Racism — It’s Everywhere! It’s Everywhere!


U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- It's sobering how much race dominates the public discourse today. But as long as we're discussing stereotypes, we should note that leftists and elites are the ones obsessed with race, not the flyover Neanderthals to whom they impute this evil. Give it a rest, eggheads.

Leftists can scarcely discuss any issue without injecting this toxicity. They imagine it everywhere — the ubiquitous boogeyman that validates their perpetual vilification of conservatives. (Note: I considered using “white men” instead of “conservatives” in the preceding sentence but realized it would be unwise because A) as a possessor and unwitting purveyor of white privilege, I'm not allowed to opine publicly on these matters and B) though race-baiting elites pretend white privilege is the culprit, neither women nor African-Americans are exempt from the taint if they are political conservatives.)

Think about it. Liberals invoke race in discussions of immigration, voting, sports, education, taxes, health care, welfare and law enforcement. It is sick stuff. Consider a few examples.

  • President Trump calls himself a nationalist, and liberals accuse him of speaking in code — signaling to his supposedly alt-right base that he's a neo-Nazi. Sorry, but Trump doesn't speak in code. What you see is what you get, and to him and his grateful base, “nationalism” means patriotism. They appreciate an American president who's unapologetically bullish on America.
  • Border enforcement hawks don't see immigration through a racial lens. That leftists believe or pretend to believe we do may indicate they are projecting their own prejudices onto us. For us, it's about the rule of law, our national sovereignty and our national identity, which is distinctly based on ideas grounded in liberty, not race. We are a melting pot, and a compelling reason to control our borders is to ensure that immigrants enter at an orderly pace and learn to assimilate into our culture rather than settle into Balkanized ethnic enclaves.
  • Democrats constantly harp on alleged threats to “our democracy” — which is odd, given their authoritarian proclivities, but again, they project. They see no inconsistency in advocating that immigrants here illegally be allowed to vote and railing against foreign interference in our elections. Here again, they invoke race. Republicans, they baselessly claim, suppress minority votes. If liberals truly cared about the integrity of “our democracy,” they'd support voter identification measures, because reasonable people understand that you should have to prove you are who you claim to be before you can vote. How patronizing of Democrats to suggest that minorities are incapable of accomplishing this menial task as a condition for participating.
  • With Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith's victory in the Mississippi runoff election, Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris may be removed from the Senate Judiciary Committee, because Republicans will be entitled to another committee seat and Harris is the least senior member. But — you guessed it — Democrats are saying it's not about her seniority but about her race.
  • Speaking of Sen. Hyde-Smith, Democrats, in a desperate effort to elect Mike Espy, shamelessly smeared her as a racist based on certain lighthearted remarks she made. In the weeks between the midterm election and the runoff, Democrats ignored issues affecting the nation — the economy and foreign policy, for example — and framed the contest solely around whether Hyde-Smith is a dastardly racist. It didn't work.
  • I just read a long essay in which the author critiqued the “Rocky” movie series in light of the latest installment, “Creed II,” which he believes redeems the series from its racist themes. If I understand the piece — and I readily admit I may not — the series has provided white racists the vicarious enjoyment of seeing a “great white hope” defeating a superior black boxing champion. I've watched every “Rocky” movie, and race never entered my mind. Like most people, I rooted for Rocky because he was an underdog, not because his opponent, Apollo Creed, was a stand-in for Muhammad Ali, whom whites presumably loathed. Sorry again, but I was a Muhammad Ali superfan, beginning with his first fight against Sonny Liston. I rooted for him in every fight, irrespective of his opponent's race. As a Michael Jordan superfan, I rooted for him and the Bulls against Larry Bird and Bill Laimbeer. I doubt I'm much different from most white sports fans.

The left's cynical exploitation of race is wrongheaded, twisted, patronizing and incalculably destructive to society. One can pray that with improvement in economic conditions for minority communities as a direct result of conservative policies, minorities will eventually rebel against the political party that casts them as permanent victims and support the one that sees them as individuals with equal dignity, equal rights and equal aptitudes for success.

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  • 19 thoughts on “Racism — It’s Everywhere! It’s Everywhere!

    1. The Leftist agenda is to DESTROY AMERICA, and this is just one of their tools. It also happens to be pretty effective WHEN PEOPLE LET IT BE.

    2. This is how we are wired. The amygdala is programmed to incite a reaction to the “other”. That kept us alive when cave bears and Neanderthals roamed the place.
      I don’t think they necessarily do anymore. (I mean, most of us have about 3% neanderthal in us, even though the species was extinct sometime ago) But, the amygdala is still there and still looks for bears.
      Our modern brain fights this on a daily basis, and can do so effectively. It takes one thing, relationships. Even though you may look different, if I have a relationship with you, you are no longer the “other”.
      So, go out there today and shake the hand of someone that doesn’t look like you. You may make the bear cute and cuddly again.

      1. Yes, and there are still some who say the same thing about pitbulls. I am, by nature, not a gambler and yet I realize that odds exist. I do not play unless the odds are at least 50/50. I realize that others are comfortable with longer odds and good luck to them.

    3. There was several things about the Cindy Hyde-Smith’s election that was strange to me. There were 2 Dem. and 2 There were 2 Dem. and 2 Rep. running, they were all on the ballot, no primaries then the two top ran against each other. Until a few years ago Cindy was a Democrat also. She was appointed to the job by a Rep Gov. There was only one real Rep, in the race, Chris McDaniel.
      And on the gender bias, as a white male and a Vietnam Vet, I took a postal exam a few years ago, scored 98 on the test without vet points and never even got an interview they had to hire minorities. I knew several of the white women that got some of the jobs, and with scores in the mid 80’s on the test.
      There are some racist in every race, we have to all to live with each other and forget about what race the other person is. There are good and bad in all races

    4. ‘Charlie Brown’s is now racist. ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ is now racist. What’s next: milk and the Pillsbury Dough Boy? What about marshmallows? Sugar? Flour? Where does the insanity stop?

      1. It stops when the last white person in America is chased through the streets and torn apart by a brown mob.

    5. Everyone should be proud of who and what they are. Most individuals gravitate to and tend to congregate with similar individuals, race being a big factor as it is the most recognizable trait. This isn’t racism, it’s human behavior and only ignorant people interpret it as racism. When you openly, or covertly discriminate against someone for being of a particular race does it become racism. Simply being of a particular race doesn’t automatically make you a racist. Liberals love to abuse the term to intimidate their opponents when they can’t make legitimate arguments and that is cowardly.

    6. How about the REVERSE racism evident in TV advertising? Even though blacks constitute about 13% o the US population, they star in over 70% of TV ads. Atonement for ethnic sins that have not been committed in over six generations? Collective guilt and reparations? BTW, where are the Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, etc. in today’s advertising? Hey – and don’t forget the Inuit and Pacific Islanders….

      I am not proposing illegal ethnic quotas; just give Caucasians a little more significant slice of the advertising pie.

      1. Amen Brother! I have been doing a study of this exact issue over the past 12 years, and you are absolutely correct. Minorities are disproportionately featured in tv commercials. The white adult male has been all but obliterated. BIacks are featured in 88% of commercials, even though they represent only 12.5% of the population. White females and asians come in next highest, with white males at only 11% of being seen, and 4% of being the main character. P.C. OVERKILL!!!

      2. Advertising only works on some people. Those people are targeted by being featured in advertising. There is also sympathetic advertising to suck in the suckers. I see it all the time too; but, it has diminished since Obama is no longer in Office and; “We ain’t President no mo!” Just laugh at them, that’s what they truly deserve.

      3. durabo, part of it also is who is the target audience and who is buying their products/services? I don’t shop and buy much, nor often – my wife is more likely to be the buyer/shopper than I. Other than the regular food items (milk, bread, meat, veggies, etc.) and firearm necessities (ammo, oil, etc.), I rarely buy anything else. So directing advertising towards me is a waste of advertising time, money and effort.

    7. The idea that there is racism everywhere is part of the cultural Marxism movement. This movement divides people into two groups, oppressed and oppressor. The oppressed are defined as anyone who is “non-white”, non-heterosexual, non-Christian and non-citizen. If you are not part of the oppressed then you are an oppressor and should have no voice in any debate. That’s why freedom of speech is under attack. Government is seen as the savior of the oppressed groups so its power must be absolute. Therefore, the 2nd amendment has to go in order to ensure absolute government power. Welcome to George Orwell’s 1984.

      1. My thoughts Exactly !
        The Only time you hear it from whites is when ,
        the democrats want votes or are against someone !

    8. Apparently, there’s not enough racism in this country anymore. There used to be plenty of it but now, there’s not nearly enough. If the Regressives go looking for racism and they don’t find any, they just make it up. They accuse Conservatives of trying to take the nation back to the Jim Crow era but it’s the Regressives who really have a stake in racism remaining alive and thriving. It’s big business for them and the media are the biggest stakeholders. They don’t get ratings, readers or eyeballs without conflict.

      In the mean time, we all work with, encounter and interact with people of other races, ethnicities, nationalities and religions and we don’t even think about it. It doesn’t occur to us to hate the supermarket cashier, waiter, nurse or coworker. But they keep telling us we all do.

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