Robb Jensen Joins Elite Shooting Sports as Chief Armorer

Elite Shooting Sports Virginia Range
Elite Shooting Sports Virginia Range

MANASSAS, Va.-( Elite Shooting Sports, the nation’s most advanced indoor shooting range, today announced Robb Jensen will join its staff as Chief Armorer.

Jensen most recently worked at Virginia Arms, where he served as an armorer and salesman for 13 years. A competitive IDPA shooter and an avid hunter, Jensen was five years old when he first shot a gun. Today, Jensen is well-known for his armorer skillset, with a loyal customer following from both in and out of state.

Robb Jensen, Elite Shooting Sports Chief Armorer

“Robb Jensen is a highly skilled, versatile armorer, and we’re glad to welcome him to our team,” said Greg Wodack, Elite Shooting Sports’ Owner and General Manager. “Robb is certified by most major firearms manufacturers, and his working knowledge of firearms is truly unparalleled.”

“With Robb on board, we expect to accomplish a quicker turnaround time on many of the armorer services we offer our customers,” Wodack added.

Jensen will be at Elite Shooting Sports on Tuesdays through Fridays from 1:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Elite Shooting Sports offers a variety of armorer services, such as basic sight installation, detail stripping and cleaning, parts and furniture installation on AR-15 platform rifles and most handguns. Read more here.

About Elite Shooting SportsElite Shooting Sports

Elite Shooting Sports in Manassas Virginia is the shooting destination for people from all walks of life who want a safe, clean, and friendly environment to enjoy the shooting sports. The 65,000-square foot facility contains four separate ranges, totaling 42 individual shooting lanes, appointed with the most advanced state-of-the-art equipment available. Elite Shooting Sports offers a range of training courses. The facility features two customer lounges, a café, large retail area, several classrooms, dojo, Ti Training simulator, and a two-story, fully modular shoot house.

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    1. My membership to Elite was wrongfully canceled because of a supervisor and a couple other conspiring employees.

      I recently had an unfortunate encounter with an off-duty staff member, Matt Bryant, who was driving recklessly (caught on my dash cam) on the way to work and placed myself and another customer in danger. Upon entering the facility I told him he needed to be more careful of his driving and his response to me was “Make something of it!” One of the supervisors met with me briefly and told me that this was now the third negative interaction I have had with a member of staff. This is not true. I have now received a phone call from Jeff telling me that I am now banned from the facility. This is completely unfair and I now believe the staff are covering for an employee whom I just learned is also a Fairfax Co. Deputy Sheriff. When I asked Jeff for the dates of the previous two supposed incidents with staff he refused to tell me. This is because they don’t exist. With as much traveling as I do for work I am sure that I can compare those dates with my calendar and prove this; however, I am not being provided this information. Jeff also told me that he would be setting up a meeting with the owner, Greg, and I am now told that I will not be allowed to meet with him and that this decision was made among the management team. I have been a long time annual member and have brought a large number of new members (as an NRA instructor all of my students were taken to Elite for shooting exercises) to the facility and I am being punished for something that one of your employees did while off the clock.

      As a retired Army Warrant Officer with nearly 21 years of service and two tours to Iraq, I have never been treated with more disrespect as a customer than I have been by two members of your staff over this.

      I am not taking this situation to social media and other outlets to spread the word about how Elite treats customers.

      Best regards,

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