changed tomorrow, would you uproot your family? Take a huge pay cut and change your entire lifestyle, to move somewhere else? Two; If you did, especially Texas, how could you live with yourself if that happened and… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

If true, freedom loving Californians are NOT spending a minimum of 20% of thier time fighting the fraud and corruption in ALL LEVELS of the Californian government, removing the criminals and prosecuting then to the highest levels allowed by law and preserving thier state, then they truly deserve what they got!

Douglas Kuykendall

This reminds me,6.7 million gun owners in kalifornia.Total vote count for governor was around 8 million with only 3.4 million cast for the republican.Question would be where the hell were the 6.7 million gun owners.


Exactly, over 19 million registered voters in the state and only a little over 7 million bothered to vote. They get what they deserve politically that is. Kinda strange though that earthquakes and major fire’s all started right after they elected Gavin Gruesome.

Billy Bynum

” The voters decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.”
Joseph Stalin



Where WERE they, anyway? If ALL 6.7 Mn had voted for the good guy and against the perv, the perv would be packing his bags and eaded back to Flim Flam Frisko.


If the laws chanced in my state tomorrow to what they are in California I would vote the people out or run them out. What kind of stupid people continue to build in the same location and expect different result (not burned out again). The same goes for people crowding in to flood plains. Now, all construction material costs and insurance rates go up for even those not living in those areas. And land management in California needs to control the space between people and uncontrolled growth areas. Every year it’s the same crap, fires mud slides no water. And… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

“So pray for California, for the gun owners, the American gun owners that are fighting hard to save their gun rights and to keep the plague of gun control from spreading to your home state.”

Well, I live in, Texas… So.. I mean, I pray anyway, but… As far as gun rights go? As long as escaping Californians don’t stop here with thier liberal BS, WE will be just fine.

Michael Johnson

Dude…liberals are not the ones leaving Kali ! pull it out, conservatives ARE!


Since the governator got a proposition on the ballot & those who voted approved it CA has had a jungle primary like LA. This was supposed to increase turnout. It hasn’t & when the top two are DemoRATS the only reason to bother to vote are down ballot issues. I didn’t bother to vote in 2012 the last year I lived in CA; because, there wasn’t a race or proposition I cared about or knew my vote would be drowned out by others. If I was a CA resident I would have voted this year because the top two for… Read more »

Barry Parks

Commiefornia is Lost to the union. They should be expelled. Would you live in Russia? North Korea? China? If given a choice? Gun owners “Choose” to stay there.


I don’t think anyone should right off CA and its gun owners, but the problem is they are seriously outnumbered when it comes to voting in a direction that will likely save CA in general. The socialists are hell bent on destroying the state and it doesn’t seem as though there is anything that anyone can do other than sit back and watch it happen. I would say that we all hope it doesn’t happen because it could very well spread further to the rest of the country. We has gun owners need to spend some time educating people about… Read more »

Wild Bill

, eliminate the illegal alien vote and the socialists will be out numbered.


California’s problems are primary self inflicted. Only they can fix them.


Unfortunately it isn’t just liberals leaving CA. People primarily leave CA for economic reasons.