Missing the Marx: Gun Control’s Future is … Communism?


Gun Control is Communism
Missing the Marx: Gun Control’s Future is … Communism?

Fairfax, VA – -(Ammoland.com)-  After every high profile crime committed with a firearm of any sort, there are always calls for gun control. But one particular proposal last week managed to distinguish itself amid the usual din, if only for its audacity and what it reveals about the mindset of people who wish to disarm their fellow Americans.

In a lengthy article in Washington Monthly, private equity investor William V. Glastris, Jr. pitched a plan under which the federal government would obtain the means of handgun production, ban handgun importation, and target the current private handgun stock with a massive, nationwide “buyback.” The plan’s ultimate goal would be for “the government to significantly lower the supply—and thereby raise the price—of handguns … .”

Glastris admits the proposal is “not modest” but insists “Americans deserve broad, sweeping reforms,” rather than “years of painstaking incrementalism … .” He also dismisses the more conventional gun control agenda of banning semiautomatic rifles and “high capacity” magazines, closing the “gun show loophole,” and imposing categorical prohibitions on certain criminals. “[I[t is hard to argue that these reforms, even if they all went into effect, would do much more than put a modest dent in the problem,” Glastris writes.

There will come a time, Glastris speculates, when “Democrats control both the White House and Congress.” He continues, “When that moment arrives, wouldn’t it be better if, instead of debating marginal fixes, there were new ideas on the table to actually address the root of the problem by substantially reducing the number of guns in circulation?”

Of course, there have been other “visionaries” who have dreamed of common ownership of the means of production. Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin come to mind.

And while Glastris is admittedly limiting his proposal only to the means of producing handguns, it still suffers from the inherent problems that have doomed similar ideological projects throughout history.

Glastris argues that his plan could be implemented “without infringing on Americans’ right to bear arms,” yet the whole point is to reduce the availability and raise the price of what the U.S. Supreme Court has called “the quintessential self-defense weapon.” If the same plan were implemented with regard to books, no one would dare claim that it did not violate the First Amendment.

It would also discriminate against the poor, who often live in the areas where police protection is stretched the thinnest and the need for self-defense may be especially acute.

Needless to say, the proposal would inevitably generate a massive federal registry of handgun purchasers, and with government controlling production, bureaucrats could require “safety” features long coveted by those who hate guns and shunned by those who actually own and use them. Besides “smart gun” gadgets that supposedly limit firing to “authorized users,” these could conceivably include monitoring or even remote override “features” that would give the government ultimate veto power over the gun’s use.

There is also the risk of corruption inherent in any government-run rationing scheme. This is a regular feature of regimes under which the government treats access to handguns as a state-granted privilege, rather than a fundamental right. Look no further than New York City, which has seen multiple prosecutions in recent years related the city’s pay-to-play issuance of handgun licenses.

Leave it to a left-leaning private equity investor to assume that Americans’ fundamental rights are merely one more type of commodity that can be bought and sold in a highly-manipulated market. Of course, left-leaning oligarchs regard American democracy itself that way, as something that can be had for a price and then used to suit their personal ends and preferences. And, they’ve spent heavily to ensure their chosen party controls Congress after November 6 and will no doubt be expecting a return on their investment in the form of public policy that meets their approval.

Gun owning Americans will always have the chance to prove them wrong on Election Days. Every firearm owner should go to the next poll understanding the gun grabbers are dreaming big.

Big enough even to suggest one of history’s most destructive and sinister political and economic ideologies as the template for civilian disarmament.

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  • 48 thoughts on “Missing the Marx: Gun Control’s Future is … Communism?

    1. Going to comment here, because I know that the and fine on this site don’t read Marx, that Marx was opposed to gun control.

      “Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the people must stopped, by force if necessary”

      Just saying

    2. From the WSJ: “Democrats say they will pass the most aggressive gun-control legislation in decades when they become the House majority in January, plans they renewed this week in the aftermath of a mass killing in a California bar. Their efforts will be spurred by an incoming class of pro-gun-control lawmakers who scored big in Tuesday’s midterm elections, although any measure would likely meet stiff resistance in the GOP-controlled Senate. Democrats ousted at least 15 House Republicans with “A” National Rifle Association ratings, while the candidates elected to replace them all scored an “F” NRA rating”
      Yes, Any rating from the NRA of an F is considered a compliment as they and most pro gun organizations encourage in doing nothing to curb gun violence, gun safety, and responsible gun ownership. How is the 30,000 + deaths per year related from guns emblazoned on your bronze statue of Charlton Heston coming along?

      1. That’s some pretty good spin being applied to the election results. Newly elected legislators were split on gun control issues, with nearly equal amounts voted out or replaced. As you noted, control of the house is only one part of the equation, Democrats will have to get any legislation past a Republican senate and then get it signed into law. I read Schumers agenda regarding gun control yesterday, he wants to institute new laws that are already on the books regarding background checks: domestic violence, felony conviction and mental health. All those items are on the ATF form 4473 and verified by the NICS system prior to weapon transfers. Apparently he is as ignorant of gun control as you are. And can you stop adding in the 20,000 suicides into your bloated statistics? How about the 7,000 deaths due to gang violence as well?

    3. It is our responsibility as We The People to rise up if government attempts to usurp the Constitution. Our means to rise up against a corrupt government is made possible via the 2nd Amendment. I would think that our responsibilities are pretty clear if the leftists managed to implement this kind of gun confiscation. With more constitutionalists added to the Supreme Court, however, I suspect war will be unnecessary, but who knows what the left conspires to do next. I have heard they plan to do everything from stack the Supreme Court to impeach any justice who opposes them.

    4. Since liberals run the education system, it’s no wonder how stupid people are being manufactured. This makes society a democratic mob. I live in California where we have a 1 party system. The only thing right now that keeps this government in check is our Constitution. Disarming Americans is the first step towards totalitarian rule. The next thing the government will tell you is what kind of sodas you can drink and how much.

    5. I will not suffer this fool for more than fifteen seconds. Don’t they teach about the Prohibition Era in
      American schools? Gosh, when France was occupied by Nazi Germany, folks hid and hoarded
      guns despite threats of the death penalty.

    6. OK idiot, you will reduce the quantity of new guns, and you may get some turn ins but there are still millions of guns in circulation, lots of them in criminals possession who will certainly not give them up. What are you going to do about a piece of machinery that won’t wear out for a century or more. Notice how these ideas come from people who don’t have to venture out into the real world.

    7. Neglecting to teach tomorrows children “History” they end up STUPID.. Learning by ones mistakes, should be a guidelinefor all.

    8. Great, now the Wall Street crowd are gun experts. Who will be the next out of touch moron that tries to reinvent the Nazi disarmament program. These asshats should just mind their own business rather than be the new ruler. I’m not impressed by them.

    9. Just another scare tactic by pro-gun advocates with no solution themselves other than “We need to support our current gun laws”. We have a sea of guns out there with no over sight. Suicides, mishandling of weapons, not securing firearms top the list. When are our “John Waynes” of “America” going to pull their red neck head out? Yes, never.

        1. @steve McTaggart, He came from a third rate urban school system. He is obviously unaware of the imperscriptable nature of our civil rights.

      1. @TGW, If firearms were not available, then you would be a slave. You have never been on this site before. Who paid you to come here?

        1. Again, you and the others fail miserably in providing any solutions, other than more weapons stuck in the folds of your couch and under the seat of a truck where they can be stolen, mishandled, etc. This is why we shall have a GCP to educate. Yes, it will take time. So long in fact that our grand children will be the ones to ultimately benefit. Have a good day.

          1. @TGWD, Solution to what? You have failed miserably to even prove that there is a problem. Nothing is because you say so. And you dishonor the brave and noble canine species. My Beagle has more courage and good sense than you do.

        2. @ Green watchdog, My suggestion to you would be to move to a country that outlaws guns, or is that too dangerous for you. If so the only advise I can give you to do is find a big rock and climb under it and stay there until this country turns anti gun. That may be many years away but at least someone “without any over sight” wouldn’t know you were hiding under that rock until you started to smell like rotting flesh. Normally, people that live in a free country do not have to submit to oversight.

      2. @TGW, I just picture you with pink fuzzy hair that I can plop on the end of my pencil erasure and spin! At least, that’s what we did with trolls when i was a kid.
        Most firearm owners are responsible with those firearms. We lock them up, our worst nightmare is one of our children getting hold of one and getting hurt. Of course, most of us begin teaching safety long before the kids lay a hand on a firearm.
        A lot of the real issue starts back in the late 60s. Those rich kids that chose to be disenfranchised and suckered regular kids into their dementia. Breakdown of the nuclear family. Massive entitlement. Once someone believes they are owed something, and they don’t have it, trouble starts. We believe we are owed (have the right to) possess a means to protect ourselves. It seems many folks of your persuasion believe they are owed much. Owed free health care. Owed a nice place to live. Owed a great paying job with little effort. Owed everyone else agreeing with you. Well, obviously, this sets up people like that to be disappointed.
        Hence, ergo, hitherto, etc. we have many of the issues we see today.
        I would respectfully suggest folks go home and sit in solitude for a moment. Think about what is truly important to you. Think about how to protect that. Chances are that many others will have the same thoughts. Much of the anger, vitriol and foolishness we see every day, on all sides, is simply us playing our part for the folks that control us. The only way to stop it is to acknowledge that you are being used, and go from there.

      3. “No oversight”…??? You’re so full of manure, the whites of your eyes have turned brown.

        The US currently has over 23,000 firearms-related laws, making US firearms THE single most heavily-regulated industry in the entire world. So, yes, ENFORCING (not “supporting”) current laws is indeed far more important than any of the hare-brained schemes the political liberals have yet posited.

      4. @The green weenie.
        You are such a moron, your only solution is to keep passing more gun laws on the law abiding, that is it. That is not a solution. Not a single mention of what laws should be changed to punish the criminals for using guns to commit their crimes. So many laws have be passed against the law abiding and guys like you still say it’s not enough. When will you ever get it, more gun laws do not effect the criminal. Only people who want to follow the law, but you and your party just don’t get it. Gun owners have had enough, this country has tried it your way, and it’s not working and never will. There is one thing that will work, when someone kills out of cold blood, you take that person and eliminate them, no life in the country club prison, no pleabargain, one appeal is all, then when it is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, right from the courtroom to right to face their inevitable punishment, then straight to the graveyard. All on the same day after the trial is over. Now that’s a solution for you, but you and your party cant stomach that kind of solution.

    10. “actually address the root of the problem by substantially reducing the number of guns in circulation?”

      And RIGHT HERE is the root of his sick thinking: the ROOT of the “problem” has naught to do with “the number of guns in circulation”.

      What is happening in England these days, now they’ve “got all the guns taken up”? Edged weapons, blunt instruments, are the weapons of choice. Bare fists and feet, or slightl enhanced by large bolts, rods, other bits of metal….
      Look at US stats, per US CDC stats, for means of death in homicide cases. All long guns are a tiny class at the bottom of the list. Other firearms are higher up, but nowhere near the top. so what ARE the instruments of death toward the top of the list? The very things now in ascendant use in Britain: hammers and other blunt instruments, edged weapons, bare hands/feet.

      They “took up all the firearms” and England still have one of the highest homicide rates in the world, crasing along famously without the guns. Same in Australia. After they took up all the people’s guns crime INCREASED about fifteen percent….. not GUN crime, mind you… at least not for a while. That came later, and is increasing rapidly today.. in a nation where the government said “Mr. and Mrs. America, TURN THEM ALL IN”

      The issue is never the tool but the user. Never the hardware, always the softward. Never the arrrow, always the Indian. Never the car, always the driver.

      This clown forgets, or wilfully denies, that “the security of a free state” rests solely upon the shoulders of the members of that “free state”. That means, THE PEOPLE of any society. There is good reason WHY the right to arms accrues first and only to THE PEOPLE.

    11. William V. Glastris, Jr. plan is only a variation of a plan that a clown by the name of Adolph implemented in the 1940’s era — and we all know so very well what happened back then!!

      1. @Joe P, And it could happen here, too. The libtards get power; ignore individual Constitutional Rights; impeach others; gather up firearms; draft all the young people to keep them busy; declare Mexico part of the US to eliminate immigration; after an easy victory, the democratic national socialist of amerika controlled government attacks Canada. Other nations rush to defend Canada (and destroy the long hated United States of America). WWIII begins.

        1. W.B. I am afraid that your thoughts are probably prophetic, at least in part. The Liberals will take over, the socialists will be the ascendant power and once they are in the seat, there isn’t any getting them out. I just hope and pray we as the true Americans will have a leader that will allow us to create another Nation and perhaps stave off the inevitable. I once thought Texas was inviolate, but as we have allowed these hated East and West Coasters to move here with their companies, due to the high taxes that they created, Texas is even moving leftward. But perhaps Texas will remember its warrior past and start this ball rolling, because rolling it will before all is said and done.

    12. I think there’s a problem with the punctuation with the title of this article. Rather than a question mark there should be an exclamation point! The left of course cares for nothing else but themselves and the accumulation of political power. The DNC’s actions convey their desire for our Democracy to be damned, the Constitution be damned, and our freedom loving American way be damned. Damned Stalinist Democrats… Wake up America!

    13. Apparently, private equity investor William V. Glastris, Jr. knows nothing about the Constitution or case law. Apparently, Glastris does not know that we can and have the Right to make our own handguns. Apparently, his big vision does not include us using what we have to take what the government has.

      1. Typical wealthy guy that thinks because he has made a lot of money that he now can dictate was is good for everyone else, and can buy it , TERM LIMITS AND SPECIAL INTEREST PEOPLE GONE

    14. We know how this will end, as it always does with the Reds. Get your mind around where this is headed and keeping WF’s suggestion in mind, vote locally.

    15. Glastris argument is flawed from the beginning. He states that the problem is the number of guns in circulation. The problem really is- in my opinion- the breakdown of the traditional family unit. The lack of male influence in most of these shooters lives. Be it their biological fathers or a strong male father figure. Some of the shooters are just nut jobs, and it’s hard to , by the very nature of their illness predict their behavior . But instilling values and virtue into young men and boys through living examples by their fathers would go a long way in teaching them that they have value. But unfortunately we subsidize and celebrate the destruction of traditional family values.

      1. @Jeff, those values are burdensome. The libtards do not want to be shackled by virtue. They rationalize their lack of morality and are only interested in political power.

    16. Admittedly, this was based on an OP Ed in some paper no one has ever heard of, but what the hey. Lots of folks have ideas and opinions.
      Here’s mine:
      Two is one. One is none
      First: Fight this kind of stuff so it doesn’t happen. Do it with kindness, intelligence and strategy. All the methed out, tatted up, AR totin’ bone heads out there that insist on screaming and cussing at everyone are NOT helping the cause. Shake the hand of someone that doesn’t look like you.
      Second: Have a backup plan in case something bad does happen. Think it through, and as above, don’t go screaming and cussing telling everyone you see that you have a backup plan.
      PS: Go out to your vehicle. Right now. Take off all the Gadsden flags, III percent, “molon labe”, Confederate flags and whatever else you have plastered on it. Everyone knows that it is easier to destroy a target you can see.

      1. alreadh have a policy of NO “statements” on my vehicle. Plain jane white, fades into the woodwork well.

        When I read of a copper going off on one driver for his NRA sticker, another for a Mad Mama’s sticker, I decided I’d be neutral. IF it comes down to it I want NO hint that I’m prepared to defend myself and those with me.

        1. True story. It’s like back in the day, Grateful Dead sticker on car= stop and search.
          Just don’t wave and laugh as you pass that guy with the stickers and truck nutz that was pulled over. It is okay to snicker from a minimum safe distance though. 🙂

        2. If the car was meant to have stickers, it would have come that way from the factory. I usually take dealer stickers off. I also just use scotch tape on the inside window for stupid shit like parking passes.

    17. Well it looks like the dems are as crazy as there idea’s just seen it on the news that they have promised more gun control as if that’s what the USA needs it’s a fact that if criminals want to kill other people they will find a way but you can’t get some of the dems to see that I just wonder how many people would have served in some of these mass shooting if a good gun owner had been there not to say that anything can happen in that event but and just a thought how many lives could have been saved ? I would like to ask one question if and when our government makes it so hard to buy a gun out right how many of us would stand up to do something about it and I don’t mean give the NRA money witch you should do but I mean get out of the house and stand tall and say no you can’t have our guns with out a fight because I have a lot of gun’s and every one of my friends have guns but if it came down to bleeding for them so that our future can have guns how many people would do that? Because we could have voted the one’s that says we don’t need guns out but it didn’t happen and yes a lot of us did vote to do just that but not as many as possible we need to really come together if not you may have some gun rights but we will be told what kind of gun you buy how many bullets it can have where you can take and you better bet to buy a gun you will pay out the ass and a lot of other stuff that good gun owners don’t want thanks for hearing my thoughts be safe out there in this crazy country my god be with you

    18. Ooh, l can see it now. SMART guns will have GPS, Blue Tooth, biometric password activation, and rate of fire controls! If it’s stolen, an app on your phone will render it unusable. Of course there will be subscription fees. Ammunition use will be on record in a non-user servicable chip which will only allow a predetermined amount of round to be fired dependent on your user plan. Service providers can compete for your business and offer special promotion, rates, and the usual services like you now have with your smartphone. Now if the government owns all this, who knows what the cost would be. Likely only the very rich will be able to afford it. Criminals will still have the good stuff!

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